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Blog Post: Playoffs?! Don t talk about - playoffs?! You kidding me? Meet Dell Software's Playoff contenders: Change Auditor and InTrust

Blog Post: Playoffs?! Don t talk about - playoffs?! You kidding me? Meet Dell Software's Playoff contenders: Change Auditor and InTrust

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Playoffs?! Don"t oration about - playoffs?! You kidding me? Fit Dell Software's Playoff contenders: Alternate Auditor and InTrust

It's NFL Playoff season, and who can forget Jim Mora's noted high-pitched, post-game harangue about Playoffs when asked about his 4-6 Colts loss to the 49ers? Whether you ticker ESPN, analogous me, you'll realize this classic clip!

Click here to play this video

"What"s that? Ah - Playoffs? Don"t prelection about - playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs? I aloof aspiration we can gain a game! Another game." - Jim Mora, 2001

Of course, when it comes to "Playoffs," Dell Software has had substantially bounteous ascendancy than Coach Mora.

In fact, this week we learned that two of our award-winning Governance, Risk & Polity solutions are FINALISTS for the 2016 InfoSecurity Products Design Global Excellence Awards:

  • Product or Assistance Excellence of the Year - Auditing: Change Auditor 6.7
  • Product or Servicing Excellence of the Year - Vulnerability Assessment, Remediation and Management: Dell InTrust 11.0

Winners testament be announced Feb 29. Stay tuned!

(CONFESSION: Anytime I hear someone disclose "Playoffs," I repeat it in my imagination in Jim Mora's voice...)

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