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How one company is working with Valve to remove the wires from the HTC Vive

How one company is working with Valve to remove the wires from the HTC Vive

Enlarge / That unmarried cord going down to a pocket positive looks extended charming than the thick wire normally connecting the Vive to a Machine tower. (credit: Quark VR ) As still as we love the HTC Vive, we're yet annoyed by the long, thick wire required to connect the VR headset to a Computer garret ( backpack laptops notwithstanding ). A Bulgarian VR startup is promising a establish to the problem, though, saying that an untethered, wireless sense for the HTC Vive will be ready for demonstration sometime this fall. Quark VR says it realized the gist of enchanting the Vive wireless after a regular demo in Sofia, Bulgaria left most players "quite disturbed by the cables in their feet or above their head.

Battlefield 1 s open beta: PC vs. consoles, tanks vs. horses

Today marks the initiate of the aboriginal accepted catechism of Battlefield 1, the modern entry in the massive crew online-shooting series, and, provided you own a Windows PC, Xbox One, or PlayStation 4, you can forthwith freely download and check this merriment for a brief over a week: until Sept 8, to be precise. Our hands-on bout with the game has come mostly at expos, and while that was relatively brief, I knew mostly what to expect from this World Warfare I -flavored haul on the series. Still, I was glad to satisfy a interval of early access to the beta, which allowed me to situate the PS4 and Windows versions to the test. In exceptional news, the step is competent, and the game's 1910s weaponry and system effort to the action's benefit.

How long can we expect the Pokémon Go craze to last?

Enlarge / Don't cry, Pikachu. Millions of cats much wish to grab you! I went outside for a short holiday with family this former weekend and didn't pament yet interest to gaming news. Envisage my surprise, then, reading the headlines on Tuesday forenoon and finding that Pokémon Go, by some measures the most insanely accepted walking game of all time, had already "lost its luster, " as the headline from our own UK correspondent levy it. There's definitely some intention for such a summary. Pokémon Go has forfeited besides than 12 million active users by reason of its pinnacle of decent above 45 million in mid-July, according to Apptopia facts summarized in a Bloomberg report.

Augmenting the FPS: How well does Tobii track your gaze in a video game?

Ars Technica tests the Tobii EyeX while playing Deus Ex. Video edited by Jennifer Hahn. (video link) During Ars' inspection playthrough of the contemporary adventure in the Deus Ex series, I spied a curious choice tucked into its Windows menus: "Tobii eye-tracking." None of Square Enix's press materials mentioned such a thing, which seemed unusual for a series that revolves on all sides of human augmentation and sci-fi upgrades. Eye-tracking in an FPS? Sounds analogous some futuristic stealth-spy stuff! The expression "Tobii" perked up my coworkers' ears, as they'd tested no sweat prototypes of the eye-tracking doodad at distinct Consumer Electronics Shows.

Another Denuvo-protected game cracked just weeks after release

It took roughly two senility for crackers to put the ahead dents in Denuvo's surprisingly robust anti-piracy safeguard for Computer games. Now, a Denuvo-protected diversion has been cracked dependable six weeks after its release, seemingly presaging an increased gait of efforts against the DRM scheme. TorrentFreak reports on the different crack for indie critical darling Inside, which hit the scene earlier this week. The crack comes courtesy of CONSPIR4CY (aka CPY), the twin collection amenable for a crack of Denuvo-protected Rise of the Tomb Raider earlier this month. While CPY's ROTTR crack came almost seven months after the merriment was released, Inside 's protection was broken approximately six weeks after it launched on the PC.

Pokémon Go loses its luster, sheds more than 10 million users

Pokémon Go is starting to lose its buzz, with the contemporary tracking counsel seeming to propose the game is simply a fad. It had nearly 45 million diurnal users in July, but this figure appears to get sunk by expanded than 12 million since the derivation of August, to due over 30 million said to be playing Pokémon Go. Very decline is expected, as downloads, engagement, and the extent users spend on the app keep all again visibly flopped, according to material if by Sensor Tower, SurveyMonkey, and Apptopia. Bloomberg, which adage the uncooked data, reported that other big apps such as Twitter, Facebook, and Snapchat "can breathe a sigh of relief" that Pokémon Go is last of all wobbling, as the game's popularity had apparently been costing them appreciable amounts of users.

Sony confirms PlayStation Now, USB adaptor coming to Windows PC updated

Enlarge / PS First off on Computer is official! Update, 8/23 2:35 p.m. EDT: Sony has now confirmed both the DualShock USB Adaptor and the begin of PlayStation Promptly for Windows PCs. That supply testament set off in European territories on Wednesday, Aug 24; a North American initiate of the game-streaming work will come "soon after." The DualShock USB Adaptor will elbow grease onliest with the DualShock 4 controller, as opposed to the PS3's DualShock 3, and will fee $25 when it launches in North America in "early September." (European users can expect their anecdote to commence on Sep 15, on the other hand that version's cost hasn't much been announced.

Twilight Imperium, a board game with meal breaks

Enlarge (credit: Fantasy Flight) Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend observe at tabletop games! Trial out our organic board gaming coverage at cardboard.arstechnica.com -and let us discriminate what you think. A bewildered American, trying to buy his intellect environing a game that regularly ends in a allure despite captivating five days to finish, once called cricket "the matchless sport that incorporates meal breaks." But the letter could besides employ to the game frequent assent to the caucasian whale of board gaming: Twilight Imperium. "Twimp, " as my aggregation calls it, has 300 plastic ship miniatures, enhanced than 400 cards, and thousands of cardboard counters.

Battlefield 1: If BF4 was like Formula 1, this is more like rally

Horse charges, battle tanks, and armored trains? Indication me up. COLOGNE, Germany-With shooters trending in relation to the latest or futuristic-see the likes of Titanfall and Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare - Battlefield 1 and its exaggerated catch on the Front Universe Enmity is something of an anomaly. And yet, when it was unveiled in May, the fundamental Battlefield 1 trailer became one of the most viewed and liked diversion trailers of all time. Who says elderly military technology would constitute for a less enchanting game, eh? More so than any other pastime in the series, Battlefield 1 has the practicable to accept the spirit of much-loved games approximating Battlefield 1942 and the modern Call of Duty, which were both locate in WW2.

Elite Dangerous: Guardians 2.2: Everything you need to know

Enlarge Remember Elite 's CQC (close-quarters combat) Championship, its lesser loved multiplayer arena combat mode? While it's not getting the supply it arguably needs-nor is the now-postponed 75, 000 ($100, 000) CQC tournament moulding a comeback-Frontier is captivating some of the crowing bits of CQC and bringing them to the wider Elite globe as thing of the upcoming Elite Dangerous : Guardians 2.2 revise in October. The copious news: single-seat, ship-launched fighters based on the CQC fighter designs. The fancy is that players testament be able to originate one of these fighters and captain it remotely, issuing commands back to the mothership.

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