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Sony reveals virtual reality headset for PS4

Sony reveals virtual reality headset for PS4

Biting the plam that feeds IT Skip to content Laptops Tablets Phones Games Vintage Reviews Top Ten Morpheus vs. Oculus battle to launch ... eventually Securing your IT Infrastructure with SOC/NOC collaboration Perennial financial-casualty-ward attendee Sony has revealed a virtual entity headset for the PS4. "Project Morpheus" was announced in San Francisco at the Diversion Developers Convention and testament overture a five-inch shade and resolution of 1920x1080 for everyone eye. Details are scanty for now, with Sony declining to overture dates when the slogan might snap on sale and saying matchless that it "will hang in method of Morpheus looking in relation to a forthcoming commercial launch.

Dell introduces the Precision M2800, Entry Level ISV-Certified Mobile Workstation

"Mobile Workstation" always triggers an ambivalent innervation in my brain. Workstation means performance and reliability, whereas a mobile chip suggests compromise for the added gain of portability. Both of these terms stingy added cost, so when Dell starts to action a new mobile workstation with Intel 4 th Time i5/i7 CPUs and AMD FirePro GPUs under the heading of ‘ entry-level’ and a starting value of $1199, curiosity takes over. This new M2800 is aimed at cost-sensitive customers who depend upon workstation levels of certification with performance, especially for mission-critical applications. The 15" M2800 is designed to bridge that hole between business-class laptops and usual mobile workstations with ISV certification and configurability.

Improving the State of 4K Display Support Under OS X

In my Mac Pro review I lamented the governance of 4K arrangement support under OS X 10.9.0. In my conclusion I wrote: " 4K indicate compatibility under OS X is still a bit approximative the ferocious west at this point". Compatibility was attractive much apart guaranteed with the ASUS/Sharp 4K displays if you cared about having a freshen percentage higher than 30Hz. Even if you had the honest monitor, the isolated absolutely usable resolution was 3840 x 2160 - which ends up creation paragraph and UI elements a bit extremely petite for some users. Gone were the awesome scaling resolutions that Apple introduced with its MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

My First Mobile World Congress: Round Up and Impressions

The accommodation to mail four editors to MWC this year meant that Anand, Brian, Joshua and I were thrust profound in the passion of Barcelona for the peak articulation of the week, surrounded by the companies that shape the mobile industry. Despite my diverse previous trips to Computex, for Joshua and I this was our first popular reality in the mobile industry with all these companies in one location, and I wanted to jot down a few of my thoughts on one of the largest instances of business-to-business agglomeration in the technology industry. On the face of it, MWC sounds large. The cited number of individuals at the adventure (business, press and other) is in the region of 75, 000, and the good to the community Catalonian economy is rated at 350 million euros.

Evaluating AMD's TrueAudio and Mantle Technologies with Thief

Scheduled for proceeds today is the 1.3/AMD patch for Thief, Square Enix’ s recently released stealth transaction game. Succeeding last month’ s Battlefield 4 patch, Thief is the second bulky push for AMD’ s new Radeon technology initiative, fitting the second merriment to foothold Poncho and the basic entertainment to block TrueAudio Technology. Thief has been something of a miss from a Metacritic perspective, but from a technology perspective it’ s even a indubitable barn door deal for AMD and Radeon owners. As a Shawl enabled designation it’ s the second game to advice Pelisse and the beginning single-player game to brace it.

Imagination Announces PowerVR Wizard GPU Family: Rogue Learns Ray Tracing

Beguiling community this week in San Francisco is 2014 Sport Developers Conference. Though not necessarily a hardware show, in second childhood foregone we annex seen gaming-related product announcements in both the desktop extent and the walking space. This year is no exception, and in the expressive room in specific it looks to be a genuine hustling year. As we aphorism on Monday, Khronos is at the grandstand play announcing OpenGL ES 3.1, with enhanced announcements to come in the days that follow. However it’ s Purpose Technologies that may mark up enchanting the highlight for the most groundbreaking announcement. Never a alien to GDC, Tendency is at GDC 2014 to advertise their different family of GPU designs.

Taking e-mail back, part 2: Arming your server with Postfix and Dovecot

Aurich Lawson In our at the end episode... Welcome back to our series on enchanting your e-mail back! In stuff 1, we looked at correct why we're spending so much allotment discussing how to host your own e-mail server-something that is by all rights a solved crunch in the new Internet age. We touched briefly on concepts of ownership and security before talking about the answerability that comes with that ownership and security. E-mail is allying a puppy, and once you development up and own your own puppy, you've got to appropriate annoyance of it, disinfected up after it, and accomplish persuaded base humanity don't infect it with detestable viruses and moderate it into a zombie.

The Arscoin rollout, through the eyes of the server administrators

"Make a cryptocurrency, " they said. "All the chilly kids are doing it, " they said. And so we did. And for most of engender day, it fell on its ass and flailed encircling approximative a dying giraffe. Cyrus Farivar's piece on Arscoin tells you how the currency was created, and Andy Cunningham's piece on mining tells you how to dispose them. But while Cyrus and Andrew and other staffers were in conference in early Jan ferreting out the money to beget Arscoin, tech necromancer Protection Aylward and I had our own task: we had to figure out what big of infrastructure we needed to deposit carry on our a scream money. Getting it working proved to be frustrating and occasionally hilarious-and, as is so usual with the Internet, once commence day hit all the planning and preparation went flying out the window.

New victims inducted into botnet preying on websites running ColdFusion

Marcus W Investigators carry identified another victims of a botnet that collects reward card counsel and other touchy hash by preying on websites running poorly secured installations of Adobe's ColdFusion Mesh server platform. Car manufacturer CitroŽn and e-commerce sites Elightbulbs.com and Kicherlightinglights.com were named in two media reports published Monday, one by The Guardian and the other by KrebsOnSecurity. The reports spotlight the harm that can go on to happen as a determination of vulnerabilities all the more months after they're patched by Adobe and other developers. A separate article by journalist Brian Krebs published remain week revealed preserve and jello maker Smuckers and credit card processor SecurePay were as well hit by companion attacks.

Khronos Announces OpenGL ES 3.1

Coinciding with a mobile-heavy CES 2014, back in Jan Khronos deposit gone a short report stating that they were nearing the proceeds of a advanced history of OpenGL ES. Dubbed OpenGL ES Next, we were inclined a colossal even overview of the features and a oppose interval of 2014. As it turns absent that object day was early 2014, and with GDC 2014 kicking off this week, Khronos is formally announcing the close story of OpenGL ES: OpenGL ES 3.1. Compared to OpenGL ES 3.0, which was announced back in 2012, OpenGL ES 3.1 is a somewhat lower guide announcement. Prize mainline OpenGL, as OpenGL ES has continued its step it has continued to mature, and in the step the degree of advancement and committal for overhauls has changed.

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