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Star Wars: Battlefront II review: Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope Updated

Star Wars: Battlefront II review: Nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope, nope Updated

Enlarge / The pull of the Enforcement is capable with matters affection an impeccably rendered Millennium Falcon. (I mean, gosh, that's purty.) Nevertheless Star Wars: Battlefront II can't distemper over most of its failings. (credit: EA / DICE ) I've tried to confer the contemporary video game Star Wars: Battlefront II a prerrogative shake, and I tried to conclude so wrapped up three types of fandom, at that. I in fact dig Star Wars -and I've generally appreciated when the series has expanded its area in video game form. I'm a colossal fan of Cube as a creator of high-polish, massively multiplayer online shooters. And I attention 2015's reboot of the Star Wars: Battlefront game series was perfectly passable as an accessible online agility game.

After fan outcry, EA kicks real-money purchases out of Battlefront II

Enlarge / Maybe Star Wars: Battlefront II won't get-up-and-go down in flames after a exceeding EA about-face. (credit: Electronic Arts ) Just hours before Star Wars Battlefront II 's retail begin Friday, Electronic Arts and developer Cube announced that they are "turning off all in-game purchases... and all circuit testament be earned over gameplay." The surprise announcement promises the competence to get in-game crystals (used to shop for randomized loot boxes full with in-game items) will go back "at a next date, " on the other hand "only after we've trumped-up changes to the game." "As we accession the worldwide launch, it's unpaid that multifarious of you feeling there are yet challenges in the design, " DICE Accepted Executive Oskar Gabrielson writes.

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire: A 30-minute grimdark fantasy war

Enlarge (credit: Charles Theel) Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend glad eye at tabletop games! Research outside our full board gaming coverage at cardboard.arstechnica.com. Games Workshop is manufacture a play. While the capacious UK publisher has dominated the miniatures macrocosm for decades, it has onliest recently returned to the cardboard jungle. Latest game Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire is the material element in Games Workshop"s push to accept the overlapping of miniatures and board game enthusiasts-much love Fantasy Flight Games has done with its huge hit, X-Wing. But where X-Wing will let you howl "pew-pew" as you modification spaceships on all sides of the table, Shadespire has you screaming, "Blood for the blood god!

EA buys out a game studio after shutting another one down 3 weeks ago

(credit: Respawn Entertainment / EA ) EA confirmed via a press release on Thursday that it had acquired the video game studio Respawn Entertainment. The studio, co-founded by former Infinity Ward chiefs and Call of Duty co-creators in the wake of their departure from Activision, has been bought out in a deal whose total monetary worth could grasp $455 million. The facts by itself may seem odd, considering that EA shut down one of its other fully owned studios, Visceral Games, lone three weeks ago. A report from Kotaku sheds cloudless on why EA trumped-up the move: as a response to another game publisher, Korea's Nexon, creation a formal tender to shop for Respawn outright.

A history of the Amiga, part 11: Between an Escom and a Gateway

Commodore International declared itself bancrupt on Apr 29, 1994 under Event 7 of US bankruptcy law. Ordinarily, this would retain been followed now by an auction of all the company"s assets. However, Commodore"s Byzantine organizational structure-designed to serve as a levy shelter for financier Irving Gould-made this evolution far extra lengthy and complicated than it should hold been. During this time, Commodore UK, Ltd. continued to operate. It had been the strongest of all the subsidiary companies, and it always had a confident cash flow. As the other subsidiaries went under, Commodore UK purchased all of their remaining stock and continued to sell Amigas to British customers.

Nearly a year later, video game voice actors end their strike

Enlarge / SAG-AFTRA members picket near the open of what would incline a elongate strike. (credit: SAG-AFTRA ) Nearly a year after voting to strike against 11 elder video game publishers, mutter actors in the SAG-AFTRA union voted overwhelmingly to approve a tentative agreement that will entertain them back to office for at least the following three years. A unabridged 90 percent of voting union members agreed to the late deal, which grants actors bonuses of up to $2, 100 based on the numeral of indefinite sessions they labour on a specific project. That's a compromise from the sales-based royalty constitution the union was seeking for best-selling games, nevertheless SAG-AFTRA negotiating commitee stool Keythe Farley called the cutting edge bonus structure "a example from which to practise upon, " in a statement.

Microsoft will have game streaming within 3 years as focus shifts to software

Enlarge / A abundance of tech packed into this svelte box. (credit: Kyle Orland ) Microsoft is renewing its headquarters on Xbox software and services, according to Xbox manager Phil Spencer speaking to Bloomberg. The company's beginning rosary for the Xbox One spanned not dispassionate gaming on the contrary extremely a broad compass of TV and media capabilities, coupled with a Steam-like download-based distribution model. Sony, in contrast, focused squarely on gaming and had somewhat extended dynamic hardware to boot. The reaction from the gaming local to Microsoft's plans was hostile, and while the convention backtracked both on the media seat and the motion outside from physical media, the Xbox One has consistently trailed the PlayStation 4's sales.

Essen 2017: Best board games from the biggest board game convention

Enlarge / Behold the craziness of Essen... (credit: Owen Duffy) Welcome to Ars Cardboard, our weekend see at tabletop games! Analysis outside our filled board gaming coverage at cardboard.arstechnica.com. Every October, the German megalopolis of Essen becomes the epicentre of tabletop gaming geekdom. Tens of thousands of visitors descend on the International Spieltage fair, where publishers from enclosing the environment debut their up-and-coming releases over four frantic days of cube chucking, card shuffling, and dice pushing. For gamers, it"s an enthralling, bewildering, nearly intimidating spectacle. Where gaming events in other countries, approximating Gen Con in the US or the UK Games Expo, embrace celebrity guests, panel discussions, and side attractions, Essen is focused squarely on the games-everything from glassy and fluffy family favorites to impenetrable brain-melters.

Ubisoft says DRM isn t the reason Assassin s Creed: Origins pushes CPUs

Enlarge / Ubisoft says detailed imagery allied this, and not DRM, is pushing CPUs to their limits. Ubisoft is pushing back against reports that the DRM used in Assassin's Creed: Origins is eating up important CPU cycles and causing performance problems for alive with folk playing the Computer history of the game. The explosive accusation comes from famous amusement cracker Voksi, who tells TorrentFreak that an review of Origins ' binaries shows the diversion adds a safeguard mechanism called VMProtect on top of well-known (and immediately easily cracked ) Denuvo DRM. As the VMProtect webpage explains, its software protects crucial game rule from cracking via mutation (i.

Xbox One X review: An exclamation point for hardware, a question mark for software

Enlarge / A plenty of tech packed into this svelte box. When the Xbox One launched in 2013, Microsoft had to one's damndest to convince gamers that additional features and hardware approximating the Kinect fabricated its console payment $100 enhanced than Sony"s PlayStation 4. Today, Microsoft is trying to convince abounding of those equivalent gamers that the extra horsepower in the Xbox One X makes it reward $100 added than the PS4 Pro for the definitive living amplitude 4K gaming experience. When it comes to indurate numbers, the Xbox One X definitely merits Microsoft"s marketing hype as "the most cogent console ever." Microsoft has pulled away the stops in squeezing stronger components into the twin basic architecture of the four-year-old Xbox One.

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