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Star Wars: Battlefront 2: Free DLC, better weapons, and new character classes

Star Wars: Battlefront 2: Free DLC, better weapons, and new character classes

Enlarge EA Play at E3 2017 might obtain been clear on distinct announcements-bar the short on the other hand toothsome divulge of Bioware's sci-fi shooter Anthem -but there were at least piece of late details dropped for Star Wars: Battlefront II. The biggest, that Battlefront II would aspect a abundant single-player adventure mode, was reconfirmed by none other than John Boyega himself, who famously captured the temper of players when he tweeted "Will fans satisfy a adequate on offline legend mode?" back in 2016. Battlefront II 's story, which Lucasfilm confirmed as canon earlier this year, bridges the aperture between Return of the Jedi and The Impact Awakens.

Liveblog: The PC Gaming Show returns for E3 2017

Enlarge / Deem it or not, all of those chips and such can be used to faculty video games. Strange, I know. (credit: Andrew Cunningham ) Liveblog starts in: View Liveblog As chip of this year's E3 festivities, PC Gamer is once again hosting a bevy of press announcements devoted solely to PC gaming. Ars will be on artisan to liveblog the business starting at 10am PDT (1pm EDT, 6pm UK time) on Monday, June 13. Last year's PC Gaming Grandstand play was a veritable laundry list of games enormous and brief prospect to the PC, plenary with a plenty of awkward joke with developers up on stage. This year's pageant should add a hardly any copious announcements amid the vital gameplay footage from the likes of 2K, Nexon, Sega, Oculus, Microsoft.

Mandatory co-op fuels the storytelling possibilities of new game A Way Out

Enlarge (credit: EA Originals / Hazelight) LOS ANGELES-Maybe it was the lenghty excitement from the EA press conference a sporadic hours earlier. It could compass been the enlarged day, the jet dally from his homely in Sweden, or the mug of mild on the meeting-room table which kept on getting refilled. Whatever the reason, movie and video game director Josef Fares was amped up. After career asked a softball question-"when did you gang up with EA to release your upcoming game A Plan Out "-Fares somehow locks eyes with all four writers in the margin simultaneously. "Let me impart you this: working with EA is great. They never disclose me what to do.

Xbox Scorpio is now Xbox One X-launches November 7 for 499

Xbox One Project Scorpio is no more. Introducing Xbox One X, Microsoft's stab at bringing 4K HDR visuals to console gamers with six teraflops of graphical grunt and a sleek design. It's due for worldwide release on Nov 7, 2017. As revealed earlier this year, the Xbox One X features six teraflops of processing power-more than the four teraflops of Sony's PlayStation 4 Pro, which further plays 4K games. Unlike the PS4 Pro, however, the Xbox One X's additional processing capability allows for a wider radius of games to played in native 4K resolution, instead of via a fluctuation of intelligent upscaling methods. Powering the Xbox One X is an all-new AMD GPU, which features 40 "customised" Radeon compute units (compared to decent 12 on the Xbox One and Xbox One S ) clocked at an impressive 1172MHz.

Playerunknown s Battlegrounds becomes Xbox One console exclusive later this year

Enlarge (credit: Playerunknown) LOS ANGELES- Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, the world's biggest "battle royale"-themed shooting game on PCs, finally has a console proceeds window pegged. Game creator Brendan Greene announced the counsel at Microsoft's E3 conference on Sunday, and, unsurprisingly, he pegged it as an Xbox One console exclusive. "Playerunknown" himself takes the Xbox stage. (credit: Kyle Orland) The game, which you've either never heard of or hold watched continuous on Twitch as of unpunctual (it's one of the streaming site's in fashion top games), pits up to 99 players against everyone other in a giant-island battle to the death.

Liveblog: Expect lots of games at Sony s E3 2017 press conference

Enlarge / We've come a high course by reason of this facsimile from E3 2005, the elementary console-unveiling press convention I ever attended. (credit: Getty Images ) Liveblog starts in: View Liveblog Before E3 starts properly on Tuesday, Sony testament unveil its plans for the manifest at a press conference from Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium. Ars will be on ability to liveblog the coincidence at 6pm PDT (9pm EDT; 2am Tuesday UK time) on Monday, Jun 12. Last year, Sony's E3 presentation focused nearly entirely on aware and pre-recorded amusement footage, with none of the business-focused preamble, developer prattle, or hardware-focused side stories that generally characterize such press conferences.

FIFA 18: Football for the many, not the few

Enlarge (credit: EA Sports ) Last year's FIFA 17 was something of a dissimilar dawn for the long-running football franchise. The measure to the Frostbite engine-originally built for Dice's Battlefield first-person shooter series-offered better visual flexibility, along with current kinds of gameplay. The second took the design of The Journey, a narrative-led resources telling the adventure of Alex Hunter, a descendant trying to assemble it into the fundamental eleven of a Premier Cooperative outfit. FIFA 17 was surprisingly progressive game, nevertheless when compared to Konami's renewed Pro Evolution Soccer series, it came up short. Still, whether FIFA 17 was the original start, this year is the consolidation.

Has Microsoft just secretly announced the Xbox One Scorpio release date?

Six is worthier than four. The Xbox One E3 Teaser Trailers Using the device "Feel Exact Power, " Microsoft is teasing its E3 betray of the closest day "Project Scorpio" Xbox in a place of videos. A Twitter user has out fini the videos frame by frame-because truly, there's no road you'll ever message these matters at all-inclusive speed-and discovered that the videos cause a bit also than merely whet our appetites for the hugely almighty brand-new Xbox that will be out next this year. Six is preferable than four. (credit: Microsoft) First, a miniature Sony-trolling seems to be going on. A funfair scene shows the matter "6 » 4" on a tent. This is presumably a reference to the compute faculty of Scorpio: its 6 teraflops of claimed GPU-based numeral crunching competency is really bigger than the 4 teraflops inaugurate in Sony hardware.

Knee-deep in the dead: Doom the board game reviewed

Enlarge Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend contemplate at tabletop games! Analysis absent our comprehensive board gaming coverage at cardboard.arstechnica.com -and let us recognize what you think. Of all the video sport franchises in all the genres in all the world, Doom is conceivably one of the strangest choices to turn into a board game. While it didn"t just invent the first-person shooter, the beginning Doom- which came outside in 1993 and is for older than most happening pop stars-totally revolutionized gaming, sending players scrambling concluded endless gun-metal corridors, shooting the hell away of menacing pixel clusters that vaguely resembled demons.

DiRT 4 review: As engaging as DiRT Rally but without the punishing difficulty

Codemasters Last year, UK studio Codemasters blew my nomex racing socks off with DiRT Rally. The achievement was all the else notable because-while I tend to stick almost particularly to racing games-I haven't indeed enjoyed off-road or rally games express much in the past. Now, Paul Coleman and his gang at Codemasters hold a fresh entertainment for us that builds on the attainment of DiRT Rally, but it should entice a far wider audience. Enter DiRT 4, available starting Jun 6 on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Steam. While we praised DiRT Rally for its great simulation, describing it as "punishingly difficult" is not unfair. The game was very rather specialized, sticking besides much to the discipline of rallying, with a immature wheel-to-wheel rallycross thrown in for positive measure.

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