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SilverStone Shrinks Depth of Strider Titanium PSUs: 180 mm, Up to 1.5 kW, 80 Plus Titanium

SilverStone Shrinks Depth of Strider Titanium PSUs: 180 mm, Up to 1.5 kW, 80 Plus Titanium

SilverStone has announced its current high-wattage 80 Plus Titanium PSUs for high-performance desktop computers. The distinct Strider Titanium authority supplies are rated for up to 1500 W output. The leading selling objective of the contemporary function supplies is their depth, which has been shrunk to 180 mm, production them compatible with smaller chassis and builds. There is an in fashion trend in relation to miniaturization of all kinds of computers, if they are motile or stationary. Now there are enthusiast-class Mini-ITX components (mainboards, PSUs, etc.) and accordingly MSI’ s recently launched X299M Gaming Pro Carbon AC high-end Micro-ATX motherboard supporting three graphics cards and 10 storage devices does not come as a surprise.

Lian-Li releases PC-Q39 Tempered Glass Mini-ITX Tower

On Tuesday, Lian-Li announced a recent Mini-ITX Tower chassis with its PC-Q39. A direction from the PC-Q37 case, the PC-Q39 is a bit larger and can pdq commorancy an ATX articulation antecedent PSU, up to 2x120mm radiator, and a triple slot graphics card. The absent of the chassis uses tempered glass on the side with an updated aluminium front panel giving it a high-end eyeful frequent are after. Lian-Li PC-Q39 Like its predecessor, the PC-Q39 maintains a dual hospital ward conception separating the motherboard, video card, and heatsink/radiator from the HDD/SSD and capacity supply. Lian-Li strategically placed committed grommets for liquid cooling tubes at the top and backside of the motherboard tray.

Dell Now Offers Aquantia AQtion AQN-108-Based 5 GbE Cards with Select PCs

Aquantia and Dell this week began to overture Aquantia’ s AQtion AQN-108 5 GbE network controller as a build-to-order alternative for the OptiPlex 7050 workstations. Dell is the early greater Personal computer brand to bid an Aquantia AQtion card with its systems, and owing to Dell is one of the world’ s largest suppliers of computers, the collaboration is a choice communique for Aquantia. This is besides equally deluxe copy for the adoption of higher bandwidth Ethernet standards in PCs, marking one of the first off times a faster NIC has been available in a commodity-grade workstation. The Aquantia AQtion AQN-108 card is a 2.5/5 GbE network controller that uses a PCIe 3.

Unannounced 8th Generation Core 15W U-Series CPUs Appear on Intel s Public Price List

More disclosure from Intel this morning, this continuance published directly on their website. With the upcoming report of the 8 th Interval Core beside week to which Intel has already posted teasers to the media, it would seem that someone at Intel confident to add processor details and pricing into Intel’ s accredited Bill Record today. New to the list are four CPUs, all in the U-series range, which normally indicates TDPs of 15W for non-Iris products. However, the considerable hop to comment will be in the core counts. U-series processors, including the Core i7 parts, keep historically been alone dual-core with Hyper-Threading, coincidental to the Core i5 parts (with the Core i7 activity more appropriate for voltage/frequency curves and overall performance).

AnandTech Parent Company Employee Killed in Terrorist Attack

We invisible a buddy and a colleague to terror yesterday (Aug. 17). Bruno Gulotta, 35, an worker of Tom's Hardware Italy - a trade-mark owned by AnandTech fountain partnership Purch - was on holiday in Barcelona, Spain, strolling along Las Ramblas with his companion and two blooming children, when he was struck and killed by a vehivle that too took the lives of 13 others and injured extended than 100. When he was hit by the van, Bruno was holding his 5-year-old sonny Alessandro's hand. His son was yanked out to safety by his mother, who had their 7-month-old daughter, Aria, strapped to her chest when the car struck. The terrorist troop ISIS has claimed albatross for the attack, and authorities acquire arrested at least four suspects as the inquiry continues, according to the Associated Press.

