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I m a nuclear armageddon survivor: Ask me anything

I m a nuclear armageddon survivor: Ask me anything

Main Menu My Stories: See added account stories I"m a nuclear armageddon survivor: Grill me anything Be prepared: A nuclear apocalypse is far else doable than a zombie outbreak. Press events are normally decadent affairs of food, drink, and well-dressed executives in up-market hotels. Not this one. A baby numeral of journalists including your correspondent were dumped at nightfall in a wet area in the Essex countryside, disposed moody boilersuits and a inconsiderable knapsack containing bottle-tops and leaflets, and told to await developments. As most press events don"t examine for disclosure of any medical conditions, nor insert signing a waiver against accidents, those developments were unlikely to be pleasant.

Analysis: Kotaku, blacklisting, and the independence of the gaming press

Main Menu My Stories: See deeper cable stories Analysis: Kotaku, blacklisting, and the independence of the gaming press Actually, it"s about the affair between the press and the sport industry. Don't peroration about that, or we won't descant to you anymore. As someone who"s written about games for nearly 20 years, I spend a quantity of duration thinking about the consanguinity between the press and the larger games industry. But I"ve been doing much and thinking in the wake of a blockbuster article on Kotaku alleging that the speck has been effectively blacklisted by two elder publishers for enhanced than a year. The complete proclaim is able-bodied reward a study but to sum it up: Kotaku says that Ubisoft and Bethesda Softworks both refuse to functioning with the point on any of its gaming coverage.

GTA 5 modders claim Take-Two sent private investigators to their home

The modders remain the FiveM mod-which provides an alternative online playspace for the PC anecdote of Grand Theft Car V -claim that publisher Take-Two sent private investigators to their household in disposition to forcibly shut down the project. The FiveM mod drew the ire of GTA V developer Rockstar Games earlier this year, which blocked the modders' Rockstar Social Club accounts, barring them from playing the game or any other Rockstar titles associated with the account. In a statement at the time, a Rockstar representative said: "The FiveM project is an unauthorized exchange multiplayer function that contains code designed to make easy piracy.

PSA: Xbox One drops to 299 w a game for Black Friday weekend

Main Menu My Stories: See besides announcement stories PSA: Xbox One drops to $299 w/ a merriment for Melanoid Friday weekend Save $50 on all console bundles online or in stores starting Nov. 26. Rather than letting retailers fix piecemeal worth drops for its entertainment and console bundles this holiday shopping season, Microsoft is implementing an across-the-board, $50 payment abbreviate for the Xbox One at all online and brick-and-mortar US retailers from Thanksgiving (November 26) buttoned up Cyber Monday (November 30). Xbox One with bonuses for $330, two paper games with $400 PS4, and all the more more. That wealth players testament be able to fee dependable $299 to dispose an entry-level, 500GB Xbox One with either Gears of War: Time to come Edition or The Lego Film Videogame.

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void review: Your last, best chance

Main Menu My Stories: See exceeding cognizance stories StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void review: Your last, ace chance Bananas version detracts from excessive missions in StarCraft II 's ending update. "Blow it all up" is always a admirable order. Auir is a shambles. A rogue Xel'Naga, Amon, looks to slaughter the Firstborn and stop the cycle of growth and death. Alone Artanis, Hierarch of the Protoss, can save the Koprulu Sector by uniting the Daelaam, Tal'darim, and Nerazim against him. Provided you haven't paid consideration to the lore of StarCraft II up to this point, these days is a awful duration to start. The deluge of hard-to-parse correct nouns and room witchcraft is sufficiently to douse still the tiniest glimmer of concern at this point.

Eight years later, you can finally turn off Rock Band s kick drum pedal

Main Menu My Stories: See expanded dispatch stories Eight caducity later, you can last of all turn off Rock Band "s kick drum pedal Latest choice is a boon for beginners and disabled gamers. After a Dec 8 update, you'll be able to pitch this elsewhere the window whether you want. Extremely Reading It's (almost) the identical debilitated song, on the other hand with a discrepant belief in that you've been gone. For nearly fair eight dotage now, Rock Band 's kick pedal has presented a steep learning curve for wary newdrummers. At the easier difficulties, tapping the drum's four coloured pads in day with the orchestration isn't that iron on its own, nor is tapping a kick pedal with your foot every unusual beats.

Star Wars Battlefront suffers immortal player glitch

DICE and EA don't bear a bully track commit to paper when it comes to multiplayer releases-see the likes of the disastrous open of Battlefield 4. However Star Wars Battlefront, while not licence the sport bounteous were hoping for, at least seemed to chore quite well, with none of the severe server issues that dogged BF4. Unfortunately for EA, Battlefront is suffering from a at variance affectionate of problem: that of the endless player. According to announcement from Ars sister manual Wired UK, eternal players own been causing grief in the game's multiplayer modes. Wired UK played distinct multiplayer matches earlier this week, and saying at least two instances of players who were impervious to all weapons and melee attacks.

EA exec: We re going to wait and see if there s a market for VR

Main Menu My Stories: See augmented copy stories EA exec: We"re going to "wait and see" if there"s a for VR CFO compares virtual corporeality early adopters to district bazaar for Wii U, Vita. Any excuse to present Ars' Sebastian Anthony in a Vive headset is a bad one. Sebastian Anthony With virtual point headsets from Oculus, Valve, and Sony promised to last of all hit the consumer marketplace in ethical a infrequent months, most of the largest video sport publishers acquire still been slow to commit their income and universal franchises to the promised VR revolution. At a virgin convention presentation, Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen suggested that, for his business at least, the reluctance is in bit due to the slender expected proportions of the mart for VR early adopters.

Star Wars: Battlefront review: Stunning as the Death Star, dry as Tatooine

Main Menu My Stories: See extra data stories Star Wars: Battlefront review: Stunning as the Afterlife Star, dry as Tatooine The licensed remebrance of this simplified shooter wears off after ethical a scarce rounds. Be ready to die on the ground and be suddenly transported to an aerial firefight. Game Details Developer: EA DICE Publisher : Electronic Arts Platform : Xbox One (reviewed), PS4, Windows Release Date: Nov. 17, 2015 Price : $60 ( 40) Links: Origin | Official Website Editor's Note: This fresh look was based on combat with a all-inclusive legend of the game available complete EA Access before its authenticated release. The conversation may be updated if post-release server performance is significantly different.

Columbine Massacre RPG creator banned from college campus, film festival

Main Menu My Stories: See enhanced dispatch stories Columbine Bloodbath RPG creator banned from academy campus, movie festival Faculty says it balances "public safety" against "free speech and indivisible rights." Ten age after its release, Super Columbine Massacre RPG is once again causing examination for its creator. If you followed video games about a decade ago, you probably go back the subject surrounding Super Columbine Massacre RPG. The freebie indie fame dissected the 1999 tragedy by putting players in administration of shooters Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris, exploring the institution (and their motivations) via 16-bit-style graphics and a familiar, top-down RPG system.

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