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What is a blockchain, and why is it growing in popularity?

What is a blockchain, and why is it growing in popularity?

Enlarge (credit: Karen Bleier/AFP/Getty Images) Last year, Ripple Labs, creator of the virtual currency XRP, was fined $0.7 million (~ 540, 000) by the US Financial Crimes Enforcement Network for violating regulations concerning way laundering. Some observers cite this as the second cryptocurrencies shaved off their startup hipster beards, lay on a tie, and went mainstream. Duration fined by a regulator process that you"re branch of the financial services production at last. Given that the elementary and most noted cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was launched back in 2009, it has taken the wider industry a relatively elongate era to hot to it. On the other hand just now suddenly each is talking approximately bitcoin"s underlying blockchain technology as a disruptor of potentially massive proportions: Sweden is trialling a latest land registry that uses blockchain, dozens of startups spanning abundant sectors are poking encompassing at feasible uses, and importantly policy makers such as the European Parlt compass voted in favor of a enhanced hands-off way in relation to blockchain tech regulation.

Zotac's new VR Go mini PC comes with straps, so you don't have to buy a backpack

Zotac has introduced multiple petty PCs that are VR-ready and able to fit in backpacks, on the other hand promptly the association is planning to proceeds a computer that comes with detachable straps attached, according to Anandtech. I adulation an all-in-one purchase. The VR Bang Machine is packed with: Intel Core i7 processor GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card Removable battery 2.5-inch HDD or SSD bay One HDMI output Two USB 3.0 ports A ability connector A proprietary cooling system Zotac levy the HDMI, USB ports, and potency connector on one side for child's play cable management. The Computer can very be taken off the straps and used as a typical desktop computer.

ZOTAC ZBOX MAGNUS ERX480: SFF PC with Intel Core i5, AMD Radeon RX480, USB-C

ZOTAC has introduced a dewy microscopic form-factor action that integrates AMD’ s Radeon RX 480 graphics as chipper as an Intel quad-core Core i5-6400T. The compact Computer is designed to guide up to four 4K displays at once and can be used both for gaming as fresh as for productivity applications that want multiple monitors. In fact, the manufacturer officially positions the operation as an entry-level gadget for VR gaming. The ZOTAC ZBOX MAGNUS ERX480 Machine is powered by Intel’ s Core i5-6400T processor (4C/4T, 2.2 GHz/2.8 GHz, 6 MB LLC cache, 35 W TDP) as fit as a custom LGA1151 motherboard with two slots for DDR4-2133 SO-DIMM memory.

This evil office printer hijacks your cellphone connection

Julian Oliver has for caducity harboured a unusual obsession with spotting poorly disguised cellphone towers, those massive roadside antennae draped in fraudulent palm fronds to impersonate a tree, or much close as spoofed light posts and flag poles. The unknown person mannequin stations gave him another, else mischievous idea. What about a far better-disguised cell garret that could sit anonymously in office, invisibly hijacking cellphone conversations and texts? Earlier this week, the Berlin-based hacker-artist unveiled the result: An entirely boring-looking Hewlett Packard printer that again secretly functions as a rogue GSM cell model station, tricking your telephone into connecting to it rather than your call carrier"s tower, effectively intercepting your calls and words messages.

Huawei Mate 9 Launch and Hands On: Kirin 960, 5.9in FHD, Daydream VR

Today in Munich Huawei is releasing the covers on their contemporary flagship smartphone. The Friend 9 follows the 8 and 7 as the salient devices under the Huawei brand, everyone featuring the recent procreation HiSilicon Kirin SoC announced at roughly the equivalent time. The SoC in this one is the Kirin 960, as we detailed a couple of weeks ago, and features the beginning outing of ARM's different Cortex A73 CPU cores as fine as the headmost regular implementation of the inexperienced ARM Mali-G71 graphics core. Huawei has paired this will an all late CDMA capable Sort 12 integrated modem with quad carrier collection (4CA) and 4x4 MIMO (at 2CA).

Lian Li PC-Q37 Announced: Two-Stage Mini-ITX Chassis with Tempered Glass

On Tuesday Lian Li introduced its PC-Q37 mini-ITX chassis designed for performance and modding enthusiasts based approximately small-form board systems. The small Computer plight can accomodate high-end hardware and has two windows to display off custom liquid cooling and lighting effects. The Lian Li PC-Q37 chassis uses a two-compartment sketch that allows maximizing cooling and storage capabilities of the system. One of the chambers houses the endowment advantage along with HDDs and/or SSDs, whereas another hospital ward accommodates the motherboard, graphics card, fame and cooling. In total, the PC-Q37 can fit in three storage devices into a chief form featuring rubber vibration-dampening pads.

ZOTAC Announces VR GO Backpack PC with GeForce GTX 1070

ZOTAC this week has formally introduced its VR Birr backpack PC designed for virtual concrete enthusiasts. The step is equipped with NVIDIA’ s GeForce GTX 1070 graphics, a quad-core CPU from Intel, prosperous I/O capabilities and a hot-swappable battery. In spite of its positioning, the VR Hardihood can be used prize a popular desktop computer, which differentiates it from early prototypes of wearable VR PCs from other makers. ZOTAC is mostly declared for its graphics cards and high-performance mini form-factor PCs, nevertheless not wearable systems (which are not that uncommon: industrial- and still space-grade wearable PCs hold existed for years).

EIZO Launches FlexScan EV2780: 27 25601440 Display with USB Type-C Connector

As the USB Type-C connector has be remodelled aggrandized prevalent, so carry devices that facilitate the optional DisplayPort alt mode. To that end, EIZO has introduced their basic detector that users a USB Type-C to connect to host systems. The FlexScan EV2780 is a higher-end profession overseer with show features popular of other 27" 1440p monitors, and features thin borders which assemble the watchdog chiefly suitable for multi-monitor environments. The EIZO FlexScan EV2780 is a 27" IPS an act with a 2560× 1440 resolution, 350 nits brightness, 178° viewing angles, a 60 Hz energize degree and a 1000:1 contrast ratio. The recorder is aimed at common family and livelihood applications: it can reproduce 16.

Facebook blocks insurer exploiting user data to find 'conscientious' drivers

Facebook has reportedly blocked one of the UK"s biggest insurers from using the social media network's user info to fix insurance rates. A recently-launched scheme from Admiral Insurance targeted first-time machine owners, offering to analyse their Facebook posts to glare provided their personality traits matched those of blossoming drivers. Participants were told they could save as even as 350 ($429) a year on their van insurance whether they were judged to be conscientious and well-organized. The scheme, named firstcarquote, was locate to commence this week, nevertheless according to UK privacy advocates Open Rights Group, the app has been blocked by Facebook.

Seagate Introduces BarraCuda 2.5 HDDs with Up to 5 TB Capacity

Seagate has formally introduced a new family of consolidated drives in the 2.5" form-factor. It is designed for laptops as well as exterior storage solutions. The new BarraCuda HDDs are based on 1 TB shingled magnetic recording platters and Seagate’ s multi-tier caching technology. They embellish the maximum competence of the company’ s 2.5" HDDs to 5 TB - making the BarraCuda ST5000LM000 the world’ s highest-capacity 2.5" solid drive. The new Seagate BarraCuda 2.5" drives resemble the company’ s Mobile HDDs introduced earlier this year and use a consubstantial set of technologies: motors with 5400 RPM spindle speed, platters based on shingled magnetic tape technology with over 1300 Gb/in 2 areal density, and multi-tier caching.

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