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Gwent: The collectible card game that s more than just a Witcher spin-off

Gwent: The collectible card game that s more than just a Witcher spin-off

Didn't you hear? Collectible card games are all the rage these days, what with Blizzard's Hearthstone sporting over 20 million players, Magic: The Gathering going over some considerate of renaissance, and publishers conforming Bethesda definitely not trying to cash in on the integral item with games agnate The Elder Scrolls: Legends. And so at this year's E3 we keep much another entry in the species from developers Disc Projekt Red, a Witcher 3 spin-off called Gwent. The discongruity is, Gwent is far deeper than aloof a collectible card game. This one has an honest-to-god correct storyline. There's yet an open-world map to explore. For the uninitiated, Gwent was originally a collectible card amusement embedded into the huge macrocosm of The Witcher 3.

Xbox Project Scorpio: Will it really do 4K?

While Project Scorpio was no secret before this year's E3, it's unharmed to convey that unusual expected Microsoft to publicize it alongside the slimmed down Xbox One S. Fewer much expected the business to one-up the recently confirmed PlayStation Neo. If the leaked Neo specs are to be believed-and distinct developers include confirmed the specs to multiple publications, including Ars Technica- Microsoft's Project Scorpio is locate to be environing 40 percent faster, a reversal of the performance antithesis between the ongoing Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It's sheltered to asseverate that Microsoft was growing done for of all those 1080p resolution memes.

Oculus defends its efforts to secure VR exclusives for the Rift

This is Lucky's Tale running on the HTC Vive. It's a scene Oculus never wants you to see. As PC-based virtual verisimilitude gets off the ground, Oculus has come under glow from some corners of the community for saddling sure Oculus Rift games with exclusivity deals, barring them from working on competing headsets allying the HTC Vive. Detractors argue this unfairly limits the for competing VR hardware and goes against the ethos of interoperable accessories and controllers that has traditionally been chief to the Personal computer hardware market. Speaking to Ars at E3 this week, though, Oculus executives defended their continuing efforts to secure exclusives for the Rift and the technological measures meant to block exclusivity-breaking workarounds compatible Revive.

E3: Xbox s hardware kaboom and our picks for best games at its presser

Ars' Point Walton and Sam Machkovech contend the marvelous processing influence of Scorpio. However what cook all those specs miserly for the gamer? Where does the Xbox One S fit in? And will existing Xbox owners upgrade? (video link) LOS ANGELES-A uncommon E3 press conferences posses already come and absent in the recent generation and a half, but single one has announced a latest entertainment console so compelling that it will endowment 4K, 60 frames-per-second gaming. That apotheosis goes to Microsoft and its smashing E3 convention on Monday, which ended with the acknowledge of the long-rumored Project Scorpio. Between that "coming in 2017" hardware unveil, the formal introduction of the "slim" Xbox One S, and a giant slew of recent games, Microsoft came elsewhere swinging in a delightful awash way-so Ars' Sam Machkovech and Objective Walton came stable to chat approximately the company's hardware and software unveils in two seperate videos.

After Microsoft s hardware reveal, Sony responds with games, games, games

(video link) Microsoft went into this year's E3 with something to prove. By reason of the commence of the Xbox One it has been dogged with criticism from players that the action isn't controlling enough, with its competitor Sony enjoying smooth 1080p performance on the PlayStation 4 instead of the 900p they were recurrently lumbered with. That's not to mention that, while exquisiteness is in the eye of the beholder, the Xbox One is simply also copious and bulky for legion people, exclusively with that blimp alien dynamism brick. The advanced Xbox One S and the upcoming Project Scorpio residence both of these issues. The former is a shrunken anecdote of the existing Xbox One that ditches the function brick and includes a vertical stand, moulding it easier to slot into an entertainment centre.

Say goodbye to the way the game console market works

That's not licence what we mercenary when we remark consoles are fitting added cognate animated phones... (credit: Destructoid ) For decades now, the sport console marketplace has progressed in a dependable pattern. Roughly every six or seven years, console makers would introduce fashionable hardware expected to completely modify the old. After a short transitional period, assist for the older hardware would dry up on the factor of both developers and the console makers themselves. Each would act on. This year's E3 has if an exceptional inflection mark for that model. Both Sony and Microsoft are announcing contemporary hardware intended to complement, rather than replace, their happening consoles.

From Lawbreakers to Turing Test: No surprises, just games at E3 s PC Gaming Show

Twitch Bulhead and Square Enix presented a virgin title, Turing Test. It's a first-person puzzler fix on the moon of Europa, and the side apparently consulted with scientists to figure gone what the being would be like. (It's fiction, however "it could be true, " they boasted.) 19 extended images in gallery After ultimate year's inaugural Personal computer Gaming Manifestation at E3 -a slow, sometimes painful rollout of games followed by lengthy interview segments-we weren't definite what to expect in the 2016 sequel. On the contrary today, a slew of developers offered Computer gamers yet quicker teases and blurbs approximately some titles to clock for within the coterminous year.

Project Scorpio: Microsoft teases 6 TFLOPS, 4K, VR Xbox for holiday 2017

Ars' Speck Walton and Sam Machkovech contend the monumental processing influence of Scorpio. But what act all those specs niggard for the gamer? Where does the Xbox One S fit in? And will existing Xbox owners upgrade? (video link) At E3 today, Microsoft announced the closest member of the Xbox family: codename Project Scorpio. The collection calls it an uncompromised gaming machine. Project Scorpio will reportedly come with a 6 TFLOPS GPU, 8-core CPU, and 320GB/s of retention bandwidth. It will be capable of 4K gaming at 60 frames per moment and back VR. What headset that VR aid will application remains a mystery. Microsoft emphasized that Scorpio will be a effects of the Xbox family: all games and peripherals that office on Xbox One and Xbox One S will be fully compatible with Project Scorpio.

Xbox Play Anywhere: Buy the game once, play on Xbox One and PC multiplayer too

(credit: Microsoft) When announcing Gears of War conflict 4 at its E3 act today, Microsoft unveiled a current gaming reality called Xbox Play Anywhere. Essentially, this initiative allows a gamer to buy a term once but yet admit the preference to play on console and PC. As maybe the headlining circumstance of Xbox Play Anywhere, multiplayer across the two platforms will eventually be a reality. With Gears of Strife 4, for instance, the co-op modes will backing crossplay between Windows 10 and Xbox One users. Success and achievements will be shared on Xbox Alive across these platforms at no further cost. Going forward, any entertainment associated with the Anywhere logo-that PC-atop-a-console representation above-will be eligible for the initiative.

Alienware doubles down on Steam Machines, don t ask us why

That Steam logo is the matchless outward message that this is a Steam Device and not an Alienware Alpha. Valve's Linux-based Steam Machines gaming initiative might be struggling to arrange all the more of a dent in the massive Machine gaming amplitude so far. That hasn't deterred Dell, though, which is introducing inexperienced Steam Machines with another effective graphics hardware terminated its Alienware border this week. As reported by IT World, a $749 Alienware Steam Gadget operation will quality an Intel Core i5 Skylake CPU, an Nvidia GTX 960 GPU, 8GB of RAM, a 500GB impenetrable drive, and 802.11ac Wi-Fi. For $899, you can upgrade that basic configuration with a Core i7 CPU and a 1TB indurated drive.

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