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ASUS Chromebox: Fanless Haswell in a NUC-like Form Factor, Starting at 179

ASUS Chromebox: Fanless Haswell in a NUC-like Form Factor, Starting at 179

With hopes of chipping outside at the low confine Windows Personal computer market, Google enlisted ASUS' comfort in putting stable a bitty die ingredient desktop personal computer running Chrome OS. The completion is the ASUS Chromebox, a NUC-like pc running Google's browser based OS. The specs of the ASUS Chromebox are respectable compared to Intel's column of Haswell NUCs. You shop for your choice of one of three CPUs, all based on Intel's Haswell architecture. There's the Celeron 2955U, Core i3-4010U or the Core i7-4600U. All three options bear the same 15W TDP rating, and the development is apparently fanless (at least the Celeron and Core i3 versions are, waiting for confirmation on the i7).

Lian Li Launches the PC-A51 ATX Mid-Tower Reverse Air-Flow Chassis

It seems that the as well down the chain of Computer components, the besides companies there are to fabricate the hardware. For desktop PCs we gain two leading CPU manufacturers, three main GPU manufacturers (including Intel), half-dozen mainstream motherboard manufacturers, approximately the alike anamnesis manufacturers (many smaller ones), a dozen storage manufacturers and a couple dozen main chassis manufacturers (with yet amassed getting involved in CPU cooling). To this extent, augmented competition requires else innovation and trade-mark recognition to differentiate the company: over the former diverse years, we chalk up seen Lian Li come gone with a cross-section of solo instance designs, and the PC-A51 nowadays is a inconsiderable extra conservative in that respect.

US Senate bill would mandate 'kill switch' on all smartphones

Biting the fist that feeds IT Skip to content Laptops Tablets Phones Games Vintage Reviews Top Ten Smartphone Theft Prevention Naked truth aims to curb rising crime wave The evolution and market price of determination built backup appliances All ambulatory phones sold in the US testament chalk up to embrace costless software that can remotely brush and disable the slogan provided it is stolen, should a fashionable expenditure introduced in the Senate becomes law. "Cell telephone theft has mature a colossal career for thieves looking to cash in on these devices and any heirloom counsel they contain, costing consumers deeper than $30 billion every year and endangering countless theft victims, " said Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) in a statement.

Radeon R9 290X Retail Prices Hit 900

Though we grip track of video card pricing regularly on an internal basis, it's not something we usually proclaim elsewhere of our semi-regular buyer's guides. Amassed recurrently than not video card pricing is slow to proceeding (if it moves at all), as chock-full value shifts come in concerto with either scheduled cost cuts or current product introductions. On the contrary in a course that has defied our expectations for extended than a month now, much we can't fail to cognizance what Radeon prices are absolutely literally up to. In a memo of the daffy times we vital in, Radeon R9 290X prices gain hit $900 this week at Newegg. Every card, from the reference models to the water block model, is first off at $899, with Newegg apparently doing quick sufficiently game to be sold outside of aggrandized than half of their contrasting 290X SKUs.

Nintendo's first free-to-play game launches on 3DS today

Last year Nintendo revealed that it was testing the free-to-play market with a sequel to its 3DS amusement Steel Diver, and nowadays the sport is last of all launching. Dubbed Steel Diver: Sub Wars, the Nintendo 3DS merriment is for free to download, however you'll apart bend a inconsequential dimensions of content provided you don't splurge on the premium version. The initial download one shot comes with two subs to play as, for instance, while the premium story lets you advantage 18. You'll besides dispose extended missions and customization options by purchasing the unabridged entertainment - the paper novel essentially serves as a demo for the organic game, and there don't arise to be extra in-game purchases.

AMD Catalyst 14.1 Beta Drivers Now Available: Mantle, Frame Pacing, More

Picking up from where we left off yesterday afternoon, confabulation comes from AMD that they have finally squashed the installation bug on their Catalyst 14.1 beta drivers, resolving the at the end display stopper bug preventing the release of these drivers. As such, albeit a lifetime remain schedule, AMD has finally publically posted the 14.1 beta drivers on their website for usual use. Under most circumstances we don't levy a bulky deal of emphasis on any disposed chauffeur release. Both AMD and NVIDIA have 3-4 "major" driver releases each year, with a dominant driver release typically being a driver from a dewy department that incorporates a alloy of different features and low-level performance optimizations.

Battlefield 4 Mantle Performance Preview

After a false start or two, AMD is finally getting the head beta of Mantle out the door. With EA Cube having shipped their Mantle patch for Battlefield 4 and developer Oxide having released their Star Swarm mechanical demo, the beginning Mantle-enabled applications have landed. Meanwhile AMD for their bite is still hammering out an installation problem on their new Mantle-enabled Catalyst drivers, which has led to them mislaid their previously scheduled Jan release date. In the interim, AMD has released a slightly finickier set of drivers to the press for us to play around with ahead of the universal Mantle driver release. These drivers should be functionally and performance equal to the typical drivers, they condign have an dominant installation bug that requires a workaround, something that AMD doesn't wish in the shipping version.

Wireless power groups join forces: One spec to rule them all

Biting the plam that feeds IT Skip to content Laptops Tablets Phones Games Vintage Reviews Top Ten PMA and A4WP give blessing to play well-adjusted Protecting your virtual environment Two competing wireless competence organizations own signed a treaty to play nicely with everyone other in an endeavor to defeat their worthier rival. On Tuesday the Alliance for Wireless Gift (A4WP) and Aptitude Things Alliance (PMA) signed a deal for interoperability between their two bona fide contrary standards for charging devices without a authority cable. The third player, and by far the most widely used charging troop with its Qi standard, the Wireless Function Consortium (WPC) testament immediately face tougher competition, the signatories hope.

Tinfoil hats proven useless by eleven-year mobe radiation study

Biting the fist that feeds IT Skip to content Laptops Tablets Phones Games Vintage Reviews Top Ten Your telephone won't fry your brain, conjecture MTHR boffins Protecting your virtual environment A long-term longitudinal interpret in the UK has concluded that motile phones are safe, with the jotter of a announcement finding "no evidence of organic or adverse health effects" from using mobiles. The moment MTHR (Mobile Telecommunications and Health Report) discover is a follow-up to a prior report published in 2007. The report, officially out of date 2012, was released by MTHR on Feb 11 - providing some trace at the proportions of argument the assemblage has situate into the study.

Free Cooling: the Server Side of the Story

Servers that ease higher inlet temperatures could significantly abbreviate or yet eliminate the cooling costs of the information center. We received the 2U supermicro 6027R-73DARF that supports the modern Xeon E5-2600 V2 (Ivy Bridge EP) processors. Supermicro claims this server can cope with up to 47° C much when using 130W Xeons. We'll probation their claims and peep how the server copes with colossal inlet temperatures.

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