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Game of Thrones Hope Chest: which supposedly dead characters do you want to see return?

Game of Thrones Hope Chest: which supposedly dead characters do you want to see return?

Game of Thrones has never been about giving readers or viewers what they most want. Its author and screenwriters prefer to practise fan expectations, then overturn them for narrative contact - and sometimes for pure shock value. And much fans husband dream that at least a infrequent of the characters will spread a satisfying, well-deserved ending. That"s why there"s Game of Thrones Hope Chest, a cutting edge weekly opt where we assign all our hopes in sync in one place. We aren"t asking what you think is going to happen on Game of Thrones, we"re asking: what bring about you most ambition to contemplate happen? This week, we assent to the final gunfire of season 7, phase 4, which has Jaime Lannister plummeting into a suspiciously beneath channel of moisten after a failed defilement on.

Antarctica is home to considerably more volcanoes than previously thought

Antarctica"s harden folio hides a massive method of volcanoes, one that is alike to volcanic regions in East Africa and western North America, according to a original study, which inaugurate 91 formerly undiscovered volcanoes, some over 12, 600 feet tall. Volcanoes aren"t completely faraway in Antarctica: some poke up wrapped up the existing solidify sheet, while other studies own examined exposed outcrops. However, cool blankets the surface of the continent, forming it impossible to directly interpret the underlying geology. A contingent of researchers from the University of Edinburgh"s Academy of GeoSciences examined a digital elevation example called Bedmap 2 DEM.

Dell Announces Updated Precision Workstation Lineup at SIGGRAPH: Refreshed Towers, Racks, and Laptop

This year, Dell is celebrating the 20 th anniversary of their Precision Workstations. The first Precision workstation, the Workstation 400, was released in 1997 and consisted of a 128MB graphics card, with a total fee at the allotment of encompassing $12K. The tale is told that sales were slow out of the gate for Dell, with the company selling only 700 units in the first quarter. By the location of the second quarter, Dell sold 7000 units and Precision workstation lineups were well on their way. Close forward to nowadays where the workloads have increased massively – and 128MB of VRAM is a rounding fault – and workstation hardware manufacturers comparable Dell are continuing to cultivate their production designs to conduct up with user demands.

Twitch yanks harassment livestream, but doesn t ban the user who made it

Twitch has removed a video featuring a Twitch user broadcasting himself harassing other streamers in real-time, adjacent allegations published on Kotaku UK. The stream in question, titled "If I gotta slap a streamer imma adjust it contemplation sexy, " targeted London-based streamer Charleyy Hodson and many others. The broadcast aired 11 days ago and remained active on user DiscordBen"s novel until yesterday. The video was removed shortly after The Verge reached elsewhere to Twitch for letter - but the story in debate remains active. When contacted by The Verge, a Twitch spokesperson said that the convention employs a moderation gang to respond to reports and deed appropriately.

Enermax Shrinks Depth of Platimax D.F. 80 Plus Platinum 1200 W PSU to 6.3 16 cm

Enermax this week introduced its advanced family of 80 Plus Platinum PSUs for ATX desktop computers. The dissimilar PSUs are said to be able to disinfected themselves from dust, and exceeding notable are onliest 160 mm (6.3") deep. The flagship Platimax D.F. PSU is currently the world’ s smallest 80 Plus Platinum PSU rated for 1200 W output and capable of supporting AMD Threadripper, Intel HEDT, and 2P systems. High-wattage PSUs are normally rather considerable over high-capacity capacitors and other components required for such influence supplies are better than components used for lower-wattage PSUs. Besides, components of such capability supplies lack plentiful cooling when used under elevated loads, so makers of PSUs aggrandizement length of their products to 180 –

HP Expands Commercial VR Strategy: Z VR Backpack and Immersion Centers

At SIGGRAPH this week, HP has lifted the lid on parts of their Commercial VR strategy, announcing three big aspects of their implementation. In talking with HP, they are firm there is an big break in that commercial VR space. The Z VR Backpack for Commercial HP's new commercial VR strategy will have three dominant points: The first is to deliver the finest and most immersive VR and compute experience. Second is to have an butt end to confine solution. Last is to drink in and invest with their partners while care an eye on mixed reality. These points, according to HP, translate into optimizing their investment and divide costs for commercial customers.

Russian group that hacked DNC used NSA attack code in attack on hotels

Enlarge / Thing of a booby-trapped Microsoft Consultation case that was sent to multiple hotels. Once infected, computers would dry run to compromise other computers connected to the identical network. (credit: FireEye) A Russian government-sponsored bunch accused of hacking the Democratic State Comittee at the end year has imaginable been infecting other targets of curiosity with the comfort of a potent Windows exploit developed by, and adjacent stolen from, the Governmental Security Agency, researchers said Friday. Eternal Blue, as the exploit is code-named, is one of scores of virgin NSA attacks that acquire been released over the recent year by a inscrutable troop calling itself the Shadow Brokers.

Scientists successfully infiltrate computer using malware coded into DNA

In what reads adoration science fiction fitting reality, researchers at the University of Washington hold been able to successfully infect a pc with malware coded into a strand of DNA. In establishment to study provided a pc could be compromised in that way, the gang included a confessed security vulnerability in a DNA-processing programme before creating a synthetic DNA strand with the pathetic enactment embedded. A personal computer then analysed the "infected" strand, and as a consummation of the malware in the DNA, the researchers were able to remotely exploit the computer. The results were published in a original paper. "We wanted to find out what dissimilar computer security risks are feasible in the interplay between biomolecular material and the machine systems.

The good, the bad, and the ugly in Game of Thrones

The characters on Game of Thrones are multidimensional and ever-changing, but what happens when we categorize them by... attraction and goodness? That"s the de facto far out dare that The Latest York Times recently gave to its readers. It asked fans to allot aside the actuality that Game of Thrones subverts traditional definitions of "good" and "bad" at every turn, and avoid that the majority of the show"s performers, as required by their borderline of work, are appealing still all above average-looking. But trying to distil seven second childhood of apologue into a hot-or-not contest had one intriguing side effect: it revealed how audiences correlate vitality acceptable with growth attractive.

Acer and ASUS Delay Their 4K 144 Hz G-Sync HDR Displays to 2018

In a bit of a surprising move, Acer latest week announced that its 4K HDR Predator X27 gaming dash would be delayed to Q1 2018, gone the crucial holiday sales season. The monitor, based on all sides of an NVIDIA reference diagram for a G-Sync HDR exposition that was in turn revealed back at CES 2017, has been eagerly anticipated, and until at once was expected by the neb of this year. Meanwhile, ASUS's ROG Swift PG27UQ, which features practically the duplicate specifications, has very been delayed to 2018. The Acer Predator X27 and the ASUS ROG Swift PG27UQ are based on AU Optronics’ M270QAN02.2 AHVA panel, which offers a 3840×

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