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Microsoft goes after VMware with free ish Windows licenses for Hyper-V converts

Microsoft goes after VMware with free ish Windows licenses for Hyper-V converts

(credit: Wikipedia ) With the approaching proceeds of Windows Server 2016, due to be launched some age in September with its advanced per-core licensing, Microsoft is moulding a concerted accomplishment to achievement over VMware users and prompt them to switch to Hyper-V. Accordingly, the firm is running a time-limited promotion : switch from VMware to Hyper-V and the convention testament deliver you "free" licenses to Windows Server Datacenter. The take is that you'll compulsion to pay for a Software Assurance subscription too, so it's not really free. Nevertheless it should save some of the costs of migrating. To avail persuade companies to switch, Microsoft has offered a TCO calculator to display off the crowded reserves (Microsoft hopes) that can be had from manufacture the switch.

HP s Sure View screens strive to stop shoulder surfing

Enlarge / "Say... that's a attractive e-mail you're writing." (credit: HP) I posses a stain secret: I am an inveterate reader of other people's screens. It's a compulsion. I've tried to quit. On the contrary I can't. They're invariably else very interesting than my own, so whether I'm sitting closest to you on the plane I'll be checking away your e-mails, reading your presentations, and tutting at your apply of Comedian Sans in your documents. As such, I'm not a fan of HP's original Definite Outlook screens-but I certainly catch the justification. The EliteBook 840, showing its off-axis visibility with the privacy money enabled. The Undeniable Picture possibility is lifetime offered on the HP EliteBook 1040 and the EliteBook 840;

Unpacking AMD's Zen Benchmark: Is Zen actually 2 Faster than Broadwell?

At a spacecraft coincidence to Intel's Developer Conference carry on week, AMD held an evening soiree with invited analysts and press to exhortation about their just out upcoming Zen microarchitecture. This was intended to be a preview of tomorrow's Febrile Chips presentation, and we've already covered the juicier parts of the presentation in terms of microarchitecture announcements as great as diving low into the Server-based Naples implementation and what the motherboards told us from recapture and IO support. You can announce both here: AMD Zen Microarchitecture: Dual Schedulers, Micro-op Cache and Mind Hierarchy Revealed AMD Server CPUs and Motherboard Analysis There was one other component to the presentation that requires also review and analysis, provided exclusive to disinfected up some of the misinformation already show online and to fame what was shown with a elongate file of conceivable caveats which most citizens seem to keep passed by almost entirely.

AMD Bundles Together Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and AMD FX CPUs

Buying latest hardware is nearly always exciting, and purchases are much sweeter when they come with included gifts. In spirit of Deus Ex: Community Divided receiving DX12 backing in the time to come weeks AMD is bundling the game with hire AMD FX CPU’ s fini participating retailers. The Deus Ex series has been chipper revered in that its inception. The width of player choice, storytelling, and player customization was a capacious manner in gaming, and the genuine Deus Ex is much regarded by copious as the boon Machine game ever made. With varying degrees of success, the series has continued to jewel consummation in the equivalent formula started back in 2000.

NVIDIA Announces Paragon Game Bundle For GeForce Video Cards

As diversion releases slope up and GPU manufacturers conformation bazaar control approaching the fall season, bundles seem to be popping up alike daisies. The modern to add the fray is NVIDIA’ s Paragon Amusement Ready Pack. Paragon is the contemporary pastime outside of Legend games. The Free-to-Play MOBA is locate to proceeds subsequent this year and runs on Epic’ s own Unreal Engine 4. NVIDIA’ s newest bundle, starting today, includes a digit of perks. These perks comprise both cosmetic and gameplay related benefits that NVIDIA values at $115. Included with the bundle is 1000 Paragon coins, which is in sport currency useable to invest in Masterly challenges, skins, and bosts.

Clinton e-mail service providers served subpoenas by House, Senate

Enlarge / You keep been served: a subpoena encompass mail sent to the function provider for Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server yesterday by Rep. Lamar Smith. Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), chairman of the Condo Science and Technology Committee, has sent subpoenas to three companies that if services related to former Secretary of Government Hillary Clinton's private e-mail server. The subpoena seeks clue on how secure the server was and if it was protected within the guidelines fix by the Public College of Standards and Technology (NIST) for systems used by governance employees. Smith's subpoenas were supported by Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), the chairman of the Senate Native land Security and Control Affairs Committee.

PlayStation Now game streaming is coming to PC

Get ready to play Uncharted on your computer: Sony has revealed that PlayStation These days amusement streaming is prospect to PCs. The partnership says that PS Promptly will be available "overseas in parts of Europe soon and will come to North America shortly thereafter." Sony recommends the consequent specs if you animus to partake in the advantage on your desktop: Windows 7 (SP1), 8.1 or 10 3.5 GHz Intel Core i3 or 3.8 GHz AMD A10 or faster 300 MB or more; 2 GB or another of RAM Sound card; USB port As branch of the announcement, Sony and revealed a advanced wirelss USB adaptor to connect a DualShock 4 controller to a Mac or PC. It"ll be available adjacent month for $24.

Sony's 25 USB dongle adds full DualShock 4 support to PC and Mac

Sony is bringing certified DualShock 4 collar to Windows PCs and OS X. Today, alongside the report of PlayStation Now's upcoming proceeds on Windows, the association revealed a fashionable $24.99 USB adapter that will enable "every feature" of the PlayStation 4 gamepad. It will found shipping in September. Specifically, Sony says the dongle opens up filled access to "buttons, analog sticks, touch pad, lustrous bar, progress sensors, vibration, and stereo headset jack" - so far-off as those features are all supported by whatever pastime manipulate you're using. You can already appropriateness the DualShock 4 for the basics by pairing over Bluetooth or plugging it in directly with a USB cable, nevertheless nowadays the controller's plentiful capabilities will be unlocked.

Supermicro Releases Intel Xeon Phi x200 KNL Systems: Servers and a Developer Mid-Tower

Supermicro has released two systems featuring Intel’ s many-core Xeon Phi x200 processors: a workstation and an ultra-dense server. The platforms collar up to 384 GB of DDR4 memorization and are based on the good-old Intel C612 PCH. Due to big TDP of Intel’ s Knights Transplanting CPUs, Supermicro had to end a custom closed-loop liquid cooling for its SuperWorkstation SYS-5038K-i. Intel officially launched its Xeon Phi x200 many-core Knights Landing platform in June, but the association disclosed most of the details regarding its fashionable processors ultimate year at Supercomputing15. As discussed, every Xeon Phi x200 in LGA packaging has up to 72 cores (based on highly-modified Atom Silvermont microarchitecture) running at up to 1.

ARM Announces ARM v8-A with Scalable Vector Extensions: Aiming for HPC and Data Center

Today ARM is announcing an refresh to their contour of architecture licence products. With the argument of stirring ARM amassed into the server, the material center, and high-performance computing, the different license add-on tackles a essential info centre and HPC issue: vector compute. ARM v8-A with Scalable Vector Extensions won’ t be thing of any ARM microarchitecture license today, but for the semiconductor companies that constitution their own cores with the instruction set, this could scrutinize ARM motion up into the HPC markets. Fujitsu is the fundamental universal licensee on board, with plans to comprehend ARM v8-A cores with SVE in the Post-K RIKEN supercomputer in 2020.

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