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Intel graphics beta driver for Ivy-Bridge CPUs for Windows 8 x64

Intel graphics beta driver for Ivy-Bridge CPUs for Windows 8 x64

This chauffeur is for the HD Graphics that is built into the 2nd & 3rd lifetime of Intel's CPUs (Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge). It provides complete assist for WDDM v1.2 features including native stereoscopic 3D support, optimized shade rotation detection and integrated DirectX 11 video playback, and adds diverse bug fixes and improvements for video encode and transcode usages. Please Note: Intel Wireless Expo (WiDi) is not supported in this driver. Download Intel Beta driver v9.17.10.2770 (for Windows 8 RP x64 ONLY): http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=21180&ProdId=3498&lang=eng&OSVersion=Windows%208%2C%2064-bit*&DownloadType=Drivers Permalink | Leave a communication »

Thoughts about Intel Apple ThunderBolt

Thunderbolt-logo Today Apple announced some dissimilar MacBook Pro laptops which reality a original I/O harbour called TunderBolt, formerly codenamed LightPeak. This contemporary connexion allows up to 10gbps, which translates to 1.25GB/s. Intel promises that contemporary DisplayPort devices can be hooked up to a ThunderBolt port, which is mere extensive (The ThunderBolt is basically a "miniDP on steroids"). It process that provided you own a advanced LCD detector (such as a Dell U2410, Dell U2711, HP DreamColor LP2480zx, etc.), which has a DisplayPort connector, then you can connect it to the ThunderBolt port. LCDs that don't get a DisplayPort connector can be hooked up using an adpater.

Intel WiDi on Dell laptops - Did you know?

Netgear-intel-widi Intel Wireless Expo technology is available on the closest Dell laptops: I nspiron N3010 Inspiron N4010 Inspiron N7010 Studio 1569 (15z) Permalink | Leave a sign »

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