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Future of photography - DSMC Digital Stills Motion Camera

Future of photography - DSMC Digital Stills Motion Camera

I admit a cherish for photography. Capturing awesome high-quality photos and videos is a existent alleviation for me.
I share pride whenever I author something beautiful, and I'm able to labourer it with the universe or compass it printed and hang it on a wall, and then admit encouraging comments approximately it.

I don't demand to turn this into a far-off story, so I'll incision appropriate to the chase.
I'm looking for a beneficial DSMC at a "normal" price. A camera that captures video, where everyone frame of that video can be considered useful sufficiently to be a decided much double on its own.
That is the budgeted of photography, and that's where the production is headed.

(This decrease was updated on 2012-04-25):
Some companies include already taken steps in that direction, such as RED Digital Cinema, with their EPIC and Scarlet cameras.
Canon has very revealed a later conceptualization of a DSMC a while back (info here), with a amount that most would treasure comfortable to move along with them. Still it's all the more a impression and senility out from lifetime sold to us mere mortals. Canon further recently introduced the C500 digital video camera. And Sony has equitable introduced their FS700 digital video camera.
But those are all above the budget of most citizens for the camera thing alone.

THIS IS In truth Relevant (This chop was updated on 2012-01-04): I acknowledge the next specs to be rather reasonable, and can be achieved with happening technology (as of Jan 2012) by any one of the enormous camera manufacturers: RED, Sony, Canon, Nikon, Fuji, Panasonic, Sigma.

Here's my preference file for such a DSMC:

Sensor: (This incision was updated on 2012-04-25)

9.33MP x3 Foveon CMOS sensor (full color form sensor).
36 x 18mm (2:1 ratio), which money it has a diagonal of 1.585 inches. It's goodly - larger than the Canon 1D Mk4's APS-H sensor and RED's MX sensor, however not as capacious as a All-inclusive Frame sensor.
Thus, the crop board is 1.33:1

Maximum resolution: 4320 x 2160. That's amassed than 9MP recorded on each layer.

Dynamic Range/Latitude: 15 stops (-7.5 to +7.5 stops). Not even desideratum for HDR with this all the more latitude.

Lens: (This divide was updated on 2012-01-26)

Every pro knows - The lens is half the picture.
No charge to bother with carrying additional lenses, exposing the sensor to dust particles, finding an adapter for a contradistinctive mount, etc. The assumption of a constant lens might sound terrible to many, on the other hand those in the incident cognize that not all copies are created equal, and it's indeed packed to gem a excellent lens+camera combo.
We exigency condign one superb lens that can fit nearly all situations, and has to collapse as still as possible. Here's the absolute service - the lens is matched to the sensor and camera-body in the plant for capital results.
  • Fixed (Non-interchangeable) Stabilized and Motorized x10 optical flash lens: 18-180mm, f/1.4 throughout the fly range. The AF and dash engine are silent.
  • Since the sensor has a 1.33 crop factor, the 35mm equivalent focal length is 24 - 240mm.
  • Minimum focusing distance: 300mm. Captivating into bill that the distance from the front component of the glass to the sensor is about 150mm, that gives us 150mm from front of camera to subject.
  • Min Aperture: f/22. Intermediate options should be: f/1.8, f/2.0, f/2.8, f/3.5, f/5.6, f/6.3, f/8.0, f/11.0, f/16.0, f/22.0
  • The front element of the lens should be about 180 / 1.4 = 128.6mm. Add the outer shell of the lens, and it gets to about 135mm in width - slightly besides than the heighth of the camera body.
  • I expect this category of lens to be burly and heavy, on the contrary I don't in reality care.
Exposure Settings: (This reduce was updated on 2011-08-23)

The camera must gain Full-Auto in appendix to Programed Exposure, Aperture-priority, Shutter-priority & Unabridged Book (PASM modes).

ISO Range:

The ISO radius for stills should be: 64, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, 3200, 6400, 12800, 25600
The ISO scope for video should be: 80, 160, 320, 640, 1280, 2560, 5120, 10240, 20480 (turns away that multiples of 160 assemble less noisy video footage). Please equitable me provided I'm wrong.

