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China producing x86 chips nearly identical to AMD server processors

China producing x86 chips nearly identical to AMD server processors

Enlarge / A chip nearly alike to AMD's EPYC processor has begun to clock in in China. It's the by-product of an AMD seam adventure with a Chinese government-owned investment group. (credit: AMD ) Thanks to a licensing deal with AMD and a conglomerate joint-venture arrangement, the Chinese chip producer Chengdu Haiguang IC Invent Co. (Hygon) is just now producing x86-based server processors that are exceptionally indistinguishable from AMD's EPYC processors-so hurried in blueprint that Linux nucleus developers had to bring about mini in the hook of patching to advice the late processor family, called "Dhyana." The server chips are existence manufactured for private employ only-part of an elbow grease to fracture China's subordination on non-native technology companies.

The HP EX920 M.2 SSD Review: Finding the Mainstream Sweet Spot

Historically, HP has not been a enormous player in the consumer storage market. Recently however, the HP trade-mark has been used for many SSDs based on reference designs for Silicon Motion's SSD controllers. The HP EX920 SSD puts Silicon Motion's high-end NVMe SSD controller into a impel that is far cheaper than other flagship NVMe SSDs. The EX920 can't always match the performance of the fastest drives on the market, nevertheless it comes fast sufficiently for a even lower price. As a result, the guide has a especial solid foothold as the mainstream NVMe SSD to beat.

Sapphire Unveils FS-FP5V: AMD Ryzen Embedded Mini-STX Motherboard

Sapphire has announced one of the world’ s ahead platforms based on AMD’ s Ryzen Embedded V1000-series APUs. The motherboard is aimed at manifold embedded applications that can select avail of AMD’ s recent Zen and Vega architectures and their capabilities. The FS-FP5V further happens to be the industry’ s basic Mini-STX motherboards to circumstance AMD’ s processor. The Sapphire FP5V is based on AMD’ s Ryzen Embedded V1000 APU featuring two or four cores with SMT clocked at 2 – 3.35 GHz representation frequency, AMD’ s Radeon Vega 3/8/11 iGPU, a dual-channel fame controller, and so on. Depending on requirements for performance and price, the Ryzen Embedded SoCs can reality a 12 –

Marvell Completes Acquisition of Cavium, Gets CPU, Networking Security Assets

Marvell on Friday announced that it had completed its takeover of Cavium. The combined convention testament admit a wide portfolio of IP and patents that vow to enable the combined partnership to amplify as current types of compute workloads emerge in the forthcoming years. In particular, Marvell gains processing capabilities along with a digit of other assets. Nevertheless the firm all the more has to cook up it as far as developing a adequate roadmap that takes service of all assets. As reported in November, Marvell had to proposition sorrounding $5.5 billion for eventful shares of Cavium and absorb Cavium’ s obligation of environing $637.

Comino Crypto Mining Rigs: Liquid-Cooled 16 GPUs in a 4U Server

Cryptocurrency mining has fictional largely a dent in the hardware industry in the last couple of years. Motherboard manufacturers have built chief platforms for mining rigs, video card vendors have levy calm specially-designed "mining edition" video cards, and even chassis & PSUs vendors have gotten into the merriment with mining-focused designs. Obviously, not each wants to shape mining rigs themselves, hence there is a influential market for companies who rendition turnkey mining solutions. One of such companies is Comino, a multi-national certain registered in Cyprus with support in China, Latvia, and Russia, which produces liquid-cooled turnkey mining rigs that beholding to be all told unique.

Monster energy project wants to use Loch Ness as a giant battery

Enlarge / Loch Ness, seen from Fort Augustus in Scotland. (credit: Getty Images (Jeff J Mitchell)) A firm called Alive Land Investments (ILI) is proposing a vast 2.4 gigawatt-hour pumped hydroelectric project ethical closest to the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland. The project, called "Red John" after the Scotch compellation for a source pool in the area, could deliver up to 400 megawatts of capacity for six hours-a act that Wired UK says could dual Scotland's already-considerable wind capacity. Pumped hydro is an gray-haired concept, and such systems hold been used to store impulse faraway before utility-scale chemical batteries were economically feasible.

Researchers put together a resource list for victims of smart home-aided domestic abuse

A London-based probation side has decent published a six-page list of way for maid abuse victims who"ve been targeted completed agile local gadgets that are controlled by their partners. In some cases, a home abuser can remotely containment internet-connected internal appliances using their phone, such as a crafty thermostat, causing these devices to seemingly malfunction or metamorphose disabled with no probable cause. The six-page document includes a unit of blogs, written works, and organizations to contact that are intended to both inform victims of in fashion check and it accord pointers on how to deal with technology that might be used to abuse or annoy them.

The best laptop you can buy right now

The notebook lives on Continue reading…

Novichok nerve agent strikes two new victims in the UK

Military personel in gauze masks investigated the Skripal The nerve agent Novichok has poisoned two cutting edge victims in England, The Telegraph reports. The two collapsed after visiting Salisbury, the twin town where former Russian double-agent Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia were attacked with the chemical weapon back in March. A person and a woman in their 40s, identified by The Telegraph as Charles Rowley and Sunrise Sturgess, were rushed to the infirmary on Saturday after they passed absent at a national in Amesbury, according to a televised police statement. A witness told The Telegraph that both were foaming at the mouth - a comment of nerve-agent poisoning. At first, doctors cerebration contaminated drugs were to blame.

Hackers who sabotaged the Olympic games return for more mischief

Enlarge (credit: National Archives Archeological Site ) The modern hacking bunch that sabotaged the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics in February has struck again, this epoch in attacks that targeted financial institutions in Russian federation and chemical- and biological-threat prevention labs in France, Switzerland, the Netherlands, and Ukraine, researchers said. The latest campaigns began remain month with spear-phishing emails that were designed to infect targeted companies with malware that collected detailed ammo about their computers and networks. One of the wick Expression documents referred to Spiez Convergence, a biochemical threat convention that"s organised by the Spiez Laboratory, which played a guide role in the inquiry of the poisoning in Pace of a former Russian spy in the UK.

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