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BlackMagicDesign Disk Speed Test 2.1

BlackMagicDesign Disk Speed Test 2.1

Here's a exclusive Disk benchmarking supply from BlackMagicDesign.

It's designed to countdown your storage system, if a unmarried HDD/SSD or in Attack array.

It reports the results by displaying your storage system's bent to playback/record files in assorted video formats.


It's correct handy for the aspiring videographers, on the contrary most others should catch it brave as well.

It's available as component of a larger box (BlackMagicDesign Desktop Video, which is rather copious at 85MB).
Mac users, bias it here. WindowsMicrosoft Windows operating system users, gratify it here.

If you isolated hunger the Disk Velocity Test function (5.71MB download for Windows), you can download it directly from here or here (No installation required, simply unzip it and run).

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