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Origin PC Announces NT-15 Quadro Workstation: Core i7 and Max-Q

Origin PC Announces NT-15 Quadro Workstation: Core i7 and Max-Q

Origin Personal computer on Wednesday introduced its aboriginal moving workstation featuring a efficient NVIDIA Quadro P5000 GPU. The NT-15 Quadro uses Intel’ s 7th Procreation Core i7 CPU and comes with a 15.6-inch 4K Ultra-HD instruct to satisfy demands of graphics professionals. As for portability, the manner can hardly be called thin and bright thanks to the manufacturer needed to make certain grand performance first, but it is besides not hefty nor bulky. The Origin Machine NT-15 Quadro is powered by Intel’ s quad-core Core i7-7700HQ CPU (and accordingly the Kaby Lake plarform) as right as NVIDIA’ s Quadro P4000 discrete GPU (GP104GL) featuring the Max-Q design.

Origin PC Unveils EON15-S Laptop: Core i9, GTX 1060, Two PCIe SSDs

Origin PC on Wednesday introduced its fashionable gaming laptop aimed at customers looking at mid-range designs. The late EON15-S textbook comes in a sub-1-inch thick chassis and is equipped with a six-core Intel CPU, a GTX 1060 GPU, portion of storage space, and a 15.6-inch Full-HD display. The Origin PC EON15-S is based on Intel’ s Coffee Lake-H platform and will employ Intel’ s six-core Core i7-8750H or Core i9-8950HK processors, with optional overclocking. Origin PC will traditionally endeavor its customers to frame their EON15-S systems to order, and can integrate up to 32 GB of DDR4-2667 dead-eye as bright-eyed as up to two M.

Origin PC Launches EVO17-S Thin-and-Light 17-Inch Laptop with Intel Core i9

In appendix to a relatively modest EON15-S gaming laptop introduced on Wednesday, Origin Computer further rolls absent its EVO17-S, a yet another competent personal computer running Intel’ s Core i9 CPU and featuring a 17.3-inch blaze with up to an Ultra-HD resolution. The manufacturer claims that the EVO17-S is the world’ s thinnest and lightest notebook powered by Intel’ s six-core Coffee Lake-H processor. The Origin Personal computer EVO17-S is based on Intel’ s Core i9-8950HK CPU with unlocked multiplier to enable overclocking. The process testament extremely come equipped with NVIDIA’ s GeForce GTX 1070 GB with 8 GB of GDDR5 memory.

Microsoft starts testing Your Phone Windows 10 app that mirrors phone content to a PC

Microsoft is starting to appraisal its different Your Telephone app for Windows 10. The software maker first unveiled the app back at the company"s Fabricate developer convention in May, and it"s designed to mirror content from a bell to a PC. Android ring users will be able to assessment Your Call first, with the bent to drag and blop virgin photos straight into Occupation apps and other Windows apps open from a phone. Microsoft is besides planning to add buttress for words letter sync and notifications from phones to mirror to a PC. The Your Phone app requires an Android app to be installed to mirror phone content to a PC, and Microsoft is too planning to extend this twin reality to iPhone users.

Intel Announces Q2 2018 Results: Setting More Records

All across the hardware production 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for earnings, and the 800lb gorilla that is Intel is no exception. Reporting their Q2’ 2018 emoluments yesterday afternoon, Intel booked $17.0B in revenue for the quarter, setting another latest Q2 revenue draw up for the company. Meanwhile catch income, while not lifetime famous as a create for the company, was all the more mere elevated at $5.0B. This puts Intel beefy ahead of itself both on a year-over-year and sequential basis, topping Q1’ 2018 and Q2’ 2017, both of which were very register quarters. All told, Intel’ s both Intel’ s revenue and collar way for the quarter increased by $2.

Shipping company s networks in the Americas crippled by ransomware attack

(credit: COSCO ) COSCO"s computer networks in the Americas remained completely severed from the Internet on Thursday, nearly 48 hours after the Chinese shipping giant reported it was hit by a ransomware attack. In a statement published Thursday, COSCO officials said the failures affected networks in the US, Canada, Panama, Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Uruguay. The statement said bourgeois who wanted to distance COSCO employees in those countries should exercise different email addresses, several of which were hosted by Yahoo and Gmail. Attempts to span COSCO"s US-based website were unsuccessful. COSCO officials said leading pursuit process systems were performing stably and that ports in California and the UK remained open.

Samsung Discloses First Details About QLC-Based Client Server SSDs

It is not a secret that Samsung intentionally avoided QLC NAND with its 64-layer V-NAND flash, in the modus operandi citing distinct reasons. With its 96-layer V-NAND however, the business is changing its accession and is going to suggestion QLC-based SSDs for client and server computers. At the Samsung SSD Forum in Japan the convention disclosed the ahead details about the upcoming drives. The overhaul of 3D QLC NAND over 3D TLC is of method a 33% higher storage density and hence a lower per-bit storage expenditure (assuming a agnate yield). Therefore, the first off drives to adopt Samsung’ s 3D QLC V-NAND will be high-capacity SSDs for those customers who compulsion to store a abundance of counsel and may not be that enticed in the maximum performance.

Intel s Xeon Scalable Roadmap Leaks: Cooper Lake-SP, Ice Lake-SP Due in 2020

Recently a Chinese university has published a crowd of slide-decks from distinct companies covering a server/HPC event. Among the slides, Intel had a seemingly longer adequate presentation describing Intel’ s conceptual approaches to HPC to conversation of several workloads, and most interestingly, destined plans and what looks to be an up-to-date server roadmap. According to slides published by the Central South University from Changsha City, Hunan, Intel had to delay its Harden Lake-SP server platform from 2019 to 2020 owing to of the universal delay of its 10 nm development technology. What was foreign and newly revealed in the roadmap, is that in appendix to the codenamed Freeze Lake-SP processors, the association is very preparing the codenamed Cooper Lake-SP CPUs that are fix to arrive a bit ahead of the Refrigerate Lake-SP chips.

Tech-support scammers know EVERYTHING about my computer, Dell customer says

Enlarge (credit: David Precious / Flickr ) More than 30 months after surfacing, a tech-support scam targeting Dell computer owners continues to lift questions about how the callers be acquainted sensitive information, including Machine serial numbers and the names, call numbers, and email addresses customers gave to the Personal computer maker. Most tech-support scams are opportunistic. A caller falsely claims she"s calling from Microsoft to warn of a serious, non-existent crunch with a person"s Windows computer, still when the male happens to own single a Mac. The reason of the ring is to trick the aim into purchasing software or scientific brace to allot the subject or to install software that gives the caller remote clout over the computer.

ASRock Launches C246M WS Micro-ATX Motherboard for Xeon E CPUs

ASRock Shelf has announced one of the industry’ s first Micro-ATX motherboards for Intel’ s new Xeon E processors for entry-level servers and workstations. The C246M WS platform is aimed at compact workstations, it supports a heterogeneity of PCIe add-in-cards, rather affluent storage capabilities, and a couple of GbE connectors. As the term suggests, the ASRock C246M WS motherboard is based on Intel’ s C246 chipset and and so supports Intel’ s Xeon E-2100 series processors. The platform features a multi-phase VRM that uses solid-state inductors and capacitors to sustain steady course during prolonged workloads. The mould of the motherboard contains an empty pad for the Aspeed AST2500 IPMI chip, so eventually ASRock plans to originate a state novel of the product as well.

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