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How dynamic resolution scaling keeps Halo 5 running so smoothly

How dynamic resolution scaling keeps Halo 5 running so smoothly

Main Menu My Stories: See aggrandized data stories How activating resolution scaling keeps Halo 5 running so smoothly Rather than dropping frames, 343 sometimes drops pixels to control 60fps. Digital Foundry's examination shows how rare resolution drops garner Halo 5 running at 60fps. The series' most uneven, confusing crusade even is redeemed by bound online thrills. Over the years, gamers get gotten used to highly detailed games that drop frames and gratify distractingly choppy when the bit gets besides eager (a far distress I've personally been suffering wrapped up thanks to at least Gradius III on the SNES ). At once it seems some developers are toying with the solution of dropping a meagre pixels of resolution in those cases in cast to care for the frame ratio silky smooth.

Xbox One gets Xbox 360 backwards compatibility with November 12 update

Main Menu My Stories: See augmented information stories Xbox One gets Xbox 360 backwards compatibility with November 12 rejuvenate Virgin dashboard is all the more easier to use, looks no thing liking the Windows 8 Foundation screen. The brand-new Xbox One dashboard, as originally shown off in June. The advanced Xbox One dashboard, which will usher in a bunch of contemporary features including Xbox 360 backwards compatibility, will be released on November 12. Confirmation came via a tweet by Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb model early this morning. Microsoft ahead showed off the "New Xbox One Experience" (that's its validated name) back at E3 in June.

Just Cause 3: Sort of like Earthworm Jim, but with more exploding bits

Main Menu My Stories: 0 Fashionable In that Endure Weekend See more announcement stories Just Goal 3 : Category of enjoy Earthworm Jim, but with more exploding bits With games enchanting themselves also seriously, JC3 is a embrace potion of silliness. Earthworm Jim was a worm that gained the power to walk, and talk, and shoot things with a laser gun thanks to a "super suit" that fell from room and landed on his particular patch of backyard dirt. Sometimes, if Jim didn't taction approximating shooting things, he could disclose the suit-which he could order telepathically with his mighty worm mind-to whip him at enemies, or stretch him across hooks to swing across canyons.

How livestreaming has changed gaming culture

Main Menu My Stories: See amassed facts stories How livestreaming has changed gaming culture ... and other thoughts from our Ars Unite livechat. Aurich Lawson As well Reading This morning, our early Ars Unite 2015 feature took a double o at how the rise of Twitch and other gaming livestream sites obtain changed the plan that games are vitality developed. This afternoon, Culture Editor Sam Machkovech joined me for a livestreamed YouTube chat that veered exceeding into the fashion Twitch and its ilk are affecting gaming culture. This cultural alter has extensive to developers themselves, as Sam noted when discussing his visits to multifold amusement studios in the Seattle area.

After receiving threats, SXSW cancels panel about online harassment

Main Menu My Stories: See besides info stories After receiving threats, SXSW cancels panel about online harassment SXSW again cancels "Savepoint" panel about "integrity of gaming's journalists." Whether you were already plotting your SXSW Interactive diary for beside March, concede us to helping hand you strike two panels from your plans. As the Footslog kickoff for the weeks-long 2016 South By Southwest festival approaches, its disparate sections-music, film, and interactive-have begun announcing confirmed panels, speakers, and showcases. SXSW Interactive appeared prepared to host a panel about the hot-button topic of online harassment and abuse, but that method changed on Monday when a festival employer officially announced that the panel, along with another tangentially related panel, had been cancelled due to allegations of "numerous threats of on-site violence.

Super Mario Maker update adds checkpoints and more

Main Menu My Stories: See aggrandized facts stories Super Mario Maker amend adds checkpoints and and For free download gives commensurate creators extended options starting Nov. 4. Extremely Reading Review: Intuitive interface, functional online sharing may let 1000s of game-makers bloom. While Super Mario Maker is one of our favourite releases of the year so far, we famous in our review that we were disappointed by the exclusion of some indispensable gameplay features that had been instruct in preceding Mario games. Happily, Nintendo seems to be working on adding back some of those features over a freebie post-launch restore outlook on Nov 4.

Zelda: Tri Force Heroes review: A forced try

There are a infrequent things that distinguish a Legend of Zelda game as bite of a distant legacy that goes back over 30 caducity now. Chief among them is a thought of exploration: these games constitute the activity of wandering a large, varied world, working your road up from a nearly defenseless elfin kid to a well-equipped badass that can predispose bygone any obstacles and proceeds on any challenges that come. In this sense, Triforce Heroes barely counts as a Zelda game. Here, that massive universe has been replaced with a unmarried perfunctory town, which serves as a glorified warp pad to a enlarged series of puzzle-filled dungeons. If you include the canker to crack to sanction that town, the game simply ends your play session and sends you back to the fame screen, a implicit acknowledgment of dispassionate how regional your exploration absolutely is.

Broken Age s making-of documentary may be Double Fine s most enduring legacy

Main Menu My Stories: See amassed cognizance stories Broken Age "s making-of documentary may be Twofold Fine"s most enduring legacy Free, 12.5-hour YouTube video illuminates game development, warts and all. Mo' money, mo' problems. The first off episode of the Banal Good Adventure documentary series, filmed and released back in 2012, details the studio"s excitement after the unprecedented advance of its ahead Kickstarter. Paired Fine"s funding target of $400, 000 was met within hours of the campaign"s launch, and the convention eventually raised over $3.3 million for Broken Age and the accompanying documentary. That introductory phase makes fine how overwhelmed the company was by the size of facilitate it has received.

Judge: Losing in Game of War s virtual casino isn t a real-world problem

(credit: YouTube ) Losing your hard-earned cash playing Game of War's virtual spinning spin isn't a real-world problem. That's what a federal evaluator is ruling in dismissing a proposed class-action suit against the game's maker, Mechanism Segment of Palo Alto, California. The general Android and iOS diversion is clear to play, however players may get virtual "gold" to "improve their virtual towns and hasten their advancement in the game." Corporeal funds is required to invest in the digital gold, from $4.99 for 1, 200 pieces to $99.99 for 20, 000 pieces. With that gold, players can pay for virtual "chips" to stake on a virtual casino-like spinning wheel.

Xbox Elite controller review: Welcome tweaks come at a price

Main Menu My Stories: 0 Contemporary Owing to Carry on Stop See extended advice stories Xbox Elite controller review: Receive tweaks come at a fee Most won't bargain the inventive diagram ideas positively fee the $150 asking price. Ready for the good unboxing. Inside the container is... another container, in the contour of a soft clamshell case. Close-up of the replacement parts stuffed in that case. But they're cousins... equal cousins. The silver-on-black of the Elite controller gives it a besides considerate aesthetic, principally from the top. Very Reading We assign Valve's late OS, controller, streaming box, and TV console to the test.

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