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Thoughts about Intel Apple ThunderBolt

Thoughts about Intel Apple ThunderBolt

Today Apple announced some dewy MacBook Pro notebooks which naked truth a latest I/O harbour called TunderBolt, formerly codenamed LightPeak.
This au courant connexion allows up to 10gbps, which translates to 1.25GB/s.
Intel promises that now DisplayPort devices can be hooked up to a ThunderBolt port, which is correct essential (The ThunderBolt is basically a "miniDP on steroids").
It wealth that provided you own a original LCDA Liquid Crystal Display is a flat panel display, electronic visual display, or video display that uses the light modulating properties of liquid crystals recorder (such as a Dell U2410, DellDell is a computer company that produces a wide range of both desktop and laptop systems U2711, HP DreamColor LP2480zx, etc.), which has a DisplayPort connector, then you can connect it to the ThunderBolt port.
LCDs that don't hold a DisplayPort connector can be hooked up using an adpater.

Regarding the hurry of this connector:
Currently there's no absolute (cheap) plan to distance such a elevated I/O, so its gonna be compressed to attempt the celerity claim.
Maybe somehow connecting 3 or 4 SSDs in RAID0 (such as OCZ's Vertex 3 Pro), we might be able to grasp over 1.25GB/s.
This testament wish a inexperienced high-performance Onset card with a ThunderBolt connector.

USB3.0 has a max hypothetical quickness of 4.8gbps, which is less than half of ThunderBolt. However, ongoing real-world performance of the fastest USB3.0 slogan maxes elsewhere at 3.2gbps (400MB/s).

Let's wait for the reviews to come in, and look what this ThunderBolt technology is in truth trumped-up of.

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