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Nintendo shows surprising Q1 profit, driven by strong game and Amiibo sales

Nintendo shows surprising Q1 profit, driven by strong game and Amiibo sales

Main Menu My Stories: See deeper disclosure stories Nintendo shows surprising Q1 profit, driven by active merriment and Amiibo sales Wii U besides finally hit the 10-million-units sold mark, but sales declined year-over-year. Flickr Wii U sales might be some action at the end the competition, but that hasn't stopped Nintendo from turning in still another surprising profit. For the three months starting Apr 1 completed Jun 30, Nintendo racked up a snare income of 8.28 billion lust ( 43 million, $67 million) off the back of over 90 billion ( 466 million, $729 million) in sales. This follows Nintendo's overall profit of of 24.8 billion ($207 million, 136 million) for its fiscal year final Parade 31.

Razer says it will honor payment promises made to Ouya s indie devs

Main Menu My Stories: See exceeding dispatch stories Razer says it will credit price promises specious to Ouya"s indie devs Dissimilar owner agrees to salary eminent $620, 000 under promotional terms. Developers owed between $5, 000 and $32, 000 according to Vise report. Following its acquisition of Ouya earlier this week, a meagre members of the platform's independent step local began to complain that latest owner Razer was exploiting a "bankruptcy clause" to purchase elsewhere of payments owed under Ouya's "Free the Games" promotion. Razer has first off taken steps to squash that budding controversy, saying it will cause an estimated $620, 000 in payments to participants in the promotion as originally promised.

Xbox on Windows 10: What it is, what it isn t, and what s missing

Throughout the 8-ification of Windows, Microsoft clearly failed to endear its OS to Computer gamers. Above all else, Window 8's root-level Windows Store, and its unclear messaging on how it would coexist with other gaming software, was so pathetic that it lit a flare under Gabe Newell's ass to build an entirely new, competing OS built off of Steam. It has been a stretched chronology because Microsoft was seen as an all-out winner in the "keep Personal computer gamers happy" department. Sure, DirectX laid down the groundwork for the headache-free, high-end gaming we've enjoyed for over a decade-when's the extreme hour you had to adjust IRQ and DMC settings for your sound card, for instance?

Indie devs say Ouya still owes thousands in unpaid Free the Games Fund earnings

Main Menu My Stories: See amassed cable stories Indie devs deliver Ouya all the more owes thousands in autonomous "Free the Games Fund" emoluments Developers owed between $5, 000 and $32, 000 according to Vise report. Indie developers disclose they're owed thousands of dollars as a crop of Razer's acquisition of the Ouya microconsole storefront and mechanical team. Speaking anonymously to Vice, multiple developers affirm that contracts they originally signed with Ouya, which promised to recompense them thousands of dollars, are not growth honoured. The equivalent of those deals ranged from $5, 000 ( 3, 000) all the habit to $30, 000 ( 20, 000), according to Vice.

Square Enix first to Nintendo NX with Dragon Quest XI and Dragon Quest X

Main Menu My Stories: See bounteous dope stories Square Enix elementary to Nintendo NX with Dragon Objective XI and Dragon Investigation X Report comes in spite of rare details on Nintendo's closest console. Famitsu In a surprize announcement, publisher Square Enix has ethical taken the wraps off the bare cardinal games for Nintendo's upcoming NX console. Dragon Expedition X, along with its newly unveiled sequel Dragon Hunt XI: In Search of the Departed Time, will be forthcoming to the NX alongside the 3DS and PlayStation 4 in 2016. While the NX account of the pastime got tiny else than a name-drop, Square Enix did announce during its presentation in Japan ( via Siliconera ) that-unlike the online MMO Dragon Adventure X - Dragon Chase XI will be a standalone single-player title.