ASUS ROG Strix XG27VQ Available: 27 Curved, FHD 144Hz FreeSync w ELMB

ASUS is approximately to originate shipments of its ROG Strix XG27VQ example - an inexpensive curved 27" shade with a great energize ratio and AMD’ s FreeSync technology designed for gamers and modders. The watchdog has all the features that one expects from the ROG trademark as bright-eyed as one trade-mark recent tech from ASUS, the so-called Utmost Low Progress Blur (ELMB). Besides, the XG27VQ is among the headmost monitors to annex the ASUS Aura RGB lighting on the back along with a customizable brilliance signature projector on the bottom. With the start of the ROG Strix XG27VQ, ASUS not one releases a moderately-sized curved LCD, however very makes a ROG-branded observer else accessible owing to the dissimilar imitation costs $349.

More Denverton Noise: GIGABYTE s MA10-ST0 Features Unannounced 16-Core C3958

Today GIGABYTE Server (the server arm of GIGABYTE, a differential BU to the motherboard team) has lifted the lid on their virgin MA10-ST0 motherboard and SoC combination, aimed squarely at the algid storage or string storage market. This includes design agency for up to 16 SATA drives via SFF8087, a PCIe x8 slot, 10 gigabit Ethernet via two SFP+ ports, and server administration features via the Aspeed AST2400. For server/enterprise features, a TPM header and a COM header are also present. The attractive twist in this tale, however, is the SoC at the emotions of the unit. GIGABYTE Server has announced they are using the C3958 SoC, listed as a 16-core division at 31W TDP and supporting DDR4-2400.

Intel Officially Reveals Post-8th Generation Core Architecture Code Name: Ice Lake, Built on 10nm

In an different stir for Intel, the chip giant has ever so slightly taken the wraps off of one of their budgeted reproduction Core architectures. Basic erudition on the Solidify Lake architecture has been published over on Intel's codename decoder, officially confirming for the elementary age the career of the architecture and that it testament be untrue on Intel's 10nm+ process. The Harden Lake processor family is a successor to the 8th engendering Intel® Core™ processor family. These processors resort to Intel’ s industry-leading 10 nm+ mechanism technology. This is an unforeseen action as the partnership has all the more to formally point (let alone launch) the front 10nm Core architecture –

Shuttle s X1 Now Available: NUC-Like PC With a GeForce GTX 1060 GPU

Shuttle has started to sell its contemporary Gaming Nano family of humble form-factor PCs. The minor Shuttle X1 systems are barely larger than Intel’ s NUCs, but they integrate Intel’ s 45W high-end animated Core i5/i7 HQ-series Kaby Lake CPUs with NVIDIA’ s motile GeForce GTX 1060 3 GB GPUs, which adjust them capable of running VR games. The combination of proportions and hardware leads to pricing from $1465 to $1709. Shuttle and Slender PCs Shuttle was among the pioneers of new diminutive form-factor PCs for enthusiasts in the early 2000s. Back then, the society was the front to bid custom Machine barebones that enabled users to habit a Personal computer without badger on motherboard becoming and cooling.

EVGA Launches SC17 1080 Laptop: Core i7-7820HK, GeForce GTX 1080, TB3

EVGA has launched its virgin flagship 17.3" notebook with a dewy CPU, a current GPU, and with Thunderbolt 3 support. The brand-new SC17 1080 gaming register is thicker than its predecessors, on the other hand it features higher performance due to Intel’ s recent Core i7-7820HK expressive CPU as fit as NVIDIA’ s flagship GeForce GTX 1080 graphics processor for laptops. Blameless agnate predecessors, the SC17 has a 4K demonstrate and allows its owners to overclock the CPU. EVGA introduced its early SC17 publication in Parade 2016 with an end to proposition desktop-class performance and aspect locate in a clamshell chassis that is 1.

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