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Kotaku s scum-and-villainy story of why EA shuttered a Star Wars game

Kotaku s scum-and-villainy story of why EA shuttered a Star Wars game

Enlarge / Schreier still got his hands on leaked impression craft for Visceral's cancelled Star Wars game, which was code-named Ragtag. It would include starred a Han Solo-like frame named Dodger. (credit: Kotaku/EA) Here at Ars Technica, we're contemplating our own Rogue One -style heist adventure in the near future. In our case, instead of sending insurgent troops to die in search of the Destruction Star's plans, we're thinking about ordering a meagre clumsy nerds to steal the Rolodex and contact string of Kotaku's Jason Schreier. I mean, not really, on the contrary the Star Wars metaphor is apt today, as the journalist published a massive beat on Friday that explains what went down remain the scenes before EA pulled a "close a studio and cancel a game" double-whammy latest week.

Engare review: The geometry of Islamic art becomes a treasure of a game

Enlarge / Greet to Engare. (credit: Mahdi Bahrami ) Your first-blush belief of latest video game Engare, possibly added than any other arty "indie" game in contemporary memory, will possible boil down to what you consider about video games in general. If you're looking for something to blow the industry's tropes out of the water, then Engare should skyrocket to the top of any document you're making. It's a clever, deceptively simple, and charming cud on geometry and Islamic art-making traditions. Best shot attaching a generic, smoldering white-man box cover onto that concept. If you're a well-versed "gamer, " on the other hand, Engare may not strike you so intensely at first.

Bungie denies reports that innocuous apps led to PC Destiny 2 bans Updated

That arrow bigger not inject any gone enactment into Destiny 2 ... Update: In appendix to the denials mentioned below, Bungie has situate elsewhere a sweeping statement on what it says were 400 bans issued to Personal computer Destiny 2 players on account of the game's start yesterday. All of those bans, the corporation said, were enacted after a tome query that intent players "were using tools that pose a threat to the shared ecosystem of the game" and not due solely to automatic detection. What's more, the society reiterated that it "did not (and testament not) point any bans for the appropriateness of overlays or performance tools, including Discord, Xsplit, OBS, RTSS, etc.

Windows now includes gaming cheat detection at the system level

Enlarge (credit: Aurich / Thinkstock / Taito) Developers that necessity to location cheaters in their Windows games are getting a miniature more system-level avail from Microsoft via TruePlay, a au courant API continuance rolled away nailed down Windows 10's Fall Creators Update. The feature, which is immediately documented on the Windows Dev Center, lets developers easily prioritize a amusement as a protected process, cutting off some of the most typical cheating methods by essentially preventing out programs from looking at or altering the game's memory. TruePlay as well "monitor[s] gaming sessions for behaviors and manipulations that are conventional in cheating scenarios, " looking at usage patterns on a development aligned to treasure trove potential cheaters.

Unreleased Super NES game to come packed with every Analogue Super Nt

An over-the-top trailer for the formerly unreleased account of Super Turrican, forthcoming to the Analogue Super NT as a "Director's Cut" The Super NES Classic Edition isn't the exclusive plenty of contemporary hardware sporting an unreleased, decades-old console game. Analogue announced today that its recently revealed FPGA-based Super Nt hardware would come packed with a fresh expanded and "uncut" narration of Super NES run-and-gun classic Super Turrican embedded on every system. Factor 5, which succeeding became well-known for the Rogue Squadron games, originally designed Super Turrican to fit on a 6-megabit cartridge (which was truly a decently excessive console sport back in 1993, credit it or not).

Big-budget, single-player gaming isn t dead yet

Enlarge / Whether a licence akin Star Wars isn't sufficiently to acquit a extensive single-player game budget, what is? Yesterday's announcement that EA is shutting down Visceral Games is deficient cognizance for fans of franchises liking Dead Space and for the studio's unnamed Star Wars project. But the abrupt shutdown has further caused a bit of an existential crisis to creep into the game production chatter regarding the inevitable of big-budget, single-player, story-driven gaming in general. The core of all that apprehension comes from a shorten of the blog post EA's Patrick Söderlund wrote to display Visceral's shutdown (emphasis added): Our Visceral studio has been developing an action-adventure term fix in the Star Wars universe.

21 years later, original developer works to fix 16-bit Sonic

The report video for Jon Burt's Sonic 3D Blast: Director's Cut At this point, retro-game lovers are chipper used to fan-made "hacks" of classic titles that can cause anything from adding current players to Tecmo Bowl to adding an egg-throwing Yoshi to Sonic the Hedgehog 2. What we can't memory seeing before, though, is the latest developer of a decades-old console game returning to set it via a downloadable, emulator-friendly patch. That's correctly what Traveller's Tales founder Jon Burton is planning for Sonic 3D Blast. Burton announced via video that he's going to cook a "Director's Cut" that fixes gameplay problems and adds brand-new features to the inceptive Genesis honour (which was again ported to the Saturn).

Activision s patented method to drive microtransactions with matchmaking

Enlarge / Require to ave a refreshing sniper rifle close your Call of Duty partner? Authorize a charge of $4.99 Correct NOW! In a US patent filed in 2015 and approved yesterday, Activision outlines an online matchmaking method designed to "drive microtransactions in multiplayer video games" and "influence game-related purchases." Patent #9789406, for a " System and formula for driving microtransactions in multiplayer video games, " describes a numeral of matchmaking algorithms that a diversion could applicability to energize players to acquire further in-game items. "For instance, the course may match a added expert/marquee player with a secondary player to excite the lower player to conceive game-related purchases of items possessed/used by the marquee player, " the patent reads.

The Evil Within 2 review: Open-ended fright

Enlarge / Running is almost certainly in a superior way than shooting in a post commensurate this. It's oddly becoming that former detective Sebastian Castellanos, protagonist of The Pathetic Within 2, doesn't seem to commemorate still about the fundamental game. Tango Gameworks' 2014 horror-action game was awfully unmemorable for players, too. I certainly didn't elicit all the more deeper than flat broke ol' Seb when I booted up the sequel, in any case. What I do remember, albeit vaguely, is that the integral stuff took country in some affectionate of head trip world. All the more our exemplar is de facto shocked when the duplicate category of dream-like stuff-monsters popping up all over the place, super-powered sociopaths rewriting reality, etc.

Fall Update for Xbox One aims to look better, be more customizable, and faster

The Fall Amend for the Xbox One operation software is forthwith rolling out. It brings a redesigned and amassed customizable Residence tab, a quicker and also convenient Guide, and fashionable District features that constitute interest tabs on what your friends are up to easier. Microsoft The Household tab is built on all sides of a different abstraction called a "block." Everyone block-which can be a game, friend, Xbox Alive Gold, or Xbox Game Pass-gives access to a area of related content. Blocker blocks, for example, manifest new achievements or Game DVR captures from your friends; Game blocks will dish out you material about game updates, your GameDVR captures, and so on.

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