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HP will stop blocking its printers from using third-party ink

HP will stop blocking its printers from using third-party ink

HP is backtracking on a firmware restore that recently blocked some printers from using third-party ink cartridges. Some users reported that the renovate sometimes mistakenly clear valid ink as fake, so HP"s CEO Jon Flaxman wrote today that the partnership will controversy a brand-new update to turn off the DRM. HP as well clarified that third-party cartridges yet labour with the recent update, so lenghty as they"re built with HP security chips - aka HP is getting a chop of their business. The inceptive imperative amend took fallout on Sep 13th and forced printers to expo "damaged cartridge" whenever a defective third-party cartridge was loaded.

Winds of Winter excerpt included in new iBook edition of A Game of Thrones

Apple is celebrating the 20th anniversary of Game of Thrones by launching enhanced editions of George R.R. Martin's best-selling novels, particularly on iBooks. The Enhanced Edition will grant die-hard Game of Thrones fans to include an interactive experience, one that aims to adjust the notoriously conglomerate stories a bantam easier to follow. Clicking on a autograph in this souped-up digital legend will permit readers to track that character's journey, or dig deeper into a crasis connections and building lineage. In addition, readers will too dispose an excerpt of The Winds of Winter, the long-awaited sixth textbook in the series. According to The Guardian, HarperCollins said that the excerpt was briefly published on Martin's website, but immediately can one be.

Apple building 45 million research center in Beijing to develop new hardware

Apple is building a $45 million evaluation absence in Beijing, the Wall Street Journal reports, focusing on the creation of contemporary hardware. The company's headmost Chinese analysis centre testament operate 500 persons and will establish personal computer hardware, communications, audio, and visual equipment, the Zhongguancun Science Grounds Administrative Commitee said in a advise on social media, shedding deeper luminosity on Chinese expansion plans that CEO Tim Cook anterior detailed at the end month. Continue reading…

Here comes 5Gbps networking over standard cables

(credit: DeclanTM ) A latest Ethernet average that allows for up to 2.5Gbps over conventional Cat 5e cables (the ones you probably acquire in your house) has been approved by the IEEE. The standard-formally hackneyed as IEEE 802.3bz-2016, 2.5G/5GBASE-T, or honest 2.5 and 5 Gigabit Ethernet-also allows for up to 5Gbps over Cat 6 cabling. The contemporary standard was specifically designed to bridge the copper-twisted-pair aperture between Gigabit Ethernet (1Gbps), which is currently the fastest sample for conventional Cat 5e and Cat 6 cabling, and 10 Gigabit Ethernet, which can determine 10Gbps however requires earmarked Cat 6a or 7 cabling.

Surface desktop keyboard rumored alongside Microsoft s all-in-one PC

Microsoft appears to be readying a Bluetooth-powered keyboard with the Surface branding attached. WinFuture discovered a listing for a Surface Ergonomic Keyboard at the Bluetooth Characteristic Carefulness Assembly (SIG), and the naming appears to propose it's designed for desktop PCs. Microsoft has typically designed Surface accessories for its border of tablet and notebook hybrids, but a desktop keyboard would term a dissimilar universe for the brand. The software maker could simply be rebranding its column of existing desktop keyboards over to the Surface trade-mark in an elbow grease to unify its hardware efforts. However, advanced rumours compass suggested that Microsoft is preparing to commence a Surface-branded all-in-one (AIO) Personal computer consequent month.

Apple is moving its UK headquarters to London's iconic Battersea power station

Apple is stirring its UK headquarters to Battersea ability station - an iconic building in South West London in the centre of a $10 billion regeneration project. The iPhone-maker will be moving into the former boiler commorancy in what was formerly a functioning coal-fired faculty station, decommissioned in 1983. A Malaysian consortium of companies is currently renovating the massive building into a area of offices, shops, and luxury flats. The adjudicature has been greeted with enthusiasm by the UK government, as a opt of confidence in London after the political and economic fallout of Brexit. The deal is the largest letting of duty room in the sphere for 20 years, with Apple due to revenue up some 500, 000 square feet spread over six floors -.

HP: Disabling 3rd-party ink ensures best printing experience

An HP Officejet ink cartridge, aloof $26.99. (credit: HP ) HP Inc. nowadays said it testament restore the capability of definite OfficeJet printers to end third-party ink cartridges, after continuance criticized for issuing a firmware refresh that rejects non-HP ink. But HP is all the more defending its training of preventing the utilize of non-HP ink and is forging no promises approximately refraining from outlook software updates that coercion customers to employment apart authenticated ink cartridges. HP mythical its report in a blog display titled " Dedicated to the top printing experience ." Read 8 remaining paragraphs | Comments

BlackBerry Stops Development of Smartphones, Set to Outsource Hardware Development

BlackBerry on Wednesday said it would cease internal augmenting of its hardware and testament transfer that supply to its partners. While the BlackBerry-branded devices will last on the market, BlackBerry itself will polestar completely on software and will not invest in method of devices. The modification edges the firm closer to exiting the hardware function after oldness of considering such a move. "The association plans to foot all internal hardware transaction and will outsource that servicing to partners, " said John Chen, CEO and chairman of BlackBerry. "This allows us to incision money requirements and boom come back on invested capital, " continued Chen.

EFF calls on HP to disable printer ink self-destruct sequence

Enlarge (credit: EFF ) HP Inc. should apologize to customers and restore the endowment of printers to call third-party ink cartridges, the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) said in a packages to the company's CEO yesterday. HP has been sabotaging OfficeJet Pro printers with firmware that prevents adoption of non-HP ink cartridges and yet HP cartridges that posses been refilled, forcing customers to purchase enhanced expensive ink directly from HP. The self-destruct mechanism informs customers that their ink cartridges are "damaged" and must be replaced. "The software restore that prevented the avail of third-party ink was reportedly distributed in March, nevertheless this anti-feature itself wasn't activated until September, " EFF Different Advisor Cory Doctorow wrote in a letter to HP Inc.

Unsafe at any clock speed: Linux kernel security needs a rethink

The Linux nucleus nowadays faces an unprecedented safety crisis. Yet akin when Ralph Nader famously told the American common that their cars were "unsafe at any speed" back in 1965, large security developers told the 2016 Linux Security Summit in Toronto that the operating course needs a complete rethink to deal in it fit for purpose. No longer the vocation affliction of oldness past, Linux today underpins the server farms that jog the cloud, exceeding than a billion Android phones, and not to mention the forthcoming tsunami of grossly insecure devices that will be hitched to the Internet of Things. Today's earth runs on Linux, and the security of its kernel is a unmarried site of failure that will overcome the safety and well-being of nearly every human vitality on the earth in one journey or another.

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