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Intel Server Roadmap: 14nm Cooper Lake in 2019, 10nm Ice Lake in 2020

Intel Server Roadmap: 14nm Cooper Lake in 2019, 10nm Ice Lake in 2020

At its Data-Centric Innovation Summit in Santa Clara today, Intel unveiled its certified Xeon roadmap for 2018 – 2019. As expected, the association confirmed its upcoming Waterfall Lake, Cooper Lake-SP and Refrigerate Lake-SP platforms. Later this year Intel will proceeds its Falls Lake server platform, which will quality CPUs that bring collar for hardware security mitigations against side-channel attacks washed-up partitioning. In addition, the fresh Cataract Lake chips will extremely cornerstone AVX512_VNNI directions for deep-seated learning (originally expected to be a object of the Freeze Lake-SP chips, on the other hand inserted into an existing constitution a age earlier).

Shuttle Announces 1.3-Liter XPC Slim DH310: A Barebones PC for Coffee Lake CPUs

Shuttle has formally introduced its just out entry-level ultra-compact form-factor PC, the XPC Slim DH310, a barebones Computer for Intel’ s Coffee Lake processors with up to six cores. The systems hog a album of lone 1.3 liters, they can accomodate all mainstream CFL CPUs and propel up to two 4K displays. The Shuttle XPC slim DH310 is based on Intel’ s H310 PCH and supports all of Intel's 65 W Kaby Lake and Coffee Lake processors. The process is cooled via one of Shuttle’ s Harden modules, which uses a immense heatsink and two 60-mm fans, one of which is PWM-controlled and the other can either be fix to a fixed celerity or vary based on the chip’

ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 UX550GE Laptop with Core i7 4K LCD Is Now Available

ASUS has started selling its 15-inch ZenBook Pro 15 UX550GE ultra-thin laptop featuring Intel’ s six-core processor, NVIDIA’ s discrete GPU as blooming as a factory-calibrated 15.6-inch fanfare with a 4K Ultra-HD resolution. The notebook is available in individual one configuration, but beneficial cognizance is that it is relatively affordable as it costs less than $2000. The ASUS ZenBook Pro 15 UX550GE-XB71T is based on Intel’ s six-core Core i7-8750H processor accompanied by 16 GB of DDR4-2400 recollection as fresh as a 512 GB NVMe SSD. The laptop has NVIDIA’ s GeForce GTX 1050 Ti GPU with 4 GB of flashback that drives its 15.

Western Digital Announces OpenFlex Storage Architecture and NVMeoF Storage Devices

Western Digital on Tuesday introduced its inexperienced OpenFlex storage architecture and the cardinal family of products supporting it. The OpenFlex architecture promises to enable operators of datacenters to independently scale compute, storage and network funds by using software composable infrastructure (SCI). In the meantime Western Digital will participation the mechanical specifications of OpenFlex products as great as publicly proceeds its Kingfish API for managing SCI to conceive OpenFlex an govern production standard. The OpenFlex architecture relies on storage devices featuring SSDs and HDDs that adoption an NVMe-over-Fabric (NVMeoF) interface, and can be used to build independently scalable pools of storage connected to computing method using criterion technologies (such as Ethernet, InfiniBand, etc.

Hidden My Game By Mom 3 continues the puzzle series s offbeat charm

Two caducity ago, we were enthralled with Hidden My Amusement By Mom, a surreal complication diversion in which you play a boy looking for his gone Nintendo DS. The escape room-style entertainment was abundant with twists and turns, and everyone of its 30 short levels was complete with different surprises and endearing mistranslations. A simple, relatable approach driven by unpredictable gameplay, the sport was one of the biggest hits for Hap Inc., a one-man studio created by Tokyo-based developer Yuusaku Ishimoto. After another sequel, eventually the game false its system to the Nintendo Switch under the fresh epithet Mom Hid My Game! "The archetypal name was what I got when I relied on Google Translate, " Ishimoto explained via email.

Key iPhone supplier is hamstrung with the debilitating WannaCry worm

Enlarge (credit: Samuel Axon ) A interpretation chip supplier for iPhones, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., said the virulent WannaCry ransomware worm infected its industry lines over the weekend. The concern shows how the damaging malware continues to a wake of $100 million-plus losses 15 months after it inceptive took flight. "This virus outbreak occurred due to misoperation during the software installation manner for a different tool, which caused a virus to spread once the object was connected to the company"s pc network, " TSMC officials wrote in a statement published Sunday. In statements fabricated on Monday, the officials identified the malware as WannaCry, which gained international care in May 2017 when it shut down computers worldwide.

ISPs listed speeds drop up to 41 after UK requires accurate advertising

Enlarge (credit: Steve Johnson / Flickr ) Most broadband providers in the UK "have been forced to chop the headline speeds they advise when selling deals" owing to of fashionable UK rules requiring accurate hurry claims, according to a consumer advocacy group. "Eleven elder suppliers hog had to incision the advertised velocity of some of their deals, with the cheapest deals dropping by 41 percent, " the assemblage wrote at the end week. The examination was conducted by Which?, a trade-mark agnomen used by the Consumers' Association, a UK-based charity that does product analysis and advocacy on behalf of consumers. Read 9 remaining paragraphs | Comments .

NVIDIA Releases 398.82 WHQL Game Ready Driver

This week, NVIDIA released chauffeur chronicle 398.82 WHQL, featuring Sport Ready help for later week’ s Monster Hunter: World, as able-bodied as for Battle for Azeroth, a advanced Earth of Warcraft expansion launching on August 13 th and 14 th. The driver extremely includes a favorable vastness of bug fixes, though notably excludes fixes for windowed G-Sync issues on Windows 10 Spring Creators Revise and Apr 2018 Update. NVIDIA expects to resolve that controversy with a hotfix in the near future, which was delayed for QA reasons. Making its objective as the seventh expansion pack for the now-venerable Earth of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth has been preceded by not even-handed alphas and betas, but a Battle for Azeroth Pre-Patch, which has been reportedly rocky at open and has hotfixes much outlook through.

Blade s Shadow game streaming service is expanding to the East Coast with new mobile app

French startup Blade inaugural launched its Shadow diversion streaming service as a limited rollout in California earlier this year. Now, the partnership is expanding again by opening up availability to diverse dissimilar states on the West Coast, and, for the headmost time, it"s offering the Shadow function to East Seaside gamers with the open of a fresh counsel center. 18 modern states will inspire access to Shadow on Aug 9th In all, 18 further states will invest in access to the overhaul on August 9th, including, Virgin York, Connecticut, Delaware, Distinct Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Fresh Hampshire, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Nevada, and Oregon.

ECS Announces LIVA Z2 and LIVA Z2V Mini PCs

ECS this week formally announced its Gemini Lake-based ultra-compact form-factor (UCFF) desktop PCs that were early demonstrated in January. The brand-new systems are aimed at duty and digital signage applications, they further fact two GbE connectors, a requirement of ECS’ enterprise customers. The ECS LIVA Z2 and Z2V computers are based on Intel’ s Gemini Lake SoCs with two or four cores as bright-eyed as UHD 600-series integrated graphics. The distinct LIVA Z2-series UCFF PCs rendition higher general-purpose performance compared to their LIVA Z predecessors through of the Goldmont Plus CPU microarchitecture. Furthermore, the dewy systems too facet an improved media processing engine with help for 10-bit HEVC and 10-bit VP9 video.

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