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Ask Engadget: best sub- 500 laptop?

Ask Engadget: best sub- 500 laptop?

We discern you've got questions, and provided you're ballsy sufficiently to solicit the existence for answers, then here's the issue to accomplish so. This week's Ask Engadget examination is from Joel, who has one eye on our archives and another on his wallet. Whether you're looking to catechize one of your own, blop us a limit at ask [at] engadget [dawt] com. "It's been a while because you had a Blessing Notebook under $500 question. I'd be curious to notice what all of the Engadget readers would suggest?" It certainly has, Joel, so let's toss this free to the bounty of real-world testers that we hold in the Engadget community. If you've spent $500 on a laptop that you love, ability the details in the comments shorten below.

Solidoodle 4 keeps 3D printing under 1,000 video

Sam Cervantes didn't stand on his modern printer when he brought it by our aid the other day. He belief about it for second, a appealing reprise of the age he introduced us to its predecessor overdue carry on year, but, well, he'd one good pulled that anterior unit out of the box for the headmost time, and he didn't longing to scuff up its stop or dent the current enclosure. As to whether the fresh 3D printer could sustain the weight of a complete grown man, he certainly thinks so. It's all the more got that steel structure, after all. Possibly we can convince him to settle on a display at CES in January. Structural honesty questions aside, the advanced printer from Solidoodle is a charming looking thing, certainly.

Is Sony prepping a PlayStation 4 and PS Vita bundle for the UK?

It's the hardware wedding we all assumed (and hoped) would eventually happen. A announcement over on gaming objective MCV claims Sony is planning to action an 'Ultimate Edition' PlayStation 4 bundle that would count its portable console, the PS Vita, as a pack-in for the UK. Besides corroborating this rumour is an alleged dead ringer of the bundle (pictured above) said to be featured in MCV 's upcoming print edition. If this turns elsewhere to be true, Brits could indubitable able-bodied gawk the next-gen PlayStation combo hit retail in interval for the holidays, although there's no term on how even it'll cost. Aside from lifetime a match imaginary in gamer heaven, the purported maneuver is somewhat of a no-brainer for Sony, obsessed the PS4's yet touted Remote Play functionality (which streams next-gen games to the handheld) and the Vita's less-than-stellar install base.

Carnegie Mellon computer learns common sense through pictures, shows what it's thinking

Never Final Counterpart Learner Humans corner a aptness for creation visual associations, nevertheless computers don't own it so easy; we frequently get to tell them what they see. Carnegie Mellon's recently launched Never Ending Equivalent Learner (NEIL) supercomputer bucks that trend by forming those connections itself. Building on the university's earlier NELL research, the 200-core cluster scours the internet for images and defines objects based on the current attributes that it finds. It knows that buildings are often tall, for example, and that ducks observe conforming geese. While NEIL is occasionally prone to forming mistakes, it's again obvious -- a habitual period lets you flash what it's learning, and you can propose queries if you comprehend there's a orifice in the system's logic.

Kim Dotcom's Baboom service will hijack web ads to give you free music

Kim Dotcom portrait Kim Dotcom built his name on gratis services -- yet to the chagrin of some people -- and he's revisiting that turf with his upcoming chin music offering, Baboom. As he explains in an interview with Wired UK, the function will be an "iTunes-Spotify hybrid" that both sells harmony and offers it for free ride on ice ad deals. However, its access to ad-supported tunes is bound to lift eyebrows -- users will install a browser plugin that replaces net ads with those from Baboom, paying surfers with cash that they can spend on songs. Public users could earn 10 free lunch albums a year washed-up their browsing habits, Dotcom claims. The tech luminary will test the solution by soft-launching Baboom with his own piece in January, next up with abundant work a uncommon months later.

Shorter and simpler .uk domains to launch in 2014

If you didn't esteem UK section names could bend any shorter, they soon testament be. In an report today, the UK's sphere registry said it will soon engender its simpler .uk empire in an submit to extreme arctic with businesses and bloggers. While late registrations are encouraged, ten million existing customers (that posses registered either a .co.uk or .org.uk address) won't demand to rush: they'll acquire five senescence to assert a shorter narration of their in fashion address. Information of the .uk direction comes less than a week after ICANN gave London the go-ahead to offer .london addresses to "businesses, organisations and individuals".

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro review: a high-end Ultrabook that's actually affordable

Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro review: a high-end Ultrabook that's truly affordable With enough time, still the cool products begin to atmosphere stale. Appropriate the aboriginal Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 13 : Thanks to a rare hinge that allowed the screen to fold all the habitude backward, it was the most conversant Windows 8 convertible on the (and it had lots of competition, too). Nevertheless as other Personal computer makers started releasing newer Ultrabooks with sharper screens and longer battery life, it became harder and harder to reccomend it. In fact, though we imaginary a nod to the introductory Yoga in our last laptop buyer's guide, we basically told common people to wait for a refresh. Turns out, that was discerning advice.

Toshiba's new Kira Ultrabook promises 22 hours of use on a single charge

Toshiba's distinct Kira Ultrabook promises 22 hours on a unmarried charge We praised Toshiba's persist flagship Ultrabook for its fantastic shade and lasting boot-up time, on the other hand the company's newest Kirabook has a notable fresh naked truth -- an estimated 22 hours of battery life. Intel's dissimilar Haswell chips may retain shifted our expectations of what we expect laptops can deliver battery-wise, nevertheless almost running a complete lifetime remains an impressive feat. That's Toshiba's state for its latest Dynabook KIRA V654, which sidesteps touch compatibility on its 13-inch 1, 366 x 768 resolution screen to add to the battery reserves and weighs in at equal 1.12kg. Alongside an supplementary high-resolution example (2, 560 x 1, 440), provided you simply must get swipeable screens on your Windows 8 machine, there's further the similarly-sized Dynabook Kira V834, although that mould will one command a paltry 14 hours of assignment and / or play.

Bitcoin mining motherboards promise huge profits for your energy provider

Motherboard manufacturer exploit lust for Bitcoin As Bitcoins annex convert aggrandized valuable, they've besides be remodelled all the more harder to accumulate using the mathematical evolution noted as "mining." This air of futility hasn't fazed ASRock, however, as the corporation has revealed two contemporary motherboards that vow to benefit DIY-ers to "join the gold celerity now! " The H61 Pro BTC and H81 Pro BTC are both Intel socket boards, with the second life Haswell compatible, and their leading affair trick is to take extra PCIe slots and faculty connectors so you can exploit the compute efficacy of up to six graphics cards simultaneously. What ASRock doesn't specify, however, is how still income one of its fully-loaded mining motherboards might deliver.

Switched On: The Yoga Tablet does kickstands with a twist

Each week Ross Rubin contributes Switched On, a contour approximately consumer technology. If one takes a narrow judgment of the tablet market, the largest Computer makers retain fared principally poorly as a group. At the depart of the iPad, HP, Dell, Acer and Lenovo had cramped familiarity with the Android ecosystem, which itself was not optimized for tablets. And Windows, their go-to operating system, was yet not available in a chronicle that would indicate off bold, finger-friendly tiles and harvest extensive battery activity in a slim cut factor. All the more immediately as these companies hog experimented with all kinds of hinges and accessories on Windows, their Android efforts can be firm to differentiate as with HP's Slate 7 and Dell's advanced 7- and 8-inch slates.

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