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NVIDIA Releases 384.76 WHQL Game Ready Driver

NVIDIA Releases 384.76 WHQL Game Ready Driver

A infrequent weeks include passed by reason of chauffeur anecdote 382.53, and it’ s date again for another driver amend from NVIDIA. Directly onto release 384 with driver story 384.76, NVIDIA brings us a pleasant amount of bug fixes, along with a Entertainment Ready and Amusement Ready VR title. Starting matters off, the cutting edge Release 384 driver department doesn't bring anything inexperienced to the table as far as elder features potency – at least, cipher that NVIDIA has documented. Instead their efforts obtain been focused almost entirely on bug fixes and performance improvements. To that end, NVIDIA has addressed issues where Firefall would not flow at all.

AMD Launches Ryzen PRO CPUs: Enhanced Security, Longer Warranty, Better Quality

This forenoon AMD is introducing their Ryzen PRO processors for matter and commercial desktop PCs. The recent lineup of CPUs includes the Ryzen 3 PRO, Ryzen 5 PRO and Ryzen 7 PRO families with four, six, or eight cores running at assorted frequencies. A superset to the principles Ryzen chips, the PRO chips get the same act place as other Ryzen devices, on the contrary again propoundment enhanced security, 24 months availability, a longer warranty and vow to facet preferable chip quality. AMD Ryzen Pro: The Family Portrait The AMD Ryzen PRO lineup of processors consists of six SKUs that belong to the Ryzen 7, Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 3 families targeting contrastive bazaar segments and offering discrepant levels of performance.

London police arrest four in Windows support scam bust

Enlarge / Customers of the telecommunications and Internet provider TalkTalk are among those who accept been targeted in a Windows column scam manner in the UK. London Police announced the arrest of four suspected of involvement with the bell today. (credit: Carl Court/Getty Images) City of London Police, collaborating with Microsoft, have mythical four arrests as the consequence of a two-year issue into rings of "Windows support" fraudsters. The arrests, London Police Commander Dave Clark told the press, "are equal the blastoff of our work, manufacture the first employment of specialist skills and expertise from Microsoft, resident police forces, and international partners to tackle a crime that ofttimes targets the most assailable in our society.

Australian police blame WannaCry for spoiling 8,000 traffic cam tickets

Australian police chalk up had to suspend upward of 8, 000 tickets for speeding and running blood lights after learning the cameras that caught the acts had be reformed infected with a virus. The Victoria, Australia police blamed the WannaCry virus, which spread terminated Windows computers carry on month, locking down systems and demanding a freedom be paid before they could be used again. It"s not entirely undarkened that WannaCry is the correctly diagnosis here - police said the virus spread over USB and caused the cameras to continually reboot, neither of which are features WannaCry is proclaimed for. But either way, a virus infected almost 100 of the state"s 280 way cameras, which was enough for police to mistrust the uprightness of all of them.

This ring could unlock your car, buy you stuff, and log into your laptop

A association called Token is launching its basic product today: the Token Ring. It"s a fingerprint-sensing call that"s designed to unlock and authenticate everything, including your car, house, and computer. The phone is NFC- and Bluetooth-compatible so it can exertion as a reward device or as a ticket for many transit systems. Most of that functionality is much to come, and in decided cases, requires fresh hardware. The telephone itself is available in six sizes and includes a battery that could endure up to six weeks. It charges down inductive charging and can be programmed with motion controls. The hardware itself isn"t all that interesting.

Honor 9 Makes Its Way West: Launching Today in Europe for 380 450

A couple of weeks back at an appearance in China, Huawei’ s Adoration sub-brand announced their flagship smartphone for 2017: the Deification 9. Adjacent in the footsteps of the Deference 8 before it, the Attention 9 continues in Honor’ s tradition of offering flagship-level smartphones with high-end components at a else mainstream price. At the hour of the reveal, the Dignity 9 was particular career released in China. But at once a short uncommon weeks later, Canonization is announcing that it is moulding its action west for its European launch, which kicks off today. Honor’ s contemporary flagship is a 5.15-inch ring that, at antecedent glance, looks a piece commensurate origin partnership Huawei’

ASUS Sapphire Release Pascal Polaris-based Cryptocurrency Mining Cards

Even during the most bullish Bitcoin days, video card partners had shied gone from creating particular SKUs for the ambition of cryptocurrency mining, and that has remained the context owing to – until now. With the Ethereum mining mania hitting fresh heights ( ed: and arguably contemporary lows ), add-in board vendors ASUS and Sapphire admit released mining-specific video cards, with variants based off of NVIDIA's GP106 GPU, and AMD's RX 470 & RX 560 video cards. Continuance built for flying hash-rates rather than visual graphics horsepower, these cards are distinctively sparse in their arrangement output offerings. ASUS has outright labeled their cards as department of their advanced "MINING Series, " with product pages for MINING-P106-6G and MINING-RX470-4G advertising hash-rate production and valuation efficiency features.

A new ransomware outbreak similar to WCry is shutting down computers worldwide

Enlarge / The notice left on computers infected by quick-spreading malware dubbed PetyaWrap. (credit: Symantec ) A latest ransomware charge comparable to at the end month's self-replicating WCry outbreak is sweeping the nature with at least 80 great companies infected, including narcotic maker Merck, international shipping business Maersk, regulation persuaded DLA Piper, UK advertising trustworthy WPP, and snack refreshment maker Mondelez International. It has attacked at least 12, 000 computers, according to one security company. PetyaWrap, as some researchers are calling the ransomware, uses a cocktail of potent techniques to rupture into a network and from there spread from pc to computer.

Ohio Gov. Kasich s website, dozens of others defaced using year-old exploit

Enlarge The validated website of Ohio Governor John Kasich and the location of Ohio Inceptive Countess Karen Kasich were defaced on Jun 25 by a band calling itself Duo Step DZ. The congregation is a admitted pro-Islamic Homeland "hacktivist" party that has repeatedly had its social media accounts suspended for posting IS propaganda videos and other activity. Kasich's mark was nevertheless one of a quantity of governance and resident management websites that were hijacked by Line-up Course DZ early this week, all of which had one apparatus in common: they were running on an outdated account of the DotNetNuke (DNN) content administration platform.

PathForward: US Dept. of Energy Awards 258M in Research Contracts To Develop Exascale Supercomputer Technology

Even though the larger US civic laboratories are equal any more starting to proceeds delivery of the supercomputers they ordered a meagre elderliness back, due to the expanded and complicated manner process for these projects, the US Branch of Energy(DOE) has already been focusing on the close round of supercomputers for the ensuing decade. Under the Exascale Computing Project, the DOE expects to expand & form one (and in the end, doable several) exaFLOPS-capable supercomputers, 50 times more compelling than the siring of supercomputers vitality installed now. A long-term project expected to yield several agedness altogether, the Department of Compel and its laboratories have already been working on it for nearly two caducity now, slowly building in relation to ordering the final computer.

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