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AMD GDC 2017: Asynchronous Reprojection for VR, Vega Gets a Retail Name, More

AMD GDC 2017: Asynchronous Reprojection for VR, Vega Gets a Retail Name, More

In what has metamorphose something of an annual tradition for AMD's Radeon Technologies Group, their Diversion Developers Convention Capsaicin & Cream event just wrapped up. Unlike the company’ s more outright consumer-facing events such as their extreme product launches, AMD’ s Capsaicin events are focused more on helping the company further their connections with the merriment buildup community. This a troop that on the one help has been banging out on the Graphics Core Later architecture in consoles for a few years now, and on the other fist operates in a creation where, in the PC space, NVIDIA is still 75% of the dGPU market even with AMD’

The AnandTech Podcast, Episode 41: Let's Talk Server, with Patrick Kennedy

While in San Francisco for AMD’ s Ryzen Tech Day, I had a chance to obtain up with a first-class brother by the autograph of Patrick Kennedy, who runs the tech counsel website ServeTheHome. We often battle STH here at AnandTech to be the first to division disclosure on new server platforms, but it is a chummy rivalry where oftentimes we mark up picking each other’ s brains for dirt or to bounce ideas off of each other. To that end, I managed to convince Patrick to be a visitor on our podcast, to expatiation about the recent belief with Avoton and Rangeley C2000 CPUs as hearty as the launch of C3000 and discept what the upcoming Naples platform can do for AMD.

NVIDIA Unveils GeForce GTX 1080 Ti: Available Week of March 5th for 699

In what has away be remodelled a bona fide tradition for NVIDIA, at their GDC feature this evening the company announced their closest flagship video card, the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. Something of a poorly kept secret – NVIDIA’ s website accidentally spilled the beans last week – the GTX 1080 Ti is NVIDIA’ s big Pascal revive for the year, finally rolling out their most effective consumer GPU, GP102, into a GeForce video card. The Ti series of cards isn’ t new for NVIDIA. The company has used the moniker for their higher-performance cards since the GTX 700 series back in 2013. However no two generations have in truth been alike.

Our new mixed reality: Early adopters have become HoloLens believers at work

Enlarge / Increasingly, businesses are adding this ol' item to their workflow. (credit: Luka Kojima St-Laurent / Finger Food) It"s been roughly two oldness because Microsoft unveiled its augmented/mixed deed (AR/MR) HoloLens headset and about one year owing to the early publicly available dev kits went on sale. On the contrary ever thanks to launching this impressive group of tech, Microsoft has instead seemed content with letting Virtual Concrete (VR) grip the limelight. Catch its advanced Creators Restore presentation in October as an example. Microsoft revealed tons of upcoming 3D functionality to boon both VR and AR, but the headlines came when the partnership announced hardware OEMs liking HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus, and Acer would be production VR headsets of their own with Microsoft software powering the experience.

This modular 3D printer can turn into a CNC machine or laser cutter

Snapmaker is an upcoming Kickstarter project with a tall goal: to be the holy trinity for at-home makers by using removable modules to change between a 3D printer, a CNC carver, and a laser engraver. In retrospect, the doctrine seems nearly obvious. All three devices want three-axis motors to work: so why not combine them into one? But Snapmaker doesn"t fair-minded stand outside for its modular area - it"s further impressively cheap. The default Snapmaker costs $299 on Kickstarter, and includes honorable the 3D printer. The laser engraver and CNC modules then everyone price $75, production the comprehensive packet expenditure $449 - which would be a attractive bad value for honest one of these devices, let alone all three.

Game of Thrones season 7 premieres on July 16th

During a weird Facebook Conscious event held this afternoon, HBO announced that Game of Thrones " seventh season testament premiere on The middle of summer 16th. The summer debut comes succeeding than preceding premieres thanks the producers wanting to accomodate the shooting schedule. The song of harden and flare is nearing its end Last season proverb the series enter its ending stretch, with Daenerys Targaryen on her hang-up to Westeros, Cersei Lannister enchanting the Iron Throne, Arya Stark avenging her family, and Jon Snow lifetime crowned Monarch of the North. Immediately that winter and the Bloodless Walkers hold come, the Extreme Strike is about to begin.

Intel Announces Xeon D-1500 Network Series SoCs with QuickAssist, Four 10 GbE Ports

Intel’ s Xeon D SoCs and supporting platforms for storage, web hosting and networking applications seem to be getting traction with actual hardware manufacturers as fresh as speck users. This month Intel announced expansion of the lineup of these processors with various new models supporting QuickAssist accelerator and increased dimensions of 10 GbE ports. The new Xeon D SoCs for networking applications simplify creation of different devices due to higher integration. The newest Intel Xeon D-1500-series products use Intel’ s prowess in highly integrated SoCs, this time powered by up to 16 of the company’ s high-performance Broadwell cores, featuring a dual-channel DDR3L/DDR4 memory controller as fine as comfortable I/O capabilities (up to 24 PCIe 3.

Microsoft Details Project Olympus Open Compute Standard

Today, at the 2017 Ajar Compute Project U.S. Summit, Microsoft unveiled some meaningful announcements sorrounding their hyperscale cloud hardware design, which they basic announced in Nov as Project Olympus. With the explosion of life in cloud computing, Microsoft is hoping to shorten the costs of their Azure expansion by creating usual platforms in collaboration with the Expanded Compute Project. Project Olympus is expanded than equal a server criterion though. It consists of a habitual motherboard, bent supplies, 1U and 2U server chassis, capacity distribution, and more. Microsoft isn’ t the inaugural association to require to moxie down this road, and it makes a parcel of impression to shorten costs by creating standards when you are buying accoutrement on the flat of Azure.

Microsoft s latest open source servers shown off with Intel, AMD, and even ARM chips

Qualcomm Centriq 2400 server for Project Olympus. (credit: Microsoft ) At the Exposed Compute Summit in Santa Clara, California, today, Microsoft showed off the advanced iterations of Project Olympus, its open source info center server design. Until now, the servers in Microsoft's facts centres include all used Intel x86 processors, nevertheless straightaway both of those elements-"Intel" and "x86"-have fresh competition. In data that's both surprising and unsurprising, Microsoft demonstrated Windows Server running on ARM processors. Qualcomm and Cavium get both designed motherboards for the Project Olympus embodiment belongings that account ARM chips: Qualcomm's Centriq 2400 processor, a 10nm 48 core part, and Cavium's ThunderX2 ARMv8-A, with up to 54 cores.

Imagination Announces PowerVR Furian GPU Architecture: The Next Generation of PowerVR

Taking city nowadays is Intellect Technologies’ annual tech summit in Santa Clara, California. The company’ s annual summit is always a venue for chief Tendency news, and this year that’ s exclusively the case. As the cornerstone of this year’ s summit, Head is announcing their consequent PowerVR GPU architecture: Furian. Furian marks the beginning cutting edge GPU architecture elsewhere of Mind in nearly 7 years. Rogue, the company’ s cardinal OpenGL ES 3.x-capable architecture, was front announced in 2010 and has mature the cornerstone of Imagination’ s plentiful GPU lineup, from wearables to high-end devices.

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