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New HDDs and SSDs for Dell 2011 lineup

New HDDs and SSDs for Dell 2011 lineup

Boy, accept I got some ardent cable for you! Here are some recent storage options that will be offered by Dell on it's contemporary lineup: 1. Pliant 200GB & 400GB SSD, SAS port, 2.5" - These SSDs are smoking fast! Exclusive for servers, though (they're too expensive). 2. Seagate 900GB SAS6, 10K, 2.5" HDDs - Virgin storage copy for 2.5" 10K with positive SAS6. 3. Seagate 3TB, NearLine6, 7.2K, 3.5" HDDs - Late storage document for 3.5" internal HDD. Permalink | Leave a note »

Dell to offer 512GB Micron C400 SSD on select models

C400 Dell testament soon be offering the Micron C400 RealSSD 512GB drives on obtain models. This guide is said to suggestion read/write speeds of up to 415MB/s and 260MB/s, respectively. The XPS L502X and L702X are among the models to accept this SSD option. Expect to stipend roughly $950-$1000 for this one. Permalink | Leave a sign »

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