Shutter: (This shorten was updated on 2011-10-13)

60 sec to 1/8000 (with an extended reach of intermediate settings).
At 1/8000 you can virtually freeze any course and bend a sharp drawing of a brisk stirring subject.
With a elongated exposure of up to 60 sec, you can predispose inventive results for before dawn shots.

To purchase rid of the "jello effect", a global shutter should be used.

For stills, the shutter click should be kept quiet.

Video: (This abbreviate was updated on 2012-10-20)
  • 4K 2:1 ( 4320x2160p) @ 72fps @ 12bit CinemaDNG Untried @ 5:1 compression = 192 MByte/s
Other doable frame rates: 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24, 12
  • 4K 16:9 (3840x2160p) @ 72fps @ 12bit CinemaDNG Coarse @ 5:1 compression = 171 MByte/s
Other frame rates: 60, 50, 48, 30, 25, 24, 12
  • 2048x1152p @ 60fps @ 4:2:2 sampling (10 bit) @ 70mbps All-I compression.
  • 1920x1080p @ 72fps @ 4:2:2 sampling (10 bit) @ 70mbps All-I compression.
  • 1280x720p @ 120fps @ 4:2:2 sampling (10 bit) @ 70mbps All-I compression.
Just for reference - the 4K 2:1 @ 72 fps allows video record of roughly 10 minutes on a 120GB SSD.

RAW video can besides be output to an surface recorder via Thunderbolt (which looks commensurate miniDP).
I apprehend the pros don't prize HDMI for its flimsy connector. I extremely discriminate they discharge close HD-SDI for its sturdy BNC connector.
But I alike Thunderbolt/miniDP better, and I conclude it's got extensive potential. I doubt why contemporary TVs and Receivers don't annex DisplayPort yet.

Very Important: Optical outstrip can be used while shooting video, identical as in stills.
Shutter, Aperture & ISO (gain) can and be changed during video shooting.

Receive Media / Camera-eye card (This intersect was updated on 2011-06-16) :

Battery Pack: (This cut was updated on 2011-06-10) :

Removable 11.1V 2800mAh (31Wh) Li-Polimer should be deluxe enough to latest a extensive generation of shooting. Camera will be supplied with two 31Wh batteries and a dual-slot Battery charger.

LCD with Multi-Touch & Multi-angle (This section was updated on 2012-01-26) :

A resolution of 1200x800 should be attainable, which is else than all now DSLRs/mirrorless.
1200x800x3 = 2,880,000 dots.

The LCD can be rotated in all instructions - tilted up, down, left or ethical - and lock tightly at the exact angle you demand it to.
The LCD should obtain super blacks, be readable in craggy sunlight while even attention skilled contrast. An LCD Hood will be if with the camera.
The LCD should hold at least 2-finger touch, and collar touch-focus.
The LCD must be acceptable enough so that we can avoid using a view-finder as yet as possible.
A view-finder is actual limiting, as it needs to be up speedy to your eye, and can't ante up you the abandon to be de facto creative.

Stills Formats (This section was updated on 2012-01-04) : :
  • JPG EXIF 2.3 (with extremely low compression)
  • Adobe DNG, 16-bit
  • Microsoft HD-Photo (JPEG-XR) - A format that I envision should carry been adopted lingering ago.
  • Color-space options: sRGB, Adobe RGB, Adobe Wide-Gamut RGB

I seriously ambition enhanced manufacturers would proposition the Adobe Wide-Gamut RGB color-space, which covers 77.6% of all humanly visible colours (sRGB covers Alone 35%).

It is a bare agreeable color-space with a minor influence in relation to reds, oranges and yellows - which wealth more useful skin tones, among other benefits. I surely aspiration LCDA Liquid Crystal Display is a flat panel display, electronic visual display, or video display that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals manufacturers would ensue this trend as well. Would be a disgrace to appropriate a pleasant photograph, but individual be able to examine half of its color richness.

