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No more superglued USB ports: Surface hardware can be locked down in firmware

No more superglued USB ports: Surface hardware can be locked down in firmware

Enlarge / No longer complete these ports extremity to be defiled with glue. (credit: Casey Johnston) Windows 10 and Surface hardware are immediately worthy sufficiently for governance work, yet when dealing with classified data. The operating method and the Surface Pro 3 and 4, Surface Book, and Surface Studio chalk up all been added to the NSA's Commercial Solutions for Classified Programs (CSfC) list. This mode that, when properly configured and used in a properly designed layered deployment, the hardware and software all accommodate complete security for classified data. To very accession the request of the Surface in constrained enterprise environments, nowadays Microsoft is announcing Surface Enterprise Authority Resources (SEMM) for Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, and Surface Studio.

NEC Goes for a Curved Display, Launches 34401440 MultiSync EX341R Monitors

This week NEC has announced its basic curved ultrawide display, the EX341R. NEC is promoting the panel for offices, ascendancy rooms, trading rooms, and other applications that typically utilize multi-monitor configurations however also flip for colour accuracy. The shade has a digit of differences when compared to displays for gamers, and the payment of the dissimilar MultiSync EX341R will be reflected in this. In the advanced years, NEC concentrated on displays for commercial and expert use, whereas its consumer scanner lineup slowly stepped into the background. The majority of curved ultrawide displays at once are designed with gamers in mind, which is why manufacturers tend to contain perfect hovering fortify rates along with charismatic enliven proportion technologies and gaming particular features or aesthetics.

MSI Upgrades Its Aegis and Nightblade PCs with Intel s Kaby Lake CPUs

MSI this month upgraded its entire lineup of gaming desktops with 7 th date Intel Core Kaby Lake processors as well as newer motherboards featuring Intel’ s 200-series chipsets. The new Aegis and Nightblade systems have the same delineation and capabilities as their predecessors, but they immediately approach higher performance as of the CPUs and a preferable point set owing to of the new chipset (PCH). MSI’ s Aegis and Nightblade computers are different in terms of positioning, but they have a quantity of similarities when it comes to architecture. Firstly, the PCs use dual-chamber designs to effect exceptional cooling of their CPU and GPU, and they both simplify upgrades to a certain degree.

Logitech Launches the BRIO 4K Pro: Its First 4K UHD Webcam with HDR

Logitech has announced its BRIO 4K Pro Webcam, one of the world’ s basic webcams that features an Ultra HD resolution as flourishing as HDR. The camera again has an infrared sensor to block facial recognition and Windows Hello. The Logitech BRIO aka 4K Pro Webcam (960-001105) is based on the company’ s advanced 4K sensor, supports up to 4096× 2160 resolution at 30 fps (or 1920x1080 at 60 fps), as beefy as RightLight 3 with HDR backlighting technology. The webcam has autofocus, 5X digital zoom, and is equipped with an infrared sensor. The BRIO can as well take between 65° , 78° , and 90° existence of theory (FOV) options, and the device has two omni-directional microphones with more caterwauling cancellation options.

Semi-Critical Intel Atom C2000 SoC Flaw Discovered, Hardware Fix Required

Last week, Paul Alcorn over at Tom’ s Hardware picked up on an absorbing statement mythical by Intel in their Q4 2016 emoluments call. The company, whose News Centre group’ s profits had slipped a bit year-over-year, was "observing a product factor contention in the fourth quarter with slightly higher expected failure rates under definite handle and allotment constraints." As a conclusion the corporation had setup a reserve fund as object of their larger discipline to deal with the issue, which would subsume a "minor" diagram (i.e. silicon) place to permanently resolve the problem. A bit and digging by Paul besides turned up that the holy mess was with Intel’

A rash of invisible, fileless malware is infecting banks around the globe

(credit: INVISIBLE-MAN_1933_James Whale) Two oldness ago, researchers at Moscow-based Kaspersky Lab discovered their corporate network was infected with malware that was unlike anything they had ever seen. Practically all of the malware resided solely in the recall of the compromised computers, a stunt that had allowed the infection to carry on undetected for six months or more. Kaspersky eventually unearthed evidence that Duqu 2.0, as the never-before-seen malware was dubbed, was derived from Stuxnet, the highly sophisticated pc worm reportedly created by the US and Israel to cripple Iran"s nuclear program. Now, fileless malware is going mainstream, as financially motivated crook hackers mimic their nation-sponsored counterparts.


Corsair is express hearty recognized and beefy regarded for their ever-expanding border of Personal computer cases, components and peripherals. After recently branching absent to barebones Computer kits with their Bulldog line, Corsair is at the moment production the leap to fully-assembled systems. The Corsair ONE is their ahead ready-to-run PC, a compact garret method with confidential mould traits of angular shapes and a drab brushed aluminium finish. Aesthetically, the front of the Corsair ONE most closely resembles their Carbide 330R and Obsidian 550D cases, on the other hand overall the Corsair ONE's replica is not as minimalist. The top and backside hold a finned constitution reminiscent of a broad heatsink, and the side panels are perforated with triangular ventilation holes.

NVIDIA Announces Quadro GP100 - Big Pascal Comes to Workstations

Kicking off on this Sunday afternoon is CAD & CAE software developer Dassault Systè mes’ annual commerce show, the aptly named SOLIDWORKS World. One of the dominant yearly gatherings for workstation hardware and software vendors, it’ s much used as a backdrop for announcing fresh products. And this year NVIDIA is doing honest that with a literal Extensive Pascal product set off for workstations. The endure hour we checked in on NVIDIA’ s Quadro workstation video card group, they had equitable launched the Quadro P6000. Based on a fully enabled chronicle of NVIDIA’ s GP102 GPU, the P6000 was the front high-end Quadro card to be released based on the Pascal generation.

AMD Files Patent Infringement Complaint Against LG, MediaTek, Sigma Designs, and Vizio

Late ultimate month, AMD filed a legal grievance against a amount of companies accusing them of infringing its patents covering graphics processing technologies. The association requested the United States International Commerce Comission (US ITC) to investigate the business and, provided the ITC finds in their favor, ban products based on chips that infringe on AMD’ s mental belongings rights. In its complaint, AMD asserts that products by LG, MediaTek, Sigma Designs and Vizio infringe three patents, two of which were originally filed by ATI Technologies (which AMD acquired in 2006) in early 2000s and one filed by AMD itself. The patents in examination subsume essential aspects of current graphics processing, such unified shaders (‘

You can build a laptop out of open source components if you want a bad laptop

I'm typing this on a unibody MacBook Pro, probably the most notorious laptop on the earth when it comes to exiguity of repairability and modularity. But in the drawer coterminous to my desk is a Raspberry Pi and a loose LCD I bought from Adafruit. My affection is in that drawer. Figuratively. In every way, a MacBook is a superior computer, but a Raspberry Pi is also than a computer: it's an invitation to close something latest and altered with computers. Now a Bulgarian firm called Olimex is doing something virgin and contrasting with laptops. It recently announced an frank source DIY notebook utensils called TERES-I, based on its modular hardware.

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