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Confirmed: Fortnite on Android will drive its bus past Google s 30 cut Updated

Confirmed: Fortnite on Android will drive its bus past Google s 30 cut Updated

Enlarge / Fortnite's season five outfits and cosmetics. If XDA's announcement is accurate, Legend Games won't bear to cede up 30 percent of Android purchases of these outfits to Google. (credit: Epic Games)

Update 2, August 3, 1:25pm ET: As Epic prepares to roll Fortnite's cardinal Android chronicle out in the bona fide near future, the game maker has responded to rumours and leaks by confirming that this story will entirely bypass the Google Play app store. Fortnite players on Android will carry to return the sporadic transaction of going straight to a website, downloading an "APK" file, and opening up Android's permissions to approve the game's install.

Epic's FAQ on the incident is currently hosted remarkably at Eurogamer, as written by Epic CEO Tim Sweeney, and the developer has apparently written its own questions to answer. The most intriguing one, "Is this due a fashion for Epic to direct the 30 percent that Google would catching if you were on Play," receives a manage answer:

Avoiding the 30 percent "store tax" is a component of Epic's motivation. It's a hovering expenditure in a globe where game developers' 70 percent must encompass all the valuation of developing, operating, and supporting their games. And it's disproportionate to the reward of the services these stores perform, such as value processing, download bandwidth, and customer service. We're intimately known with these costs from our intimacy operating Fortnite as a direct-to-customer avail on PCComputer PC and Mac.

An fresh issue doubles down on Epic wanting to reclaim that 30 percent remuneration for the interest of advancing costs and server overhead-though it does not inscription Google Play's guarantees of malware scanning for any app downloaded. (Sweeney wouldn't admit to glimpse indurate to acquisition exceptions to Play's malware-free promises, but he doesn't mention any here.)

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