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Qualcomm tries to figure out if Apple, Samsung made it anti-trusted

Qualcomm tries to figure out if Apple, Samsung made it anti-trusted

Launches legal probe into who told regulator what, and when

Richard Chirgwin
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Ill of the slings and arrows of antitrust regulators, Qualcomm is demanding to sense what its tattling customers corner been saying to South Korea's Right Commerce Commission.

In subpoenas [PDF, PDF] filed in the US Limited Court of Northern California at the end week, Qualy demands internal memos and documents from Samsung, Apple, Intel, Texas Instruments, Broadcom, Via Technologies and MediaTek.

As hardy as seeking copies of complaints sent to the South Korean regulator, Qualcomm wants Samsung to communicate details of its long-running battle with Apple.

It again wants the divers defendants to prove that their abridgement of an "exhaustive license" from Qualcomm has affected their business. For legal geeks, Qualcomm v Apple is process 5:2016-mc-80002, and Qualcomm v Samsung et al is occasion 5:2016-mc-80006. Both are before the resident court in San Jose, with Paul Singh Grewal presiding.

The taxing wringer of licensing

Qualcomm generates most of its funds by licensing its patents, which isn't uncommon. However, instead of handing off a fabrication licence and letting its customer fix their prices, Qualcomm charges a slice of the wholesale payment of an boundary product (such as the iPhone or Samsung's Galaxy range).

That knowledge lies last the persistent rumors that customers are going to switch their supplier. However, Qualcomm has normally been able to fend off rivals cognate Intel.

South Korea's Correct Trade Comission launched its latest probe in tardy 2015. In 2009, the South Korean regulator fined Qualcomm aggrandized than US$200 million over its licensing practices.

Early in 2015, the collection settled a collateral subject in China, copping a reported $975 million fine and revising its license terms in that country.

The controversy China's Public Operation and Correct Commission kicked off in 2009 was crucial to Qualcomm, on account of the Centre Dominion is the source of approximately half of its global business. By reason of the row was settled, it's been able to shorten deals with copious names liking Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, Haier and others.

Over in Europe, Qualcomm is activity probed by the European Commission over restrictive terms and conditions, commercial behavior (it apparently fed cash into a customer to deposit a rival's products out), and predatory pricing.

The blue-printer has until Trudge to string its response to the EC's complaint.

There's so far as well fleeting on the register about the Federal Trade Commission's query beyond a indication in Qualcomm's annual announcement that it's under investigation.

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