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Apple recalls Beats Pill XL speakers - because they're hotter than Dr Dre's mixtape

Apple recalls Beats Pill XL speakers - because they're hotter than Dr Dre's mixtape

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Dell is bringing the borderless Infinity display to its 15-inch XPS laptop

The delightfully borderless Infinity exposition that Dell introduced on the XPS 13 this year is stirring up in proportions class. As cut of a sneak preview of upcoming Windows 10 hardware here at Computex Taipei, Microsoft showed the fresh Dell XPS 15. The onliest matters we notice approximately this distinct notebook so far are that it has a razor-thin bezel, commensurate its smaller sibling, and that it's going to be among the wave of hardware refreshes that testament accompany Windows 10 in the second half of this year. The 2015 XPS 13 design offers a election of exhibition configurations going from a basic 1080p panel to a touchscreen with a 3200 x 1800 resolution.

Microsoft gives a sneak peek at new Windows 10 hardware

Microsoft, in the midst of showing off Windows 10 at the Computex commerce manifest in Taiwan this week, has revealed a contemporary scale of dewy PCs, laptops, and tablets designed to occupation with its newest operating system. In appendix to the Asus Transformer Tome T100HA shown off earlier this week, besides detailed on sheet was a contemporary version of Dell's 15-inch XPS laptop on the action that borrows the "virtually borderless" InfinityEdge arrangement from its 13-inch sibling, and a advanced HP tablet with "revolutionary note-taking capabilities." Nick Parker, VP of Microsoft's Elementary Accoutrement Manufacturer Division, too lifted the lid on another HP product - a 2-in-1 slogan with a attractive hinge that makes it flexible, and - prize the tablet - the 2-in-1 device has.

Intel Announces Thunderbolt 3 - Thunderbolt Meets USB At Last

A piece has been in fashion in the terrene of out note buses over the gone year. In the remain 12 months the USB consortium has announced both 10Gbps "Superspeed+" USB 3.1 and the recent USB Type-C connector, USB’ s fashionable compact, reversible connector that is designed to propel the morals for the later decade or more. In the meantime with the introduction of USB Replace Wealth functionality – the endowment for USB Type-C to take other protocols along with (or instead of) USB Superspeed material – has fabricated USB aggrandized supple than ever, with the VESA announcing that DisplayPort will be supporting exchange resources to deliver DisplayPort video over USB Type-C ports and cabling.

AMD Confirms June 16th Date for Upcoming GPU Announcement

After an earlier doubtful deadline of Q2’ 15 and else than a few teases in the interim, AMD has finally announced when they’ ll be revealing their future high-end video card. AMD will be hosting an case on Jun 16 th at 9am PST to proceeds the details on the card, in a presentation dubbed "AMD Presents: The Inexperienced Period of Machine Gaming." The presentation will be fascinating district at the Belasco Theatre in Los Angeles, CA during E3 week, and happens to be where the AMD-sponsored PC Gaming Show extremely takes distance that evening. This deed is bare to the public, or can be viewed via webcast. I would quickly message here that at no purpose does AMD specifically ring this a launch.

Dell Launches Premium Support Option For Consumers

Today Dell is unveiling a au courant offering in the star of after buy block which they gain dubbed Premium Support. It promises to significantly lessen the dimensions of era spent on the telephone when there is an issue, and the flotation can involve anything from hardware to software. To precipitation up the process, Dell leverages SupportAssist which will come pre-installed on the device. This beneficent of advice equivalent is something that the enterprise has seen for some time, and as recently as Feb Dell added it to their episode commensurate devices. Unlike traditional support, where it is a reactive replica based upon the customer having an question and reporting it, Dell’

Intel Launches Five 47W Laptop Broadwell SKUs

As component of Intel’ s batch of announcements today, including Broadwell on the desktop and Thunderbolt 3, the 47W laptop/mini-PC processors that were too launched offers an charismatic talking point. These are essentially the blop in models for contemporary hovering site Haswell laptops, offering manufacturers an upgrade plan before Intel’ s 6 th Generation, Skylake. The five SKUs are: Intel 47W Broadwell Lineup i7-5950HQ i7-5850HQ i7-5750HQ i7-5700HQ i5-5350H Price $366 $348 $276 $265 $244 Cores 4 4 4 4 2 Threads 8 8 8 8 4 Base CPU Freq. 2.9GHz 2.7GHz 2.5GHz 2.7GHz 3.0GHz Turbo CPU Freq. 3.7GHz 3.6GHz 3.4GHz 3.5GHz 3.5GHz Graphics Iris Pro 6200 (GT3e) Iris Pro 6200 (GT3e) Iris Pro 6200 (GT3e) HD 5600 (GT2) Iris Pro 6200 (GT3e) EUs 48 48 48 24 48 iGPU Freq.

Connexant Launches New HD Audio CODEC For Mobile

Conexant today announces a latest high-end HD audio codec for notebooks, ultrabooks and tablets. The CX8200 features a fully-integrated Class-D brisk amplifier with real-time speaker sensing and protection. The chip offers programmable hardware 14-band equalizer and changing reach compression blocks. An more and more required deed for audio codecs is the inclusion of articulation wakeup and recognition. All of today's Android devices intonation wakeup capabilities are enabled by specialized audio codec ICs such as from Qualcomm or Cirrus Logic (Formerly Wolfson Microelectronics). The CX8200 is able to analysis this feature-box and satisfies Google requirements for Chromebook integration as bushy-tailed as facilitate for Intel Automatic Speech Recognition.

Vanity Fair used a computer without internet to keep its Caitlyn Jenner cover secret

Today, Vanity Impartial unveiled its powerful, historic comprehend introducing Caitlyn Jenner to the world. The subject was the close of months of planning and negotiations - and, apparently, some deep security practices. Mashable reports that the periodical kept the high-profile topic from leaking with a bit of media opsec. First, staff forced attendees at the photo shoot to turn over their phones. The anecdote was then processed on a unmarried computer, disconnected from the internet. What's more, the photos and clothesline didn't stay unattended on the machine: everyone night, they were placed on a thumbdrive and deleted from the pc before, eventually, activity hand-delivered to the printer, according to Mashable.

Corsair unleashes the Bulldog DIY 4K Gaming PC

Corsair certainly is a gathering that is not afraid of diversification and has proved that multiple times in the past. They started as a honour products manufacturer, diversified into the power, condition and cooling segments and today they all the more gain their own gaming division. With a corporation as active as Corsair is, their contemporary change was no suprise to us. Corsair combined their training of chassis draft and thermal performance, used their production contacts and brought approximately the creation of the Bulldog, a DIY 4K Gaming Machine designed to fit into living rooms. The Bulldog is the combination of a desktop Computer occasion styled to be present as a gaming console with a 600W SFX ability supply, a liquid cooler for the CPU and an ITX motherboard.

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