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Report: Xbox All Access to offer free hardware with two-year agreement

Report: Xbox All Access to offer free hardware with two-year agreement


Mobile call customers in the US are already used to getting for free or reduced-price hardware when they indication up for a two-year animated function agreement. Pdq a announcement suggests Microsoft might be looking at a collateral offering for its Xbox One ecosystem.

Windows Central reports that its sources inside Microsoft instruct that the association is currently planning to roll away an "Xbox All Access" plan, which would bequeath users autonomous hardware whether they note up for two second childhood of Xbox Alive and the Netflix-style Xbox Games Pass. All Access subscriptions would price approximately $22 a month for a disposition with Xbox One S hardware or $35 a month for the augmented all-powerful Xbox One X hardware, according to the report. Users would be able to cancel their subscriptions after two caducity and enjoy the hardware.

As described, an All Access pass would be a dishy useful deal for consumers. Paying $528 over two senility for the lower-tier All Access deal would truly bill less than buying a $230 Xbox One S then spending $360 on subscriptions (for a complete of $590). For the higher-end plan, paying $840 over two age ends up slightly more suitable than paying $500 for the Xbox One X hardware and another $360 for subscriptions ($860 total).

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