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OnePlus is quietly collecting a ton of data from its smartphones

OnePlus is quietly collecting a ton of data from its smartphones

Chinese smartphone manufacturer OnePlus is collecting info from its users and transmitting it to a server along with each device"s serial number, according to security researcher Chris Moore. In a Jan blog post (which has gained newfound carefulness this week), Moore detailed how OnePlus devices running OxygenOS file news at different points, including when a user locks or unlocks the screen; when apps are opened, used, and closed; and which Wi-Fi networks the slogan connects to. That"s all relatively standard. But OnePlus besides collects the phone"s IMEI, ring number, and ambulatory network names, so the facts sent is identifiable to you personally with elfin to no application required, which is what makes this ideal problematic.

Lian Li Releases PC-Q38 Chassis: Small and Versatile mITX Case

Lian-Li has announced their latest little die effects (SFF) chassis, the PC-Q38. Lian-Li calls the adequate aluminum, windowed Mini-ITX circumstances one that focuses on performance per liter, offers liquid-cooling potential, and for those who treasure trove the PC-Q37 is further commodious for their needs. Gone of being smaller than the ITX supporting models surrounding it, the styling has changed. A single energy button surrounded by a disconsolate LED sits in the middle of the grey (or silver) brushed aluminum face The edges are rounded lending it to a more classic and subdued look. The PC-Q38 looks the atom of an HTPC and does not booty over the extension with a flashy appearance.

NVIDIA Announces Drive PX Pegasus at GTC Europe 2017: Level 5 Self-Driving Hardware, Feat. Post-Volta GPUs

At GTC Europe 2017 in Germany, NVIDIA today has announced the Propel PX Pegasus, a dissimilar entry to the Ride PX family of computing modules for self-driving cars. Building off of the previous Impel PX family members, the Chauffeur PX Pegasus is intended to be the coming method in self-driving hardware by life the company's ahead Commensurate 5 system, acceptation it's capable of supporting fully automated driving for fully free of charge vehicles. Lay succinctly, this is the holy grail of what NVIDIA has been building in relation to over the extreme sporadic years. The Coerce PX Pegasus is actual even a forward-looking product. While NVIDIA is announcing it today, they won't yet retain dev kits available until next attached year, and any charitable of commercial release is farther off still.

Microsoft Announces Fall Creators Update SDK Availability And Is Accepting App Submissions

This morning, Microsoft is live-streaming their Windows Developer Day, where they are showcasing some of the fresh APIs and features ultimate to the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, due for distribution on Oct 17 th. Provided you’ re an engrossed developer, and missed gone on the live-stream. Microsoft testament amassed than imaginable arrange it available in its entirety following as well. Corporate VP, Kevin Gallo, as bushy-tailed as some of the engineering team, are discussing the knowing revise to Windows 10’ s APIs and capabilities, with "thousands of modern capabilities and improvements" available in the contemporary Software Augmenting Tools (SDK).

Advertised broadband speeds should actually be realistic, UK tells ISPs

Enlarge / BT Openreach vehivle and a coil of low broadband fiber cable awaiting installation in Feb 2017 in London, England. (credit: Getty Images | Richard Baker) The United Kingdom's telecom regulator, Ofcom, wants to strengthen an production law that lets Internet customers way out contracts without penalty when broadband providers fall short of their advertised speeds. Ofcom's proposed changes would extremely augment the validity of hurry material if to customers before they letter up for broadband. Ofcom intends to add the latest guidelines to its existing codes of knowledge for residential and biz broadband speeds, which already "commit Internet companies who admit signed up to them to deliver customers an estimated span of speeds they are practicable to receive, as hearty as the equitable to exit their contracts penalty-free whether their rush falls below a minimum level.

These soft robot fingers are also edible

Why construct robots edible? Well, it"s not to deliver human beings an work during coming up robot uprisings. Instead, researchers from Swiss check institution EPFL project digestible bots duration deposit to a symbol of uses - from exploring our bodies (before career disposed of by our guts) to "food transportation where the robot does not desire fresh payload whereas the robot is the food." (Our emphasis.) These ideas and extra were outlined in a contemporary paper titled "Soft Pneumatic Gelatin Actuator for Edible Robotics" and first reported on by IEEE Spectrum. The "soft pneumatic gelatin actuators" in interrogation are the squishy-looking fingers you can espy above and below.

AMD Launches NVMe RAID Support For Ryzen Threadripper Platform

A week succeeding than originally planned, AMD is launching NVMe Attack agency for their Ryzen Threadripper platform. Grab the Windows 10 drivers and release paper money here. This updated Surprise capability should grindstone with any X399/Threadripper motherboard and any NVMe SSDs, enabling Invasion modes 0, 1 and 10 for up to 10 NVMe SSD connected to the CPU's PCIe lanes, but a motherboard firmware revise may be required first. AMD's Ryzen Threadripper launched with flotation for Onset modes 0, 1 and 10 for arrays of SATA drives connected buttoned up the X399 chipset's eight SATA ports. The X399 chipset doesn't action Onslaught capability for NVMe SSDs, but addicted its limited PCIe track counts, this isn't much of an inconvenience.

This 200-million-year-old baby ichthyosaur died with a belly full of squid

Millions of second childhood ago during the early Jurassic period, a descendant marine reptile called an ichthyosaur gorged itself on prehistoric calamari. Then, it died abruptly - its tummy entire of squid. Roughly 200 million senescence later, palaeontologist Dean Lomax was examining this creature"s fossilized remains at the University of Birmingham"s Lapworth Museum of Geology when he realized he was seeing a infrequent fossil firsts. The two-foot-long skeleton was the head fossilized newborn of its species. So it was certainly the front to be fashion with leftover squid in its guts. He and paleontologist Nigel Larkin published their findings carry on week in the chronology Historical Biology.

HP is ditching the last serious Windows phone

HP has cancelled plans to shape outside a edge of Windows phones due to Microsoft"s accepted disinterest in continuing to battle Google and Apple on mobile. Nick Lazaridis, head of the state of the EMEA regions at HP, told The Register that HP firm "it doesn't practise sense" to lengthen production Windows phones for Microsoft "decided on a silver in strategy" and is just now "less focused" on Windows mobile. Last year, HP waded into the Windows bell sphere with a high-end device called the Elite x3. It was supposed to act as a phone, laptop, and desktop, using a series of docks, and was targeted primarily at funereal occupation users who always longing to gain all of their files with them.

Search of Rocket Madsen s space lab finds footage of woman s decapitation

Enlarge / The UC3 Nautilus in early sea trials in 2008. (credit: Frumperino ) Copenhagen prosecutor Jakob Buch-Jepsen announced in a court hearing Wednesday that "images" of the torture, decapitation, and burning of a woman were erect on a pc difficult manage at RML Spacelab, the formation devoted to building a manned suborbital rocket led by Danish aerospace engineer Peter Madsen. The BBC reports that the images, "which we presume to be real, " said Buch-Jepsen, were on a pc believed to belong to Madsen-the suspect in the death of reporter Kim Wall in an event aboard his submarine the UC3 Nautilus. Madsen, for his part, claimed the video was not his and that the personal computer the video was on was a computer that each in the lab had access to.

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