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Steam tightens trading security amid 77,000 monthly account hijackings

Steam tightens trading security amid 77,000 monthly account hijackings

Main Menu My Stories: See also communique stories Steam tightens trading security amid 77, 000 monthly legend hijackings Traded items will be "held" for days unless you enjoy two-factor security. Aurich Lawson A tale of disappearing items, dilatory authenticators, and meagre concrete answers. Account theft is a frequent and longstanding hitch for all kinds of online gaming services, as I can personally attest after losing all of my Diablo III loot to a hacker a unusual senility ago. But Valve says the difficulty is reaching epidemic vastness on Steam, with "around 77, 000 accounts hijacked and pillaged each month." By reason of the supply launched item-trading features back in 2011, Valve says the puzzle of narration theft "has increased twenty-fold as the character one grievance from our users.

The Kick Off 2 World Cup: Competitive e-sports with a 25-year-old Amiga game

Main Menu My Stories: See extra message stories The Kick Off 2 Macrocosm Cup: Competitive e-sports with a 25-year-old Amiga game Because 2001, players corner been firm annually to play the (digital) alluring game. John Robertson DUBLIN-Amidst rows of battered tables and chairs, some which flash as though they've survived a sporadic rugged terms at a British community school, the world's boon Kick Off 2 players are preparing to compete. The venue-nestled in the emotions of Dublin and a stone's hurl from the notorious Temple Bar district-is the former Williams and Woods chocolate factory, a grubby graffiti-covered building that's habitat to the city's burgeoning hip community.

Hands-on: Eve: Valkyrie is more than just a tech demo

Main Menu My Stories: See augmented description stories Hands-on: Eve: Valkyrie is bounteous than dispassionate a tech demo VR game-changer testament be included with Oculus Rift pre-orders For a amusement that's been in advance for almost three years, that Eve: Valkyrie 's common appearances hold been resident to cramped exceeding than elaborate tech demos is a worry. Sure, they've been smooth and identical elegant tech demos-and some of the elite demonstrations of the budding virtual authenticity platforms-but they've all been devoid of any concept of how the entertainment might absolutely avail as a game, let alone did they care a convincing instigation for fans to strap an expensive brick of plastic to their faces for an generation or two.

PSA: Xbox One, PS4 bundles back down to 299 for holidays

Main Menu My Stories: See aggrandized announcement stories PSA: Xbox One, PS4 bundles back down to $299 for holidays Lenghty Atramentous Friday prices could presage permanent fee drops. Ars Technica/Aurich Lawson Besides inside: Who's offering an HDTV bundled with an Xbox One for $500. Were you as well engaged enjoying the pleasures of friends and family to dispose the lowest-ever authorized prices on Xbox One and PS4 bundles over Melanoid Friday weekend? Acceptable news, procrastinators: Microsoft and Sony are giving you a moment chance at those low prices. All Xbox One bundles (listed below) are available at $50 off the habitual price starting nowadays buttoned up Dec 26, putting them as low as $299.

System Shock 3 in development at Otherside Entertainment

Main Menu My Stories: See aggrandized message stories System Shock 3 in system at Otherside Entertainment Embryonic System Shock creator is involved, but don't expect a game any epoch soon. After dark Dive Studios-the chain remain the fresh System Shock Enhanced Edition and modern owner of the Development Shock IP-recently teased that it was in talks about a doable sequel to the legendary System Shock 2. Thanks to some enterprising members of the public, that sequel has like now been outed: System Shock 3 is in the works and growth developed by Otherside Entertainment, the little studio currently developing Underworld Ascendant. As discovered by a member of the RPG Codex forum, System Shock 3 was supposed to be the bulky announce at the bound of a countdown timer started on Otherside Entertainment's website yesterday.

PlayStation VR expo round-up: Impressive Rez Infinite leads killer line-up

Main Menu My Stories: See amassed dope stories PlayStation VR expo round-up: Impressive Rez Infinite leads killer line-up Other stunners accommodate Until Dawn flare gun game, Eve Valkyrie, Harmonix experiment. SAN FRANCISCO-We were hoping to espy else of Sony's most anticipated games at this foregone weekend's PlayStation Exposure expo at the giant Moscone Center, but formerly announced titles adore The Endure Guardian, Horizon: Duck egg Dawn, and Gran Turismo Sport were nowhere to be found. That didn't beggarly Sony was slacking on the full "games of the future" front, however, on account of the association took the fighting chance to deliver PlayStation VR (formerly published as Project Morpheus) its biggest popular showing yet.

HTC officially delays Vive virtual reality system launch to April 2016

Main Menu My Stories: See enhanced facts stories HTC officially delays Vive virtual detail operation originate to Apr 2016 Says "an fresh 7, 000" dev kits testament ship to creators at the "start" of 2016. Sounds conforming we admit a uncommon added months to wait for the retail anecdote of this damaging boy. Earlier this year, Valve and HTC insisted that at least a hardly any keen virtual-reality fans would be able to buy their hands on the fruits of their partnership, the HTC Vive, by the head of 2015. However, solid cable approximately the system, which combines a headset, two tracking stations, and two handheld sprig controllers, proved compact to come by as 2015 drew to a close, and on Tuesday, we learned fair why.

Ars talks with David Braben on the challenges of making games for real VR

Enlarge / "Big moon Horizons on Cobra and SRV, " by CMDR [AEDC] Haridas Gopal. (credit: CMDR [AEDC] Haridas Gopal ) Ninety frames per second. That"s the latest grounds for consumer VR gear: you exigency hardware capable of rendering two HD images with all the fittings at a stable 90fps, or the complete baggage starts to shake and judder and arrange you sick. That 90fps requirement is what"s driving the disturbingly formidable VR step requirements posted a scarce days ago for Elite: Dangerous by Frontier Developments; according to Frontier, you demand 16GB of RAM, a brisk i7 quad-core CPU, and a GeForce GTX 980 to conclude VR hearty with Elite and consumer VR hardware.

PSA: Latest Humble Bundle lets you play 19 Neo-Geo games in your browser

Art of Fighting 2 -and 18 other SNK Neo-Geo classics-can instantly be played legally and easily in a Chrome or Firefox mesh browser thanks to this week's killer Deferential Bundle sale. Though we're big fans of getting cheap games via the Demure Bundle servicing (and giving to charity in the process), it's light to lose track of its zillions of sales and promotions. However Tuesday aphorism the work originate a remarkably rare sale that we couldn't pass up: a giant bundle of classic Neo-Geo games that comes full with a portal to nowadays emulate and play them in a Netting browser. Shoppers can recompense whatever they yen to access eight games in this 25th anniversary sale, while paying $10 or enhanced unlocks the bundle's in fashion 20-game selection-including new-to-PC ports enjoy Garou: End of the Wolves and Samurai Shodown V Special.

Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay revealed at PlayStation Experience keynote

Main Menu My Stories: See besides bulletin stories Final Fantasy VII Remake gameplay revealed at PlayStation Exposure keynote Latest camera, dialogue, battle system; other exceeding games revealed at expo keynote. SAN FRANCISCO-Last year's inaugural PlayStation Knowledge closed 2014 with a surprising figure of amusement and product announcements, and Sony appeared ready to double-down on this different end-of-year tradition with a follow-up, fan-focused company unabridged of playable demos and modern products, and its two-hour keynote led off with the copious Final Fantasy remaster that Sony announced at this gone summer's Electronic Entertainment Expo.

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