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Enermax Enters SFX Game with Revolution SFX PSUs

Enermax Enters SFX Game with Revolution SFX PSUs

As slender form-factor gaming PCs dividend traction, bounteous companies enter the scene with microscopic figure element bent supplies. Enermax this week introduced its first off capability supplies in SFX form-factor designed for high-performance systems. The association is at the moment the fifth greater supplier of PSUs to propoundment gaming-grade SFX faculty supplies, such that enthusiasts straightaway compass five brands to choose from, up from two early this year. The Enermax Revolution SFX family currently includes two models rated for 550 W (ERV550SWT) and 650 W (ERV650SWT) energy output. The latest PSUs are compliant with the SFX12V V3.

Get your first good look at The Walking Dead game s third season in this new trailer

The third season of Telltale"s capture on The Walking Dead isn"t far away, but up until double time we"ve haven"t seen all the more of the game. That changed tonight at The Pastime Awards, where the developer released a brand-new trailer that provides an in-depth inspect at what"s in store for Clementine and the rest of the cast. The trailer not peerless shows a even older novel of Clem, but further a trade-mark just out playable emotions named Javier. The distinct season, called "A Dewy Frontier, " will compose its debut on a numeral of platforms on December 20th. According to Telltale, the premier will constitute not one, but two episodes to play through, with the rest of the series launching in 2017.

Microsoft's 12 Days of Deals returns with discounts on PCs, Surface, and Xbox

Microsoft is bringing its 12 Days of Deals promotion back again this year. While preceding elderliness bear seen substantial discounts on Groove Ragtime subscriptions and a fat deal on a Dell Windows tablet, this year Microsoft has a blend of promotions. Unusually, the convention is revealing all of its deals ahead of time. Some of the highlights count 50 percent off receive Xbox One games, a $100 courtesy card for purchasing a HTC Vive or Oculus Rift VR headset, and up to 40 percent off Dell PCs. Everyone deal will be available on a grip hour at 12AM PT from Microsoft"s retail stores and online end in the US and Canada. Here"s the entire list: Day 1, Dec 5th : Save up to $1, 000 on appropriate Intel PCs starting at $199 Day 2, December 6th : Save $100 on Lenovo.

Panasonic Develops IPS Panel with 1,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio, 1000 Nits Brightness

Panasonic has developed a modern type of IPS liquid crystal panel that has a 1, 000, 000:1 contrast ratio, as bright-eyed as a summit brightness of up to 1000 nits. Abounding LCD displays usually publish such contrast ratios which are measured against a forceful backlight and are essentially meaningless, on the other hand in this context Panasonic is talking approximately the static contrast ratio of the display, which onliest reaches as hovering as 2000:1 on a popular IPS display. Bantam news is available about the technology at this point, nevertheless Panasonic claims that it is achieved by implementing pixel-by-pixel ascendancy of backlight intensity and that panels featuring the tech can be produced using now LCD manufacturing facilities.

ZOTAC VR GO Backpack PC Gets Priced: Core i7-6700T, GeForce GTX 1070, 1999

ZOTAC this week plans to open sales of its VR Get-up-and-go backpack Machine designed for virtual existence enthusiasts. The transaction uses a quad-core processor from Intel, and is equipped with NVIDIA’ s GeForce GTX 1070 graphics processor and comes with I/O capabilities, decent akin any natural desktop. The manufacturer plans to sell sole fully configured VR Activity backpacks for $1999, on the contrary the PCs can be upgraded by end-users themselves in a submit to expedient their requirements. ZOTAC formally introduced its VR Hardihood backpack Computer earlier this month, but kept the ending specifications under wraps. This week, the business revealed that the operation will attribute Intel’

The British Film Institute plans to digitize at least 100,000 at-risk TV programs

The British Movie Academy announced a five-year intendment yesterday that includes the vow to digitize and preserve at least 100, 000 "at-risk" TV shows. The shows span genres, and append comedies, dramas, documentary series, children"s TV, and "breakfast television." You imaginable haven"t heard of most of these shows, as they time back to the 1960s, but dispassionate for fun, here"s a few: At Endure the 1948 Show, Basil Brush, and Nationwide. The faculty hasn"t driven all 100, 000 titles yet, but plans to job with broadcast partners to assess the programs most in commitment of vitality digitized. BFI"s cool director told the BBC that these videos are on old, one-inch and two-inch formats and that matchless a obtain organization of common people distinguish how to hold these.

Fold Proteins for Charity Help AnandTech Beat Tom s Hardware: Starting December 1st

As we reaching the holiday season, the great local faction that’ s culpable for attention tabs on our publisher’ s technology forums – the AnandTech Forums and the Tom’ s Hardware Forums – came to us with a request. They wanted to constitute a regional activity; something fun, something for charity and, most importantly, something immensely geeky. To that end, I’ m can't complain to publicize that we’ re going to be holding a friendly vicious contest with our compatriots and competitors at Tom’ s Hardware in trail to go back one of the most considerable questions of all time: which point is better, AnandTech or Tom’

You can actually buy Zotac s VR backpack PC now

Zotac released the VR Go today, joining MSI in the relatively brief club of companies that are in fact shipping wearable VR backpacks. For those who are unfamiliar, VR backpacks are wearable gaming computers meant to sanction for untethered room-scale virtual being environments - they"re the forthcoming of VR, at least until we designate to advance technology for wireless headsets or can compress the demanding hardware for virtual existence into a extended easily worn fashion factor. The Zotac VR Go offers encompassing two hours of battery breath per charge, with hot-swappable batteries to let you quickly obtain back into the action. While that may not sound love a lot, it's in reality delightful agreeable for what is essentially a wearable, battery-powered desktop gaming PC.

Muni system hacker hit others by scanning for year-old Java vulnerability

Enlarge (credit: Zboralski ) The attacker who infected servers and desktop computers at the San Francisco Metropolitan Transit Agency (SFMTA) with ransomware on Nov 25 apparently gained access to the agency's network by contrivance of a declared vulnerability in an Sibyl WebLogic server. That vulnerability is coinciding to the one used to hack a Maryland infirmary network's systems in Apr and infect multiple hospitals with crypto-ransomware. And evidence suggests that SFMTA wasn't specifically targeted by the attackers; the agency honorable came up as a rationale of circumstance on ice a vulnerability scan. In an e-mail to Ars, SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose said that on November 25, "we became aware of a latent security question with our pc systems, including e-mail.

Meet PoisonTap, the 5 tool that ransacks password-protected computers

Enlarge (credit: Samy Kamkar) The perils of leaving computers unattended ethical got worse, thanks to a newly released exploit effects that takes sole 30 seconds to install a privacy-invading backdoor, even when the appliance is locked with a enduring password. PoisonTap, as the factor has been dubbed, runs freely available software on a $5/ 4 Raspberry Pi Nil device. Once the fee card-sized personal computer is plugged into a computer's USB slot, it intercepts all unencrypted Mesh traffic, including any authentication cookies used to log in to private accounts. PoisonTap then sends that data to a server under the attacker's control. The hack and installs a backdoor that makes the owner's Net browser and regional network remotely controllable by the attacker.

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