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The Dell XPS 15 9550 Review: Infinity Edge Lineup Expands

The Dell XPS 15 9550 Review: Infinity Edge Lineup Expands

It was roughly a year ago that we had a chance to reassessment Dell’ s XPS 13, which was the first laptop from Dell to fact the Infinity Border display. In addition to making the laptop attending as much like a bezel-less bravura as possible, it also let Dell squeeze a 13-inch laptop into a much smaller chassis. The XPS 13 is still, to this day, unparalleled in the PC space in this context. So the apparent inquisition at the time was when or if Dell was going to do the same to the rest of the XPS lineup? That inquiry was answered in Oct 2015, when Dell launched the updated XPS 15 with Skylake and Infinity Edge. Just like the XPS 13 before it, the laptop was bezel-less and the larger 15.

Microsoft Reveals Additional Details About HoloLens and Begins to Take Pre-Orders

Microsoft this week began to appropriate applications for pre-orders for its HoloLens augmented actuality device. Exactly now, the company offers HoloLens only to software developers looking to physique applications for this new environment.Interested developers will have to stipend $3000 per unit for this system kit, which is a hefty sum. Moreover, additional specialized specifications of HoloLens revealed by Microsoft cede us a bit of drift into what is inside this augmented genuineness wearable. The Microsoft HoloLens is custom-built wearable personal computer running Windows 10 operating system. The HoloLens is based on an undisclosed 32-bit Intel processor and a custom-designed Microsoft holographic processing unit (HPU) that processes data from multiple sensors.

VESA Releases DisplayPort 1.4 Standard: DisplayPort Adds Compression HDR

One of the more elegant aspects of the DisplayPort standards is how the VESA has the separate but strongly intertwined DisplayPort and Embedded DisplayPort standards. As a creature of the standard augmenting process, we gaze a bit of ping-ponging between the two standards on features. New features dispose adopted by one sub-standard or the other first, and then after a bit of allotment indicate up in the consequent iteration of the other standard. What would grow into DisplayPort Adaptive Sync, for example, first started out in Embedded DisplayPort, while the newest bandwidth mode, HBR3, started out on DisplayPort. After an update for the Embedded DisplayPort standard last year with eDP 1.

Market Views: Hard Drive Shipments Drop by Nearly 17 in 2015

Today we're launching a new fact on the AnandTech Pipeline: Quarterly HDD shipments reports. Here we'll gaze HDD sales and analyse what's remain them. Since some numbers are estimates, we recommend you to trial our counting methodology in the aim of the article before reading. While no one is writing off the PC market entirely, since it's heyday nearly a decade ago the PC market has been in a slow decline for some time, and that decline has yet to backside out. Sales of personal computers declined by roughly 25 – 30 million units year-over-year, hitting an eight-year low in 2015 due to economic trends, impotent international currencies, and competition from tablets and smartphones in some markets.

Discussing the State of DirectX 12 With Microsoft Oxide Games

Taking dwelling hard by week is the 2016 Merriment Developers Conference in San Francisco. GDC has been an earnest flash for some time, on the other hand in fresh oldness it has taken on an much more advantageous role as what happens and what is announced at GDC chalk up higher quality implications for not even-handed developers, nevertheless end-users as well. GDC has been the backdrop for Personal computer hardware launches, graphics API launches, and more. And GDC 2016 promises to be even the same, as in the Computer existence developers study to include DirectX 12, Virtual Reality, and other emerging technologies. Ahead of coming week’

AMD Releases Radeon Software Crimson Edition 16.3 Hotfix: Support for Vulkan and TB3 Enclosures

With the driver modernize floodgates not closing yet, we are addicted a massive refresh from AMD that brings Radeon Software Crimson Edition to version 16.3 (driver version 16.15). Incoming this week is a bully dossier of bug fixes, a sizeable record of advanced features which comprise a couple of surprises, and some performance numbers to let us cognize how these cards have been improving. On the folder of resolved issues, AMD has fixed an contention with cards not sustaining steady watch speeds, which had been primary to choppy performance. AMD also fixed a fortuitous crash in Rise of the Tomb Raider caused on engender of the game when Tessellation is enabled.

If you can turn a vacuum into an improvised weapon, DARPA may want your help

Can you turn a Dyson vacuum cleaner into an improvised threat to US troops? DARPA may recompense you to treasure trove out. (credit: Bethesda Softworks) In an deed to catch on the kinds of improvised weapons, devices, and systems that could be used against US forces in the existence today, the Defence Evaluation Projects Agency's Defense Science Profession is preparing for an alternative category of "improv" performance. DARPA is inviting researchers, developers, and hardware-hacking hobbyists to adhere in, and the purpose of the deliberate marmalade session is to detect ways that off-the-shelf commercial technology could be modified to be used against the military by its adversaries.

Dell s Skylake XPS 13, Precision workstations now come with Ubuntu preinstalled

A Dell notebook running Ubuntu. (credit: Dell) We absolutely liked the updated Skylake-powered Dell XPS 13, and its higher quality brother, the XPS 15, was again beautiful great. But provided you're looking at those machines and thinking, "Well, the hardware is nice; I equitable inclination they came with Linux, " Dell has some choice news. The company's "Developer Edition" programme has dependable been updated to combine the newest Skylake systems. The Developer Edition XPS 13s are slightly changed from the Windows versions, as they account Intel Wi-Fi adaptors (instead of Dell-branded parts). Otherwise, imperceptible has changed save for them ultimate with Ubuntu 14.

Intel Updates True Key App to Simplify Security

Intel Security, a fully owned subsidiary of Intel (and previously avowed as McAfee) has updated its True Key password gaffer employ to tackle one of the most prominent issues with password managers: inability to reset the forgotten crackerjack password. The fresh account of the app allows resetting the masterly password using other methods of authorization. The updated narration will simplify managing of passwords and will also advice Intel in its pursuit to "eliminate" passwords in general. Since computing is getting increasingly mobile, security of personal devices is getting increasingly and important. As a better developer of PC platforms, Intel has created a amount of sophisticated technologies that can elevate security of computing devices.

ZOTAC to Offer Small Form-Factor PC with NVIDIA s GeForce GTX 980 GPU

Various kinds of brief form-factor PCs are on a roll these days. Mini-ITX systems corner been offering performance of full-size desktops for diverse oldness immediately and yet smaller systems are catching up in terms of performance. ZOTAC this week said that it had developed an SFF Machine with NVIDIA’ s animated GeForce GTX 980 inside. The different method testament be showcased at CeBIT and GDC trade-shows this month and will be available sequential in 2016. The ZOTAC ZBOX MAGNUS EN980 is based on an unnamed Intel Core i-series processor based on the Skylake micro-architecture as great as NVIDIA’ s ambulatory GeForce GTX 980 graphics adapter.

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