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Microsoft might add game mode to Windows 10 for maximum gaming performance

Microsoft might add game mode to Windows 10 for maximum gaming performance

Gaming on Windows 10 might be getting yet better. A announcement from UberGizmo cites Twitter user @h0x0d, who fashion a fresh "gamemode.dll" in the original Windows 10 developer build. The fact appears to avow Windows 10 to adjust CPU and GPU income when running a amusement to allocate another force for the pastime that's running instead of toward any background apps.. @h0x0d 14997 has a modern dll "gamemode.dll", so it looks commensurate Entertainment Process is a thing - WalkingCat (@h0x0d) December 28, 2016 It's a shift that essentially allows PCs to deed nearly comparable consoles, freeing up almost all the computational firepower of the gadget for the individual expectation of running games as able-bodied as possible.

How an old Drawbridge helped Microsoft bring SQL Server to Linux

Enlarge (credit: Tom Hilton ) When in Parade this year Microsoft announced that it was bringing SQL Server to Linux the reaction was one of surprise, with the announcement prompting two bulky questions: why and how? SQL Server is one of Microsoft's extreme Windows applications, helping to manage Windows sales and deposit persons on the Windows platform. If you can break SQL Server on Linux, well, that's one less brain to benefit Windows. And while SQL Server does help heritage with Sybase SQL Server (now called Devitalize ASE), a Unix database server that Microsoft ported to Windows, that happened a lingering duration ago. Because 1993, when Sybase and Microsoft went their seperate ways, the products admit diverged and, for the extreme 23 years, Microsoft SQL Server has been strictly a Windows application.

Crucial Announces DDR4-2666 DIMMs for Upcoming Server Platforms

Crucial this week introduced an expansion of its server-grade modules lineup with DDR4-2666 offerings. The new DIMMs will be compatible with some of the contemporary as well as upcoming server platforms featuring Intel Xeon and other processors. Announced by Crucial this week are the new DDR4 LRDIMMs, RDIMMs, VLP RDIMMs, ECC SODIMMs and ECC UDIMMs rated to propel at 2666 MT/s interface rapidity with CL19 19-19-38 timings and at 1.2 V. The modules are available in 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB configurations and are aimed at less memory-dense server configurations. All the new DIMMs are powered by Micron’ s 8 Gb DDR4 ICs fabricated using 20 nm course technology, just like their DDR4-2133/2400 predecessors.

Lenovo Updates The ThinkPad Lineup: New Models, Welcome Changes

Today Lenovo is announcing a fortify of most of its ThinkPad lineup, and although the design numbers annex particular changed a bit, there are some genuine greet changes to the lineup as well. In that most of the lineup is dependable existence refreshed, we’ ll oomph over what’ s dewy on a holistic level. Lenovo’ s ThinkPad lineup is one of the most hardy admitted lineup of notebooks around. They’ ve been the bag focused lineup in Lenovo’ s laptop arsenal for some time, and the ThinkPad is a staple in indefinite businesses and enterprises. For 2017, Lenovo has done a considerate retouch of most of the product lineup, brining about some advanced technology and other changes.

Qualcomm Demos 48-Core Centriq 2400 Server SoC in Action, Begins Sampling

Qualcomm this month demonstrated its 48-core Centriq 2400 SoC in transaction and announced that it had started to average its first server processor with capture customers. The aware showcase is an crucial milestone for the SoC being it proves that the item is functional and is on track for commercialization in the second half of after year. Qualcomm announced plans to enter the server market more than two senility ago, in Nov 2014, but the first rumours about the company’ s intentions to develope server CPUs emerged spread out before that. In fact, being one of the largest designers of ARM-based SoCs for mobile devices, Qualcomm was well prepared to measure beyond smartphones and tablets.

ASUS VA326H and VA326N-W: 31.5-Inch Curved 144 Hz FHD Displays for 399

ASUS has introduced two new curved gaming displays that naked truth exorbitant 31.5" VA panels with a 144 Hz enliven rate. The VA326H and VA326N-W monitors have FHD resolution as well as a conglomeration of ASUS’ enhancements designed for gamers. ASUS positions the new products as entry-level models for gamers in budget that also call for a great diagonal, curvature and a great revive rate. The ASUS VA326-series displays use 31.5" AHVA panels with 1920× 1080 resolution and 16:9 angle ratio. Universal specifications of the monitors are popular for this collection of devices: 300 nits brightness, 3000:1 contrast ratio, 178° /178°

SilverStone Launches SX800-LTI: SFX-L, 800 W, 80 Plus Titanium

SilverStone has quietly published specifications of its new SFX-L function avail with 800 W output on its website. The SX800-LTI is designed for mini form-factor gaming PCs that use SFX compliant PSUs and can accommodate an SFX gift work that is 3 cm deeper than specified by the standard. The novelty will be one of a uncommon SFX-class PSUs on the market supporting multi-GPU systems and custom-built graphics cards as well as the second PSU to bear the 80 Plus Titanium label. Growing require for high-performance SFF gaming PCs in the contemporary agedness has catalysed a number of PSU suppliers to add SFX competence supplies into their product lineups.

Lenovo Launches New ThinkPad Accessories: Docking And Displays

Along with a invigorate of the ThinkPad lineup, Lenovo is very offering various current accessories to praise the au courant laptops. There are two recent docks, and two just out displays, each offering at a minimum USB-C connectivity to simplify connections. ThinkPad Thunderbolt 3 Dock It’ s useful to discern extra Thunderbolt 3 docking solutions on the market. Thunderbolt 3 offers up to 40 Gbps plentiful duplex, which gives a group enhanced options for IO than ever before. It can natively backing two DisplayPort 1.2 streams, for up to two UHD displays at 60 Hz each, and due to it’ s done over USB-C, it can leverage the 100 Watts of ability delivery from that port.

Gigabyte s new compact gaming PC continues the trend of weird-looking computers

Gigabyte"s Brix trade-mark has been sorrounding for a while, and directly the business is launching another member of the Brix series, the BRIX-GZ1DTi7. And with the unusual infant mesh, oval cross section, and bright LED lights, it"s another gaming Personal computer that has me wondering why we can"t simply cook dynamic computers that don"t glom embarrassing to own. As Guru3D.com reports, the brand-new compact desktop in fact has some determined firepower. The GZ1DTi7 offers a sixth-generation Intel Core i7 processor, either an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 or GTX 1080 GPU, 16GB of RAM, and both a 240GB M.2 SSD as hardy as a 1TB HDD for storage.

Singer George Michael dies at the age of 53

Ex-Wham singer and solo artist George Michael has died at the date of 53. His publicist said nowadays that Michael passed outside peacefully at homey in the UK, a deed confirmed by his family, who asked for privacy at the time. Michael may be remembered first-class - at this extent of year, largely - as the singer of one of the most iconic and best-loved Christmas songs: Wham's "Last Christmas." On the other hand he and had a continued solo vocation after Wham split in 1986, attempting to recast himself as a and draggy musician after a countdown singing poppier fodder, scoring diverse numeral one singles and albums on all sides of the apple in the process.

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