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New HDDs and SSDs for Dell 2011 lineup

New HDDs and SSDs for Dell 2011 lineup

Boy, enjoy I got some blazing facts for you!

Here are some fresh storage options that will be offered by DellDell is a computer company that produces a wide range of both desktop and laptop systems on it's modern lineup:

1. Pliant 200GB & 400GB SSD, SAS port, 2.5" - These SSDs are smoking fast! Lone for servers, though (they're appropriate expensive).
2. Seagate 900GB SAS6, 10K, 2.5" HDDs - Au courant storage put in writing for 2.5" 10K with concrete SAS6.
3. Seagate 3TB, NearLine6, 7.2K, 3.5" HDDs - Latest storage information for 3.5" internal HDD.

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