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Steam Gauge: Measuring the value of the Steam Summer Sale

Steam Gauge: Measuring the value of the Steam Summer Sale

Main Menu My Stories: See extended information stories Steam Gauge: Measuring the profit of the Steam Summer Sale Featured discounts heavy to aggrandized sales, on the contrary lower prices aren't always better. It's not in fact spring cleaning when dealing with digital files for video games, nevertheless *some* deals can be honest as good. Besides Reading We sampled regular material to estimate sales and gameplay information for every Steam game. Since unpunctual 2009, Steam's universal platform-wide sales obtain been a large affliction grabber for the downloadable amusement service, causing gamers to cache their wallets and developers to (presumably) examine massive bumps in the sales of their work.

Star Wars: KOTOR 2 s first patch in 10 years adds Linux, OS X, 5K, Steam mods

Bioware's acclaimed Star Wars RPG series, Knights of the Antique Republic, has far-off suffered a dominant pockmark in the arrangement of the new game's sequel having a buggy, rushed commence on PC in 2005. KOTOR II was left for dead for so long, fans took it upon themselves to locate its problems, at which end they discovered complete swaths of chop content within the game-and famously modded the game to bring those intersect bits back. Even after the mod's initiate and continued development, neither the game's publisher Bioware nor the game's inceptive developer Obsidian bothered officially patching the PC version on account of April 2005 -until Tuesday, that is.

Legendary games dev Charles Cecil, on consoles, Kickstarter, and the death of the 2D artist

Main Menu My Stories: See bounteous material stories Legendary games dev Charles Cecil, on consoles, Kickstarter, and the departure of the 2D artist The creator of Broken Sword as well told us how the App Store revived indie games. It's inflexible to scheme a game as defiantly old-fashioned as Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse vitality released without the ease of crowdfunding. While it bears the sharp high-definition visuals and steep industry values of a new game, you could aloof as easily project playing it under a veil of blocky pixels and low-fi language acting. Most publishers wouldn't much bequeath it a chance. Today's adventure game is less point-and-click, and expanded interactive story;

The Magic Circle is a video game about the difficulty of making games

Main Menu My Stories: See another announcement stories The Voodoo Circle is a video pastime approximately the complication of forming games Reprogram a broken amusement from the inside in this intriguing production meta-commentary. The terrene is especially colourless whereas the in-game developers couldn't acquiesce on what colour to build anything. Seriously. The earth is expressly colorless in that the in-game developers couldn't engage on what color to conceive anything. Seriously. Not for long, Ish... We're undeniable quota of games are in this community dependable before E3. Here's where matters absolutely launch getting interesting. Don't be intimidated by all that code-looking stuff.

Street Fighter V will have free content updates, free-ish DLC characters

If you wanted to garner up with just out characters and game balance changes adjacent the 2009 console release of Street Fighter IV, you had to manage your billfold for two fresh unabridged retail releases, 2010's Super Street Fighter IV and 2014's Ultra Street Fighter IV. Capcom won't situate players buttoned up the same manner for the PS4 and PC exclusive Street Fighter V, offering chargeless updates and a regular stream of inexperienced playable characters that can be earned washed-up gameplay alone. In announcing the change during this weekend's EVO fighting game championships in Las Vegas, Capcom said it had learned from the staggered, bundled releases of expansion content for Street Fighter IV : While these one-time updates did revive attention in the series every uncommon years, it was demanding to control players busy for high periods of eternity unless they were competitive.

Epic s Tim Sweeney: Augmented reality will replace traditional screens

Main Menu My Stories: See and data stories Epic"s Tim Sweeney: Augmented genuineness will convert traditional screens Unreal dev sees a single, unified AR platform captivating over in ten years' time. An double from a patent employ for Microsoft AR glasses, anterior revealed in 2013. Very Reading With information overlaid on our vision, "cool" doesn"t identical "useful" or still "safe." In modern years, better tech conglomerates analogous Facebook/Oculus, Sony, Valve, and Samsung enjoy been bullish on virtual reality's capability to pennies the computing landscape. But Legend Games founder and Unreal developer Tim Sweeney seems even added satisfied that augmented brass tacks "will be the biggest technological revolution that happens in our lifetimes.

N review: Bashing your head into a wall over and over-and loving it

Main Menu My Stories: See more facts stories N++ review: Bashing your belief into a wall over and over-and bound up it Pure, punishing platformer praises humans who push to persevere. The trek to entire a unmarried exact in N++ is a enlarged and frustrating one. Game Details Developer: Metanet Software Platform : PlayStation 4 Release Date: July 28, 2015 Price : $20 Links: PSN | Official website Run up an incline and gambol off a side wall. Land on a mine. Die. Lope up an incline and gambade off a side wall. Land on a microscopic trampoline. Whip enclosing a curved ceiling and hug the wall to fall into a slender angled protected zone. Capriole for some gold gems rather than running straight to the way out and jog into a mine.

King s Quest: A Knight to Remember is a journey of a thousand quips

Main Menu My Stories: See else material stories King"s Quest: A Gallant to Remember is a excursion of a thousand quips Review: A funny, warm, and sometimes hard adventure sport in the classic style. Merriment Details Developer: The Extraordinary Gentlemen Publisher: Sierra Entertainment Platform : Windows, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 Rating: E10+ Release Date: The middle of summer 28, 2015 Price : $10 (Chapter 1); $40 (five-chapter pack) Links: Steam | Xbox Store | PlayStation Store | Official website During the 1980s and "90s, Sierra Entertainment"s adventure series King's Quest weaved a momentously relevant tapestry into the medium of interactive storytelling-one that I am more-or-less entirely unfamiliar with.

Analysis: Sony pushes past 50 percent of the worldwide console market

Main Menu My Stories: See extended dope stories Analysis: Sony pushes ended 50 percent of the worldwide console And Xbox One is bringing in still less revenue for at least one large publisher. Sony's recovery continues thanks to the PS4 and smartphone camera sensor sales. The commendable announcement for Microsoft is that its complete ability of the worldwide console mart hasn't gotten appreciably worse over the behind three months. The damaging information is that it hasn't gotten any better, either, at the moment that Sony has a bare majority of the three-console bazaar for this generation, according to an Ars Technica analysis. Sony released its quarterly emoluments announcement this morning, closest coincident reports from Nintendo and Microsoft earlier in the month.

ZombiU drops the U, preps for August launch on PC, Xbox One, PS4

When the Wii U entertainment console launched in 2012, fans hoped that companies other than Nintendo would assemble games for it. That expectancy didn't capture lenghty to fizzle. By the centre of 2013, those third-party sport publishers bellowed loudly approximately why they had jumped ship -and loudest of all was Ubisoft, whose games Rayman Legends and ZombiU relied beautiful heavily on the system's touchscreen GamePad. The long-delayed Rayman Legends eventually erect its hook to other systems, on the contrary ZombiU, a originate diversion for the console (and this author's pick for the most compelling Wii U pastime to date), was another matter.

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