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HBO orders a pilot for a Game of Thrones prequel

HBO orders a pilot for a Game of Thrones prequel

HBO is creation to plot what comes after Game of Thrones when it concludes adjacent year. The network has been working on trail plans for the manifest for over a year, with five possible projects in the works, and it even-handed ordered a steersman for one of them: a prequel that takes lay thousands of senility before the commenced show, from series author George R.R. Martin and Kick-Ass and Kingsman: The Secret Service writer Jane Goldman. "Only one part is for sure: from the horrifying secrets of Westeros" legend to the fair origin of the Bloodless Walkers, the mysteries of the East to the Starks of legend... it"s not the beat we credit we know, " reads HBO"s log column for the project.

Alienware Releases Wireless headset and Elite Gaming Mouse

After an absence from the headset bazaar for almost a decade, Alienware has jumped back in it feet first off with the Alienware Wireless Headset (AW988). The headset besides happens to be Alienware’ s basic wireless headset in their history. In appendix to the cans, they keep extremely released the Elite Gaming Mouse with two interchangeable side wings for FPS gaming (2-buttons), or MMORPG (4-buttons). Both peripherals expand Alienware’ s ecosystem of gaming peripherals in the premium segment. Alienware Wireless Headset The AW988 headset was designed by Alienware as a premium headset and is their headmost on account of the TactX headset released in 2009.

Dell updates Inspiron line with 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Processors

In another Dell gaming report today, they hold announced the Inspiron Gaming Desktop 5676 that promptly adds 2 nd Hour AMD Ryzen processors, an rejuvenate over the 5675 that used preceding date Ryzen. Aside from the upgrade of the processor, the Inspiron gaming desktop supports Radeon graphics, up to the RX 580 8GB, which Dell says is ready for VR. Dell’ s new Inspiron chassis provides a different bad eye with a gray top and go side, while cut of the front and left side has a finned appearance to it allowing the optional LED lighting to flare washed-up and airflow to enhanced easily enter. The front panel IO consists of a USB 3.1 Type-C port as fine as a USB 3.

MSI s 49 Optix Curved Display and Oculux 25 High Refresh Monitors Announced

While MSI may be top common for motherboards and laptops, the firm is production a copious play at the recorder marketplace as well. And this is in a just literal system with their contemporary monitor, the Optix MAG491C. At 49 inches, the Optix MAG491C is closer in immensity to a TV than a monitor, providing forceful shade valid estate for playing high-end games or multitasking. Due away closest this year for an estimated valuation of $999, this curved allure can all the more idiot your machine into thinking that it's two seperate displays. We had a chance to spend a infrequent minutes playing Project Cars on the Optix MAG491C and were impressed both with the smoothness and even-handed how manifest it was to discern the entire screen without turning our heads.

Crackdown 3 has been delayed until next year

https://www.polygon.com/2018/6/6/17436676/crackdown-3-delay-2019-xbox-one-windows-pc Continue reading…

HP Announces ProBook x360 440 G1 Notebook: Slim and Secure Convertible

HP introduced the dissimilar HP ProBook x360 400 G1 they declare is designed to transform to the course growing metier and on-the-go professionals elbow grease both inside and out of the office. The 14-inch convertible is powered by Intel 8th Gen Core processors and up to a NVIDIA GeForce MX130 discrete GPU, along with "built for business" features. The exterior styling is actual ‘ business-like’ with a grey/silver chassis with the HP symbol stamped prominently on the back of the arrangement panel. Career a convertible, the slogan has the knack to occupation as a principles laptop, tablet, tent mode, and presentation modes which are fundamental for flexibility in a matter environment.

Intel teases dual-screen concept PCs as rumors of ARM versions heat up

Intel has been working on dual-screen PCs for two years, and is starting to display off some example concepts at Computex this week. PC World reports that Intel has created prototype devices with both dual displays and electronic paper displays (EPD). A prototype slogan with the EPD exhibit looks another according to a Moleskine notepad than a traditional PC, with a hinge in the centre for the two screens to hurried flat. Another Intel prototype uses two usual displays and looks perfect congruous to Lenovo"s Yoga Jotter product. A keyboard can be displayed on one side to end the device in a laptop-like mode, on the contrary the typing would be on glass.

Asus ZenBook Pro 15 UX580 : A 5.5-inch Screen in the Touchpad

Asus’ s new ZenBook Pros, announced at Computex in Taipei, each have two screens: the ample laptop affectation you expect, and then a new 5.5-inch exposition built into the touchpad called the ScreenPad. The ZenBook Pro 15 (UX580) will be available in July for $2, 299, but we don’ t have pricing and availability for the 14-inch model. The ScreenPads is a 5.5-inch FHD exhibit that doubles as a touchpad with aid for Microsoft’ s precision drivers for Windows 10 gestures. It has a toolbar at the top that contains an app launcher, including built-in buttress for YouTube and Spotify, as bright-eyed as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

MSI Prestige LS42 Laptop: Made For Business

When thinking of MSI laptops, one probably picture the company's able gaming rigs. However, the company that makes heavy-hitting notebooks, with names liking the Titan and the Dominator, is absent to exhibit that's it not an all-play, no-work brand. Announced here at Computex 2018 and due outside following this year, the MSI Prestige PS42 is a super-light, 14-inch occupation organizer that's designed to conceive you a productivity champion. Clad in silver aluminum, this 0.62-inch thick laptop looks a abundance heavier than it feels. In a tiny hands-on, I went to pick up the notebook and was surprised at how manifest it was to lift with one hand.

Synaptics at Computex: Encrypted and In-Display Fingerprint Sensors in Real Products

Synaptics is one of the companies that hog to cook its announcements in two stages: initially, it announces its own product and then it showcases its partners’ products that exercise the announced device. Back in 2016, Synaptics introduced its Connatural ID FS4300/FS4500 match-on-host (MOH) fingerprint sensors for PCs featuring encrypted connexion and a host of other technologies designed to convalesce security of fingerprint sensors in general. In addition, the company introduced its FS7500-series match-in-sensor (MIS) - a completely sealed doctrine for bitter end security. In the tardy 2017 the company launched its in-display sensors for smartphones.

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