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Leaks, riots, and monocles: How a 60 in-game item almost destroyed EVE Online

Leaks, riots, and monocles: How a 60 in-game item almost destroyed EVE Online

(credit: Opening form based on Previous evening Online assets courtesy CCP Games.) Long before loot boxes became the bane of the Internet's existence, in-game purchases at doozer could basis a bit of commotion within persuaded gaming communities. Roughly seven oldness ago, for instance, a elementary monocle nearly brought down one of the most active gaming communities around: EVE Online. With a staff holiday looming tomorrow on July 4, we're resurfacing this cautionary tale of computer-gaming consumerism. It originally ran on July 11, 2011 and appears unchanged below. Controversy was expected, nevertheless not virtual riots. On Jun 21, developer CCP updated its typical space-opera-slash-MMO EVE Online so that players could receipts their avatars gone their ships and perambulation approximately the diversion world.

Report: Google courting developers for coming game-streaming service

Enlarge / Artist's idea of what Google's gaming hardware might scrutinize like. (credit: Ron Amadeo / Apple) Google could be the following larger collection to publish efforts to stream high-end games from remote servers. Kotaku cites five unnamed heads intimate with the company's plans in reporting on the growth of an discipline to roll elsewhere a streaming gaming platform and hardware to enable it, alongside "an crack to bring entertainment developers under the Google umbrella, if washed-up aggressive recruiting or still large-scale acquisitions." The Ammo reported correlative whispers of Google's game-streaming plans back in February, saying a programme codenamed Yeti had been in elaborating for at least two years.

Amy Hennig, who was hired to make an EA Star Wars game, has left EA

Enlarge / Schreier still got his hands on leaked abstraction craft for Visceral's cancelled Star Wars game, which was code-named "Ragtag." It would get starred a Han Solo-like attribute named Dodger. (credit: Kotaku/EA ) Official colloquy approximately EA's most troubled Star Wars video amusement has dried apricot up in that a above Oct announcement, however its former director, pastime operation novel and Uncharted series creator Amy Hennig, confirmed a infrequent crucial pieces of facts on Thursday-including her endorsed departure from the entertainment publisher. Hennig took the sheet at the Gamelab Convention in Barcelona for a Q&A, where she confirmed to Eurogamer critic and journalist Rob Purchese that she had "not worked at EA because January, technically, legally.

Mario Tennis Aces review: Turning tennis into a fighting game

Enlarge / BEHOLD YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE! Batting a ball back and forth is one of the oldest concepts in video games, dating back to the days of William Higinbotham"s Tennis for Two oscilloscope experiments in the "50s. In the decades since, countless games accept purified the solution of what virtual tennis can be, from as-faithful-as-possible recreations of the existent sport to ultra-accessible, over-the-top arcade-inspired battles of reflex and positioning. Like preceding Mario Tennis games, Mario Tennis Aces sits far on the side of the over-the-top accessibility side of the equation. Picnic controls and an ultra-forgiving hit positioning method constitute it evident sufficiently for much full gaming neophytes to acquire into a curt game.

The Elder Scrolls Blades at E3: It s not Skyrim, but does it need to be?

Enlarge (credit: Bethesda) LOS ANGELES-A authoritative The Elder Scrolls sport on mobile? Not exactly. Recently-announced The Elder Scrolls Blades from Bethesda Game Studios is not a massive, free-roaming, systems-based super RPG. Instead, it's a informal dungeon crawler with a centerfold presentation-and extended bells and whistles than your regular expressive RPG. I'm a passionate fan of the franchise, and I played the original ambulatory game for about a half an interval at Bethesda's E3 booth this week. In a congruent design to spinoffs The Elder Scrolls Online and The Elder Scrolls Legends, I recognized the franchise's DNA but I again recognized that the growing game studio is trying something contrary here.

Jurassic World Evolution review: Genetic dead ends

Enlarge / She does, in fact, eat the goat. (credit: Frontier Developments ) Jurassic World might good be the worst film I ever paid chicamin to see. It wasted a perfectly useful premise (rich persons doubling down on recent mistakes for profit) on a soulless, oddly sadistic "adventure" that wiped gone whatever desire I had left that there testament ever be a bulky sequel to the divine 1993 genuine Jurassic Park. Which is why I"m thrilled that, in spite of sharing a name, Jurassic Nature Evolution has almost fly speck to effect with that infuriatingly ecocnomic nightmare. There are nods here and there: you can eventually generate those hideous bubble cars, for instance.

How Just Cause 4 s tornado works, and a glimpse at all the chaos you cause

Enlarge (credit: Square-Enix) LOS ANGELES- Just Agency 4 has the possibility to haul a video game franchise that has never quite hit its stride into the spotlight. 2015's Just Generate 3 was the franchise's choicest game yet, and though it had some large-scale flaws, the basic ingredients were so fun, players could be forgiven for thinking dependable one added iteration would advance to "classic" status. Just Foundation 3 's flaws were ideal notable indeed, remarkably on the PC. Performance and network issues severely bleedin' the practice on that platform when the game anterior launched. Low framerates (20 to 30 frames per moment in high-intensity moments) were the game's Achilles' heel on the PS4 and Xbox One.

Microsoft s next-gen gaming plan: A new Xbox, and streaming for everyone else

Enlarge / A collection of tech packed into this svelte box. (credit: Kyle Orland ) Microsoft plans to deliver "console constitution gaming on any device"-PC, Xbox, or phone-with a "game streaming network" that the society is developing, said Executive Head of the state of Gaming Phil Spencer at the company's E3 press conference. This isn't the anterior day that Spencer has spoken of such development. At the Xbox One X begin latest year, he said that Microsoft would corner a game streaming overhaul within three years, beguiling function of Azure's important global footprint to assure that facts center distance-and hence in-game latency-was low enough to enable eminent feature gaming.

PC Gaming Show E3 2018: Everything and the kitchen sink

Ron Amadeo LOS ANGELES-Even as Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony clutch events to cooperate games on their consoles at E3, a somewhat scrappier adventure to assist Machine games takes place: the Personal computer Gaming Show. This year's too-long indicate was a barrage of trailers and slender developer talks. We basically missing count of the games, there were so many. Battle royale? Check. Victorian steampunk settings? Check. Survival crafting games? Check. Crytek engine? Check. Lovecraft? Check. A lengthy plug for hardware from a gaming hardware company? Check. It was everything you'd expect from the Computer Gaming Show. Read 12 remaining paragraphs | Comments .

EA at E3: BioWare confirms Anthem in Feb 2019, Madden returns to PC

Enlarge / It's day to embark in the later Desti-er, no, sorry, this is a teaser for BioWare's virgin series Anthem. (credit: BioWare ) EA"s E3 press conference on Saturday ended with a big, Anthem -loaded bang. The inaugural entry in BioWare's alongside pastime series, an open-world online-shooter that looks comparable Fate with jetpacks, was showcased with a alleged real-time gameplay demo and a release period confirmation: Feb 22, 2019. The gameplay explain focused mostly on complete jetpack control, which allows the game"s heroes (in suits called "Javelins") to fly up, over, and all environing giant worlds and combat arenas, along with bombastic, third-person combat against giant, handsomely rendered beasts.

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