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Game streaming coming to Windows 10, and bitstream coming to Xbox One

Game streaming coming to Windows 10, and bitstream coming to Xbox One

Enlarge / Microsoft's Jen McCoy speaks about updates to gaming in Windows 10. (credit: Jennifer Hahn) Microsoft's Windows Creator Modernize event included a petite segment about the company's game-specific updates. That Wednesday segment kicked off with an report that Windows will straightaway come with live, online game-streaming capabilities built in. These won't be powered by the usual game-streaming aim Twitch, however, nevertheless by Beam, a appropriate companion game-streaming function that Microsoft acquired in August. Instead of having to connect games to Beam's Lacework UI, Personal computer gamers will be able to load the Windows "game bar" interface-which already exists in Windows 10 by urgent the Windows answer and the G button-and pick a "Beam" streaming option.

Rockstar clears out illegitimately gained GTA Online cash

The days of living on virtual apparent street are ultimate to an limitation for divers Grand Theft Car Online cheaters. That's on account of Rockstar has begun resetting in-game balances for players with "illegitimately gained in-game money" in their online accounts. Legion GTA Online players are waking up to a letter notifying them that "we hold constant that your history illegitimately gained in-game funds via mods, cheats, or other actions. We've adjusted your tally and updated your balance." Over at the GTA Forums, member Viper-Venom reports that "every unmarried man I be acquainted who has a modded chronicle has had their banknote reset to $0.

Nintendo: Switch trailer may not show actual game footage

The actual Nintendo Switch testament not hog the M.C. Escher-esque screen-hovering technology shown in the trailer. (credit: RealShigeruM / Twitter ) Amid all the excitement over the actual hardware features (both accessible and not-so-obvious ) shown in last week's Nintendo Switch trailer, the little glimpses of virgin Nintendo software generated a right bit of control themselves. That diversion was so intense, in fact, that GameXplain felt the committal to create an 11-minute discussion video based on six complete seconds of Super Mario footage in the trailer. (As the beneficent of guy who made his own Mario fansite as a teenager, I establish it fascinating.

It s official: Unionized video game voice actors are on strike

Enlarge (credit: Jonas B / Flickr ) After 18 months of business agreement negotiations and over 12 months after first voting for strike authority, delivery actors in the SAG-AFTRA union will site working with a symbol of prominent amusement companies as of today. The strike is articulation of an dry run to negotiate a extra favourable contract that gives call actors residual payments on extraordinary games. As apportionment of last-minute negotiations this week-overseen by a federal mediator-representatives from the affected entertainment companies offered an instant 9 percent elaboration in the prevailing wage offered under the contract, speeding up a preceding overture of a 3 percent annual hoist over three years.

Civilization VI impressions: More than 500 turns can tell

Enlarge / Pixar faces on realistic bodies is an offputting mix. I inclination I could declare the early business I noticed about Civilization VI was one of its manifold changes over the carry on game. I desire I instantly maxim the fathomless "leader traits" that lend everyone civilization a assorted flavour and powers or the terrain-based conurbation building that forced me to allow for the complete hex-based nature when planting my wonders, settlements, and the "districts" original to the sequel. Really, though, the anterior article I noticed were the terrifying faces of the civ leaders themselves. With their photorealistic hands, skin, and hair planted under bulbous, cartoonish heads, these just out leaders are clearly meant to evoke Civilization Revolution.

Razer s new Blade Pro: desktop performance in 0.9 inches and 8 lbs

Razer's promo video If you hope for hardcore gaming performance, on the contrary extremity it in a manner that's portable, whether not completely lightweight, then Razer's dissimilar Blade Pro could be honest the ticket. Razer is calling it the "desktop in your laptop, " and the partnership has a point. On the inside, the method packs a quad core Skylake processor, an 8GB Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 GPU, 32GB RAM, up to 2TB of NVMe SSD storage in Assault 0, Thunderbolt 3, and a 17.3-inch 4K G-Sync capable screen. That's a computer that isn't giving still up in performance to most desktop PCs, so already justifies Razer's strapline... nevertheless it's the following part they did that absolutely makes this a notebook desktop.

Rented PC servers for Battlefield 1 will cost over 300 a year

Enlarge / The expansive dunes of BF1's Sinai alike accord course to a exceeding populated military outpost. If you necessity to rent a fully customizable server for your Battlefield 1 matches, be prepared to stipend decent over $300 a year. That's how yet publisher Electronic Arts will be charging for its rental server programme starting in November, according to an announcement on the Battlefield forums today. The complete value varies by platform (PC players recompense a roughly 50 percent premium over console players) and the length of the rental, as follows: PC 1 day: $2.99 7 days: $11.99 30 days: $42.99 90 days: $99.99 180 days: $149.99 PS4/Xbox One 1 day: $1.

GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti: Nvidia s budget graphics cards arrive October 25

Enlarge Following in the footsteps of the GTX 1080, GTX 1070, and GTX 1060, Nvidia has unveiled the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti. Pitched as graphics cards for e-sports players, or those looking to upgrade an off-the-shelf Machine from the likes of Dell or HP, the Pascal-based GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti are priced to modification at ethical $109 and $139 respectively (UK pricing TBC, on the contrary probably 100 and 130 respectively). Both cards are due to open on Oct 25. At those prices, the GTX 1050 and GTX 1050 Ti are in administer competition with AMD's RX 460, which costs 99/$99 for a 2GB version, and $129/ 135 for a 4GB version. In theory, Nvidia's cards should be a wee bit faster, with the 1050 Ti in specific sporting some ample specs for the money.

Candy Crush is becoming a TV game show for some reason

At this point, we're used to ultra-popular video entertainment franchises activity licensed gone as movie properties, from the somewhat obvious to the seemingly nonsensical. What's all the more less common-outside of the syndicated children's lively cartoon realm-is a video sport moulding the leap to convert a TV show. So our "huh?" sensors perked up a dwarf when we interpret this forenoon that the ridiculously common Candy Crush series of expressive games is being adapted into a merriment exposition for CBS. Lionsgate TV and amusement maker Maharajah Ltd. are teaming up to generate the show, which testament fact "teams of two bodies us[ing] their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous, interactive pastime boards featuring close date technology to conquer Candy Crush and be crowned the champion, " according to the announcement.

Shadow Warrior 2 developers say DRM is a waste of time

(credit: Defective by design ) In our original review, we praised Shadow Soldier 2 for its varied weapons, incidental comparable generation, and over-the-top shooting. Apparently, the game has another naked truth that's trustworthy to trail compliment from manifold gamers: a intact dearth of piracy safeguard or digital rights management, which the developers apparently deem is a dissipate of time. "We don't assist piracy, nevertheless currently there isn't a deluxe course to control it without hurting our customers, " Flying Luxuriant Hog developer Krzysztof "KriS" Narkowicz wrote on the game's Steam forum (in response to a inquisition about trying to duress likely pirates to invest in the game instead).

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