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Blackberry baffled by Dutch cops' phone encryption cracked brag

Blackberry baffled by Dutch cops' phone encryption cracked brag

Has Holland imaginary a hash of it?

Dutch police
Iain Thomson
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  • Blackberry baffled by Dutch cops' telephone encryption cracked brag
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Claims by the Netherlands Forensic College (NFI) that it has successfully decrypted emails stored on Blackberry smartphones hold caused bafflement at the Canadian firm.

Documents seen by Dutch blog Crime Cognizance fireworks the NFI claiming to gain decrypted 275 elsewhere of 325 emails encrypted with PGP from a handset in their possession. The NFI reportedly used software from Israeli certain Cellebrite to crack the encryption.

?"We are positive that BlackBerry provides the world's most secure communications platform to government, military and enterprise customers," a spokesperson for Blackberry told The Register.

"However, we can't indication on this say as we don't admit any details on the particular slogan or the custom that it was configured, managed or otherwise protected, nor determine we bear any details on the disposition of the communications that are claimed to obtain been decrypted."

Cellebrite sells forensic devices to rule enforcement organizations sorrounding the world, but the undeniable makes no mention of particular expertise at cracking Blackberry handsets. But the trick may be in the reference to PGP.

There are a character of third-party vendors offering Blackberry phones that hold had PGP added to save users the sometimes tedious routine of installing it themselves. It hardy may be that the handset in third degree was crackable not thanks to of a Blackberry flaw but an incorrect implementation of PGP itself.

It's highly unlikely that the Dutch investigators acquire had any aid from Blackberry in cracking messages. The confident has stood firm against encryption backdoors, still pulling out of markets conforming Pakistan in the face of control instruction to violate its users' privacy.

As for the NFI, there's no consultation from them on their procedure as yet, and the body isn't credible to be handing over its secrets any day soon.

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