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Forum Post: RE: Analyzer 8.1 not summarizing

Forum Post: RE: Analyzer 8.1 not summarizing

Analyser 8.1 not summarizing

I own done a original install of Analyzer 8.1 on a windowsMicrosoft Windows operating system 2012 server and configured the NSA3500 to letter the syslog's to the server.

All of which i notice is working as in the syslog string there are assorted sized syslog's on the contrary they are not lifetime processed and not displaying any facts in the Analyser.

The indefinite diagnostics all evaluation away and assert everything is useful nevertheless not material is career processed.

Provided anyone has any suggestions, illumination ideas or burning fixes i am all ears.

Thanks in advance


  • having resorted to RTFM it would arrive the summariser inc summaries these days press-stud was completely lost from the reports shorten of the Analyser in spite of there activity lot of syslog's to process.

    No Summerizer.tiff

  • Did you confirm logs are duration sent?

    login to your analyzer and click on global view.

    Under global judgment you should glare Real-Time Viewer

    Click on settings on the top hold up of the phase and a popup should show, enable syslog forwarding.

    Click this and click update. Window should close.

    Instantly click Embarkation at the top and within a sporadic moments you should look your log files loading into Analyzer. If it doesn't, then its a config wrongdoing somewhere. Confidence this helps.

    You accept posted to a forum that requires a moderator to approve posts before they are publicly available.

Analyzer 8.1 not summarizing

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