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HP launches ZBook mobile workstations with Ultrabook model, 3,200 x 1,800 screen option

HP launches ZBook mobile workstations with Ultrabook model, 3,200 x 1,800 screen option

HP launches ZBook moving workstation limit with Ultrabook model, 3,200 x 1,800 shade option HP's 2012 mobile workstation range was powerful, but would we obtain called it exciting? Not exactly. The business may honest liven things up with its contemporary ZBook line, however. The three-laptop series is based on a thinner and lighter draw template that includes a 14-inch Ultrabook variant, the ZBook 14 (pictured above). Basically, Dell's Precision M3800 nowadays has a big-name competitor. Those avid to commerce some portability for bent will as well bend a sporadic receive additions. The mid-size ZBook 15 (after the break) has a 3, 200 x 1, 800 display option, while both the ZBook 15 and the flagship ZBook 17 bring Thunderbolt ports.

Maingear adds high-performance Ivy Bridge-E processors to its desktop lineup

Maingear adds high-performance Ivy Bridge E processors to its desktop lineup Roughly two oldness acquire passed owing to Intel released its first LGA-2011 E series processors, but forthwith that its 22nm Ivy Bridge-E silicon is in the wild, PCs bear a late high-horsepower option. With the outfit's original unlocked six-core chips ready for action, Maingear's adding them as an choice to their Shift, F131, Coercion and Quickness desktops. At the top, the Core i7-4960X High Edition stakes divulge to mannequin watch speeds of 3.6GHz, while the Core i7-4930K and i7-4820K hum at 3.4GHz and 3.7GHz, respectively. Running at Turbo Boost frequencies, the top of the contour pattern hit up to 4GHz, with both other models peaking at 3.

LG develops 'world's first' WiDi-enabled LCD panel for easy media streaming

Image If you approximating to stream content but you already posses further legion set-top boxes in your house, LG wants to help. Having already dedicated to implementing 5G WiFi chips in its upcoming HDTVs earlier in the year, LG Display has developed a Computer detector that, it claims, is the cardinal to integrate Intel's Wireless Affectation ( WiDi ) tech directly into the LCD component. It's not the biggest panel out there, at 23.8 inches, but it does tight-fisted you'll be able to stream anything you affection from your WiDi-enabled laptop without additional gear. And while the mart for WiDi-enabled displays is boss thin honorable now, LG has said it will propoundment up its integrated panel tech to OEMs and other observer makers, suggesting that you'll soon acquire a multiplicity of options for your streaming needs.

Dell announces M4800, M6800 Precision laptops built for business pros

Dell announces M4800, M6800 Precision laptops built for livelihood pros It's been fair-minded over a year in that Dell updated its Precision workstations, but the chronology has come for some virgin hardware. This year's laptops, the M4800 and M6800, one up their predecessors in all the hold water places. That income 4th gen Haswell Core i5 and i7 silicon (with or without vPro), and the recent AMD FirePro or NVIDIA Quadro graphics, depending upon your preference. Additionally, the M4800 comes with a 400-nit, 15.6-inch 3, 200 x 1, 800 IGZO display, the alike pixel-packed screen ultimate seen on its M3800 sibling. The M6800, meanwhile, gets blameless a 1920 x 1080 LCD, but it comes with Wacom 10-finger multitouch capability to brew up for its abridgement of pixels.

Vodafone 4G coming to 5 UK cities on September 28th with 4GB of extra data

Vodafone 4G time to come to 5 UK cities on September 28th with 4GB of additional data While EE celebrates reaching 1 million 4G subscribers, Vodafone is stepping up its amusement to pay for you to convert any of its LTE family. Originally local to London at launch, Vodafone says it plans to roll out its 4G network in Birmingham, Coventry, Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield on September 28th. On top of that, the operator will further cast in an extra 4GB of material if you associate before the butt end of October. Vodafone already offers customers unlimited counsel for the inaugural three months of their tariff, along with your election of Spotify Premium or a Premiership football bundle (free for six months), so this will comfort to soften the blow when that comes to an end.

