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You won t be able to use your Surface Book if you want to take the bar in Tennessee

You won t be able to use your Surface Book if you want to take the bar in Tennessee

If you"re planning on using your Surface Album or a notebook with the Windows 10 Creator renovate on it to catch the bar exam in Tennessee coterminous month, you"re absent of luck. The homeland bar has prohibited test-takers from using the device, and anyone using a slogan with the cutting edge updates testament keep to fabricate some adjustments. According to the Tennessee Board of Code Examiners, the dictate comes from limitations with the exam software, SofTest, which doesn"t backing the Windows 10 Creator update, or any Surface Tome other than a Surface Pro. Users will be required to change some compatibility settings in line to accept the test.

ASUS Unveils Three Strix Gaming Monitors: FreeSync High Refresh Rates

Hot on the heels of the Swift PG35VQ announcement, ASUS has unveiled three new Strix-branded gaming monitors that will aspect AMD’ s FreeSync technology. While the first Strix model was unveiled back at CES 2017 - the Strix XG27VQ - it was a one-off until the announcement of these newest models. Clearly, ASUS intends to have a gaming monitor lineup that consists of both the Strix and Swift series. Starting off from largest to smallest, we have the Strix XG32V. This model has a 31.5-inch IPS panel with a WQHD resolution of 2560 × 1440 and an 1800R curve that should ease administer a wider sphere of view. We don't have a ton of other specialist details, we do apperceive that this model can crank refresh rates of up to 144Hz and it supports FreeSync.

Apple Refreshes iPad Pro Lineup: A10X Fusion SoC for 10.5-inch, 12.9-inch Models

In addition to showing off its virgin OS and software updates, Apple false several hardware announcements at WWDC 2017, including a refreshed iPad Pro lineup. The smaller of the two Pros ditches the 9.7-inch screen, which dates all the form back to the initial iPad, for a 10.5-inch panel that fits into a chassis only 10.6mm (0.42") taller and 4.6mm (0.18") wider than the outgoing model thanks to smaller bezels. The expanded all-aluminum chassis increases weight by 7% or 32 grams, just enough to observance if you’ re confidential with one of the virgin models. The larger 12.9-inch Pro-first released at the edge of 2015-finally gets some carefulness too.

A teardown of Microsoft s new Surface laptop reveals that it s almost impossible to repair

We really liked Microsoft"s fresh Surface Laptop : it"s got the deserved balance of power, portability, and design. It"s further apparently impossible to repair on your own, according to teardown specialists at iFixit. There"s no screws holding the circumstances together, so the technicians were forced to shot and pry apart the Alcantara fabric, noting that it was dense to cook without tearing it. Underneath, the different components are and hard to remove: the keyboard is glued down, and the motherboard is covered with a series of thermal pads. The company further reports that they can"t disconnect the battery until various other components are removed, and once they satisfy to it, they father that it"s glued directly to the case.

US gov t taps The Machine to beat China to exascale supercomputing

HPE With China threatening to fabricate the world's ahead exascale supercomputer before the US, the US Branch of Impulse has awarded a evaluation grant to Hewlett Packard Enterprise to fashion an exascale supercomputer reference composition based on technology gleaned from the The Machine, a project that aims to "reinvent the essential architecture of computing." The DoE historically operated most of the world's top supercomputers, however in modern elderliness China has taken over in dramatic fashion. China's top supercomputer, Sunway TaihuLight, currently has five times the top performance (93 petaflops) of Oak-tree Ridge's Titan (18 petaflops).

PathForward: US Dept. of Energy Awards 258M in Research Contracts To Develop Exascale Supercomputer Technology

Even though the hefty US state laboratories are decent double time starting to part delivery of the supercomputers they ordered a rare agedness back, due to the stretched and entangled process modus operandi for these projects, the US Branch of Energy(DOE) has already been focusing on the later round of supercomputers for the later decade. Under the Exascale Computing Project, the DOE expects to evolve & composition one (and in the end, viable several) exaFLOPS-capable supercomputers, 50 times besides effective than the genesis of supercomputers activity installed now. A long-term project expected to revenue distinct senility altogether, the Department of Force and its laboratories keep already been working on it for almost two elderliness now, slowly building in relation to ordering the ending computer.

Windows Server to copy Windows 10, get twice-yearly feature updates

Rows of Expanded Compute Project racks in a Facebook facts center. (credit: Facebook ) The habit Microsoft updates Windows Server 2016 is going to acquire a bit of a shake-up as Microsoft continues to unify its Windows advancing and deliver fashionable features on a popular basis. Just as is already the occasion with Windows 10 and Office, Windows Server is going to come by twice-yearly characteristic updates. This inexperienced policy addresses one of the copious unknowns of Microsoft's unified Windows development. The desktop novel of Windows 10 has picked up, for example, brand-new features for the Hyper-V virtualization platform; these are features that server operators might right want.

Georgia s lax voting security exposed just in time for crucial special election

(credit: Verified Voting ) To catch why alive with pc scientists and voting rights advocates don't credence the security of innumerable US poll systems, deliberate the practice of Georgia-based researcher Logan Lamb. Extreme August, after the FBI reported hackers were probing voter registration systems in amassed than a dozen states, Lamb certain to assess the security of voting systems in his state. According to a detailed announcement published Tuesday in Politico, Lamb wrote a facile script that would pull documents off the website of Kennesaw Native land University"s Centre for Hustings Systems, which under business agreement with Georgia, tests and programs voting machines for the all-inclusive state.

Razer Updates The Razer Blade Stealth: More Screen, Less Bezel, New Color Option

Ever on account of Razer entered the Ultrabook market, they keep offered a solid notebook in the ultra-portable category. The initial chronicle launched back in 2016, and although it had some concerns, principally battery life, Razer has updated it distinct times to balm licence that. The one affair that was hardened to not comment though was that it had graceful great exhibit bezels, when all the more of the competition is instantly doing their best kind to build those as baby as possible, allowing another dash in the corresponding bigness laptop. Today Razer is announcing their contemporary enliven on the Stealth, and the biggest discovery is the original 13.

Firefox 54 finally goes multiprocess, eight years after work began

Enlarge (credit: Mozilla) Firefox has last of all been outfitted with simultaneous multiple content processes, a UI process, and a GPU acceleration process- eight oldness after the project, codenamed Electrolysis (E10S), began. Mozilla is calling Firefox 54 "the boss Firefox ever, " and they're probably not misconception (though Firefox 3.5 was charming good, in my opinion). In theory, stirring to multiple content processes testament come around stability and performance (one evil tab won't slow down the rest of your computer). Electrolysis is further a prerequisite for unabridged security sandboxing in Firefox, which is currently exclusive available for a uncommon media-decoding plug-ins such as Flash.

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