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2015 was the Year of the Linux Phone ... Nah, we're messing with you

2015 was the Year of the Linux Phone ... Nah, we're messing with you

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Apart from that it was a like sugar 12 months for penguinistas

Scott Gilbertson
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For the desktop Linux user, 2015 was a good year. There were extreme updates for almost every unmarried desktop available, launches of trade-mark contemporary desktops, still an impressive dewy distro that's forging its own path.

Public software letter as well saying impressive updates - coextensive GIMP, Inkscape and LibreOffice to handle good a infrequent - and latest applications forge ahead to emerge seemingly everyday.

Sadly, the year ended on a tragic memo with the destruction of Ian Murdock, co-creator of Debian (the autograph Debian is a combination of Ian and Murdock's girlfriend at the time, Deborah Lynn). Murdock's bounce on the Linux terrene was massive (ever bag apt-get? Thank Murdock); indeed, there would be no Linux as we be versed it without him, and he testament be missed.

Though it ended darkly, still of the rest of 2015 was lit up by some impressive releases. Still, in spite of all the ace facts for desktop users in the behind year one star shined feasibly a immature less brightly this year - Ubuntu.

For the moment year running, Ubuntu - arguably the most widely used Linux distro - had a lovely "meh" amiable of year. The distro did stick to its twice-yearly proceeds programme - which is impressive; best shot to commemoration the persist date Ubuntu missed a release generation - with two solid releases that constant bugs and introduced a couple babe contemporary features everyone time. By and bulky though desktop Ubuntu was a bit boring.

And Ubuntu Expressive didn't fare a full plenty better. While there are a couple devices directly on the market, Ubuntu-based walking devices feel, whether not vaporware anymore, at least liking perpetual beta-ware.

Ubuntu too fell great short of its stated end to corner 200 million users by the site of the year. Speaking at a developer summit back in May 2011, Ubuntu creator Location Shuttleworth said: "[Our] justification is 200 million users of Ubuntu in four years." Alas, the stats currently on Canonical's website currently state a mere 40 million users.

Still, provided you interval traveled back to 1993 and told early Debian users that eventually 40 million bourgeois would be using a downstream project, to disclose insignificancy of Debian itself, no one would consider you and you'd probably be laughed equitable off the mailing list. Which is to say, Ubuntu might carry missed its goal, however its efforts are impressive nonetheless.

Luckily for users away the Ubuntu ecosystem 2015 had an embarrassment of riches.

Fedora initiate its groove again with Fedora Alongside and turned outside its most impressive releases to date. Enhanced than conscientious a skilled release though, the Fedora Project feels re-energized, close Fedora suddenly remembered what it was and where it was going. That's positive information for Fedora fans, on the other hand it's extremely abundant data for RHEL and its divers derivatives.

OpenSUSE had a similarly arresting year with its advanced Leap project. The core of Leap is SUSE Enterprise Linux, nevertheless the userland applications are maintained by openSUSE. In other words, Leap delivers the capital of both worlds - the steady underpinnings of an enterprise distro with the up-to-date dispatch of openSUSE. It besides way that the openSUSE project doesn't hog to promote all that low common effects and can target on the matters that cause openSUSE disparate than SUSE.

Linux Mint situate away of series of impressive releases this year and, thanks in component to its accord to stick with Ubuntu 14.04 throughout its release cycle has been able to meeting place on its Cinnamon desktop without worrying approximately whatever changes Ubuntu was forging under the hood (notice a burden here?). In point Cinnamon is arguably the cool desktop available honest now, an impressive achievement considering the extent of its augmenting band and that Cinnamon is not still four senescence old.

Distros weren't the solitary commoving things in fashion in Linux and desktops had a banner year as well. The KDE project released a higher amend and introduced Plasma 5 and the late Breeze UI. With its flat, "modern" look, Plasma 5's Breeze gives all the more of KDE a refreshing inexperienced palpation that makes it case significantly less adoration a desktop that even-handed crawled gone of 1995. Under the hood there's been a abundance of crack devoted to speeding things up with OpenGL-based graphics as well.

The GNOME project did not annex such an electrifying year, on the contrary it did continuing to roll elsewhere its suite of integrated core applications, with a couple distinct ones prize Almanac and Maps.

All the more the perpetually unexciting Xfce desktop managed to release its most heavy renew in bountiful years.

About the single exceeding desktop without a above restore this year was LXDE, which is in the centre of a massive re-write to the Qt framework. Glance for LXQT to emerge consequent this year.

2015 was again the year Linux phones took the mart by storm. Condign kidding.

I had predicted that 2015 would either be the year we got Linux on moving or it would be the year we got a animated addition to the longstanding "Year of Linux" joke.

Apt that we did in truth gratify a couple of motile devices, but that those devices last abstruse and used primarily by a handful of hard-core Linux fans, I would claim 2015 was the year that proved "Year of Linux" jokes will never die.

Sorry companion Linux fans, there will never be a Year of the Linux anything, so you can cast those bell dreams absent the window. Sure, there are Linux phones but they're never captivating anything by storm. Unless you count Android, but that would be adore counting ATM users as Linux users. Then again, many, possibly most, ATM users are Linux users and that it already has been the year of Linux lousy with times over.

Linux is due buried under other things, quietly powering the digital world. In that sense, Canonical might keep not chalk up lived up to its tall user goal, but Linux and clear source in common already did a far-reaching eternity ago.

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