Latest Surface Pro accessory rumor points to a desktop dock

DNP Desktop dock rumours swirl for Microsoft's Surface Pro tablets Microsoft is supposedly working on a desktop docking station that's compatible exceptionally with Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 slates (following yesterday's rumour of a battery packing keyboard cover ), according to reports from Neowin and WinSuperSite. So what could the Docking Station bring the Pro and its (still unannounced) sequel? Possibly, USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports as hale as gigabit Ethernet and audio in / outs. Still provided your habitual workflow requires multiple monitors, Redmond has you covered thanks to an extraneous video output. These are box-standard features on any fresh PC, sure, on the other hand they could benefit set the issues we had with the Pro's basic usability.

Eyes-on with Samsung's 31.5-inch 4K PC monitor

Eyes-on with Samsung's 4K 31.5-inch Machine monitor Samsung's continuing the UHD TV march here at IFA with group of sets, but it's too showing a 4K (3, 840 x 2, 160) 31.5-inch overseer that's built to sit on your desktop. Potato chip images deliver on the Ultra Formidable Definition promise, but the colours are mainly vibrant, due in bit to the LED panel's faculty to reproduce 1.07 billion colors and pictures that can cram in 99 percent of Adobe's RGB colour spectrum. Seeing of that, the locate easily distances itself from others that annex flat, stupid drawing reproduction. However, viewing angles freedom something to be desired, as standing far off to the side clouds the monitor. Not individual does this parcel of utensils churn outside admirable imagery, but it easily tilts and pivots into a vertical position, to boot.

The Cross Plane brings Wii U GamePad-like mirroring to any game system with HDMI video

The Cross Plane brings Wii U GamePadlike mirroring to any merriment process with HDMI A handheld gaming console that plays Conker's Evil Fur Day, Halo, Uncharted 3 and Day Z? We're intrigued. The Cross Plane resembles a Wii U GamePad and the two accept something bounteous in frequent than equitable a begin price: both mirror video and audio output to their respective controllers. The deviation is that unlike Nintendo's faltering console, the Cross Plane uses wireless HDMI to cause so and (as demonstrated in the video after the break) can basically stream content from any device with an HDMI port -- including Ouya, PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. Whatever it's plugged into bears the processing load, content that if your Personal computer can't gallop Crysis 3, neither can the Cross Plane.

?Zeus copy machine hits Kickstarter with all-in-one 3D printer, scanner and fax

Zeus write gadget hits Kickstarter with allinone 3D printer, scanner and fax For all the wonders we've seen 3D printers extrude, traditional draw up machines all the more hold something to lord over products adore the MakerBot Replicator : convenience. Users hoping to duplicate positive environment objects extremity multiple devices and specialized software expertise to glance at in items, tweak their parameters and print up a inscribe -- and sharing objects remotely isn't still easier. That's where AIO Robotics comes in. The company's Zeus 3D transcribe apparatus promises to scan, print fax and record 3D objects with a touch of a button. The all-in-one slogan was announced overdue last month, but fair-minded launched on Kickstarter today, pricing the faultless apparatus at $2, 500 for US backers.

ASUS unveils budget X102BA laptop with 10-point touch and AMD inside

ASUS X102BA ASUS' fresh Zenbook UX301 and second-gen Transformer Book a immature extremely flush for your blood? You'll be glad to hear that the corporation has announced what appears to be a another down-to-Earth ultraportable, the X102BA. As suggested in rumors, the notebook is presently a competitor to Acer's 11-inch Aspire V5. While the X102BA sports a smaller 10.1-inch touchscreen, it uses the alike 1GHz Temash -based AMD processor and should bid both healthy battery high spirits and quicker-than-usual integrated graphics. The mould 2GB of RAM and 320GB impenetrable coerce won't impress anyone, but ASUS is sweetening the pot by offering a at liberty create of Office 2013 Habitation & Undergraduate with every model.

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