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Microsoft Adds V-Sync Control And Adaptive Framerate Support To The Universal Windows Platform

Microsoft Adds V-Sync Control And Adaptive Framerate Support To The Universal Windows Platform

Microsoft has certainly out all-in on their General Windows Platform (UWP) and have been updating it, including the name, for several years now. What originally started as WinRT apps has morphed into a much more all-powerful platform which can support a wide cross-section of apps. There’ s no question that traditional Win32 apps fabricated for the desktop are not going away, but with Project Centennial, Microsoft hopes to bring at least actively developed Win32 apps over to the UWP platform. One of the main areas that Microsoft has focused on in their marketing is UWP’ s support for DirectX 12 in Windows 10, and to that aim they have promoted several brimming budget games which have come to the Windows Store as a UWP app.

Windows 10 testers can now get Android phone notifications on their PCs

Microsoft revealed earlier this year that it was planning to bring Android ring notifications straight to Windows 10 PCs. Whether you're a Windows 10 tester then you can enable this contemporary reality today. A inexperienced renew for the Android anecdote of Cortana testament grant you to enable sole apps to sync their notifications to a Windows 10 PC. Missed calls, messages, and other notifications from an Android bell can breeze in on a PC, and they should arrive within a uncommon seconds of them appearing on a phone. Microsoft is using its cloud services to sync the notifications, and Windows 10 users will yet be able to reply to the Android notifications directly from a PC.

Who put this JavaScript in my COBOL? Node.cobol, that s who

An copy of Node.js enactment that launches a Netting server and creates ASCII craft from a JPEG effigy growth executed from within COBOL code. Since we can. (credit: Biz?u Ionic?) Last August, we told you about a project posted on GitHub by Romanian software developer Biz?u Ionic? that makes it imaginable for snips of legacy COBOL code to canter within the JavaScript regulation of the accepted Node.js interpreter. There's added than a mini irony in this project. COBOL, the enormous of all cross-platform programming languages, is all the more in utilize after 62 years, mostly in legacy applications that no one cares or dares to retire. Grabbing snippets of rule to bound in Node.

HP adds another mid-range EliteBook to its lineup

Next in column of the never-ending biz notebooks from HP is the EliteBook 1030, a preferable and added controlling novel of the EliteBook 1020 (also a smaller, lighter legend of the EliteBook 1040 ). By reason of that's what the nature was clamouring for. The 1030 features a metal chassis and is completely fanless, as most PCs with Core M processors are these days. Here are some specs: 13.3-inch Comprehensive HD expo (Quad HD indicate available) 1.1GHz Intel Core M processor (1.2GHz Core M7 available) Up to 512GB SSD Up to 16GB of RAM 13-hour battery brio USB-C port, 2 USB 3.0 ports, WiDi, and Bluetooth 4.2 It will further come with audio by Bang & Olufsen, excellent for all of the pursuit execs looking to criterion the.

HP Announces 32 Pavilion Display for Everyone: QHD for 399

HP has introduced its Pavilion 32 manifest (V1M69A), which promises to combine doozer size, QHD resolution, VA panel and affordability. The Pavilion 32 monitor may not interrogate to professionals or hardcore gamers, but for mainstream users this one could be a game changer being of its price-point. The monitor will hit the market overdue consequent month as a apportionment of HP’ s back-to-school product refresh. Modern lifetime desktop workloads include a quota of multitasking as well as extensive documents, colossal spreadsheets and high-resolution images. For many tasks, commodious displays are not a luxury, but rather a necessity.

Western Digital s Acquisition of SanDisk Officially Closes

Western Digital announced on Tuesday that the Chinese authorities obtain approved its acquisition of SanDisk. The regulatory approval from China's Ministry of Trade (MOFCOM) in connexion with the deliberate acquisition completes the regulatory parade method required for this buyout. As a result, the process officially closed on Thursday. By enchanting over SanDisk, Western Digital will come one of the world’ s largest suppliers of storage devices and solutions, which will be able to lodging practically all kinds of storage needs. "This transformational combination creates a media-agnostic bigwig in storage technology with a robust portfolio of products and solutions that will label a broad span of applications in almost all of the world’

G.Skill Unveils New Trident Z DDR4: Five New Colors

G.Skill has introduced inexperienced additions to its Trident Z family of DDR4 recollection modules, which are designed to simplify the lives of anyone who wants to color-coordinate their PC. The virgin Trident Z lineup includes retention sticks with five latest colour schemes which are designed to match the aesthetics of overclocking and gaming motherboards. Just 10 to 15 caducity ago, Personal computer modding used to be reserved for hardcore enthusiasts, who were voluntary to spend generation and wealth to constitute beautifully looking PCs using custom-made components. Machine cases with built-in LEDs or still obvious windows were in the minority, with sole fully custom liquid cooling systems as a deviation, and the far-flung majority of motherboards were either slowly implementing color schemes or remained green/brown.

That time a patient s heart procedure was interrupted by a virus scan

Enlarge (credit: Merge Healthcare) A passion patient undergoing a medical procedure earlier this year was levy at risk when misconfigured antivirus software caused a crucial lab slogan to hang and wish a reboot before doctors could continue. The incident, described in an alert issued by the Bite and Narcotic Administration, highlights the darker side of using computers and computer networks in mission-critical environments. While a pc crash is inappreciable bounteous than an annoyance for most community at central or in offices, it can posses far extra funereal consequences in hospitals, capacity lifetime facilities, or other industrial settings.

AMD Quietly Unveils Radeon M400 Series: Starting With Rebadges

As our long-time readers are keenly aware, the product cycles followed by Machine OEMs and ODMs for their notebooks and desktops are infrequently perfectly in sync with the buildup cycles of the underlying processors. With a enthusiasm to fortify their PCs on a yearly target – if or not original processors are available – OEMs lank on their suppliers to come up with newer parts to fill elsewhere these devices. Consequently, it has ripen into a semi-annual ritual for the GPU vendors to rebadge parts of their lineups to fair the needs of OEMs, shuffling calm ancient and latest parts as chunk of a non-stop cycle of upgrades and replacements.

NVIDIA Announces Q1 FY 2017 Results: Strong Growth In All Segments

Much of the Computer production has been reporting less than energetic results, with declines in Personal computer unit sales meaningful to lower emoluments for diverse of the brimming players such as Intel, AMD, and all the more Apple. NVIDIA has bucked this trend though with a bulk quarter to foundation their fiscal year 2017. Revenue for the quarter was $1.305 billion, up 13% from Q1 FY 2016, with evolution in NVIDIA’ s GPU business, datacenter, automotive, and expert visualization all showing big sales. Gross extent for the quarter was 57.5%, up 0.8% from a year ago. Operating funds was up 39% to $245 million, and trap resources came in up 46% to $196 million.

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