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3D printer duplicates paintings down to the last brush stroke video

3D printer duplicates paintings down to the last brush stroke video

3D printer duplicates paintings with incredible detail, down to each brush stroke video We've seen 3D printers practise some comely breathtaking things, but fly speck wholly adore this. Tim Zaman, a Dutch researcher, has reportedly developed a 3D duplication mode capable of capturing incredible detail, such as brush strokes and other textures on a painting. With a captured double on hand, it's then practicable to print a reproduction matching every detail, including raised brush strokes. Reproductions are created using an Oce printer that can reproduce large-format paintings at 600 ppi; the mechanism resembles that of a dye-sub printer, with the printing belief stirring back and forth innumerable times, adding a new textured layer with each pass.

Valve announces SteamOS, a new platform for playing PC games on TVs

PC sport overhaul operator and entertainment advancement studio Valve announced SteamOS this afternoon, finally formalizing a Personal computer gaming hardware project avowed as " Steambox " we've heard dribs and drabs about over the former infrequent years. The OS will work on "any living period machine, " and it besides streams games from your Mac and PC, as fit as offering media playback functionality. The OS seems to be multifunctional in this aspect, both acting as an operating method for living room-based machines directly connected to televisions, and offering streaming capability from computers gone the living room. "Just turn on your existing personal computer and lope Steam as you always bear - then your SteamOS apparatus can stream those games over your residence network straight to your TV, " the announcement period says.

Chaos Computer Club says it's beaten Apple's Touch ID fingerprint reader video

Already excitation secure about using good your fingerprint to unlock the au courant iPhone 5S? European hacker company Disorder Machine Club claims it can be circumvented with "easy day-to-day means." According to CCC hacker "Starbug", tactics laid elsewhere in a how-to from 2004 are all that are required, with conscientious a higher res phony needed to beat the Touch ID reader. The process, requires a 2400 DPI photograph of someone's fingerprint from a glass surface, which is then laser printed at 1200 DPI and used to build a thin latex period that serves as the fake. Simple, right? It's a bit else labour intensive than the gray pathway (just watching someone input their passcode or pattern) but users may hankering to allow for fingerprint access as a degree intended also for convenience than security.

Chew to reload: Light-gun concept game tries to make eating vegetables fun video

Chew'emup idea sport tries to beget eating vegetables diverting at TGS 2013 The Tokyo Pastime Show isn't just triple-A console titles and contemporary hardware. Oh no, there's Aliment Familiarity Shooter too. It's the drudgery of Takayuki Kosaka from Kanagawa's Academy of Technology, with the nobiliary point of getting kids to eat extended vegetables. How? By production vegetable eating an integral baggage of a light-gun game. The shooting stuff is cher standard: you pull the trigger and shoot the veggie enemies on screen good comparable any point-and-shoot entertainment you've played in the arcade. However, to reload, you devoir to pluck one of three vegetable-based snacks from the cups on the surface in front of you.

Snowden leak suggests UK was spying on Belgian telecom

Snowden leaks propose UK was spying on Belgian telecom, not NSA When Belgian prosecutors suggested that Belgacom was the entity of foreign espionage, crowded blamed the NSA -- it has a chronicle of snooping on other countries, after all. Those accusations may enjoy been off the mark, however. Der Spiegel has revealed documents leaked by Edward Snowden which trace that the UK's Control Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) was responsible. The intelligence agency reportedly tricked explanation Belgacom staff into visiting a malware-loaded website that hijacked their PCs. GCHQ could then spy on smartphones, map the network and investigate secure VPN connections. Neither Belgacom nor Belgium has responded to this advanced Snowden leak, nevertheless we wouldn't be surprised whether the obvious evidence speeds up their investigation.

Ultimaker debuts its latest 3D printer ahead of World Maker Faire

Image Over the foregone uncommon years, Maker Faire has transformed into something of a 3D printer fest, and there's no dialectics to expect that this weekend's accident in Flushing, Queens will be any different. Ultimaker, for one, is launching a contemporary printer, the simply named Ultimaker 2 (though the product itself displays the epithet as Ultimaker squared). The next-gen product doesn't seem to bring a ton of different features to the table, though the corporation promises that it's faster and expanded accurate than its predecessor. It further ships with Cura software, which should quickness things up all the more more. Also, the open coincides with the unveiling of the company's Thingiverse-esque YouMagine online collaboration site, which will support you pride objects to, you know, print on the thing.

Google promises UK regulator that Waze will remain separate pending review

Google promises UK regulator that Waze will behind separate undecided review When Google acquired Waze, it said that it would direct the newly purchased gathering at arm's length. Well, we just now be cognizant true how separate Waze will be, at least for the foreseeable future. Google has promised the UK's Office of Objective Trading that it won't touch Waze's craft operations while the British regulator determines its governance over the deal. The search giant has extremely offered to warn if there are any salient changes in staff, game plans or customer numbers for both itself and Waze. The terms may not extreme forever -- if the OFT decides to examination the acquisition, it can reject Google's offer. For now, though, Waze will ( mostly ) last a various entity.

HP lays claim to the first fanless Haswell PC and the first Leap Motion laptop

HP lays disclose to the inaugural fanless Haswell Machine and the headmost Leap Action laptop What close a fanless Personal computer and a motion-controlled notebook corner in common? Nothing, really; good that HP is going to be inceptive to marketplace with both of these things. After teasing a fanless tablet back in June, the partnership has formally announced the Specter 13 x2, which isn't in reality a tablet so yet as a hybrid laptop. Additionally, HP unveiled a determinate edition chronicle of its Envy 17 diary with a Leap Motion controller built into the palm rest. Starting with the Leap Movement machine, this is really the corresponding Envy 17 that's already on the market, filled with an aluminium chassis, backlit keyboard and altruistic Beats branding.

Kogan debuts second Agora smartphone: 5-inch 720p display, 1.2GHz quad-core CPU, Jelly Bean, 189

DNP Kogan outs following Agora smartphone 5inch 720p display, 12GHz quadcore CPU, Jello Bean, $189 Kogan's Agora trade-mark may not guide techies ferocious liking Galaxies or iThings do, on the contrary its motto is clear: dab to deliver unbiased hardware at the lowest potential price. The company's first off propose for a lot of the smartphone pie launched earlier this year, and nowadays we're learning of its sequel. Design-wise, this moment Agora handset is a cramped curvier than the last, with a soft material replacing its predecessor's physical habitation button. A 5-inch, 720p IPS LCD example occupies the face, and inside we're looking at a 1.2GHz quad-core MT6589 Mediatek SoC (Cortex-A7), 1GB of RAM and 4 gigs of internal storage, expandable with up to 32GB cards of the microSD variety.

Dell intros the Inspiron 7000 series, a line of mid-range, thin-and-light laptops starting at 699

Dell intros the Inspiron 7000 series, a column of midrange, thinandlight notebooks starting at $699 Head over to Dell's shopping speck and you'll good buy the laptop cut is a bit confusing. In appendix to the premium XPS edge and the gaming-centric Alienware brand, there's a extensive choice of Inspirons. Some are dependable called "Inspiron." Some are "Inspiron R." Heck, there yet used to be an Inspiron Z (RIP). What's more, all those models are highly configurable; the corresponding notebook might potentially be offered with either a crusty Celeron CPU or distinct Core i5 chip. Fortunately, Dell's trying to fair matters up. The society is stirring to a "good, better, best" setup, with three lines called the Inspiron 3000, 5000 and 7000 (Dell's enterprise laptops already have a comparable naming scheme).

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