So long, Ouya! Razer acquires microconsole s storefront, technical team

Main Menu My Stories: See extended description stories So long, Ouya! Razer acquires microconsole"s storefront, mechanical gang On the contrary not the hardware-fans encouraged to obtain "more advanced" Forge microconsole. Meet to the family, @playouya. pic.twitter.com/QBkUjd4C53 - Razer (@Razer) July 27, 2015 The Ouya Android microconsole went gone not with a bang nevertheless with a bazillion tweets. Monday forenoon axiom Ouya's founder, Julie Uhrman, direct Twitter posts at a symbol of people who had worked on or developed for the Ouya, along with one indistinct nod to the gaming-hardware folks at Razer. Shortly afterward, the companies announced an acquisition deal, which had already been signed on Jun 12, that unreal no bones about it: Ouya's software, storefront, and scientific staff were continuance swallowed up by Razer, while the aboriginal hardware was promptly discontinued.

Valve patches security hole that enabled takeover of Steam accounts

Main Menu My Stories: See else account stories Valve patches security gap that enabled takeover of Steam accounts Attacker could steal statement with no thing but a username. Valve has patched a bug in its Steam action that let an attacker easily share over an arbitrary chronicle using nix but the account's username. The hijacking exploit took avail of a hole in Steam's password recovery feature, which sends a recovery law to the registered e-mail directions associated with the account. That e-mailed rule needs to be entered on a design nailed down the Steam website, but an attacker could simply skip that principle entry step, leaving the recovery edict nature blank, and get plentiful access to the password quarters dialog, as demonstrated in this video.

We took gaming s version of the Myers-Briggs test-and you can, too

Main Menu My Stories: See deeper announcement stories We took gaming"s account of the Myers-Briggs test-and you can, further Five-minute dry run ranks gaming tastes on six seperate axes; Ars staff runs the gamut. Gaming Editor Kyle Orland - "Action-Oriented, Proficient, Relaxed, Competitive, Grounded, and Practical" ( full results ) Top 3 games: Super Mario 64, Hearthstone, Spelunky Gaming Editor Kyle Orland - "Action-Oriented, Proficient, Relaxed, Competitive, Grounded, and Practical" ( full results ) Top 3 games: Super Mario 64, Hearthstone, Spelunky Ars Technica UK Editor Sebastian Anthony - "Spontaneous, Social, and Practical" ( full results ) Top 3 games: World of Warcraft, Civilization, Super Mario Galaxy 2 Reviews Editor Refuge Hutchinson - "Aggressive, Analytical, Independent, Deeply Immersed, and Creative" ( full results ) Top 3 games: Starflight, Sentinel Worlds, Freespace 2 Science Editor John Timmer - "Analytical, Grounded, and Inquisitive" ( full results ) Top 3 games: Civilization 2, Heavenly body of Tanks Blitz, Elite Technology Editor Peter Bright - "Analytical, Social, and Grounded"»

Disastrous PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight won t be fixed until September

The troubled PC port of Batman: Arkham Knight won't be constant until September, at least according to a leaked internal information sent to EB Games stores in Australia. The document, originally obtained by Kotaku, indicates that updates for the game will be released in spring, which begins in Sept in Australia. "As formerly advised, we hog stopped sales of Batman: Arkham Knight PC while Warner and Rocksteady profession on addressing performance issues with the game, " the file reads. "The fresh dossier from Warner is that the updates won"t be available until spring. Due to this we accept prepared the formidable finding to reminiscence all PC inventory from stores to send to the vendor until an fine impression is released.

Just how open is the future of PC virtual reality?

A common reddit thread over the weekend has brought to the surface a long-roiling, behind-the-scenes review about the final of the incipient virtual deed revival. The questions continuance debated shop for into what equitable it income for a head-mounted indicate to be an "open platform, " and who, if anyone, will be able to establish critical standards for cross-platform method across VR hardware. In a sprawling thread started over the weekend in reddit's "PC Adept Race" subreddit, user ngpropman pointed to news of Oculus funding roughly two dozen exclusive games for the Oculus Rift's launch as evidence that Oculus is using "console tactics" to push for a "closed ecosystem" for its Windows-based VR peripheral.

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