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ZOTAC Announces VR GO Backpack PC with GeForce GTX 1070

ZOTAC Announces VR GO Backpack PC with GeForce GTX 1070

ZOTAC this week has formally introduced its VR Potency backpack PC designed for virtual fact enthusiasts. The system is equipped with NVIDIA’ s GeForce GTX 1070 graphics, a quad-core CPU from Intel, in clover I/O capabilities and a hot-swappable battery. Despite its positioning, the VR Energy can be used adore a methodical desktop computer, which differentiates it from early prototypes of wearable VR PCs from other makers. ZOTAC is mostly acknowledged for its graphics cards and high-performance insufficient form-factor PCs, but not wearable systems (which are not that uncommon: industrial- and even space-grade wearable PCs have existed for years).

Seagate Introduces Game Drive SSD for Xbox 360 and One : 512 GB SSD for 199

Seagate has announced its new Sport Handle for Xbox SSD. While the autograph suggests it is primarily for the genuine Xbox, this manage is focused for the Xbox One (regular and S) and Xbox 360, allowing users to store more titles using NAND light memory. Due to the higher performance of SSDs compared to HDDs used in an Xbox One, the Pastime Impel for Xbox SSD is being promoted as enabling faster boot and diversion loading times. The Seagate Merriment Drive for Xbox SSD has a storage competence of 512 GB and uses the USB 3.0 interface to connect to the console. According to Seagate, the SSD can store on all sides of 15 games (assuming that their size is in the span between 35 GB and 50 GB) and distinct downloadable content.

Enermax SteelWing Small Form Factor PC Chassis: Aluminum and Glass, 160

Enermax has started shipments of its new SteelWing chassis this week, designed specifically for meager form-factor desktop PCs. The new PC situation is prepared of aluminum and tempered glass, it has an extravagant even capacious pattern with modern ventilation and can fit in a custom liquid cooling system, a high-end graphics card and a effective processor. The SteelWing is essentially designed to be an aesthetic centerpiece. The Enermax SteelWing (ECB2010) chassis can accommodate an mATX or a Mini-ITX motherboard, a universal full-height high-end graphics card (up to 290 mm in length), one SFX PSU, as well as two or more 2.5"/3.5" storage devices (one 2.

AMD SC16: Radeon Open Compute Platform ROCm 1.3 Released, Boltzmann Comes to Fruition

Kicking off this week is SC, the annual ACM/IEEE sponsored supercomputing convention in the United States. At this grandstand play ultimate year, AMD announced the Boltzmann Initiative, their ambitious disposition to servicing their HPC software stack for GPUs. Recognizing that yet of NVIDIA’ s early and continued achievement has been due to the attribute of the CUDA software ecosystem, AMD allot outside to assemble an ecosystem that could competitor and all the more interact with CUDA, in hopes of closing the software space between the two companies. Now at SC16, the association is both updating participants on the happening government of Boltzmann, along with providing the new software refresh to the project.

BenQ s new 240Hz monitor is designed for e-sports

All Personal computer monitors aren"t created equal. The popular ebony Dell or HP monitors that the rest of us normally utilize at our occupation desks for writing and spreadsheets don"t perfectly constitute the divide for crackerjack gamers looking to pay for the highest performance elsewhere of their screens. e-sport displays are designed for precipitation and accuracy That"s where e-sports-focused displays according to BenQ"s distinct Zowie XL2540, with its super-fast 240Hz fortify rate, come in. Rather than headquarters on matters alike resolution or pure figure quality, e-sport displays are designed for quickness and validity in displaying images.

ASUS ROG GT51 Desktop: Overclocked i7-6700K, GTX 1080 SLI, 64 GB DDR4, 4999

ASUS this month last of all began to sell its high-end ROG GT51 desktop in the U.S. The method comes equipped with a factory-overclocked Intel Core i7 processor, two GeForce GTX graphics cards in SLI process as husky as two NVMe PCIe SSDs in Surprise 0 to maximize performance. The fully configured ROG GT51 transaction costs $4999 and marks ASUS’ entry on the of high-performance desktop PCs. ASUSTeK Personal computer was established in 1989 with the location to establish and cause pc motherboards. The firm quickly became noted for its mainboards and by the early 2000s it was the world’ s No. 1 producer of mainboards and a essential maker of Computer components in general.

Alienware 13 R3: Quad-Core CPU, GeForce GTX 1060, QHD OLED, VR Ready

Alienware at the end week introduced the third begetting of its 13" gaming notebooks. The manufacturer describes its advanced Alienware 13 R3 machines as the world’ s inceptive 13-inch notebooks capable of handling VR workloads and equips them with hire hardware, such as quad-core Intel Core CPU, NVIDIA’ s GeForce GTX 1060 GPU, high-end SSDs and the becoming ports. To ask to traditional gamers, Alienware also offers an optional QHD OLED example with its 13" notebooks. Dell’ s boutique Computer division introduced its first off 13" gaming laptop, the Alienware 13, in slow 2014. While the manner was relatively powerful, its performance was not maxed gone (a dual-core CPU, a low-end GPU, and an HDD in an entry-level configuration) and its clue selling speck was ease for the Graphics Amplifier, an out box for video cards.

AOC Launches the AG352QCX: 35-Inch 200 Hz 25601080 Curved Display with Adaptive-Sync

This week AOC has introduced its just out AGON-branded curved instruct for gamers that boasts a 200 Hz invigorate rate. The ultra-wide AG352QCX overseer has an MVA panel and a comely giant contrast ratio and a WFHD resolution. In addition, the AG352QCX supports AMD’ s FreeSync and VESA’ s Adaptive-Sync technologies. The AOC AGON AG352QCX is based on a 35" MVA panel with 2560× 1080 resolution and 21:9 angle ratio. Common specifications of the arrayal are quite typical: 300 nits brightness, 2000:1 contrast ratio, 178° /178° viewing angles, 16.7 million colours and a 4 ms response eternity (grey-to-grey) and so on. Meanwhile, the main selling points of the watchdog are its 2000R curvature (which is rare, typically we distinguish 1600R/3000R), bed for a 200 Hz revive degree as able-bodied as benefit for AMD’

Surface Book with Performance Base: A lot more graphics in a little more weight

Enlarge (credit: Peter Bright) Most of the Personal computer OEMs corner refreshed their Skylake systems to embrace Intel's current Kaby Lake chips. Kaby Lake parts are for the most factor drop-in replacements for Skylake parts-same chipsets, equivalent competency envelopes and cooling requirements-and some manufacturers hog taken avail of this fact. Dell's latest XPS 13 is in most regards alike to the full of years XPS 13, for example, apart from for the processor swap. Some manufacturers keep been a fleeting extra ambitious; HP's updated Spectre x360 adds Thunderbolt 3 and Windows Hi cornerstone as hale as slashing the immensity and weight.

Yahoo admits some staff knew of mega breach in 2014

(credit: Neon Tommy ) Yahoo admitted to the world-on a story hour dominated by a guy called Trump -that some of its employees were aware that it had suffered a breach shortly after a "state-sponsored actor" hacked into the ill Net firm's systems in 2014. In a filing to the US Securities and Interchange Comission on Wednesday, Yahoo said that a panel of independent experts was looking at how yet training employees at the association had of the matter shortly after the massive breach had occurred. Yahoo has formerly stated that it one shot became aware of the hack drive adjacent a "recent investigation." As Ars reported previously, Yahoo confirmed in Sept that at least half a billion of its user accounts had been breached.

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