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In Game of Thrones season 7 premiere, the Stark sisters are back and out for blood

In Game of Thrones season 7 premiere, the Stark sisters are back and out for blood

Spoilers a head for Game of Thrones s eason 7, e pisode 1 Game of Thrones " season 7 premiere has last of all aired, and it picks up right where we left off, with a scene distinct fans compass been hoping for: Arya exacting revenge for the homicide of her mother, brother, and husband"s sister at the Crimson Wedding. The opening scene was identical parts shocking and satisfying. For a mo after the HBO logo flashed, the beginning scene was confusing: "Didn"t Walder Frey inspire his throat chop in season 6? Is this a haunting flashback to the second before his death?" Image: HBO Arya as Walder Frey holds a suspicious moment feast in the alike night.

16 million people watched Game of Thrones last night, making it the show s most watched episode

The premiere of Game of Thrones " seventh season fix a series register of 10.1 million viewers tuning in to the breathing broadcast. In spite of growth off the air for three months longer than the accepted one-year hole between seasons, it seems that the exposition has invisible none of its momentum, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 10.1 million aware viewers, with another 6 million on streaming services According to HBO, "Dragonstone" beat extreme year"s season 6 finale (which had 8.89 million viewers) for the name of most watched Game of Thrones stage in the series"s history. That numeral and doesn"t effects in streaming views, which added another 6 million views to Thrones " complete remain night.

NVIDIA and Baidu Sign Multi-Facet AI Tech Partnership for Tesla, DRIVE PX2, SHIELD TV

This morning NVIDIA and Chinese Internet juggernaut Baidu are announcing that they have signed a multi-faceted AI technology society that will gaze the Internet giant exercise NVIDIA’ s hardware for several of their products and services. At the same time, ahead of the launch of the SHIELD TV in China, the deal sees NVIDIA turning to Baidu to predispose Baidu’ s technology on NVIDIA’ s STB. Taking field at Baidu Cause (Baidu’ s AI developer conference), overall the two companies are announcing four different craft collaborations for AI. Arguably the biggest of these is that Baidu’ s general cloud computing servicing –

Because English isn t the same in England, Microsoft renames Fall Update for some

Enlarge (credit: Liz West ) The branding of the after larger Windows 10 update, due in encircling Sept this year, was announced in May as the Fall Creators Update. Our UK siblings straightaway wondered whether the amend would retain that corresponding reputation in the UK. While American English calls the season between summer and winter "fall, " most of the rest of the anglophone limited uses the British English "autumn." At the date of the initial announcement, Microsoft said that it would avail the "Fall" head universally. However double time that appears to not be the case; spotted by Windows Central, the branding activity used in the UK and other English-speaking countries such as India, is instanter the Autumn Creators Update.

Oculus Announces Six Week Sale of 399 Rift Touch Bundle

Update: On 7/14/17, Oculus permanently reduced the value of the Rift + Touch bundle to $499. Meanwhile, the bundle is still available for $399 for the coming six weeks. In the spirit of summer sales and their own " Summer of Rift, " Facebook subsidiary Oculus VR has announced that the Rift + Touch bundle is now on sale for $399. The bundle includes the headset, a team of Touch controllers, two sensors, an Xbox One wireless controller, a remote, and cables, including connectors for Rock Band VR guitar controllers. Oculus also offers seven unrestrained games for the Rift: Lucky's Tale, Medium, Toybox, Quill, Dead and Buried, Dragon Front, and Robo Recall.

ASUS Adds Entry-Level VP28UQG to Gaming LCD Lineup: 28 , 4K, FreeSync, 1ms

Without creation any formal announcements, Asus has quietly added a dewy gaming show to their product lineup. The VP28UQG features a 4K resolution, a 1 ms response time, as able-bodied as AMD’ s FreeSync ballsy brace degree technology. The inexperienced observer does not belong to the premium ROG product family and does not relieve elevated energize rates, so all signs purpose to Asus positioning it as an entry-level monitor. The ASUS VP28UQG expo is equipped with a 28" TN panel featuring a 3840× 2160 resolution, 300 nits brightness, a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 170° /160° viewing angles, a 1 ms response time, as husky as a 60 Hz enliven rate.

Refresh your memory of Game of Thrones tangled story with this five-minute recap

Game of Thrones returns on Sunday, and oh dear has a portion happened in that the indicate first off aired in 2011. Whether you haven"t unreal day or had the emotional fortitude to sit wrapped up six seasons of gut-wrenching deaths, shocks, and scheming, again, HBO has you covered. The show"s endorsed YouTube channel has released a handy, five-minute video that recaps the persist six seasons of the parade in regards to the its major (remaining) players. There"s been a collection of turmoil within and without the seven kingdoms, and everyone character"s voyage has taken them far from where they began. Families hold been formed, murdered, and torn apart;

Game of Thrones Hope Chest: what do you want to see happen to Cersei Lannister?

Game o f Thrones has never been approximately giving readers or viewers what they most want. It"s enhanced about creating fan expectations, then overturning them for narrative bump - and sometimes for pure shock value. However as enlarged as the series is running, we can all vital in assumption that at least a unusual of the characters testament come to a satisfying, well-deserved ending. That"s why there"s Game of Thrones Hope Chest, a current weekly referendum where we place all our hopes cool in one place. We aren"t asking what you think is going to happen on Game of Thrones, we"re asking: what cause you most dependence to gawk happen? This week, we"re considering the nemesis of Cersei Lannister, one of the series"s infrequent remaining long-term villains.

New Intel Kaby Lake Core i3 Processors: i3-7340, i3-7320T, i3-7120T, i3-7120

Last week Intel recently updated its specifications for the 7 th age processors. In doing so, we can gaze assorted contemporary Kaby Lake i3 SKUs prospect to desktop, along with a hardly any different KBL-U series SoCs for notebooks and a fashionable Xeon E3-1285 v6 CPU, which matches the specification for Apples newest iMac. The abundant specification renew from Intel is listed here. New Desktop Core i3 Kaby Lake CPUs The existing lineup of Core i3 on the desktop has six models ranging from the i3-7100T to the Core i3-7350K. Conforming preceding generations, all the parts keep two cores and block hyperthreading, although Intel did shake matters up with this date by offering an overclockable Core i3, on the contrary besides stirring the lower-class Pentiums from direct dual core to dual-core with HT as competition.

First insider build of Windows Server arrives with new virtualization features

Enlarge / Server administrator kaiju hates user password reset requests. (credit: Bandai Namco Entertainment America (CC) ) Back in May, Microsoft announced that Windows Server would be joining the Windows Insider Program. Overdue persist night, the first preview release of Windows Server was published. The biggest areas of improvement in the latest create are all over virtualization and containers. The preview allows exposing enhanced of the underlying hardware capabilities to virtual machines, with back for virtualized non-volatile cognizance and virtualized power/battery status. For both containers and virtual machines, networking capabilities bear been enhanced to enable a wider gamut of virtual network capabilities with worthier performance.

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