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Watch Patrick Stewart profess his love for hardware stores in a beautiful Twitter soliloquy

Watch Patrick Stewart profess his love for hardware stores in a beautiful Twitter soliloquy

Sir Patrick Stewart has the benevolent of modulation that can cook anything sound influential - Christmas ghosts, rubber-faced aliens, and even, apparently, hardware stores. The actor and Starfleet head tweeted a video paean to the diffident hardware store yesterday, standing elsewhere one named Websters, and professing his undying appreciation for the drills, hammers, and other tools that levy aloof beyond its glass window. "Look here, " Stewart says to the giggling camera operator, waving his plam toward a wall of pliers. "I require it all. In my own home." On the other hand then the person feasibly more advantageous avowed as Jean-Luc Picard changes his tendency - rather than shop for the store's contents, he could invest in the store itself.

HP s Elite x3 Windows 10 Smartphone to Cost 699, Set to Be Available Worldwide

When HP introduced its flagship Elite x3 phablet earlier this year at MWC, the smartphone imaginary a model concrete idea mostly thanks to HP sure to produce a bold step and build a Windows Continuum slogan aimed purely at the biz acknowledged on a corporation contract. It drew a bantam ire from some production analysts, thinking that HP building a Windows telephone would never clock the blaze of day. To them it was a paper announcement, but this week shows that the Elite x3 is still alive and well, and time to come to consumers and function users. What the association did not publicize in Feb was its recommended value as hearty as countries, where it deliberate to generate the product available.

Microsoft Announces FY 2016 Q4 Results

Microsoft announced their fourth quarter results for their fiscal year 2016. For the quarter, Microsoft had revenues of $20.6 billion, which is a 7% decline compared to Q4 2015. Gross space came in at 61.2%, down from over 66% a year ago. In their Q4 2015, Microsoft wrote down the majority of their Nokia acquisition, so catch that into affliction against the rest of their results. Operating money for the quarter was $3.08 billion, as compared to an operating loss of $2.053 billion a year ago. Entangle wealth was $3.122 billion for the quarter, compared against a $3.195 billion collar loss due to the copy down at the twin period latest year.

SiFive Unveils Freedom Platforms for RISC-V-Based Semi-Custom Chips

SiFive, a firm established by researchers who invented the RISC-V instruction locate architecture in the University of California Berkeley various dotage ago, has this week announced two platforms which could be used to diagram semi-custom SoCs based on RISC-V cores. SiFive is the world’ s early and still the lone association developing chips featuring the RISC-V ISA and it already has initial customers enticed in designing SoCs for personal computer learning, storage, embedded, IoT and wearable applications. SiFive: World’ s Front Developer of Commercial RISC-V Chips RISC-V is an open-source microprocessor architecture developed by researchers in the Pc Science Division at UC Berkeley and officially introduced in 2010.

ASUS Unveils ZenBook Flip UX360CA: Ultra-Thin Convertible Laptop for 699

This week ASUS has introduced its ZenBook Flip UX360CA convertible notebooks, the company’ s fundamental ZenBook with 360° hinge based on the Skylake-based Intel Core M processor. The transaction sports a 13.3" arrayal in FHD or QHD, an ultra-thin design, and a 54 Wh battery: an impressive combo for a computer running an ultra-low-power CPU. What is critical is that the bill of the new ZenBook Flip will not gash the bank. ASUS was one of the inaugural manufacturers to introduce convertible laptops with 360° -rotatable fanfare hinge many age ago. The company’ s VivoBook Flip notebooks are positioned as the entry-level convertibles, whereas the now ASUS ZenBook Flip high-end machines are positioned as performance workhorses aimed at professionals, equipped with Core i7 processors, high-resolution displays and lots of memory.

MediaTek Introduces Helio X20-Based Board for a Broad Range of Applications

MediaTek will be introducing a choice advance board based on its Helio X20 SoC that is compatible with Linaro’ s 96Boards specification and is aimed at developers, who are working on assorted low-power applications running Android. MediaTek uses augmentation boards adoration this to guidance location new IoT markets in appendix to smartphones and tablets. The Helio X20 Elaborating Board is listed as suitable to set off construction for consumer applications such as virtual absoluteness headsets, latest driver assisted systems (ADAS), walking point-of-sale, agile signage, vending machines and other congruous verticals. The platform from MediaTek is compatible with Linaro’

Spot The Denverton: Atom C3000 Silicon On Display

There are a uncommon cable items from Computex we didn’ t subsume at the clock that I longing to visit. The fundamental is Denverton, and how one manufacturer had a important beta motherboard on manifest during the show. Denverton is the successor to Avoton, Intel’ s 8-core Atom processor that we’ ve seen in the ASRock C2750D4I and other and a collection of NAS and server based ‘ card’ solutions (GIGABYTE showed a 46x C2750 server in 2U back at Computex in 2015). Avoton uses eight Bay Succession based cores, while Denverton will exercise the upgraded Cherry Method microarchitecture design. The Denverton based motherboard on grandstand play was an ‘

More Atom: Apollo Lake On Display

Further to our modern advertise approximately spotting Denverton silicon on exposition at Computex this year, we further caught an Apollo Lake mini-PC motherboard doing the rounds at the ECS booth. The mini-PC wrinkle from ECS incorporates lousy with versions of the Liva, which dart the gamut from dual core Atom all the hook up to Core-M and Core i3, depending on how yet influence you duty or how still you hunger to spend. Ganesh has in original months reviewed the LIVA One with Skylake, the LIVA Core with Core-M, the LIVA x2 with Braswell and the LIVA X with Bay Trail-M. Based on that naming scheme, the motherboard we epigram at Computex from ECS stands to be something according to the LIVA x3.

20-year-old Windows bug lets printers install malware-patch now

Enlarge (credit: Vectra Networks) For amassed than two decades, Microsoft Windows has provided the way for intelligent attackers to surreptitiously install malware of their election on computers that connect to booby-trapped printers, or other devices masquerading as printers, on a resident sphere network. Microsoft last of all addressed the bug on Tuesday during its monthly patch cycle. The vulnerability resides in the Windows Print Spooler, which manages the measure of connecting to available printers and printing documents. A protocol hackneyed as Point-and-Print allows persons who are connecting to a network-hosted printer for the ahead clock to automatically download the expedient chauffeur these days before using it.

Windows Server 2016 coming in September, with new servicing for Nano Server

It's not largely an exact engender date, nevertheless Microsoft has announced that both Windows Server 2016 and Course Centre 2016 will begin at its Inflame convention (the successor to TechEd) this fall. Flame runs from Sept 26 to 30 and is career held in Atlanta, Georgia. Microsoft has again described how Windows Server 2016 will be serviced going forward. Filled installations of the operating system-including the GUI and shell-will endure to be serviced on the "5+5" base that Microsoft has used for preceding operating systems. That's five agedness of mainstream support, during which both bug fixes and quality improvements are made, and then five senescence of stretched support, during which one security bugs will be fixed.

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