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Christmas Game Bundles: Civilization VI, Doom, Hitman, Serious Sam VR from AMD, HTC, NVIDIA

Christmas Game Bundles: Civilization VI, Doom, Hitman, Serious Sam VR from AMD, HTC, NVIDIA

In contemporary days AMD, NVIDIA and HTC acquire initiated three recent autonomous entertainment campaigns in an go to attract affliction of gamers to their hardware. AMD testament add a unpaid put in writing of the contemporary Hitman amusement to its Radeon RX 470 graphics adapters, as hardy as Civilization VI and Doom to those who invest in a Radeon RX 480 video card and Intel’ s Core i5-6600K CPU. In the meantime NVIDIA has teamed up with HTC to bundle three cuffo virtual feature titles (including Deadpan Sam VR) to those who get a qualifying GeForce GTX 1060/1070/1080 along with the HTC Vive VR headset. AMD Sport Bundles: Civilization VI, Doom, Hitman AMD will insert a coupon for Hitman The Replete Elementary Season on Steam as a bundle with any Radeon RX 470 video card purchased from an eligible retailer or a Machine featuring the adapter from a qualifying operation integrator.

LG Announces 32UD99: 4K IPS Display with 95 DCI-P3, HDR and USB-C

LG on Wednesday announced its latest flagship exhibition with a UHD 4K resolution, DCI-P3 colour gamut, as bushy-tailed as HDR10 support. The LG 32UD99 will be aimed at innovative professionals, prosumers and gamers, which suggests amassed or less moderate pricing as bright-eyed as some allowances to arm Microsoft Windows' quirky color government (through advice of sRGB). The overseer will be demonstrated at CES following month and will hit the mart some epoch in 2017. The LG 32UD99 will a 32" present featuring a 10-bit IPS panel that can reproduce 1.07 billion colours and contain over 95% of the DCI-P3 color space, while LG has said crumb about the sRGB and the Adobe RGB color spaces.

California approves first US energy efficiency standards for computers

California became the fundamental government in the US to approve power efficiency requirements for laptops, desktops, and monitors today, in a pin money that could climactically bang computers" vigour efficiency across the country. The au courant standards, approved by California"s Impact Commission, depend upon most computers to frame less capability while idle. Notebooks are matchless required to scrutinize a slight alleviation in ability draw, owing to they"re already designed to be strength efficient; the comission estimates that 73 percent of shipping laptops won"t demand any category of change. The big majority of desktops are flourishing below California"s standards But apart all over 6 percent of desktops currently fair the commission"s standards.

Enermax Enters SFX Game with Revolution SFX PSUs

As humble form-factor gaming PCs dividend traction, more companies enter the scene with minor fashion thing power supplies. Enermax this week introduced its first power supplies in SFX form-factor designed for high-performance systems. The company is momentarily the fifth better supplier of PSUs to feeler gaming-grade SFX power supplies, such that enthusiasts instanter have five brands to choose from, up from two early this year. The Enermax Revolution SFX family currently includes two models rated for 550 W (ERV550SWT) and 650 W (ERV650SWT) power output. The new PSUs are compliant with the SFX12V V3.3 and ATX12V V2.4 specifications as well as manage the 80 Plus Gold certification badge.

AMD Gives More Zen Details: Ryzen, 3.4 GHz , NVMe, Neural Net Prediction, 25 MHz Boost Steps

In the everlasting battle to guide bounteous details outside of AMD ahead of the entire start of its late Zen microarchitecture based CPUs, nowadays AMD is lifting the lid on some different features in classification to whet the appetite (and appease the hype-train, perhaps) and that testament be allotment of the product launch. We at once chalk up current details on the trade-mark naming, some platform details, and a high-level overview of what will be the fundamental points continuance promoted when it comes to market. We’ ve covered a plenty of Zen, from the initial announcement to some of the microarchitecture details at Decalescent Chips nailed down to discussing the function of singular benchmark data and then what might be ongoing on the server side concluded a detailed dialogue of motherboards on display.

Victory Lap: Team AnandTech Beats Tom s Hardware in Folding Race

At the alpha of this month we kicked off a week-long competition with our frenemies over at Tom’ s Hardware. Striving to gaze which technology website was superior, our respective distributed computing teams held a competition in the habitual Folding @ At ease project to amass the largest quantity of points over a one-week period. And these days that the pursuit week has come to a close, the ending results are in. Folding@Home Contest Results Team Points Team AnandTech 296, 180, 869 Tom's Hardware 212, 467, 005 As of bound of the race, Squad AnandTech has amassed 296 million points, besting Tom’ s Hardware by almost 40%. And while it took a age or so for both teams to buy up to speed, as it turns away it was never even close.

Microsoft s surprise hardware hit: The Surface Hub

(credit: Microsoft) Microsoft has hit a hardware at ease lope that surprised all the more the community in Redmond. The Surface Hub convention interval Computer turns gone to be selling allying hotcakes, surpassing everyone's expectations. When Microsoft launched its Surface Hub conference amplitude computers approximately a year and a half ago, we weren't entirely persuaded what to construct of them. On the one hand, they offered a bold compound of video conferencing, digital whiteboarding, and collaborative working with a cost that felt surprisingly low-$6, 999 for the 55-inch story and $19, 999 for the 84-inch version. On the other hand, bunch rooms are where antiquated technology clings on to the bitter end;

Panasonic Develops IPS Panel with 1,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio, 1000 Nits Brightness

Panasonic has developed a new type of IPS liquid crystal panel that has a 1, 000, 000:1 contrast ratio, as well as a top brightness of up to 1000 nits. Diverse LCD displays recurrently advise such contrast ratios which are measured against a aggressive backlight and are essentially meaningless, but in this example Panasonic is talking about the static contrast ratio of the display, which only reaches as colossal as 2000:1 on a public IPS display. Inconsiderable earful is available about the technology at this point, but Panasonic claims that it is achieved by implementing pixel-by-pixel direction of backlight intensity and that panels featuring the tech can be produced using ongoing LCD manufacturing facilities.

BenQ Launches the SW320: a 4K Display with HDR for Professionals

BenQ this week introduced its au courant SW320 arrayal designed specifically for able photographers and other commonality who hurting for 4K/UHD resolution, the sRGB and the Adobe RGB colour spaces, and backing for HDR10 capability. The recorder is calibrated directly at the mill on a per-unit basis. The BenQ SW320 is a 31.5-inch instruct featuring a 10-bit IPS panel, which can reproduce 1.07 billion colours and covers 99% of the Adobe RGB, sRGB, and 87% of the DCI-P3 color spaces. The Adobe RGB color period is salient for experienced photographers that necessitate to redact their photos for publications, whereas the sRGB and the DCI-P3 color spaces are crucial for video editors and animation designers who engage in post-production work.

ZOTAC VR GO Backpack PC Gets Priced: Core i7-6700T, GeForce GTX 1070, 1999

ZOTAC this week plans to day one sales of its VR Potency backpack PC designed for virtual authenticity enthusiasts. The system uses a quad-core processor from Intel, and is equipped with NVIDIA’ s GeForce GTX 1070 graphics processor and comes with I/O capabilities, even-handed like any natural desktop. The manufacturer plans to sell only fully configured VR Snap backpacks for $1999, but the PCs can be upgraded by end-users themselves in a proffer to just their requirements. ZOTAC formally introduced its VR Get-up-and-go backpack PC earlier this month, but kept the ending specifications under wraps. This week, the company revealed that the system will deed Intel’

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