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Intel Announces the Xeon E7-8894 v4 CPU: 24 Cores at 2.4 GHz for 8898

Intel Announces the Xeon E7-8894 v4 CPU: 24 Cores at 2.4 GHz for 8898

In the preceding week, Intel has launched a new gloriole CPU - its highest-performing multi-core CPU for multi-socket mission-critical servers, the Xeon E7-8894 v4. The new processor is based on the Broadwell-EX die and has environing a 200 MHz higher representation closeness than its manage predecessor, released in Q2 2016. Intel said that the new CPU has locate a unit of records in diverse benchmarks. Intel’ s customers drawn in the chip will also have to wages a draw up cost too. The flagship Intel Xeon E7-8894 v4 processor features the Broadwell-EX XCC (extreme core-count) die and has 24 cores with Hyper-Threading technology, 60 MB of L3 cache, 165 W TDP, a default frequency of 2.

AOC Expands AGON Family with Curved AG322QCX and AG272FCX 144 Hz Displays

AOC has introduced two different curved gaming monitors as stuff of the AGON family, the AG322QCX and the AG272FCX. The recent monitors side rather grand energize rates along with VESA’ s Adaptive-Sync technology (which generally income ease for AMD’ s FreeSync). The displays keep a digit of similarities, nevertheless are aimed at discrepant segments of the market, with varying prices and event sets.. The AOC AGON AG272FCX is the smaller of the two and uses a 27" VA panel with 1920× 1080 resolution, whereas the AOC AGON AG322QCX is the larger one and features a 31.5" VA panel with 2560× 1440 resolution. The monitors bear 1800R curvature, a 16:9 attribute ratio, as fine as brace rates between 48 Hz and 144 Hz.

At death s door for years, widely used SHA1 function is now dead

(credit: Bob Embleton ) For and than six years, the SHA1 cryptographic hash function underpinning Internet security has been at death's door. Directly it's officially dead, thanks to the submission of the front accepted action of a fatal exploit admitted as a "collision." Despite enhanced than a decade of warnings about the inferiority of security of SHA1, the watershed mo comes as the hash avail remains widely used. Git, the world's most widely used manner for managing software advancing among multiple people, relies on it for news integrity. The GnuPG e-mail encryption programme still deems SHA1 safe. And hundreds if not thousands of big-name software send rely on SHA1 signatures to clinch installation and modernize files distributed over the Internet haven't been maliciously altered.

Eurocom Launches a 780 W External PSU for Laptops

The universe is getting mobile and divers things that used to come in full-tower desktop chassis are momentarily available in mobile form-factors. For example, high-performance notebooks from companies analogous Eurocom, Clevo or MSI can easily sufferance mid-range mainstream desktops at the end in terms of performance - and all the more these are laptops (albeit, not genuine portable ones). These machines typically come with a single exorbitant endowment adaptor, or in the instance of a couple of models, two adaptors. To add to the market, Eurocom this week announced its new elevated efficiency 780 W efficacy supply/AC/DC adapter. The new Eurocom 780 W exterior PSU is designed for PCs that exercise a four-conductor DIN-type connector, which includes ultra-high-end laptops conforming Eurocom’

Hackers who took control of PC microphones siphon raquo;600 GB from 70 targets

Enlarge (credit: Defense Contemporary Test Projects Agency ) Researchers compass uncovered an latest malware-based development that siphoned extra than 600 gigabytes from approximately 70 targets in a wide scope of industries, including critical infrastructure, counsel media, and scientific research. The course uses malware to grip audio recordings of conversations, shade shots, documents, and passwords, according to a blog publicize published endure week by security certain CyberX. Targets are initially infected using wick Microsoft Talk documents sent in phishing e-mails. Once compromised, infected machines upload the pilfered audio and counsel to Dropbox, where it's retrieved by the attackers.

NEC Goes for a Curved Display, Launches 34401440 MultiSync EX341R Monitors

This week NEC has announced its first curved ultrawide display, the EX341R. NEC is promoting the panel for offices, polity rooms, trading rooms, and other applications that typically advantage multi-monitor configurations but also flip over color accuracy. The screen has a cipher of differences when compared to displays for gamers, and the price of the new MultiSync EX341R will be reflected in this. In the advanced years, NEC concentrated on displays for commercial and expert use, whereas its consumer watchdog lineup slowly stepped into the background. The majority of curved ultrawide displays at the moment are designed with gamers in mind, which is why manufacturers tend to encompass correct colossal enliven rates along with driving brace scale technologies and gaming specific features or aesthetics.

Google and Microsoft will stop showing piracy sites on the first page of results in the UK

Google and Microsoft acquire both voluntarily agreed to supervene a latest law in the United Community to de-list piracy websites from the front event of Google search and Bing results, as fit as remove autocomplete terms that could sincere users to felonious content, according to a report from The Telegraph. In a statement to The Telegraph explaining the modern code, Jo Johnson, the minister of nation for Universities, Science, Probation and Innovation, said, "It is substantial that [consumers] are presented with links to valid websites and services, not if with links to pirate sites." The contemporary edict was advocated for by manifold media groups along with the British government, whose compliance (despite life voluntary) testament be overseen by the.

Logitech Launches the BRIO 4K Pro: Its First 4K UHD Webcam with HDR

Logitech has announced its BRIO 4K Pro Webcam, one of the world’ s first webcams that features an Ultra HD resolution as well as HDR. The camera also has an infrared sensor to support facial recognition and Windows Hello. The Logitech BRIO aka 4K Pro Webcam (960-001105) is based on the company’ s new 4K sensor, supports up to 4096× 2160 resolution at 30 fps (or 1920x1080 at 60 fps), as well as RightLight 3 with HDR backlighting technology. The webcam has autofocus, 5X digital zoom, and is equipped with an infrared sensor. The BRIO can also catch between 65° , 78° , and 90° area of glimpse (FOV) options, and the device has two omni-directional microphones with extra uproar cancellation options.

Semi-Critical Intel Atom C2000 SoC Flaw Discovered, Hardware Fix Required

Last week, Paul Alcorn over at Tom’ s Hardware picked up on an amusing statement fabricated by Intel in their Q4 2016 earnings call. The company, whose Data Center group’ s profits had slipped a bit year-over-year, was "observing a product level controversy in the fourth quarter with slightly higher expected failure rates under firm use and chronology constraints." As a arrangement the company had setup a reserve fund as division of their larger aspiration to deal with the issue, which would insert a "minor" representation (i.e. silicon) allot to permanently resolve the problem. A bit more digging by Paul also turned up that the hot potato was with Intel’

Can netbooks be cool again?

Earlier this week, my colleague Chaim Gartenberg covered a laptop called the GPD Pocket, which is currently continuance funded on Indiegogo. As Chaim pointed out, the Pocket"s leading work is its extent - with a 7-inch screen, the device is really, absolutely small - and its price, a unbiased $399. But he didn"t mention that the Pocket is the resurrection of one of the most compelling, even fatally flawed, computing trends of the "00s: the netbook. So after ten years, are netbooks last of all biting again? That might be putting it very strongly, but I"m voluntary to hope. If you"ve fully understandably forgotten the netbook boom, it started on all sides of 2007, with a machine called the Asus Eee PC.

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