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Intel's Xeon Phi: After Knights Landing Comes Knights Hill

Intel's Xeon Phi: After Knights Landing Comes Knights Hill

As SC’ 14 rolls on this week, fascinating baggage in the show’ s events is Intel, who was at the array to deliver an amend on the Xeon Phi lineup. As Intel already delivered a sizable restore on Xeon Phi at ISC 2014 earlier this year, their SC’ 14 announcement is lighter fare, but we immediately be read the agnomen of the hard by date of Xeon Phi. First and foremost, Intel has reiterated that the prospect Knights Landing day of Xeon Phi is still on scheme for H2’ 15. Built on Intel’ s 14nm process, Knights Transplanting should be a relevant upgrade to the Xeon Phi family by advantage of its integration of Silvermont x86 cores and a new stacked recognition technology, Intel & Micron’

A power user s guide to OS X Server, Yosemite edition

OS X Server is in prolongation mode. That much was unclouded when Mavericks Server came out a year ago with honest a handful of welcome-but-minor tweaks and improvements. The software hasn"t grown stagnant, really-certainly not to the magnitude of something love Apple Remote Desktop, which apart gets updated when it"s day to device a fashionable OS X version. But immediately OS X Server is changing as well brief from version to version, and by reason of the premature dissolution of the Mac Petty Server, Apple isn't even selling any compassionate of server-oriented hardware. Still, the Yosemite version of OS X Server changes enough to be valuation revisiting.

Potentially catastrophic bug bites all versions of Windows. Patch now

Microsoft has disclosed a potentially catastrophic vulnerability in practically all versions of Windows. Body politic operating Windows systems, exclusively those who flow websites, should at the moment install a patch Microsoft released Tuesday morning. The vulnerability resides in the Microsoft secure channel (schannel) security element that implements the secure sockets layer and transport layer security (TLS) protocols, according to a Microsoft advisory. A failure to properly filter specially formed packets makes it doable for attackers to execute aggression code of their choosing by sending bad traffic to a Windows-based server. While the advisory makes reference to vulnerabilities targeting Windows servers, the vulnerability is rated critical for client and server versions of Windows alike, an notice the remote-code bug may threaten Windows desktops and laptop users as well.

A power user s guide to OS X Server, Yosemite edition

OS X Server is in concervation mode. That much was pleasant when Mavericks Server came out a year ago with fair-minded a handful of welcome-but-minor tweaks and improvements. The software hasn"t grown stagnant, really-certainly not to the bigness of something coextensive Apple Remote Desktop, which isolated gets updated when it"s bout to collar a virgin OS X version. But promptly OS X Server is changing bona fide bantam from version to version, and on account of the premature casualty of the Mac Petty Server, Apple isn't even selling any considerate of server-oriented hardware. Still, the Yosemite version of OS X Server changes enough to be cost revisiting.

Bought an iPhone 6 Plus? Odds are you've binned the iPad

Skip to content Laptops Tablets Phones Games Vintage Reviews Top Ten « a href="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/6978/reg_hardware/tablets&sz=728x90&tile=2&c=22VHw23MCoZHEAAA8US4wAAADo&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" target="_blank"» « img src="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/6978/reg_hardware/tablets&sz=728x90&tile=2&c=22VHw23MCoZHEAAA8US4wAAADo&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" alt=""» « /a» Fondlers sorrow on smaller things... apart from in the bedroom. Accurate adventure Adaptable Operation Recovery (ASR) for Linux virtual machines Apple fans are ditching their iPads after buying a just out phab-ulous chock-full screened iPhone 6 Plus, a survey has revealed.

Thought tab sales were in the toilet this year? Hah! Wait for next

comment icon Cash'n'Carrion Whitepapers The Register Sign up Skip to content « a href="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/6978/cr_news/front&sz=728x90&tile=2&c=22VHirk8CoZHAAAH2@UNIAAAQI&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" target="_blank"» « img src="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/6978/cr_news/front&sz=728x90&tile=2&c=22VHirk8CoZHAAAH2@UNIAAAQI&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" alt=""» « /a» By | Paul Kunert 28th Nov 2014 16:42 Global marketplace forecast to decline 3.5 per cent to 185 million Slablet sales testament be stuck in a U-bend coterminous year and it may hire a re-think from the manufacturers before they can be flushed away again.

PlayStation Plus Free Games December 2014 Preview And Black Friday Specials

Sony has announced the free of charge games for Playstation Plus members for December, and as is the criterion for Sony they acquire two games available on everyone of their platforms, with one of the Vita games too available on all three platforms for this month. In addition, they hold further announced a swath of Nigrescent Friday sales for the Playstation store. Let’ s evaluation it out. PlayStation 4 Injustice: Gods Among Us – End Edition First up for the PS4 is the fighting amusement Injustice: Gods among us developed by NetherRealm Studios and fix in the DC Comics universe. This pastime based on the Unreal 3 engine was released in Apr 2013 and then released as the Eventual Edition for the PS4 in Nov of ultimate year.

Xbox Games With Gold December Preview and Black Friday Deals

The holiday season is upon us, and Microsoft has announced the behind Games with Gold for 2014 along with some Atramentous Friday deals as well. As apportionment of the Xbox Conscious Gold program, subscribers will arouse access to one Xbox One game, and two Xbox 360 games in December. It has been a bit disappointing to alone clock a unmarried Xbox One game available for the carry on indefinite months, but Microsoft has started to rise up their Deals with Gold as well. Xbox One Worms Battlegrounds This month’ s Xbox One game is Worms Battlegrounds which was developed by Team17. This game came elsewhere on May 30 of this year for both the PS4 and Xbox One, and is a turn based strategy game based on the Worms series which debuted in 1995.

A DRONE OF THEIR OWN: GoPro tabbed for cameracopter launch

Skip to content « a href="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/jump?iu=/6978/reg_hardware/front&sz=728x90&tile=2&c=22VHapwMCoZHEAAHrFtHAAAAQI&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" target="_blank"» « img src="http://pubads.g.doubleclick.net/gampad/ad?iu=/6978/reg_hardware/front&sz=728x90&tile=2&c=22VHapwMCoZHEAAHrFtHAAAAQI&t=ct%3Dns%26unitnum%3D2%26unitname%3Dwww_top_leader%26pos%3Dtop%26test%3D0" alt=""» « /a» Camera confident testament shorten the intermediary for flying filmmakers Transaction camera gathering GoPro is reportedly planning mellow and sell its own edge of camera-equipped drones.

Hackers shut down Sony Pictures' computers and are blackmailing the studio

Today, employees across the Sony Pictures support were greeted with a unusual picture as they tried to login to their computers. Since this afternoon, computers at the corporation gain been completely unresponsive, showing a glowering CGI skeleton, a series of URL addresses, and a threatening sign from a hacker batch that identifies itself as #GOP. Dozens of Sony Twitter accounts were besides commandeered to tweet gone coincidental messages, although Sony seems to acquire regained administration of those accounts. Early reports from Sony employees propose the studio has even to regain pc access. Continue reading…

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