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AMD Announces Radeon RX 470 RX 460 Specifications; Shipping in Early August

AMD Announces Radeon RX 470 RX 460 Specifications; Shipping in Early August

Back before Radeon RX 480 still launched, AMD briefly teased the after two cards in their lineup at E3 2016’ s Machine Gaming Show. These cards, the Radeon RX 470 and RX 460, would as well flesh elsewhere AMD’ s Radeon 400 series with cheaper and lower ability options based on the alike Polaris architecture that was used in RX 480. And while the specifications weren’ t released at the time, both cards were shown off to the audience, and from their designs alone we got a good-looking positive brainstorm of where AMD would be aiming. Now a bit over a month later, AMD is completely enchanting the wraps off of these two cards, announcing their unabridged specifications and their quickly approaching depart date.

Xiaomi Unveils Mi Notebook Air, from 525

Today Xiaomi has introduced its elementary team of laptops and unvieled the Mi Jotter Air family. As the term suggests, these are aimed belief beginning into Apple's Air column of notebooks, albeit at a identical disparate cost point. The notebooks attribute 12.5" and 13.3" abundant HD displays and are based on Intel’ s Core M as flourishing as Core i5 microprocessors. The fee of the ultra-thin all-metal notebooks starts from 3499 CNY ($525, although Xiaomi normally quotes prices including China tax, so $446 perhaps), which could generate them actual competitive in heterogeneous markets. As with most Xiaomi products, they testament be available in China first.

Project Tango Demoed with Qualcomm at SIGGRAPH 2016

Project Tango at this site is probably not cutting edge to anyone reading this as we’ ve discussed it before, nevertheless in the gone scarce oldness Google has been insolvable at drudgery creation positional tracking and localization into a consumer-ready application. While there was an early tablet available with an Nvidia Tegra SoC inside, there were a numeral of issues on both hardware and software. As the Tegra SoC was not indeed designed for workloads that Project Tango puts on a motile device, all the more of the grind was done on the GPU and CPU, with offloading to committed coprocessors allying ST-M’ s Cortex M3 MCUs for sensor hub and timestamp functionality, personal computer faculty accelerators according to a VPU from Movidius, and other chips that somewhere increased BOM and board world requirements.

Apple Announces Q3 FY 2016 Results: App Store Up, Hardware Down

Today Apple announced their third quarter results for their fiscal year 2016. Even adore last quarter, Apple has struggled to finance the sales gait of the iPhone 6s, compared to the iPhone 6. For the quarter, Apple had revenues of $42.358 billion, which is down 11% from a year ago. Gross room was $16.106 billion, down from $19.681 billion in Q3 2015, and percentage educated it is 38.0%. Operating wealth was $10.1 billion, down from $14.1 billion remain year, and snare way was down nearly $3 billion to $7.8 billion. Diluted emoluments per handwriting were $1.42, down from $1.85 a year ago. In spite of the lower quarter, Apple did beat expectations which has helped their participation value in after-hours trading.

AMD Announces Radeon Pro WX Series: WX 4100, WX 5100, WX 7100 Bring Polaris to Pros

It’ s been a while owing to we’ ve behind seen a current workstation graphics card from AMD. With their Fiji GPU not life a pleasant fit for the market, the society hasn’ t had a expressing amend of the lineup because 2014, when Tonga was introduced into the mix. On the contrary as department of their SIGGRAPH 2016 competent graphics event, AMD is giving their experienced card lineup a correct rejuvenate and then some. Announced Monday night, the business is introducing 3 brand-new cards under their fashionable Radeon Pro WX family, the WX 7100, WX 5100, and WX 4100. Powered by the AMD’ s recent Polaris family of GPUs, AMD is looking to bring the architecture’

HP Updates The Z240 Workstation With The Core i7-6700K

HP has an captivating report nowadays - they are refreshing their existing Z240 workstation, which is targeted in relation to brief and medium-sized businesses, with a non-Xeon Core i7 based processor. It was already available with Skylake based Xeon CPUs, up to the Intel Xeon E3-1280 v5. That’ s a 3.7-4.0 GHz Xeon, with 4 cores, 8 MB of cache, with an 80-Watt Thermal Imitation Potentiality (TDP). That’ s certainly an estimable election for a collection of workloads that workstations are tasked with, and with agency for ECC memory, reliability under load is and a factor. On the contrary HP has been talking to their customers and form that diverse of them keep been choosing to forgo the inaccuracy checking capabilities of ECC and corner been building or buying equivalent gaming-focused machines in direction to shop for expanded performance for the money.

NVIDIA Announces Quadro Pascal Family: Quadro P6000 P5000

If there was one confabulation to characterize the set off of NVIDIA’ s Pascal period products, it’ s "expedient." On the consumer side of the biz the convention has launched 3 differential GeForce cards and announced a fourth ( Titan X ), while on the HPC side the business has already launched their Tesla P100 accelerator, with the PCIe chronicle due beside quarter. With the corporation stirring so quickly it was peerless a concern of epoch until a Quadro modernize was announced, and instantly nowadays at SIGGRAPH 2016 the partnership is doing even-handed that. Being announced today are the two Quadro models that testament fill absent the high-end of the Quadro family, the P6000 and P5000.

Malicious computers caught snooping on Tor-anonymized Dark Web sites

Enlarge / A map of dark services directories detected as malicious. The conviction of the Tor anonymity network is in lousy with cases one shot as active as the definite volunteers whose computers fashion its building blocks. On Friday, researchers said they create at least 110 such machines actively snooping on Crepuscular Lattice sites that applicability Tor to mask their operators' identities. All of the 110 bad relays were designated as covered services directories, which store counsel that confine users must to stretch the ".onion" addresses that rely on Tor for anonymity. Over a 72-day margin that started on Feb 12, pc scientists at Northeastern University tracked the rogue machines using honeypot .

Watch Patrick Stewart profess his love for hardware stores in a beautiful Twitter soliloquy

Sir Patrick Stewart has the benevolent of modulation that can cook anything sound influential - Christmas ghosts, rubber-faced aliens, and even, apparently, hardware stores. The actor and Starfleet head tweeted a video paean to the diffident hardware store yesterday, standing elsewhere one named Websters, and professing his undying appreciation for the drills, hammers, and other tools that levy aloof beyond its glass window. "Look here, " Stewart says to the giggling camera operator, waving his plam toward a wall of pliers. "I require it all. In my own home." On the other hand then the person feasibly more advantageous avowed as Jean-Luc Picard changes his tendency - rather than shop for the store's contents, he could invest in the store itself.

HP s Elite x3 Windows 10 Smartphone to Cost 699, Set to Be Available Worldwide

When HP introduced its flagship Elite x3 phablet earlier this year at MWC, the smartphone imaginary a model concrete idea mostly thanks to HP sure to produce a bold step and build a Windows Continuum slogan aimed purely at the biz acknowledged on a corporation contract. It drew a bantam ire from some production analysts, thinking that HP building a Windows telephone would never clock the blaze of day. To them it was a paper announcement, but this week shows that the Elite x3 is still alive and well, and time to come to consumers and function users. What the association did not publicize in Feb was its recommended value as hearty as countries, where it deliberate to generate the product available.

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