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Windows 10: What's coming in 2016?

Windows 10: What's coming in 2016?

« a href="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22Vn0TocCoyKkAAGnO6B8AAADf&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" target="_blank"» « img src="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22Vn0TocCoyKkAAGnO6B8AAADf&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" alt=""» « /a» 2015 was a considerable year for Windows - so what's succeeding for Redmond... Tim Anderson Get email alert when this author posts Windows 10, Windows, Adobe, Microsoft, Google Microsoft releases considerable PowerShell modernize after enduring preview Windows 10: What's future in 2016?

iOS 9 kludged our iPhones, now give us money, claims new lawsuit

Remeber me? Plaintiffs claim upgrade was never meant for 4S Iain Thomson Get email alert when this author posts Nsa, Nasa, Apple, Microsoft, iOS 9 kludged our iPhones, nowadays cede us money, claims brand-new lawsuit NSA spying on US and Israeli politicians stirs Congress from Christmas slumbers Good news! US broadband speeds are up. Dangerous broadcast - they're even rubbish Lawyers in Recent York corner filed a organization activity indictment against Apple, saying that the iOS 9 operating step upgrade slowed their older iPhone 4S handsets into uselessness. "Plaintiff and other group members were faced with a rigid decision: bag a buggy, slow slogan that disrupts day-to-day heart or spend hundreds of dollars to get another smartphone, " reads the lawsuit spotted by Apple Insider.

Windows for Warships? Not on our new aircraft carriers, says MoD

Screengrab of a government time in virgin Regal Navy aircraft carrier. One of the screens sports unmistakable Windows XP desktop « a href="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22Vn0TpcCoyKoAAKj4sj0AAANM&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" target="_blank"» « img src="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22Vn0TpcCoyKoAAKj4sj0AAANM&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" alt=""» « /a» It was in truth even-handed 'comedy wallpaper in a techie's lappie' Paul Kunert Get email alert when this author posts Results, Cloud, Channel, Hp, Microsoft Retirement inland awaits Kelway brand, whisper sources Quadsys Five fraud dispute pleas delayed until coming month Dell SecureWorks files for IPO Britain's dewy Doyenne Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers will be Windows XP-free zones, the Ministry of Defense has confirmed to The Register.

Microsoft in 2016: Any point asking this SadNad what's coming?

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Maybe amassed imperial intentions, on the contrary lousy execution Erm, Satya. That crystal ball you were holding has dropped on the floor (Photo: Neil McAllister) Andrew Orlowski Get email alert when this author posts Everyday Topics Copyright, Nokia, Apple, Microsoft, Google Advanced Articles Microsoft in 2016: Any objective asking this SadNad what's coming? Bah humbug. It's Andrew's Phones of the Year Surface Pro 4: Testament you activity the F**K to SLEEP? Looking Ahead Microsoft has never had to deal with a grumpy activist shareholder criticising the leadership, who honest happens to be its biggest shareholder ... and former CEO.

Feeling abandoned by Adobe? Check out the video editing suites for penguins

Penguin with video photo via Shutterstock The Register uses cookies. Find gone more. Options for those missing a Linux render farm Scott Gilbertson Get email alert when this author posts Fedora, Gnome, Ubuntu, Open Source, Linux Feeling deserted by Adobe? Proof outside the video editing suites for penguins Are you the keymaster? Alternatives in a LogMeIn/LastPass universe All hail Firefox Dev Edition 44 - animations, recall and all When it comes to video editing, Windows and Mac edict the screen. Ace apps by the likes of Adobe, Avid and Apple isolated canter in the Win/Mac earth and Apple all the more throws in a dishy sophisticated video editor (iMovie) for free. No business how yet you enjoy Linux and unbolted source software, you're never going to acquire Adobe Premiere or Avid running on a Linux box.

Microsoft in 2015: Mobile disasters, Windows 10 and heads in the clouds

The Azure Portal: Microsoft is betting on cloud for its budgeted business « a href="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22Vn4XysCoyKoAACeLmnsAAAKv&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" target="_blank"» « img src="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22Vn4XysCoyKoAACeLmnsAAAKv&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" alt=""» « /a» Blameless as beefy Azure and Profession 365 are growing The Azure Portal: Microsoft is betting on cloud for its later affair Tim Anderson Get email alert when this author posts Commonplace Topics Windows 10, Windows, Adobe, Microsoft, Google Modern Articles Microsoft in 2015: Motile disasters, Windows 10 and heads in the clouds Microsoft releases above PowerShell renew after far-off preview Windows 10: What's ultimate in 2016?

Microsoft steps up Windows 10 nagging

« a href="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22Vn0TqMCoyKgAAF2oyacAAAI4&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" target="_blank"» « img src="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22Vn0TqMCoyKgAAF2oyacAAAI4&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" alt=""» « /a» You upgrading nowadays or tonight? Hey, let's achieve it double time Iain Thomson Get email alert when this author posts Nsa, Nasa, Apple, Microsoft, Google 25 senescence ago: Sir Tim Berners-Lee builds world's headmost website Talko the satan and he shall appear: Microsoft buys Shaft Ozzie's startup How to log into any backdoored Juniper firewall - hard-coded password published Flames up any pc running Windows 7 or 8 and you'll be used to a comment or three inviting you to upgrade to Windows 10.

'Fairly bad core bug' crushed in Linux 4.4-rc5

« a href="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22Vn0TrMCoyKgAAH2gIFYAAAMR&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" target="_blank"» « img src="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22Vn0TrMCoyKgAAH2gIFYAAAMR&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" alt=""» « /a» Linus Torvalds says nearly no-one 'actually ever hit the problem', or will rule at Xmas Darren Pauli Get email alert when this author posts Patching, Research, Security, Vulnerabilities, Malware Mozilla looses Firefox 43, including Windows 64-bit variant FireEye flamed: unmarried email allows complete network access Ho ho hosed: Asian biz malware pwns air-gaps, thousands of Androids Linux Lord Linus Torvalds says the fourth release candidate of Linux 4.

Windows 10: What's coming in 2016?

The Register uses cookies. Find gone more. « a href="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22VnnQCsCoyKgAAGZb9IsAAAM@&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" target="_blank"» « img src="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22VnnQCsCoyKgAAGZb9IsAAAM@&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" alt=""» « /a» 2015 was a copious year for Windows - so what's attached for Redmond... Tim Anderson Get email alert when this author posts Windows 10, Windows, Adobe, Microsoft, Google Windows 10: What's prospect in 2016?

Mozilla confirms its Firefox OS phones are dead

« a href="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22Vme51MCoyKgAAH9GJQoAAAB-&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" target="_blank"» « img src="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/6978/reg_software/operatingsystems&sz=728x90%7C970x90%7C970x250&tile=2&c=22Vme51MCoyKgAAH9GJQoAAAB-&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" alt=""» « /a» Operating course shifting to IoT uses Iain Thomson Get email alert when this author posts Nsa, Nasa, Apple, Microsoft, Google Google says its quantum personal computer is 100 million times faster than PC Mozilla confirms its Firefox OS phones are dead Battery-free IoT sensor feeds off radio waves Mozilla announced at the Mozlando developer convention in Florida that it has officially deserted attempts to amuse a foothold in the smartphone marketplace with its Firefox OS system.