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Netflix updated to support HDR on Windows 10

Netflix updated to support HDR on Windows 10

Netflix is adding High-reaching Changing Scale (HDR) back to both its Windows 10 app and the Microsoft Limit browser. Netflix"s hardware requirements for HDR on Machine penny-pinching you"ll demand Intel"s 7th-generation or higher processors to buttress the HDR10 encoded content, and Intel"s integrated GPU or an Nvidia 1050 or higher. AMD GPUs or yet CPUs are currently unsupported. Netflix"s assist of HDR on the Computer side is a boost to the content available to Windows 10 users, arriving shortly after iPhone X and Galaxy Memo 8 support. There"s a destitution of games that abutment HDR on PC, and gaming monitors that all the more enable HDR content to be displayed.

Khronos Group Launches the Neural Network Exchange Format

Today the Khronos Group, the production consortium ultimate OpenGL and Vulkan, released a v1.0 provisional specification for its Neural Network Convert Format (NNEF). Inaugural announced at the end year, this provisional sheet is aimed at getting industry feedback on real-world use. While its epithet encapsulates its purpose, exceeding specifically NNEF will event as a compatible format that can transfer trained neural networks between frameworks or to a broad gamut of inferencing hardware. Khronos is hoping that NNEF will detail as a banal format for all the legion frameworks, such as Caffe, TensorFlow, Theano, and Torch, and be as all-over in neural network porting in the twin course PDFs are used for documents.

More Ryzen Mobile: Acer Swift 3 with 2700U and 2500U Listed, From 750

Back at the Ryzen Expressive launch, AMD announced three important partners with three devices: the HP Envy x360, the Acer Swift 3, and the Lenovo Ideapad 720S. At the time, particular HP had some hash available, and has on account of pushed the Envy x360 to retail. The other two annex been surprisingly hushful approximately their models, on the other hand nowadays Acer steps up to the plate with lists and pricing. Acer has, without any fanfare, added two laptops powered by AMD’ s Ryzen Walking 2500U and Ryzen Animated 2700U processors to its product lineup. The notebooks own a metallic chassis, with a 15.6" IPS panel featuring a 1920x1080 resolution.

Iiyama Unveils Its First Curved Gaming Display: 31.5-inch, FHD, 144 Hz, FreeSync

Iiyama has announced the G-Master G3266HS-B1, its first off curved recorder for gamers. The just out exhibit belongs to entry-level collection and offers an FHD resolution along with effective revitalize scale of up to 144 Hz enabled by AMD’ s FreeSync technology. Pricing of the LCD looks rather competitive in Europe, nevertheless the U.S. MSRP remains to be seen. The Iiyama G-Master G3266HS-B1 detector is based on a 31.5" VA panel with a 1920× 1080 resolution, a 144 Hz freshen rate, a 3 ms response extent as great as a 1800R curvature. Brightness, contrast and viewing angles offered by the watchdog are universal for latest inexpensive VA panels: 400 nits, 3000:1, and 178°

All the features I m still getting used to on the iPhone X

Since the week before Thanksgiving, I"ve been using the iPhone X. Prior to that, I was using the iPhone 8 Plus, which Apple loaned me. During the on duty fall reviews season, I besides used the Google Pixel 2 and briefly used the Foremost smartphone. But this article isn"t a round up of these fashionable phones or a govern comparison of all four. It"s about the iPhone X. Some of my friend Verge writers constant that iPhone X is "easily the beyond compare smartphone ever made." There are a piece of matters to crash about the iPhone X, including its ridiculously extended battery life, certified camera (front-facing Portrait mode! ), and dependable how expeditious the part is.

Samsung Announces New Notebook 9 Pen and Three New Notebook 9 2018 Laptops

Just in era for, or before CES 2018, Samsung unveiled three current laptops in their Textbook 9 family, starting with the Publication 9 Pen. The Pen is a 13.3-inch 2-in-1 register with a 360-degree convertible hinge, includes the built-in S-Pen for mixed laptop/tablet functionality. The other late laptops are updates of its Volume 9 devices, the 13.3 and 15-inch models. They, love the Pen, will constitute 8 th Date Intel Core i7 processors and enhanced graphics capabilities as bright-eyed as a larger battery for spread out avail while mobile. The distinct Notepad 9 models admit exterior changes as chipper and are built out of a magnesium-aluminum alloy which Samsung calls "Metal12" which should allow the laptops a exceeding premium glimpse and palpation becoming for the updated internals inside.

PowerColor Announces Gaming Station: The Devil Box s Spawn, TB3 eGFX Enclosure

PowerColor recently announced its second eGFX enclosure named, Gaming Station. The Gaming Station, liking the Satan Box previous it, is an adornment which enables gamers to connect desktop equable video cards to laptops, AIOs, or SFF PCs using the Thunderbolt 3 interface. The Gaming Box is slightly smaller and moved gone from the angular gaze of the Devil Box to a augmented traditional black, rectangular, almost UPS-like, appearance. It supports hire NVIDIA and AMD GPUs AMD's XConnect technology and comes with a 550W function servicing able to easily efficacy the compatible video cards. The Gaming Box joins an increasing unit of TB3-based alien enclosures with the capacity to lope desktop akin video cards.

Western Digital to Use RISC-V for Controllers, Processors, Purpose-Built Platforms

Western Digital recently announced plans to operate the RISC-V ISA across its existing product stack as fit as for later products that testament combine processing and storage. The partnership plans to expand RISC-V cores internally and licence them from third parties to advantage in its own controllers and SoCs, along with using third-party RISC-V based controllers. To generate the RISC-V ecosystem, Western Digital has already busy in partnerships and investments in manifold companies working on RISC-V projects. For example, recently Western Digital invested in Esperanto Technologies, a convention led by experienced CPU designers. Given the divergent portfolio of products that Western Digital has nowadays as great as its longer-term reason to action compute closer to material (by embracing in-storage computing, for example), it is evident that Western Digital is going to devoir a diff portfolio of compute cores with significantly discrepant performance and attribute set.

Game-changing attack on critical infrastructure site causes outage

Power grid in Gowkthrapple, UK. (credit: geograph.org.uk ) Hackers who may keep been working on behalf of a kingdom recently caused an useable outage at a critical-infrastructure site, researchers said Thursday. The attackers did so by using a anecdote collection of malware to oppose the manner that prevents health- and life-threatening accidents. The malware was most viable designed to argument physical damage inside the unnamed site, researchers from the Mandiant division of security undeniable FireEye said in a report. It worked by targeting a safety instrumented system, which the targeted absence and alive with other critical infrastructure sites convenience to prevent unsafe conditions from arising.

Apple Starts iMac Pro Sales on Dec. 14: 8 10-Core Models At Launch, 14 18-Core Models Due in 2018

Apple has announced that sales of its formerly announced iMac Pro all-in-one workstations testament foundation on Thursday, Dec 14. On that day, the firm is expected to accomplish its current systems available at least in some retail locations as bushy-tailed as washed-up its website. Initially, Apple is expected to proceeds iMac Pro workstations with eight- and ten-core processors, whereas the higher-end models featuring CPUs with up to 18 cores will hit the in early 2018. Apple’ s iMac Pro AIO workstations are aimed at efficient users with demanding workloads, such as video editing, 3D animation, scientific research, software development, and other.

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