Why not ProPhoto? ProPhoto extends beyond the visible colors into "imaginery colors". Whether we can't behold them ,there's no end of offering such a color-space.

Video Formats:
  • CinemaDNG. Video in RAW, Adobe style.
  • MKV container for the H.264 compressed files.


Two (removable) protruding mics for stereo recording, with adjustable attainment control. Mics can be covered with a soft foam to abbreviate wind noise.
The camera will again add a digital wind-cut algorithm to also dampen the noise.
In addition, there will be a wireless stereo lapel mic included, with the wireless receiver built into the camera.


Optional Blaze unit via hot-shoe. The camera should bear capability to management independent flashes.

  • USB3.0: to transfer our brilliant stills and videos - quickly and easily. Can too be used to charge the batteryPortable Computer Batteries while it's yet inside the camera.
  • 3.5mm stereo mic jack: For after-market mics, or attaching a wired shutter release.
  • Thunderbolt port - twice the precipitation of USB3.0. Expressly for attaching a larger higher-res monitor.

Wireless Connectivity:

  • Built-in GPS and digital compass - tag footage with coordinates and direction.
  • WLAN b/g/n - wireless footage transfer to computer. As well can be used to authority the camera via foreign device, such as a cellphone.
  • BT3.0 - Besides can be used to direction the camera via outward device, such as a cellphone/remote.
  • WirelessHD - reinstate conscious video footage directly to great TV/monitor.

Performance Requirement (This section was updated on 2012-04-25) :

The processor, buffer & dead-eye should all be able to handgrip 4K 2:1@72fps@CinemaDNG Crude for at least 20min, without over-heating.
When shooting stills (DNG RAW, JPG, JPEG-XR), the camera should be able to stock 12fps until mind is full. AGAIN, without over-heating.

Start-up clock should be less than 0.7 second, from the mo you turn the camera on to the second it's ready to shoot.

Car Focus: (This section was updated on 2012-05-23)

51 AF points, all cross-type (sensitive both in the vertical and horizontal axis).
7 of these points are further diagonally touchy (at f/3.5 or brighter).
Customizable subject-tracking options.

The AF rush should be at least 1/100 sec (0.01sec) between consecutive still shots.

Filters: (This section was added on 2011-06-16)

Four filters will be bundled with the camera, which can be attached to the front of the lens (and combined):
  • 0.3-2.0 gradual ND filter, with dense stops (yet with no audible clicks)
  • Linear Polarizing filter
  • Circular Polarizing filter
  • UV filter - blocks UV brilliant and protects the lens, without harming the visible light.

Physical Dimensions:

This is the critical point. How determine you bias all the above requirements into the smallest extent possible?
You hold to accomodate the sensor, the LCD, the internal memory, the processor, the fixed lens, the battery, the ports... plus all the controls and buttons. Not an child's play feat!
After thinking about it great and hard, I came up with the following: 150mm x 100mm x 200mm (Width x Height x Depth). The profundity includes the lens, of course. Height does not build in mics/flash unit.
I don't buy the DSMC can be any smaller than that, at least with in fashion technology.
Yes, these bigness adjust for in reality a barn door camera, but that's what happens when you effort to cram in as abounding features as possible.

There should be two grips and two shutter buttons, on either side of the camera. Left-handed folks should be chipper with that.


There's no cutting corners here. The camera oppose and lens must be heavy-duty, weather-sealed, and ready for any job.
So Magnesium-Alloy comes to mind. But I'd rather wish to gawk how Titanium or Carbon-fibre can ear this chore.
The Carmine Legend is a admirable exemplification of a high-standard frame quality.

Object Payment (This section was updated on 2011-06-16) :

$3800. I comprehend it's about fair (It's truly altogether a bargain when you excogitate that monumental spec).
So that's about it. I desire I covered all angles and I de facto dependence that someone at RED/Canon/Nikon/Sony, etc...will announce this and pass it on to their R&D crew.
Hope this was an absorbing read.

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