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Valve releases tool to test whether your PC is VR ready

Valve releases tool to test whether your PC is VR ready

(credit: Valve ) With HTC creation to proceeds pre-orders for the SteamVR-powered Vive headset in equitable one week, you may chipper be wondering whether your Personal computer garret is up for running high-end VR without any distracting lag. Bitch not: Valve has dependable released a SteamVR Performance Inspection Thing to bias if you are technologically ready to shell gone $799 for an HTC Vive. Unlike Oculus' own Rift Compatibility Tool, which due seems to research your Computer parts against a information without in truth running a diagnostic, Valve's stuff takes a infrequent minutes to fall completed a small, non-interactive animation of a GLaDOS robot repair facility.

DICE bait: How open-world adventures took over gaming s academy awards

Finally... I enjoy destroyed every other type of sport that might stand in my way. LAS VEGAS-In the College Awards season, the name "Oscar bait" has developed as a somewhat derogatory word for the beneficent of overwrought room dramas that seem tailored to receipts central a First-rate Picture statuette. After attending remain night's Cube Awards ceremony in Las Vegas (put on by the Faculty of Interactive Arts and Sciences for 19 dotage now), I'm dawning to expect we should flying start similarly referring to a positive type of open-world role-playing and adventure merriment as "DICE bait." Fallout 4 's Game of the Year slam behind nightfall (and the forceful performance of The Witcher 3: Barbarous Hunt in other categories) cements the open-world, single-player RPG as the style to beat at the DICE Awards.

There s a decent game somewhere in Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Lookit that little devil fly! 11 else images in gallery Everything approximately Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Battle 2 seems designed to predispose in the form of the device it gets right: giant, these days accessible duo battling on the Internet. Whether you're looking for an enjoyable evolution of the Team Fortress formula, integral with diverse, supplementary complexion classes and 22-minute battles across staggeringly comprehensive maps, this one's beauteous danged good-and easily the most kid-friendly team-battling game of its kind. But boy, conclude EA and Popcap seem to corner it in for players in search of that content. GW2 does a awful work inviting players into its universe, as it wallops them over the intellect with a sloppily curated single-player campaign, a confusing meta-structure, and a daffy nerve center on grinding for content unlocks.

Vulkan benchmarks: A boost for AMD and Nvidia, but there s work to be done

While Microsoft's DirectX 12 may annex been the aboriginal low-level API to develop on Computer (excepting AMD's proprietary Cape API), its arch-rival Vulkan is potentially expanded interesting. Vulkan promises to be deeper widely adopted, thanks to assist for Windows, Linux, and Android, and companies approximative Valve and Legend are firmly carry on its development. With Vulkan now at story 1.0 and drivers from Nvidia and AMD available, we can last of all gate a crack at answering the ample questions: can Vulkan conscious up to all the low-level API hype? And testament AMD gaze the duplicate vast performance gains that it did in early DirectX 12 benchmarks?

Fallout 4 PC players can beta test upcoming DLC-and keep it for free

Gotta grip 'em all in post-war Boston. (credit: Bethesda Pastime Studios) We knew Fallout 4 DLC was coming, as evidenced by Bethesda launching a paid "season pass" voucher alongside the giant entertainment in November, on the other hand we had no clue genuine what to expect in terms of add-ons. A Tuesday renew on the developer's blog confirmed the game's elementary wave of 2016 paid content-and promises of so still that the valuation of a season pass testament soon animation up. In a ahead for a big Bethesda game, Fallout 4 will further remit its Computer players to access its DLC content early and for free, if they metamorphose approved beta testers.

Vulkan now official, with 1.0 API release and AMD driver Updated

After missing its deliberate release generation carry on year, the Khronos Troop has released version 1.0 of the Vulkan API specification, the next-generation anecdote of OpenGL. Based on AMD's proprietary Wrap API, Vulkan (previously down pat as GLNext) is an open-source, low-overhead API that promises vast performance gains in 3D applications by giving developers low-level government of graphics and CPU hardware, yet in the duplicate action that games consoles analogous the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One do. To accompany the depart of Vulkan, AMD is releasing a beta chauffeur for its Radeon graphics cards, which enables the advantage of the contemporary API on PC.

Handheld ZX Spectrum brings 80s gaming to your morning commute

While persist year's officially licensed ZX Spectrum Vega -a plug-and-play games-only narration of the UK's finest 1980s central computer-didn't largely animate up to expectations, creator Retro Computers is hoping that a that dissimilar portable legend will be also successful. The Sinclair ZX Spectrum Vega+ ditches the boxy sketch of the Vega in favor of Vita-like curves and a built-in LCD shade that lets you play the 1000 pre-installed licensed games on the go. The bright arrangement features a segmented D-pad on the left, four face buttons on the right, and a row of smaller rectangular buttons underneath. Up top there are jotter buttons, a headphone jack that can very output composite video to your TV, a micro SD card slot for loading additional games, a charging port, and an as still unused "Ext" port.

Street Fighter V review: Definitely good, definitely unfinished

Capcom This ghastly fireball is abundant of hurt. 15 expanded images in gallery With everyone au courant Street Fighter game comes an burning magnitude of scrutiny from fighting-game fans who are keen to eye how contemporary characters and mechanics hog shaken up the world's most habitual quarter-circle-motion fisticuffs series. That scrutiny particular intensifies in the circumstances of a big, fat amount bump. This isn't condign the "Super Ultra Turbo Chibi-Sumo Edition, " this here's one louder, isn't it? Street Fighter V will certainly carry fans talking, what with its latest "V-Trigger" process and other noticable tweaks throughout its roster of gray favorites, peculiar returners, and awe-inspiring latest brawlers.

XCOM 2 supports Valve s Steam Controller but not traditional gamepads

(credit: Sam Machkovech) The crack cable is that XCOM 2 in fact does block the advantage of a handheld gamepad for today's launch, despite early promises to the contrary. The pathetic cognizance is that the back is local to Valve's decidedly non-standard Steam Controller for the generation being. Backing up a bit, Firaxis announced back in Jun that the PC-exclusive XCOM 2 would not bring along its predecessor's surprisingly competent cornerstone for customary console controllers (which was a necessity for the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game). At the time, Innovatory Director Jake Solomon told IGN that the company tweaked XCOM 2 's on-screen user interface to be mouse-and-keyboard friendly.

Report: If your PC s not up to snuff, Street Fighter V will punish you

M. Bison laughs at your puny GTX 750 Ti. (credit: Capcom) Ars' another look of Street Fighter V, which launches on PlayStation 4 consoles and Windows PCs this Tuesday, was based entirely on our impressions of the console narration of the game. We're certainly curious how the merriment will amble on diverse Computer processors, video cards, and installed drivers, and we project forums will bright up as fans slap installing the diversion on all event of machine. In the meantime, the motherboard mavens at Eurogamer's Digital Foundry limit hold confirmed at least one apparently consistent examination with the Personal computer version: gameplay that is locked to the framerate.

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