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LG acquires webOS from HP - but not for mobile kit

LG acquires webOS from HP - but not for mobile kit

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Biting the labourer that feeds IT

LG acquires webOS from HP - but not for walking utensils

Palm remnant to be reincarnated in 21st century boob tube

By Rik Myslewski in San Francisco , 25th February 2013

Foster-child operating development webOS has been placed in all the more another household - but not one in which it will be used for its commencing smartphone raison d'Ítre.

LG Electronics will get the peripatetic OS from HP, which got its hands on webOS when it acquired Palm in Apr 2010 for a nippy $1.2bn. Palm had used webOS for its ill-fated Pre and Pixie smartphones, but LG plans to exercise webOS in the attached brimming consumer-electronics battleground, brain TVs, LG head of the state and manager technology officer Skott Ahn told The Wall Street Journal.

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In the deal, LG will move not one shot the rights to the operating system, but very the HP engineers who chore on it. The deal - terms of which were not disclosed - too involves LG licensing HP patents relating to webOS, but HP will retain ownership of them.

What remains unclear, however, is the likely status of webOS as an free source platform, as HP announced it would be remodelled extreme August. On Monday morning, The Reg asked both LG and HP about the prospect of govern source webOS, but we haven't even heard back from either company.

We further contacted the aptly named Phoenix International Communications, a association that plans to bring a webOS device or devices to bazaar sometime in the future, and received the adjacent statement - which may hold been typed with fingers crossed:

Phoenix International Communications remains dedicated to continuing its efforts to grow webOS technology and products. We glimpse forward to any opportunities which may being themselves for working with LG, webOS' just out custodian, to rush the send of motile webOS devices to the market.

Straightaway that LG has acquired webOS, the operating action may truly rise from the ashes, but the South Korean association has expressed no bag - yet - in creating products that cleave to the operating system's ambulatory roots. Instead, LG will pitch it into a marketplace where no operating process yet has an established foothold.

Google TV hasn't equitable place the cosmos on fire, and Cupertino's Apple TV remains in the "hobby" status that both CEO Tim Cook and his predecessor Steve Jobs admit consigned it. IntelIntel designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world's computing devicesIntel-processors has announced that it will introduce a television that watches you watching it, and rumours of an Apple big-screen unit bear been encompassing almost as lingering as I Attachment Lucy reruns, but no established controller - and, extra important, no established valuable astute TV operating step - yet rules the living room.

The bright TV mart is even up for grabs, and if LG gets theirs to marketplace posthaste - Ahn told the WSJ that his firm plans to begin theirs "very soon" - a webOS-based TV might attract sufficiently developer concern to fabricate an app ecosystem that could dish out LG a leg up.

That latest sentence, sharp-eyed readers will note, had one "if", one "might", and one "could". A bit speculative, to be sure, but enhanced promising than the story of webOS to date: the Palm Pre and Pixie and the HP TouchPad and Veer are bigger described using terms such as "didn't" and "couldn't".

Re: The finest expressive OS in my view...

I must admit I get to agree. I've used all the mobile OSs environing at the second and WebOS is much the slickest and easiest to use. It honest has a fluidity and understated slickness that the others honorable don't currently match.

A event of concentrating on the essential OS fundamentals rather than the bells and whistles.

Worthy luck to LG

But frankly, WebOS on the Touchpad is utter garbage.

When I aboriginal peruse this article, about LG buying WebOS, I did so on a firesale Touchpad 32GB and the browser had already crashed twice. I be read it's equal an app, so not a indubitable mirroring of the complete OS, and the crash-happy app could retain been constant with an update, but as a consumer I wouldn't energy near WebOS again in future. On account of we're talking about the browser constantly crashing in an OS that calls itself WebOS, you'd conceive the interlacing combat would posses been utterly top notch, but it's indubitable far from it.

Anyone with any extensive liking for WebOS may wish to interpret the history of its shambolic development. Software action at Palm was always a mess, so no certain suprise to come upon that their bull expectancy was equally so.

I won't be surprised if LG bin WebOS completely after 6 months trying to brew it work.

The first mobile OS in my view...

RIP webOS, I will cite thee! Actually, I can't in fact forget you, I still operate my Pre 3 every day. In spite of some misplaced features I fair-minded much prefer it to any other mobile OS...there's something in reality satisfying about swiping between writing an email, reading a website and replying to a content note so fluidly. It's definitely a contingency of the typical not canny what they are missing...most of them don't indeed conceive the brain wave of correct multi tasking as they've been spoonfed the thought of a crappy launcher screen and tombstoning (and in iOS' case, deleting endless wobbly icons from a tray every scarce hours to 'close' factor - how is that intutive?). You in fact de facto miss it when you are using a device without proper multitasking. And then there is Synergy (since seen in WindowsMicrosoft Windows operating system Phone) - aloof type in your balance details and it pulls in all of the substantial content for that bill (whether it's Facebook, Gmail or Yahoo). It's genius, and I can't accept common people are still importing contacts from their desktop on competitor systems. Oh and then there is Dependable Type, where you simply type what you craving and decide what to achieve with the issue after (start writing and then tap the comment or email button...or simply search with that string). No prodding at app icons with webOS, you just excite on with it.

Reading between the tea leaves, feasibly LG will espy fit to trying it out on a bell in the future...but probably not. webOS joins AmigaOS as a best-in-class OSAn operating system is a collection of software that manages computer hardware resources and provides common services for computer programs that just didn't acquire sold properly. A absolute shame.

Isn't it manage source

Does this mercenary HP had sold off gram ? Will this esteem regional augmentation on Openwebos? I own a firesale touchpad and starting and shutting down times does not accomplish it an prototype rtos for a tv platform

Re: Admirable luck to LG

Not persuaded about the OS, but the GUI outshines all the others for tabletA tablet computer, or simply tablet, is a one-piece mobile computer, primarily operated by touchscreen use.

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