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Forum Post: My Sputnik is now a desktop

Forum Post: My Sputnik is now a desktop

0 Replies 1 Subscriber 4 hours ago I was amatory my Dell XPS 13 DE until some months ago I started getting intermittent "Unknown potentiality adapter" warnings (which disables battery charging and limits CPU speed). Not a colossal deal by reason of unplugging the adapter and plugging it in again a couple of times solved the problem, however I undeniable to circuit a recent replacement influence adapter from Dell anyway. Turns gone the current ability adapter didn't set the issue, which was occurring amassed frequently, until a couple of weeks ago the "unplug/plug" trick worked for the persist day and a unusual days next I was left with 0% battery and no design of charging it.

Wiki Page: Dell OpenManage Connection for Nagios

Dell OpenManage Connexion for Nagios Dell OpenManage Connection for Nagios (BETA) Dell Plug-in for Nagios Core and Dell Add-on for Nagios XI care a proactive entrance to material centre control that delivers features for monitoring Dell PowerEdge 12G servers that"s clear and for love of cost. The Dell plug-in/add-on protect an IT organization"s existing investment in Nagios console and cooperate benefit the integration and monitoring of Dell servers. These products equip IT administrators with the clue obligatory to assemble hurried much informed decisions impacting the availability of facts center income and thus helping hand access productivity and lower costs.

Forum Post: Dell Command Integration Suite for System Center Warranty Status integration to SCCM database

Client and Expressive Solutions Become versed how to Deploy, Manage, Secure, and Virtualize Enterprise Client and Mobility solutions from experts and peers. 0 Replies 1 Subscriber Posted 14 minutes ago Related Forums Clear Dell Client PowerShell Provider Consult with the Beta PowerShell Provider here Enterprise Client - Forum Argue topics related to Dell's Enterprise Client products Image Assist Simplify Operating Method Imaging. OMCI - OpenManage Client Instrumentation Debate forum for OMCI - monitored by OMCI party Dell Order | Integration Suite for Transaction Center Warranty Status integration to SCCM database This interrogation is not answered So does anyone be learned whether the modern Dell Command Integration Suite for Process Center 4.

Forum Post: RE: Best method for reporting verifying successful backups?

9 7 days ago Best formula for reporting/verifying crowned backups? Best means for reporting/verifying blooming backups? As far as I know, there's 2 ways to verify backups: -Setup misapprehension e-mail alerts and sift them. Attending for trends, guess at what's all the more an issue. -Log into every console and verify contemporary snapshots and latest replications The puzzle with the e-mail alerts is I'm not persuaded at all when I'm not checking the consoles. I'm supposed to extreme cool and assured that backups are working when I select no e-mails? Wrong! That seems according to I testament eventually miss something. The enigma with logging into every console is exceedingly repetitive.

Wiki Page: EqualLogic Technical Content

DELL-Margaret B EqualLogic Specialized Content 1 month ago DELL-Margaret B Camille Daily 299 1 EqualLogic Mechanical Content This phase is a often updated party of all EqualLogic practical content produced by Marketing, Dell Storage Engineering, and Impression Partners. Add this chapter to your stopwatch string to be notified when fresh publications are added to the collection. Sojourn the Rapid EqualLogic Configuration Portal for step-by-step utility with deploying EqualLogic iSCSI SAN solutions. 2014 Publications Published/Updated** VDI with VMware Horizon Panorama and VMware vSphere on Dell Storage PS4210XS Hybrid Storage Arrays 1/2015 Reference Architecture Overview of Microsoft Private Cloud with Dell EqualLogic Storage Arrays 12/2014 Immaculate paper VDI with Citrix XenDesktop and VMware vSphere on Dell EqualLogic PS6210XS Hybrid Storage Arrays 12/2014 First Practices VDI with Citrix XenDesktop and VMware vSphere on Dell Storage PS4210XS Hybrid Storage Arrays 10/2014 Elite Practices Deploying SharePoint 2013 Using a Dell EqualLogic PS Series iSCSI SAN 10/2014 Deployment and Configuration Handle Best Practices for EqualLogic in an OpenStack Private Cloud 10/2014 Peak Practices Microsoft SQL Server Database Safeguard using EqualLogic Auto-Snapshot Chief / Microsoft Edition 9/2014** Deployment and Configuration Design Oracle Database Protection on Windows Servers using Dell EqualLogic Storage and Tools 8/2014 Reference Architecture EqualLogic Configuration Counselor v15.

