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Hackers are using the promise of Game of Thrones spoilers to spread malware

Hackers are using the promise of Game of Thrones spoilers to spread malware

A announcement from cybersecurity collection Proofpoint says that it"s observed a "targeted email campaign" that is using details of leaked Game of Thrones episodes to crack and spread malware to unsuspecting users. The society cardinal came across an e-mail on Aug 10th with the man limit "Wanna clock the Game of Thrones in advance?" The emails contained some accepted details of upcoming episodes, as blooming as a Microsoft Expression attachment with malware disguised in it. Once downloaded, it would one's all to install a "9002" remote access Trojan (RAT). Proofpoint says that complementary attacks in the foregone enjoy been attributed to groups associated with the Chinese government, and that it"s practicable that this blitz could be future from the twin actors.

Cryptomining Demand Drives Exceptionally High Graphics Card Shipments in Q2 2017

This week, Jon Peddie Test (JPR) reported significantly higher discrete GPU shipments for Q2 2017, attributing the historically unprecedented elaboration to cryptocurrency mining, specifically to Ethereum mining. As opposed to the cryptocurrency mining want of a scarce caducity ago, JPR paper money that the ASIC-resistant complexion of Ethereum mining has mainly encouraged GPU mining. In terms of discrete desktop graphics market share, AMD gained a infrequent percentage points from NVIDIA, bringing the contemporary balance to AMD’ s 29.4% versus NVIDIA’ s 70.6%. In context, the GPU and PC markets fluctuate in a relatively consistent seasonal pattern: shipments trend apartment lodgings to down in Q1, notably down in Q2, notably up in Q3, and up to flat in Q4.

AOC to Launch Curved QHD Displays with 0.5 ms Response Time in 2018

In a surprising move, AOC has announced plans to start a virgin series of AGON gaming displays with a 0.5 ms response chronology in Q2 of beside year. The displays will be curved, will facet a QHD resolution and will rely on a dewy TN panel from AU Optronics. The monitors will bed adaptive brace degree technologies from AMD and NVIDIA and will certainly not be cheap. The bulky inquest with this report is of method how correctly did AUO and AOC advocate to reduce the GtG response age of a TN panel to 0.5 ms? So far, AUO has not publicly announced this panel. Moreover, accustomed the striking similarity of the panel used for the AG273QCX/AG273QCG and Acer's Predator Z271UV (same size, curvature, brightness, ‘

Lian-Li Reveals PC-V3000: Full-Tower Aluminum Chassis

Lian-Li has been rather assiduous over the former couple of months announcing and releasing brand-new or updated computer chassis. Cases close the diminutive Mini-ITX garret in the PC-Q39, the PC-T70 agape air evaluation bench, PC-01 Mid-Tower, all the form up to their Motorized Adjustable Personal computer Desk in the DK-05, hold been mythical general over that time. Continuing not to rest on their laurels, Lian-Li announced their fresh product in the full-tower PC-V3000. First spotted in tardy 2016, the PC-V3000 is a continuation of their flagship edge of full-tower PC cases, with the rationale of "being the capper Aluminium and tempered glass full-tower PC.

HP Announces Omen X Laptop: 17.3 LCD, Core i7 GeForce GTX with Overclocking

HP has announced its inaugural Premonition X gaming organizer targeting the most demanding segment of the bazaar - customers seeking for maximum performance and not afraid of overclocking. The current systems testament point ultra-high-end animated components, such as Intel’ s unlocked Core i7 expressive CPUs, NVIDIA’ s GeForce GTX 1070/1080 GPUs, high-end DIMMs, fresh SSDs, and will be user-upgradeable, fair-minded conforming the existing Foretoken X desktops. The Portent X laptops will be available successive this year in multiple configurations. Unlike some of its rivals on the of gaming PCs in general, HP has not addressed the ultra-high-end of the gaming marketplace either with desktops (the business does not bid any HEDT-based machines) or with notebooks for absolutely some time.

Microsoft stops selling the original Xbox One

Microsoft is no longer selling its advanced Xbox One in the US. The software giant solitary offers retail versions of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X at its online store, with dependable $199 refurbished models of the early Xbox One available. Kotaku UK reports that while the beginning Xbox One has vanished from the US store, Microsoft"s UK store simply lists the aged console as " sold out ." The contemporary Xbox One, that resembled a VCR unit, early launched almost four caducity ago priced $100 augmented than Sony"s PlayStation 4. The aperture and the fall out from Microsoft"s mixed messaging on the Xbox One led to Sony bewitching an early facade in the console wars.

NVIDIA Releases 385.41 WHQL Game Ready Driver: ShadowPlay Highlights for PUBG

After promising an August 24 th Diversion Ready chauffeur for Destiny 2, NVIDIA has delivered by releasing driver narration 385.41, focused primarily on amusement updates. This edition brings Pastime Ready flotation for the next titles: Destiny 2 PC Clear Beta, PlayerUnknown’ s Battlegrounds (PUBG), ARK: Survival Evolved, F1 2017, Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 (PES 2018), and Quake Champions Early Access. In addition, 385.41 brings ShadowPlay Highlights and NVIDIA GameWorks/ShadowWorks technology HBAO+ to PUBG. With ShadowPlay Highlights debuting in LawBreakers for the 384.94 release, PUBG becomes the moment sport to foothold the feature.

Hulu s live TV service now supports web browsers on PC and Mac

Hulu with Animate TV can promptly be streamed using netting browsers on Computer and Mac, expanding the assistance beyond the walking devices and set-top boxes it"s already on. Conscious TV channels can be viewed using Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Microsoft Limit browser, and Internet Explorer 11. Enchanting aware TV to the browser is something that Hulu"s competitors - Sling TV, PlayStation Vue, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Like now - acquire already done; Sling added the feature equitable over a week ago. Don"t expect the most polished background from Hulu at the moment. In a blog post, Hulu cautions that what customers will gaze inception nowadays is naught fast to the ending live-TV-in-the-browser product it"s working towards.

Acer Announces Nitro 5 Spin 15.6 Gaming Convertible: 8th Gen Core i7, GeForce GTX 1050

Acer has introduced one of the industry’ s cardinal convertible laptops designed for informal gamers. The Nitro 5 Spin apparatus is a rather distinguished form-factor. It has a 15.6" IPS display, is equipped with Intel’ s 8 th day Core i-series processor, NVIDIA’ s GeForce GTX 1050 moving GPU and uses an aluminium chassis with cherry elements to dwell on gaming sphere of the device. The different bit is that this is a convertible gaming laptop. Acer plans to ship the Nitro 5 Spin laptop in Oct and its starting valuation is not going to be as well altitudinous - less than $1000 in the U.S. In the virgin years, the majority of high-end organizer makers focused primarily on various kinds of aureole products: ultra-high-end gaming notebooks with original GPUs as flourishing as ultra-thin 2-in-1s and clamshell machines.

Dolby is now designing speakers for laptops

Dolby Labs, the San Francisco-based business first avowed for Dolby Atmos audio tools and Dolby Perception imaging technology, is instantly setting its sights on screens that are decidedly yet smaller than theatre screens: our laptops. The firm said nowadays in a briefing with journalists that it"s nowadays working directly with laptop makers to construction speakers. Its initial hardware companion is Chinese manufacturer Huawei; and the Huawei MateBook X, which launched earlier this summer and which Verge writer Vlad Savov called one of the "best-sounding laptops" available, is the headmost consumer notebook that contains the Dolby-designed speakers.

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