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Google announces high-end Pixelbook laptop with a stylus for 999

Google announces high-end Pixelbook laptop with a stylus for 999

Google is bringing back the Chromebook Pixel, with a slightly contrasting name. The original Google Pixelbook is a high-end Chromebook 2-in-1 that looks compatible a cross between a Lenovo Yoga laptop and Microsoft"s Surface Book. Just liking the leaks we saying carry on month, Google"s Pixelbook has a blocky example with bulky keys, a broad trackpad, and a 12.3-inch display. It"s the cutting edge premium Chromebook that we haven"t seen for a couple of senescence now, and it"s priced starting at $999. That"s a quantity of method for a Chromebook, on the contrary Google esteem it"s reward it. Google"s Pixelbook flips enclosing adoration a Lenovo Yoga Computer to be remodelled a tablet, offering up colorful modes for tablet or laptop.

Imagination Technologies to Be Acquired by Canyon Bridge for 550M; MIPS Sold to Tallwood VC

Late this evening Belief Technologies has announced that they have finally agreed to a buy-out offer. After production clamour persist month as a practicable suitor, Canyon Bridge has announced that they’ re buying the struggling GPU decided for 550 million GBP. Meanwhile, as an annex to the deal, Imagination’ s MIPS CPU division, which was separately on the market, is being sold to Tallwood Baby Money for 65 million USD. As this is a behind breaking announcement, not a bull deal is confessed about this deal at the moment. Imagination’ s board of directors has reached an initial treaty with Canyon Bridge to sell the company for 182 pence a share, which works out to £

Paul Otellini, Former Intel CEO, Passes Away

Paul Otellini, manager executive of Intel from 2005 to 2013, passed out in his sleep on Monday, October 2, 2017, Intel has announced. Mister Otellini was Intel’ s inceptive CEO who did not keep a technology educational background, and all the more spent his all-inclusive growth at Intel. During his tenure at one of the world’ s largest chipmakers, he had a cogent bump on the company’ s field and technology development. "We are deeply saddened by Paul’ s passing, " Intel CEO Brian Krzanich said. "He was the relentless murmur of the customer in a sea of engineers, and he taught us that we individual gold star when we lay the customer first.

Facebook s Messenger Lite for Android launches in US, UK, and other countries

Facebook Envoy Lite, the excellent, cruft-free of Facebook"s chat app that focuses on the essentials, is expanding to the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland. The Android-only app was originally launched so that users could access Messenger in areas with sluggish animated connectivity. But still gone of its intended markets, Android users obtain taken to sideloading Messenger Lite as an escape from the growing ball of features that the main Android and iOS app has become. Sadly, there"s no such tool as Messenger Lite for iPhones - and TechCrunch reports that Facebook has no plans to release it. You can download the Android app here. Messenger Lite is strictly focused on messaging and doesn"t contain fresh additions alike stories, .

Lian Li Releases PC-Q38 Chassis: Small and Versatile mITX Case

Lian-Li has announced their new baby appearance belongings (SFF) chassis, the PC-Q38. Lian-Li calls the entire aluminum, windowed Mini-ITX occasion one that focuses on performance per liter, offers liquid-cooling potential, and for those who treasure the PC-Q37 is also chock-full for their needs. Away of lifetime smaller than the ITX supporting models surrounding it, the styling has changed. A unmarried ability press-stud surrounded by a unhappy LED sits in the centre of the grey (or silver) brushed aluminium face The edges are rounded lending it to a enhanced classic and subdued look. The PC-Q38 looks the effects of an HTPC and does not booty over the period with a flashy appearance.

Gigabyte Releases AORUS GTX 1080 Gaming Box: Upgraded GPU, Same Size Chassis

Following on the heels of the AORUS GTX 1070 Gaming box, a eGFX notion for laptops and ultrabooks, GIGABYTE and the AORUS brand catching performance to a higher calm by installing a augmented strong graphics card inside the alike chassis. Instead of a GTX 1070, a fully appointed GTX 1080 finds its street into the diminutive Gaming Box offering users another alternative for higher performance gone of their eGFX solution. The 212 x 96 x 162mm (8.34" x 3.77" x 6.37") Gaming Box is mini enough to sit on the desk or much to transact with its included carrying case. Its footprint is notably smaller than the ASUS ROG XG Station measuring 312 x 170 x 44mm and most other competitors.

A modder turned a MacBook Pro into a Samsung DeX laptop

It"s not the nicest notebook gone there, however this modded 2008 MacBook Pro is definitely the nicest laptop running DeX - Samsung"s portable desktop software, which isn"t de facto meant to be built into a laptop. As spotted by SamMobile, a modder named Kris Henriksen (who extremely appears to be the co-founder of a Bitcoin payments startup) cracked unbarred an senile MacBook and replaced some of its internals with parts that avow it to flow DeX off of a phone. Henriksen replaced the laptop"s battery, installed a late LCD controller, and specious the keyboard and trackpad exertion over USB. All of that - and some other tweaks, according to getting the laptop"s fan to profession - allowed him to plug in a Galaxy S8 and boot into DeX.

HP Updates Z8 Workstations: Up to 56 Cores, 3 TB RAM, 9 PCIe Slots, 1700W

HP has updated its most almighty dual-processor Z8 workstation limit with the latest components. The new systems cover up to two Intel Skylake-SP Xeon CPUs with up to 56 cores in total, up to 3 TB of DDR4 RAM, terabytes of storage as well as up to 9 PCIe slots along with optional TB3 and 10 GbE support via add-in cards. The HP Z8 workstation will be the pinnacle of HP’ s computers for personal and know onions practice and its price in high-end configurations will surpass even the top-of-the-range gaming PCs. Historically, most high-end workstations relied on server platforms to support more than one CPU and thus pitch higher performance than any consumer desktop.

Dell s Visor Available for Pre-Order: A Mixed Reality Headset, Ships in Mid-October

Dell has begun to revenue pre-orders on its Visor headset for Windows Mixed Materiality applications. The company will commencement shipments of the device in mid-October, decent in date for Microsoft’ s Windows 10 Creators Refresh that arrives on Oct 17 and ahead of the holiday season. Starting from September 14, Dell’ s Visor WMR headset is available for pre-order from Dell.com/Visor in the U.S. and from PCWorld in the U.K. The headset itself is priced at $349.99, the controller equipment costs $99.99 and a Visor with controllers is priced at $449.99. In the U.K., the complete kit is available for pre-order at £ 429.99. In progression to play non-controller based AR/VR games on the Visor, users will also have to predispose an Xbox One controller.

This mobile game lets you snoop through a lost phone

Developer Unwitting Queens is returning to its spin on existing voyeurism with a followup to animated game A Acknowledged Cast away Phone. Nevertheless though Another Disappeared Phone: Laura"s Story follows divers of the duplicate rules as its predecessor - the all-inclusive merriment is played on a smartphone that mirrors the one in your handwriting - frequent of its improvements are a conduct reaction to backlash from the preceding title. In Another Gone astray Phone, players assume the role of a adult who"s picked up a obstinate phone. Inside, they"ll bargain a slew of texts, emails, and photos that naked truth as breadcrumbs to the game"s preferable mystery: what happened to Laura, and why she seems to keep elsewhere missing.

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