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Dangerous Golf requires PC players to use a controller

Dangerous Golf requires PC players to use a controller

Welp, looks agnate I won't be needing this for my games anymore. We're looking forward to spending some clock with Dangerous Golf, the destruction-focused, ball-bouncing "simulation" that dispassionate launched on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 courtesy of some veteran developers from Burnout Paradise -maker Principles Games. Still, we're a small surprised by a prominent gone facet from the Computer version. As the game's Steam page just now paper money wholly prominently, " Dangerous Golf requires a controller to play." A inferiority of keyboard and/or mouse base is exceeding than condign a rarity in Machine games; it's virtually unheard of. Yet when games are specifically designed for a handheld controller on another platform, the Personal computer harbour normally offers some category of possibility for the two input methods that chalk up been criterion on practically every central PC for the ended two or three decades.

Finally, you can load Fallout 4 mods on Xbox One

A Eurogamer video lays gone how to applicability Fallout 4 mods on Xbox One in point For decades, Machine gaming elitists keep lorded their endowment to download imaginative amusement mods over their soiled console gaming peasant cousins. That supply goes absent today... at least for one higher virgin release. Bethesda just launched an modernize that allows Xbox One players to download and lope Fallout 4 mods (though the Bethesda mod servers seem to be melting under the strain at the moment). A collateral refurbish for the PS4 is promised for consequent in June. There are a meagre caveats to allow for before exploring the freewheeling modding scene, as Bethesda discussed in a livestream remain week.

Seven months later, Valve s Steam Machines look dead in the water

The top of the Alienware Steam Engine is a bit reminiscent of an armoured turtle. It's been about seven months now by reason of Valve officially got into the hardware function with its Steam Machines, a contour of Linux-powered gaming console/PC hybrids paired with a onliest dual touchpad Steam Controller. Today, we're getting our aboriginal concrete glimpse of the clash that hardware has had on the wider mart for gaming machines-and the numbers don't see as well acceptable for Valve. As chunk of an refresh on brand-new Steam Controller functions, Valve announced that it has sold over 500, 000 Steam Controllers on account of the early Nov launch.

PES 2017: Soccer simulation, not soccer game

Pro Evolution Soccer is at a crossroads. PES 2016 was a stark improvement over anything the series had delivered thanks to its PlayStation 2 heyday, with critics widely declaring that it outperformed FIFA 16 -at least in coarse action, whether not shiny extras. Konami's demanding with PES 2017 is to carry forward the upward trend, and ante up FIFA diehards a indeed compelling grounds to switch. Smartly, the advances and tweaks seen in PES 2017 bring about not revolve encircling what the competition is doing. PES 2016 took the series absent from the showy theatrics and endowment fantasies of FIFA 16, edging it ever closer to realism. PES 2017 continues that approach.

Here are the finalists for board game of the year

Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend scrutinize at tabletop games! Probation away our gross board gaming coverage right here -and let us be acquainted what you think. While the worldwide board-gaming limited has abundance of awards ceremonies, arguably the most crucial is yet the "Spiel des Jahres" (Game of the Year) award issued by Germany's game critics. Elapsed winners posses included everything from Catan to Qwirkle, and winning one of the coveted trophies ensures solid sales and (very occasionally) term and fortune. This week, the Spiel des Jahres jury released its folder of finalists (German) for the leading "Spiel des Jahres" prize, which is always family friendly, and the newer "Kennerspiel" award for besides complex/advanced games.

Developer: We re working on an Xbox One VR game for 2017

(credit: Aurich Lawson) Ars can confirm that at least one better developer is currently planning to proceeds a latest virtual circumstance diversion on the Xbox One in 2017 and plans to grandstand play that amusement at E3. The material lends credence to multiple new reports suggesting Microsoft is planning a added powerful, VR-compatible Xbox One for 2017. The break was if to Ars directly by the developer as detail of pre-E3 planning and was confirmed by a PR representative. Ars isn't at freedom to contend the cognomen of the merriment or the particular developer, on the other hand we can declare that a well-known European studio is planning "a fresh VR game" establish in the nature of an established, long-running franchise.

HP s new gaming laptops are fast, affordable, and surprisingly professional

17.3" HP Premonition laptop. (credit: HP) Much of the bout at Ars, we contemplation at notebooks that tend toward the thinner and lighter stop of the dimensions and weight spectrum. These smaller laptops are acceptable for portability, on the contrary they all tend to confer up a little, and sometimes a lot, when it comes to unfinished performance. HP's advanced Token gaming laptops tilt matters all the more besides in the performance direction, and they impel to conclude so while much offering decent portability, competitive pricing, and, refreshingly, looks that aren't as well gamery: turn off the cerise backlit keyboards, and they won't case extremely elsewhere of situate as capable workhorses, as well.

How Stellaris fails to solve strategy gaming s bad luck problem

When every game of Stellaris is establish up semi-randomly, it's hardened to build trustworthy every game is interesting. My favorite consciousness from a grand strategy game comes from the latest Master of Orion. It happened tardy in an legend campaign, in which the abundant galaxy had been colonized and each was cosy in an alliance. The galaxy had been at calm for a while, whether tenuously, with me as one of the surviving seven or so empires. Then, suddenly, the game triggered a hit-or-miss feature that caused my ambassador to slap to do in a competitor leader. The tenuous calmness was shattered, strife was declared, and two massive alliances tore the galaxy in half.

Oculus exclusivity protection leads to a VR piracy arms race

To entertain Oculus Dreamdeck running on the HTC Vive, LibreVR is keen to cleft Oculus' DRM entirely, opening the platform up to future piracy. On Friday, an Oculus Runtime update blocked a fan-made workaround that had let HTC Vive owners play formerly Rift-exclusive software. At the time, Oculus said the modernize wasn't targeted at the workaround, and was instead trying "to curb piracy and protect games and apps that developers own worked so concentrated to make." Now, though, Oculus' action has encouraged the patch's developer to tear Oculus' digital rights managements entirely, potentially opening VR software up to piracy as hardy as hardware freedom.

Watch live: Ars aims its brightly colored guns at Overwatch s launch day Updated

Ars Technica plays Overwatch, starting at 7:30 p.m. EDT Monday, May 23 (12:30am BST) After an extended beta period, Blizzard's front foray into first-person combat, the fresh team-based shooter Overwatch, last of all launches on Monday, May 23. The game's ending history didn't acquire a preview room for press, nevertheless our eternity with the game's beta has left us satisfied that we're in for a delicate factor shooting game-and largely maybe the first entry in the "hero shooter" genre. While Ars staffers and contributors annex logged momentous period in the beta, we're not ready to turn in our "review" bell equitable yet, chiefly with a sport so reliant on online play.

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