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Human sacrifice. Android Wear syncing with iPhones. Cats and dogs living together. Mass hysteria!

Human sacrifice. Android Wear syncing with iPhones. Cats and dogs living together. Mass hysteria!

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Google app gives Apple gear a wristjob

Android Wear for iPhone
Shaun Nichols
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  • Human sacrifice. Android Wear syncing with iPhones. Cats and dogs living together. Bulk hysteria!
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Google has released an app to let on Android Wear smartwatches to sync with Apple iPhones.

The Android Wear for iOS app testament permit users to span up their Apple handsets with Android watches.

Previously, fatiguing an Android smartwatch further required owning an Android telephone to sync with. Google said that all prospect Android Wear devices will these days be compatible with the iPhone as well.

"All budgeted Android Wear watches, including those from Huawei, Asus, and Motorola will very agency iOS, so stay tuned for more," wrote Android Wear employer of engineering David Singleton.

Running the Android Wear for iOS app will depend upon a slogan running iOS 8.2 with the iPhone 5, 5S, 5C, 6, and 6 Plus. Apple said the iPad and iPod Touch are again supported, though the software has been designed to labour primarily with the iPhone.

Apple, of course, offers its own smartwatch to team with iOS devices. The Apple Chronometer shipped an estimated 3.6 million units over the moment quarter of this year, according to International Facts Firm (IDC). The proof residence lay Apple as the symbol two wearables vendor with a 19.9 per cent bazaar share, extreme one FitBit's 4.4 million units and 24.3 per cent mart share. The Apple Pocket watch was by far the most universal smartwatch representation in a ranking topped mostly by fitness band vendors such as Garmin and Xiaomi.

Samsung, meanwhile, was a distant fifth, having shipped blameless 600,000 units, ace for a 3.3 per cent share. No other Android Wear vendor was in the top five.

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