Forum Post: RE: Upgrade from Replay 4

2 2 Subscribers 2 hours ago Upgrade from Replay 4 Upgrade from Replay 4 We own tried various times in the elapsed to ploy up from Replay 4 to the contemporary and greatest AppAssure release. Each time, it has been such a catastrophe with buggy software that I moved back to Replay 4. It is stable, reliable, and it works. However, I cognize that I can't stay there forever. So, how is AppAssure now? One of the best "features" of Replay 4 was that it is manifest to backup to an offline system. All I had to complete was map a impel packages to an iSCSI SAN located gone on my LAN, then write the subject of the tevorepository directory to it. Then, in the fact of a backup server failure, I yet get all the repository files.

Forum Post: RE: Dell Command Configure Utility Crashing Blank INI Files

2 Subscribers 8 hours ago Dell Order | Configure Work Crashing & Blank INI Files I am using the "Dell Command | Configure" 3.0 service (formerly called the "Dell Client Configuration Toolkit") to fix the BIOS setting for all our Dell enterprise machines. We retain a combine of desktop & laptop models. The overhaul is working positive on most models, however testament not properly bound on a rare models. I am trying to employment the "-o" preference to design an "output file" with the happening BIOS settings. 1. When I best shot to race the supply with the "-o" possibility on an Optiplex 745 or 755, the ini record produced is blank with solitary the header and gadget representation number.

Forum Post: New XPS 13, New Sputnik?

OS and Applications Dell OS and Applications Solutions on Dell TechCenter - Project Sputnik, Microsoft Windows, Cherry Bowler Linux, SUSE, Ubuntu, and augmented 1 Reply 2 Subscribers Posted 6 hours ago Related Forums Dell XPS 13 developer edition / Project Sputnik Feedback Receive to the forum for the Dell XPS 13 developer edition and project Sputnik. This client-to-cloud notion began being as a aeronaut project to afford developers with an Ubuntu-based Dell impression specifically tailor-made for them. Dell has announced the current XPS 13, does it miserly there will be a inexperienced Sputnik as well? Any chance that Dell would convert the extreme interval Sputnik laptops, which suffer from the coil whine, for the recent generation, which is hopefully going to be more fitting designed?

Forum Post: RE: New XPS 13, New Sputnik?

1 Reply 2 6 hours ago Dell has announced the au courant XPS 13, does it parsimonious there will be a different Sputnik as well? Any chance that Dell would exchange the remain reproduction Sputnik laptops, which suffer from the coil whine, for the just out generation, which is hopefully going to be greater designed? It would be a attractive signal addicted that Dell failed to resolve the coil whine in besides than a year despite all the promises. Any chance that Dell would moderate the carry on engendering Sputnik laptops, which suffer from the coil whine, for the advanced generation, which is hopefully going to be more appropriate designed?

Forum Post: RE: NSA 2600 - Push All Traffic from DMZ out the WAN

NSA 2600 - Push All Traffic from DMZ absent the WAN This inquisition is not answered Hello, X0 - LAN X1 - WAN X2 - DMZ X3 - Wireless DMZ I blameless moved our wireless network over to X3 from a local router they had place up here previously. All wireless traffic remains absent our LAN. What I am running into is that we enjoy a helpdesk ticket server that instantly cannot be reached from the wireless network. I lap up it is trying to force across the networks as I can enable the traffic between X0 and X3 and it works. We compass a common DNS/IP setup for that server that sits on X0 and would analogous the wireless to access our internal servers from the outside.

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