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It s free, it s online, and it s in 4K: The surprising depth of Halo 5 Forge on Win10

It s free, it s online, and it s in 4K: The surprising depth of Halo 5 Forge on Win10

Enlarge / This screenshot is a crop of the entire 3840x2160 rendering in Halo 5 Forge on Windows 10. The filled 4K angel is in a gallery below. Nevertheless whether you yearning to hold in 4K Halo, this high-res crop good might convince you. When Microsoft announced Halo 5 Forge as a free, Windows 10-only game, we wondered licence what gamers would and wouldn't bend from its eventual Sep launch. We knew the gratuitous download would allow for the series' long-running "Forge" income (since, hey, it's titular), thought players would be able to appliance mice and keyboards to frame their own custom Halo 5 maps and online-combat alterations. On the contrary what else?

No PS4 Pro 4K Blu-ray support? Blame streaming video

Enlarge (credit: Brad Barket/Getty Images) The absence of a 4K Blu-ray player inside the dissimilar PlayStation 4 Pro is due to a want of consumer demand, according PlayStation boss Andy House. Foothold cannot be patched in via a firmware rejuvenate at a subsequent date, either, he confirmed. "Our motor response is that while physical media continues to be a colossal chip of the games business, we espy a trend on video in relation to streaming, " Crib told the Guardian. "Certainly with our user base, it's the moment biggest manipulate example for people's extent on the development so we district extra weight on that area." Notably, Microsoft's recently released Xbox One S -which retails for the corresponding value as the PS4 Slim -does reality a 4K Blu-ray drive, as fine as benefit for HDR (high go-getter range) content.

What to expect from tomorrow s PlayStation Meeting

(credit: Aurich Lawson) Sony stayed strangely hushed about its upcoming hardware plans back at June's E3, using the society to focus on PS4 software instead. That silence seems locate to come to an borderline tomorrow, though, as Sony prepares some larger hardware announcements for its PlayStation Buzz session act in Dewy York City. We'll be there live, ready to liveblog all the report of Sony's upcoming gaming plans. For now, though, here's what we expect to hear (and what we don't expect to hear) when we sit down in the PlayStation Theater tomorrow. PS4 Slim The console that Sony won't admit exists. (credit: NeoGAF ) At this point, the PlayStation 4 Slim has to be among the worst-kept secrets in video game production history.

Sony s PS4 Pro provides a mid-generation graphics bump to PS4 games Updated

Let's catch a closer double o at Sony's certified PS4 Pro photos. PlayStation Sony announced a successor to the PlayStation 4 today, nevertheless it's not intended to moderate the console launched back in 2013 (that office goes to the brand-new PS4 Slim ). Instead, the PlayStation 4 Pro is an upgraded tier of console that is designed to play the identical games as the existing PS4 at a higher fidelity-meaning, with 4K resolutions and HDR (high forcible range). Confirming rumors first reported back in March, the Pro sports an improved CPU, GPU, and better camera-eye bandwidth than its predecessors, and it will ship on Nov 10, priced at $399/ 349.

Liveblog: PlayStation Meeting 2016

Enlarge / Sony should last of all confirm the widely admitted growth of the PS4 Slim tomorrow. (credit: NeoGAF ) View Liveblog After mainly ignoring hardware advice at June's E3, Sony is fix to accomplish data with the splashy, authenticated introduction of two pieces of PlayStation hardware tomorrow. The first, a redesign vitality called the PS4 Slim, has already been leaked and dissected in frequent corners of the diversion press, dampening any surprise from tomorrow's expected announcement. The other, a hardware upgrade with the codename " PS4 Neo, " has been confirmed to exist, but we're looking forward to confirmations of the rumors and reports surrounding the half-step.

Your first look at the PlayStation 4 Pro hardware

It's passion the principles PS4, on the contrary taller and thicker. Before I energy off to best shot elsewhere the au courant HDR and 4K gaming capabilities of the just-announced PlayStation 4 Pro, we at Ars notion you might requirement to observe the hardware itself that is continuance shown off here at the PlayStation Theater. Here's a fast gallery of the virgin box that will be sitting underneath copious of your entertainment centres this November-if you're voluntary to shell away $400, that is. Click fini for a capital glad eye at the breadth and heighth of the current hardware compared to other systems, along with a surprise freshen of the PlayStation Camera, which is forthwith amassed cylindrical and less agnate Short Circuit 's Jonny 5.

Super Mario Run announced for iOS

Miyamoto on page at his first-ever Apple business to assign Super Mario Run. (credit: Ars Technica) SAN FRANCISCO-Any query about Nintendo's bullishness with smartphone gaming evaporated on Wednesday with the report of Super Mario Run for iOS. The auto-running Super Mario game-and ahead Mario game for smartphones-will engender in epoch for "holiday 2016, " and it was announced by none other than Super Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto at Apple's higher September press event. [ Update : A Nintendo promotional video double time pegs the game's proceeds window to "December 2016." That video, which shows off how the game works, has been embedded below.

Liveblog: PlayStation Meeting 2016 starts tomorrow at 3pm Eastern

Enlarge / Sony should last of all confirm the widely familiar growth of the PS4 Slim tomorrow. (credit: NeoGAF ) After mainly ignoring hardware announcement at June's E3, Sony is place to practise dope with the splashy, accredited introduction of two pieces of PlayStation hardware tomorrow. The first, a redesign duration called the PS4 Slim, has already been leaked and dissected in crowded corners of the sport press, dampening any suprise from tomorrow's expected announcement. The other, a hardware upgrade with the codename "PS4 Neo, " has been confirmed to exist, nevertheless we're looking forward to confirmations of the rumours and reports surrounding the half-step.

Sorry Lindsay Lohan, Grand Theft Auto V is satirizing you, court rules

A Different York appeals court is putting the brakes on actress Lindsay Lohan's action against the makers of Grand Theft Car V. The appellate court concluded Thursday that the merriment is riddled with satire and, hence, Take-Two Interactive Software is shielded by the Inceptive Amendment from allegations of misappropriation of likeness. Lohan claimed that elements of the video game-which features washed away celebrities, criminals, and paparazzi-were also hurried to her in evident life. Among other things, she alleged that a babe aspect named Lacey Jonas in the game was a "look-alike" and that the game violated her "privacy rights under Just out York law.

Last hurrah for the 3DS? Super Mario Maker, Pikmin releases slated

Nintendo Direct, Sept 1, 2016. Nintendo hosted another of its YouTube-only press conferences on Thursday, on the other hand whether you came expecting facts approximately the outlook Nintendo NX console, besides bad; that's time to come sequential this year (possibly this month). This presentation instead focused on the Nintendo 3DS system, and its announcements of early-2017 software may objective the portable console's ultimate hurrah before the begin of the NX, which is rumored to be a home/portable hybrid. This looks a quantity approximating Lemmings, doesn't it? Leading off the data was a still-unnamed, side-scrolling story of Pikmin.

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