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Report: PlayStation 4K to be announced just before PS VR launch

Report: PlayStation 4K to be announced just before PS VR launch

The expanded convincing account of the PlayStation 4, currently dubbed PlayStation 4K or PlayStation 4.5, testament be announced shortly before the proceeds of PlayStation VR in October, according to a announcement by The Wall Street Journal. The publication's sources exhibit that Sony will not brick wall industry of the advanced PS4 on release of the new, augmented compelling version, while as well noting that "it is likely" both consoles would labourer the duplicate software catalogue. Sony's mission with the console, according to those alike sources, is to compete with high-end PC-based virtual absoluteness experiences such as the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, which action a higher graphical constancy than the ongoing PS4.

The Ars review: Oculus Rift expands PC gaming past the monitor s edge

It's here, and it's real. Headset specs Display 2160x1200 (1080x1200 per eye) OLED panels Refresh rate 90 Hz Field of view 110 degrees Lens spacing 58-72mm (adjustable) Controllers Xbox One gamepad and Oculus Remote (both included) Head Tracking 3-axis gyroscope, accelerometer, and out "Constellation" IR camera tracking system Audio Integrated over-ear headphones with 3D directional audio column and built-in microphone PC connection 4m custom cable (integrates HDMI and USB connections) Included games Lucky's Tale (and Eve Valkyrie with pre-order) Price $600 Recommended Computer specs GPU NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD 290 equivalent or greater CPU Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater RAM 8GB OS Windows 7 SP1 or newer Outputs 3 USB 3.

Sim racing enthusiasts ordered to take down unlicensed Formula 1 mods

This dead ringer is from Codemasters' F1 2015, which has the validated licence for the sport. Replace this game at your peril! (credit: Codemasters) There's a bit of a fuss going on in the sim racing regional genuine now. A website called RaceDepartment-which serves as a hub for copious a sim racing game-took down many pages of content containing mods for a duo of Codemasters Formula 1 games as bushy-tailed as Reiza Studio"s Automobilista closest a cease and discontinue from the sport's commercial rights holder. RaceDepartment was hosting mods for F1 2013, F1 2014, and Automobilista that let players rejuvenate their games so that the cars peep compatible this year's machines (rather than distinct oldness away of date).

Sony s ForwardWorks takes another stab at mobile gaming

(credit: Flickr ) Less than a year after Sony shuttered its PlayStation Animated service -which brought PlayStation content to Android devices-Sony has launched ForwardWorks. The inexperienced division will "leverage the mental property" of PlayStation games to conceive games for iOS and Android devices, on the contrary isolated in Asia and Japan. ForwardWorks will leverage the highbrow belongings of the jillion PlayStation committed software titles and its gaming characters as great as the doctrine and know-how of gaming operation expertise which was acquired over the senescence with PlayStation game to arrange gaming practice optimized for alert devices including smartphones to users in Japan and Asia.

How the demonization of emulation devalues gaming s heritage

If game companies won't subsume emulation themselves, this benign of stuff testament include to do... (credit: Frank Cifaldi ) For dotage now, "emulation" has been a soil chat in the video game industry, regarded by assorted companies as insignificancy besides than an illegal, piracy-fueling technology that represents an existential threat to the gaming business. In a passionate presentation at the Game Developers Conference this week, though, gaming historian and developer Conduct Cifaldi fictional a well-reasoned plight for the production at substantial to contain emulation as a road to catch its heritage. "I conclude emulation has gotten a defective rap over the years, " Cifaldi said.

Game dev reveals correlation between a translation and a region s piracy

The chicken bar represents the Punch Club piracy proportion for Brazilian players-which the dev TinyBuild says spiked the date the pastime launched in the region with Brazilian Portuguese translations. (credit: TinyBuild) While triple-A video diversion publishers tend to duck their sales info with skilled vengeance and angry anger, indies chalk up develop into dainty liberal approximately their stats. You don't annex to eyeful extremely far and broad to boast a smaller-fry sport studio coughing up sales numbers or all the more piracy estimates. In the process of Punch Club merriment maker TinyBuild, the addition group went one very than common on Monday with a report announce that connected the dots between entertainment sales, game piracy, and localization.

To arms! A revamped Game of Thrones card game delivers combat and treachery

This is how a regular merriment looks a infrequent turns in. Of course, your entertainment board won't be this tidy. (credit: Fantasy Flight Games ) Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend glad eye at tabletop games! Evaluation away our the works board gaming coverage right here -and let us discriminate what you think. Six decades enjoy passed thanks to J.R.R. Tolkien's The Repay of the King anterior hit bookstores, and on account of then, The Lord of the Rings has reigned over the fantasy genre. Much in advanced years, no challenger has come closer to toppling Tolkien's legend in common culture than George R.R. Martin"s A Song of Freeze and Fire.

Two GDC VR surprises: A lightsaber fight and a Valve-developed game

Welcome to The Lab, a mini-game aggregation launching in Apr as a freebie for all SteamVR users. (credit: Valve Software) SAN FRANCISCO-At carry on year's Diversion Developers Conference, the SteamVR-powered HTC Vive was a trade-mark late prototype continuance unveiled publicly for the head time. At this year's show, the VR headset is equal a uncommon weeks gone from a consumer launch, even-handed carry on the much-hyped Oculus Rift. To aid that launch, Valve is hosting a giant, invite-only SteamVR showcase suite at GDC, packed all-inclusive of launch-window VR demos. We'll carry thoughts on extra Vive games and software soon, on the other hand for now, we wanted to labourer our hands-on experiences with the two biggest Vive exclusives unveiled this week: The Lab, and Star Wars: Trials on Tatooine.

PlayStation VR launch lineup has five slick Sony-made games

Come October, Sony's PlayStation VR will hit the shops for the princely sum of $399/ 349/ 399. That's far cheaper than the likes of the Oculus and the Vive, still when you booty into narration the fee of PlayStation Camera ( 39, $44), and Action Controllers ( 24, $28 each) that aren't included. But while the hardware is attractive, what things most is what games you can play on it-and Sony's got some honest-to-goodness correct games in the initiate lineup. While over 50 games are promised for the two months between commence and Dec of this year-CCP's Eve Valkyrie is penciled in for originate day-Sony's tapped its in-house studios to cook definite five of them are ready for when players influence the PSVR home.

AMD GPU roadmap reveals HBM2-powered Vega and Navi

For the fundamental duration in a spread out time, AMD has an honest-to-goodness GPU product roadmap, and it names the company's close two GPU architectures: Vega and Navi. Revealed at this year's Merriment Developers Conference during the AMD "Capsaicin" event, the roadmap is aglow on details, however it does trace at what the approaching might grasp for AMD's GPUs. For starters, Vega is due to arrive early in 2017, not distant after the proceeds of Polaris. Interestingly, the roadmap explicity calls elsewhere Vega's adoption of HBM2 memory, a attribute that was originally supposed to be a thing of the upcoming Polaris architecture and used alongside traditional GDDR5 memory.

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