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The filler problem: Why Grand Theft Auto is wasting your time

The filler problem: Why Grand Theft Auto is wasting your time

Main Menu My Stories: See else counsel stories The filler problem: Why Grand Theft Auto is wasting your bit Op-ed: Open-world games are expanding, on the contrary are they growing in the prerrogative direction? Exploring the ajar plains of The Witcher 3 offers extra rewards than equal checking off an unbiased checkbox. Trudging over the remains of The Witcher 3 's earliest villages, protagonist Geralt comes across a priest. That"s not an rare sight, as the Church of the Everlasting Devouring holds a extreme deal of sway over the townsfolk looking for some more advantageous denotation in lives ravaged by war. This holy man, however, has a afafir for Geralt: to scorch the nearby smoldering battlefields further, so as to dissuade carrion-eating monsters from moulding his charges' lives that yet worse.

Anti-game-violence legislator pleads guilty to racketeering

Main Menu My Stories: See bounteous communication stories Anti-game-violence legislator pleads guilty to racketeering Native land Senator Leland Yee faces up to 20 caducity for bribery, chips laundering. Enlarge Former California Homeland Senator Leland Yee (D), elite recognized to gamers as the architect of a edict that tried to prevent minors from buying agitated video games, has pleaded guilty to charges of racketeering brought against him latest year, the Branch of Compensation announced this week. Yee admitted to accepting bribes in alternate for best concern in his role Community Senator, as hardy as conspiring to launder boodle and shepherd unlawful weapon shipments into the United States from the Philippines.

Nintendo execs talk VR, downloadable games, letting down fans

Main Menu My Stories: See extended information stories Nintendo execs harangue VR, downloadable games, "letting down" fans Shareholder Q&A again includes answers approximately smartphone games, upcoming "NX" system. Nintendo Head of the state Satoru Iwata holds the Wii U GamePad. The rapid of Nintendo's 2015 fiscal year coincided with its annual Japanese shareholders meeting, an action whose closing Q&A session has been transcribed, translated, and posted in English every year on account of 2010. This year axiom the society talking frankly about its position in the gaming market, its slow transition into smartphone entertainment development, and more.

Get any Xbox One game free when you buy an Xbox One

If Microsoft's E3 announcements -new games, backward compatibility with some geriatric games, and a fancy distinct controller forthcoming closest in the year-weren't enough to convince you to pay for an Xbox One, conceivably the company's latest promotion will swing the deal. From June 21 to June 27, anyone buying an Xbox One from participating US retailers will shop for any game of their choosing for free. The sole proviso is that the game must valuation $59.99 or less and must be on optical media. This overture even covers the brand new $399 1 terabyte Xbox One that includes a 3.5 mm headset jack on its controller and already comes bundled with Halo: The Crackerjack Chief Collection.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is beautiful, brutal, and seriously ambitious

Yes, beneficial video games should be aggrandized than equal graphical eye candy, but in the context of Deus Ex: Persons Divided, it's difficult to cut its aesthetic charms. The Daybreak engine demo shown at the first annual PC Gaming Show -which included a string of flashy stuff like profundity of field, global illumination, volumetric lighting, air density, and exquisitely rendered cucumbers-was but a pest for what the actual game looks like in motion. Mankind Divided was easily the best-looking business I axiom at this year's E3-and in a grandstand play unabridged with graphical heavyweights like Dice's Star Wars: Battlefront, Sony's Uncharted 4, and Ubisoft's Ghost Recon Wildlands, that's great compliment indeed.

MS-DOS is getting a new game in the form of Retro City Rampage 486

Main Menu My Stories: See extended dispatch stories MS-DOS is getting a cutting edge game in the cast of Retro Municipality Mayhem 486 Steep development requirements insert an Intel 486, 3.7 MB of HD space, and 4MB of RAM. If there's one circumstance that's wrongdoing with Computer gaming these days, it's that it's far further easy. Steam collections? Automated chauffeur updates? Graphical user interfaces? Pah! Frankly, if a Personal computer game doesn't thirst for a Sound Blaster 16 card and arrive on 25 floppy disks, then I don't desire know. Fortunately, there's one developer outside there that gets it. Vblank Entertainment is bringing Retro Conurbation Rampage -its homage to 8-bit games and Grand Theft Auto -over to the greatest gaming OS of all time: MS-DOS.

Australian government bans hundreds of mobile and Web-based games

Main Menu My Stories: See expanded advice stories Australian state bans hundreds of walking and Web-based games Advanced international adjudjing method affects titles on Google Play, Firefox Marketplace. Hundreds of animated games that were deemed unsuitable to collect any of these ratings testament be effectively banned in Australia starting tomorrow. Movies and books featuring the flag persist undisturbed on iTunes. By now, we're accustomed to platform holders love Apple refusing to take games and apps with equivocal content on their digital storefronts. We're less accustomed to federal governments stepping in to decide what apps can and can't be downloaded within their borders.

Valve sells out of early bird pre-orders for Steam hardware

If you've been putting off pre-ordering Valve's upcoming Steam Link or Steam Controller hardware owing to the devices first went on pre-sale earlier this month, we posses some evil news. Valve has announced that it has sold gone of units for the initial "get it early" proposition (with its expected delivery on Oct 16). Any orders placed from at once on testament instead be delivered weeks closest on Nov 10. You may retain extremely missed your chance to influence early delivery of the ahead commercial "Steam Machines" pre-loaded with SteamOS. Any orders for the Alienware Steam Machines placed wound up GameStop by reason of carry on Thursday will any more be shipped November 10 rather than October 16.

Microsoft claims to have developed superior Oculus Rift lenses

Main Menu My Stories: See bounteous cognizance stories Microsoft claims to bear developed superior Oculus Rift lenses Just out lens drawing is "sharper across the universe and has far less chromatic aberration." Microsoft Test Microsoft might fine be enjoying a cozy contingency with Oculus VR these days, on the contrary that hasn't stopped one worker from picking holes in the headset's design. A freely downloadable CAD file has popped up online at Microsoft Research, with the aggregation claiming to hog developed a superior lens example than the one currently inhabiting the Oculus Rift DK2 headset. According to the CAD project's readme file, the different lens comp features a environment of appearance that's "slightly smaller than the inventory lens, however it is sharper across the area and has far less chromatic aberration.

This man s sky: Hello Games Sean Murray is making his dream game

Ars was treated to a closed-room demo of upcoming galaxy exploration game No Man's Sky on Tuesday at E3. There, packed in a miniature and also heated conference space with a dozen other journalists, example designer Sean Murray showed off the ongoing governance of the game-starting off on an unexplored earth and eventually bewitching us up into the swirling colourful depths of space. Honestly, the most very interesting concept about No Man"s Sky is Murray himself. Lanky and thin, the Australian developer sometimes has discord holding eye contact with the audience when we entreat questions; he"s simultaneously aloof and brimming with excitement about career able to contemporary the game.

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