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Two GDC VR surprises: A lightsaber fight and a Valve-developed game

Two GDC VR surprises: A lightsaber fight and a Valve-developed game

Welcome to The Lab, a mini-game aggregation launching in Apr as a freebie for all SteamVR users. (credit: Valve Software) SAN FRANCISCO-At carry on year's Diversion Developers Conference, the SteamVR-powered HTC Vive was a trade-mark late prototype continuance unveiled publicly for the head time. At this year's show, the VR headset is equal a uncommon weeks gone from a consumer launch, even-handed carry on the much-hyped Oculus Rift. To aid that launch, Valve is hosting a giant, invite-only SteamVR showcase suite at GDC, packed all-inclusive of launch-window VR demos. We'll carry thoughts on extra Vive games and software soon, on the other hand for now, we wanted to labourer our hands-on experiences with the two biggest Vive exclusives unveiled this week: The Lab, and Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine.

PlayStation VR launch lineup has five slick Sony-made games

Come October, Sony's PlayStation VR will hit the shops for the princely sum of $399/ 349/ 399. That's far cheaper than the likes of the Oculus and the Vive, still when you booty into narration the fee of PlayStation Camera ( 39, $44), and Action Controllers ( 24, $28 each) that aren't included. But while the hardware is attractive, what things most is what games you can play on it-and Sony's got some honest-to-goodness correct games in the initiate lineup. While over 50 games are promised for the two months between commence and Dec of this year-CCP's Eve Valkyrie is penciled in for originate day-Sony's tapped its in-house studios to cook definite five of them are ready for when players influence the PSVR home.

AMD GPU roadmap reveals HBM2-powered Vega and Navi

For the fundamental duration in a spread out time, AMD has an honest-to-goodness GPU product roadmap, and it names the company's close two GPU architectures: Vega and Navi. Revealed at this year's Merriment Developers Conference during the AMD "Capsaicin" event, the roadmap is aglow on details, however it does trace at what the approaching might grasp for AMD's GPUs. For starters, Vega is due to arrive early in 2017, not distant after the proceeds of Polaris. Interestingly, the roadmap explicity calls elsewhere Vega's adoption of HBM2 memory, a attribute that was originally supposed to be a thing of the upcoming Polaris architecture and used alongside traditional GDDR5 memory.

AMD-powered Sulon Q is like wearing a VR-capable Windows PC on your head

The AMD-powered Sulon Q sounds agnate fatiguing a Windows-powered VR PC on your head. The growing virtual deed platform wars got a small besides heterogeneous this morning. That's on account of graphics chip maker AMD has thrown in with Toronto-based startup Sulon Technologies to unveil the Sulon Q headset, which aims to add a PC-based, fully tracked virtual absoluteness action without the devoir to tether yourself to a pc tower. According to the announcement, that "wear and play" untethered constitution makes the Sulon Q in fact at variance from competition prize the Oculus Rift or SteamVR-powered HTC Vive, which both charge a relatively high-end PC to indeed make the images on the headset.

The Division review: Mistakes were made, both old and new

ECHOs are one of the game's collectibles... and fair-minded a bit voyeuristic. With extra ways than ever for players to dossier and help their experiences, gelastic bugs and absurd oversights are no longer the belongings of playground rumor. You hog one chance to cause a beneficial impression, or else faceless assassins and loot caves can shift the defining features of your game in the habitual consciousness great before early problems can be patched. In the context of The Division, we"ll always elicit the queues : a dozen or so players, stacked in orderly horizontal piles, separated alone by their own collision detection as they extent for the unmarried laptop that will unlock the rest of the game.

Xbox indie gaming opens the door to playing against PlayStation owners

Rocket League, which gains Xbox One to Personal computer multiplayer. Microsoft's efforts to court indie developers continued nowadays at the 2016 Merriment Developers Conference with a pair of announcements designed to fabricate the Xbox One a else lovely platform for indie gaming. Microsoft is opening up the Xbox One to enable cross-platform multiplayer. This attribute will most obviously benefit play between the console and Windows 10 PCs, nevertheless Microsoft isn't stopping there. Developers can very help multiplayer against non-Microsoft multiplayer networks. While Microsoft never really names names, the announcement opens the door to Xbox games that bedding play against PlayStation gamers or those who bought Computer titles on Steam.

Pandemic Legacy is the best board game ever-but is it fun?

Don't let the flowers idiot you; it's going to be a lethal spring. Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend glimpse at tabletop games! Research away our full board gaming coverage right here -and let us understand what you think. This column contains NO SPOILERS of the Pandemic Legacy experience. Pandemic Legacy is, at this writing, the blessing board pastime ever made. That's not my judgment-it represents the collective sageness of Board Game Geek users, who compass catalogued aggrandized than 82, 000 games and admit rated Pandemic Legacy the beyond compare of the lot. That's flying compliment for a game that one appeared a infrequent months ago at the speck of 2015.

AMD XConnect wants to make external GPUs easier to use

AMD has introduced XConnect, a fashion of driver-level agency for exterior graphics cards, as component of its advanced Radeon 16.3 driver. XConnect allows users to add and remove a Thunderbolt 3 extraneous graphics slogan (eGFX) such as the Razer Core, without needing to restart the PC, as able-bodied as switch between discrete and integrated graphics on-the-fly. The XConnect chauffeur can as well detect what applications are running on the over GPU, giving users the preference to brisk them individually, or shut them all down at once from a pop-up nourishment in the method tray. Yet whether users forget to hurried down applications before removing the independent GPU, AMD claims that the process testament endure functional after a "surprise removal.

No Man s Sky finally charts its star path with major gameplay reveal

It's not a Insurgent ship, I swear! 9 besides images in gallery LOS ANGELES-Up until this week, the space-exploration video game No Man"s Sky has existed mostly as a vow of infinite possibility. Agedness of teaser videos and excitable ramblings from prompt designer Sean Murray obtain hinted at a game that looks elegant and seems incredibly big-but which might not add up as a game. You purchase into a spaceship, and you fly from one procedurally generated earth to the next. And then... what? On Tuesday, Murray and the rest of the Hi Games construction organization brought their game"s near-final practise to a trippy Los Angeles studio space, body on answering that ideal question.

Tim Sweeney is missing the point; the PC platform needs fixing

Gears of War: Curtains Edition for Windows 10 is one of the unusual UWP games currently available. (credit: Microsoft Studios) Epic Games' Tim Sweeney wrote an impression portion in The Guardian saying that Microsoft's Typical Windows Platform (UWP)-the current addition platform that covers Windows, Windows Mobile, HoloLens, and soon, Xbox One-" can, should, must, and testament die ." Sweeney's grievance is that UWP is locked down. By default, UWP apps can one be installed and purchased terminated Microsoft's store, and they retain to lope from a sandboxed environment. So some Windows features are, or will be, exclusive available to UWP apps.

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